7 Best Chess Sets for Fun And Excitement 2023 Updates

Strategy games are always interesting when it comes to challenging mode. And we bring you the best selection of chess sets for fun to enjoy at your home.

Everybody loves chess because there’s no age restriction, particularly. Plus, the gaming scenarios are strategy-building with new learning tactics as well. Young kids can have an educational impact from these games as well by applying new moves and skills during gameplay.

Best Chess Sets for Fun And Excitement This Year

Moreover, the durable construction body of these gaming sets is made to last longer than you expect. All accessories are included in the game set, including the instruction guide as well.

Best Chess Sets for Fun | Editorial Pick

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Harry Potter Wizard

Harry Potter Wizard Chess Set

  • Potterhead’s Choice
  • New Theme
  • Excellent Gameplay



Winning Moves

Winning Moves No Stress Chess

  • 2-Player Gaming
  • Budget Friendly
  • HD Printing



Chess Armory Travel

Chess Armory Travel Chess Set

  • Foldable Set
  • Complete Magnetic
  • Sturdy Pieces

Best Chess Sets For Fun | Reviews

It is quite hard to get some best chess sets if you don’t know the parameters to look for. And we did just that for you. And, here are the best ones to try this year.


Harry Potter Wizard Chess Set

Harry Potter Wizard Chess Set


For Potterheads

Great Craftmanship

  • A unique combination of color scheme on the chess equipment that resembles the Harry Potter series
  • The gaming board surface has a balanced and even ground to sustain the stability of playing
  • Each of the included chess accessories is crafted with the detailed structure on the exterior
  • Drawstring pouches are also included in the package, so you won’t have to buy them separately

The noble collection has offered the finest gaming set of chess comprising the premium quality on the production. In the meantime, enjoy the same fictional vibes of Harry Potters from the Sorcerer’s Stone so that the wizard’s fans are now going to have a collaboration of strategy with magical fun.

Known as one of the best Harry Potter-themed board games, this one is bound to get your attention and love in the longer go.


  • Dimensions: 10.63 × 10.63 × 3.74 inches
  • Weight: 3.75 pounds
  • Board Material: cardboard
  • Board Size: 18.5 x 18.5 inches.
  • Pieces Material: Plastic or acrylic
  • Genre: Strategy

The Wizarding World Of Potter: The chess game is more fun when a magical essence has been featured on the structure and also guaranteed by Warner Bros. Moreover, the body structure of the gaming sets is materialized with top-quality plastic and acrylic substances. And the detailed miniature design will surely take you into Harry Potter’s world.

Complete Range: You’ll get everything here related to the complete strategy experience, including chess cardboard with an even surface. And there are chess pieces of 32 variants along with 2 drawstrings pouches as well. And these qualities make them the best chess sets for fun.

  • The lightweight body structure of the chessboard with a shiny surface
  • Magical recreational gaming set of Harry Potter’s series
  • Compatible for 7 to 14 years age kids to enjoy strategy gaming
  • Square shape gaming board with a complete covering edge
  • The price tag is moderate

  • Instruction sheets are missing prints
  • The piece’s construction is thin
  • Chess sets can get bends

Our Take: A magical combination of strategy games with a fun experience to enjoy the multiplayer platform at your home. The surface of the gaming board has a balanced and even ground to sustain the stability of playing, so the player doesn’t face any difficulty. Plus, the price of this board is reasonable.


Winning Moves No Stress Chess

Winning Moves No Stress Chess


Excellent Board Boundary

Newest Theme

  • The boundaries of the board surface have been extended with additional surface structured blue color
  • Deck cards are also included for 2 players gaming with playing instructions printed on them
  • Education sense of gaming with the guidance of playing moves to adopt the strategy
  • It is considered one of the best budget-friendly chess set
  • Black and white back print deck cards for both players

Gaming is fun when you get virtual assistance in a chess platform with the help of a fun printed card. “No Stress Chess” is a strategy learning scenario for the multiplayer to enjoy the challenging mode with a fresh and appealing design of accessories.

Plus, the color combination is exceptional with a sturdy board surface. You surely need to have one of the best family games to have an unmatched experience.


