Top 4 Best Atomic Foosball Tables 2023 | Detailed Review

Do you know that atomic foosball tables are best known for enhancing the level of your foosball game? These best atomic foosball tables are designed in a manner that enhances the skills and level of your game. Furthermore, these tables are a perfect match for professional players who have impacted this game.

Commonly these men are best known as a hammerhead. These tables are heavy-duty, durable, lightweight, stylish, modern, and complete balanced tables for playing foosball games.

Best Atomic Foosball Tables For Amazing Performance

Furthermore, these tables are also famous for organizing and playing for tournaments. In addition, apart from being used as a tournament table, these tables allow the users to enjoy additional features of LED lighting, automatic electronic scoring features.

Best Atomic Foosball Tables 2023 | Editorial Pick

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Pro Force 56″ Table

Atomic Pro Force 56" Foosball Table

  • Quality Construction
  • Quality Leg Leveler
  • Robot-Styled Players



Azure LED Light Up

Atomic Azure LED Light Up Foosball Table

  • Illumination Technology
  • Vibrant LEDs
  • Digital Scoring



Gladiator 56″ Table

Atomic Gladiator 56" Foosball Table

  • Solid Steel Rods
  • Ergonomic Handles
  • In-Built Cup Holders

Best Atomic Foosball Tables 2023 | Detailed Reviews

We have managed to bring out the 4 best atomic foosball tables for our readers so that they might get a better understanding regarding which features are to be focused on while purchasing these tables for homes, offices, bars, recreational rooms, etc.

On the other hand, we have already reviewed some of the best-rated Warrior foosball tables and highest-selling Hathaway foosball tables. But yes, this series will be incomplete without reviewing the best Atomic foosball tables. So, here they are!


Atomic Pro Force 56″ Foosball Table

Atomic Pro Force 56" Foosball Table


Quality Construction

Robot-Styled Players

  • This table comes with a quality construction
  • Leg levelers bring perfect balance to these foosball tables
  • Robot-style players
  • Additional padding beneath the legs protects the surface beneath these tables

The first atomic foosball on our list is the atomic Pro Force foosball table due to its heavy-duty, rugged nature of construction features. Without any doubt, it is one of the best foosball tables for professionals and beginners alike.

Further, this foosball table has got a robot-styled player. Along with that, there is an internal ball returning element.


  • Dimensions: L x W x H 55 x 30.5 x 6.5 inches
  • Play Area: 56 inches
  • Weight: 160 lbs.
  • Color: black & brown
  • Material: MDF, Iron, Engineered Wood, Steel
  • Total Rods: 8
  • Leg Levelers: 3.5 inches
  • Assembly Required: Yes

Value-Added Product: These foosball tables are value-added tables for your homes and office and exclusively for your bars and recreational rooms either at home or at the offices. These tables boast the aura of the area surrounding them, making it a better-looking place with this perfectly-looking foosball table.

Players: These best atomic foosball tables are designed for professional-grade players that enhance the gaming experience and performance of other players to the next level. In addition, these players are known to be the best in the business when it comes to playing foosball games with other players.

Construction: The construction features of these tables make them heavy-duty tables that come with some of the sturdiest materials. The scoring panels of the tables are of stainless steel, while the overall table consists of bamboo wood. Furthermore, the legs and the pads at the end of the legs allow these tables left no traces.

  • Arcade-style table suitable for kids and adults
  • Heavy-duty legs provide an even game
  • The price is friendly
  • Durable material used in the constructed

  • It is not easy to assemble; you need 2 to 3 hours for assembling
  • Leg levelers are a bit small

Our Take: This durable construction material with some of the most impeccable features comes to this Atomic Pro Force foosball table that is known for its perfect gaming and looks features. Along with that, the price tag attached to these tables makes them budget-friendly tables for homes and offices.


Atomic Azure LED Light Up Foosball Table

Atomic Azure LED Light Up Foosball Table


Illumination Technology

Digital Scoring

  • This foosball table comes with the illuminating technology
  • It has an Azure LED table features
  • These foosball tables are highly durable
  • This table comes with a digital scoring system

These Atomic Azure LED light foosball tables are equipped with arcade level blue LED lighting features. So, if you want to have one of the highest-rated LED foosball tables, it is the one to opt for.

In addition, this durable table comes with an automatic electric scoring system that relieves the players from remembering the score by themselves.


  • Dimensions: 58.25 x 30.75 x 34.38 inches
  • Playfield: 47 x 27 inches
  • Weight: 116.71 lbs.
  • Color: black
  • Material: MDF, Alloy Steel, Steel Rods
  • Rod Dimensions: 15.8 mm
  • Total Rods: 8
  • Assembly Required: Yes

Lightings: This foosball table comes with some of the best built-in features of lighting. These tables are equipped with illuminating technology that inrails with blue LED light. With this feature, now you can play the game in a dark room without facing any issues in particular.

Durability: The durability features of these foosball tables are due to steel rods. These rods provide some excellent grip features while playing with your friends and family members. In addition, there is a built-in automatic scoring feature that is electronic in nature, giving you the perfect scores whenever some player scores in a game.

Arcade-Grade Tables: These foosball tables come with an arcade-grade gaming experience allowing the players to have the best gaming experience and enhanced performance during the gameplay. Furthermore, these tables can conveniently be placed anywhere in the room. The feature of the table makes them the perfect solution for placing them anywhere in the home without having any second thoughts.

  • Led light up foosball table that offers illuminating game
  • Sleek and attractive design
  • The price tag is user friendly
  • Table’s light, sound, and electronic system doubles the fun

  • Poor scoring sensor
  • Average quality

Our Take: This table comes with some of the sleek and durable design features that make it an attractive foosball table for home. Furthermore, the price tag and the lighting features, along with its illuminating technology, this a perfect choice overall.


Atomic Gladiator 56″ Foosball Table

Atomic Gladiator 56" Foosball Table


Solid Steel Rods

Internal Ball Returns

  • These tables come with solid steel rods
  • It has wooden handles adjoining rods
  • These tables have weighted balanced men
  • An internal ball entering and return features
  • These tables offer integrated cup holders

This gladiator foosball table from Atomic comes 56 inches in length, making it a standard table for playing foosball games. In addition, the players have two colors themes black and red which makes it easy to differentiate among teams.

Furthermore, this durable table has warping resistance features along with a perfect leg leveling system. If you don’t want to burn a hole in your pocket, it is also among the highest-selling foosball tables under $500 to buy this year.


  • Dimensions: 26 x 31.25 x 34.76 inches
  • Weight: 53 kg
  • Color: brown
  • Material: MDF, Engineered Wood, Solid Steel, Wood
  • Total Rods: 8
  • Leg Levelers: 3.5 inches
  • Assembly Required: Yes

Scoring: The scoring features of these tables allow the players to keep the track record of their games with a solid abacus scoring element.

Construction: The construction material of these foosball tables makes them sturdy, durable features. Further, they come with steel rods that allow the players to have easy-grip features. Furthermore, the playing field of these tables has warping resistant features.

Design: The design features of these tables have solid steel rods that have to offer a wooden handle grip that allows the players to have a perfect gaming experience. In addition, the cup holders hold your drinks in them, allowing the players to feel free from water or liquid spillage over your playing field.

Furthermore, there are leg levelers that allow the players to have the perfect gaming performance and experience both at the same time. These levelers allow a perfect level for the playing field during the gameplay.

  • 4 balls come with the package
  • Wooden handles provide a non-slippery grip
  • It offers an easy assembling
  • Heavy-duty construction

  • Heavyweight, so it is not easy to move

Our Take: This gladiator is a standard-size foosball table that allows the players an enormous amount of features that makes them the best atomic foosball tables for professionals.


Atomic Euro Star Foosball Table

Atomic Euro Star Foosball Table


Soft-Touch Rubbers

Triple Ball Functions

  • This foosball table comes with a soft touch rubber
  • The handles of these tables come with octagonal handles
  • Triple ball function includes ball return, entry, and side return features.
  • It has an even playing field due to its leg levelers

This euro star foosball table from atomic is a durable table that comes with warping resistance features. Furthermore, the sturdy construction of these tables makes them a perfect match for every home, bar, recreational room, of offices.

Besides, if you have toddlers and kids in your house, it is also among the top-rated foosball tables for teenagers to try this year.


  • Dimensions: 28.75 x 58.75 x 34.5 inches
  • Color: black
  • Base Material: MDF
  • Rods Material: Hollow steel rods with chrome finish
  • Handles Material: soft-touch rubber
  • Total Rods: 8
  • Leg Levelers: 1.5 inches
  • Assembly Required: Yes

Construction: The construction features of these perfect foosball tables come with a sturdy and durable 3/8 inches MDF with a 14 x 1 inch MDF apron. Furthermore, the steel rods of these tables have a chrome finish that adds stylish and sleek looks.

Design: The design features of these foosball tables from atomic have a tapered leg that offers an H-style cross brace support to the tables. In addition, this is a European-style table. These tables have a black exterior that radiates with chrome accents. Furthermore, there are soft-touch rubber handle grips that allow the players a comfortable grip. There are integrated cup holders that reduce the chances of spillage and spillover.

Foosball System: The foosball system of these tables comes with an internal ball return system. This is an essential system for playing your ultimate foosball game. Further, these tables have a ball entry and sides return ball function that makes them an even more accessible table for your game.

  • Soft-touch rubber handles that provide a comfortable grip
  • MDF construction gives an additional durability
  • Easy to put together
  • Attractive design

  • High price
  • Instructions for assembling are not clear

Our Take: This is a European-style table that comes with some of the best features of durability, sturdiness, sleek styles, and color options. In addition, the leg levelers, warping resistance features of the table make it a perfect table to play your foosball game.

FAQ Regarding Best Atomic Foosball Tables

Q. How big is the atomic Eurostar foosball table?

The actual size of an Atomic Eurostar Foosball Table comes with the dimensions of 56.63 inches x 28.75 inches x 34.5 inches. Further, it comes with a combined weight of 180 pounds.

Q. Which is the best material for a foosball table?

The best material for a foosball table is either bamboo, steel, or chrome-coated steel rods. These are the construction materials that allow these foosball tables to come with some of the best features of being sturdy, durable, and perfect for showing the best results.

Q. What makes the atomic Gladiator foosball table so good?

These Atomic Gladiator Foosball Tables are made with sturdy, solid materials that additionally come with these solid legs. These legs are then attached with the leg levelers for providing perfect and effective balanced features of these foosball tables. Furthermore, ergonomic wrist features and an appropriate yet ideal playing field for players make them good tables for foosball.

Best Atomic Foosball Tables 2023 | Quick Comparison

Best Atomic Foosball Tables
Infographics: Best Atomic Foosball Tables

Our Recommendation:

In our recommendations, we would like to recommend this Atomic Azure LED Light Up Foosball Table as the best atomic foosball table due to its features, durability, and construction material. Further, the price tag is attached to these tables is a bit high.

Furthermore, the second table on our recommendations list is Atomic Pro Force 56″ Foosball Table for being a budget-friendly table along with the best possible features.


These best Atomic foosball tables are being reviewed by us and believe us these tables have got some of the best features to offer to their customers. These tables are a perfect gaming table alternative when comparing them with already being available in the market with the exact specifications.

Furthermore, these tables are durable, sturdy, sleek tables that come with warping-resistant features, leg levelers, abacus counting and ball entry, ball return, and ball side return features.

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