  • Dimensions: 2.1 × 10.7 × 12.3 inches
  • Weight: 1.45 pounds
  • Board Material: clear coated cardboard
  • Board Size: 7 × 12 inches.
  • Pieces Material: Plastic Hollow
  • Equipment Nature: Double-sided board

Chess With Cards: 2 deck card sets are there with printed move instructions for both black and white players. After each move, you’ll shuffle cards and get your strategy on the turned card to add up some spice in your gameplay. This scenario will also help beginners to learn and sharpen their decision-making skills.

Double-Sided Board With Gaming Set: There are charcoal-made pieces of a chess set in 17 variants, a double-sided chess board for gaming, and a card tray made of plastic. Alongside, 17 ivory pieces, an instruction guide, and 56 action cards are also included in the package.

  • Easy learning instruction to play strategy chess gaming
  • Firm construction of the chessboard with balanced surface
  • Get the special move tricks from the cards by getting your turn
  • Very low price tag

  • Gaming guidelines are not very clear
  • Customers reported few missing pieces

Our Take: It is a double-sided board game with plastic hollow design accessories and deck cards to learn strategical moves a fun selection for you. This chess set got deck cards for 2 players gaming along with playing instructions written on them. Moreover, you can get this set at a very low price and doubles the fun.


Chess Armory Travel Chess Set

Chess Armory Travel Chess Set


Compact Design

Foldable Set

  • The board has a folding specialty so that the player can take it everywhere easily
  • After folding, you can even store the chess pieces inside the board
  • Felt coated base surface that will prevent mark or scratch on the board
  • Two additional queens are provided with this chess set
  • The king pieces now have two inches increased height

This all-time best multiplayer classical chess game is made to perfection. This chess set features all of the qualities a chess player need. It helps to sharpen your tactical skills for every scenario.

So, invite your best friend and challenge the craze of this chess game.


  • Dimensions: 10.04 × 4.92 × 1.65 inches
  • Weight: 15.5 ounces
  • Board Material: Plastic
  • Board Size: 9.5 × 9.5 inches
  • Pieces Material: Plastic
  • Equipment Nature: Magnetic

A Foldable Chess set: A very rare and specially designed chess set that has a very fine quality foldable board. After playing the game, don’t worry about where to put the chess pieces. There is a wide space given in between the top and bottom surfaces to store them. Also, this foldability makes it portable.

Magnetic Chess Board: This chess board is made with durable and smooth plastic and has a compact style. It has 9.5 x 9.5 inches dimensions when it opens, and it can fold half easily, which makes it more compact, and you can store it easily. Moreover, it is easy to transport; you can take it with you on your trip to enjoy your leisure time.

What Is Inside The Box? There are thirty pieces of supreme quality chess, including two queens. Moreover, a top-notch plastic magnetic board makes this set complete and world-class.

  • Fold the board to keep the chess pieces safe from breaking
  • Pieces don’t fell off because of the strong capturing of the metal field
  • There is a complete instruction book with proper rules to ease your game
  • Squares in the board have increased width and length of 1.1 inch
  • Portable chess set to enjoy vacations

  • Equipment sizes are small
  • The sticking aspect of the chess set is not firm

Our Take: Get this fully featured classy chess set for your picnics and parties. It is considered the best compact chess set, which is easy to store and transport.


Syrace Wooden Chess Set

Syrace Wooden Chess Set


Wooden Design

Travel Friendly

  • This chess set is made of firm and sturdy wood to make it a long-lasting
  • A board having built-in storage in which you can put the pieces without worrying
  • You can travel all the way with this folding portable chess set
  • A protecting surface is coated on the board to prevent scratches and dirt
  • The width and diameter are increased now to play a wide space game

The best portable chess game for your parties and gatherings. All the necessities are provided with this chessboard, so don’t waste your money on buying other boards.

 Just buy this board made by Syracuse company that delivers the most quality chessboard.


  • Dimensions: 12.24 × 6.42 × 2.32 inches
  • Weight: 1.124 pounds
  • Board Material: Wood
  • Board Size: 12.5″ W × 2.5″ H × 12″ D
  • Pieces Material: Wood

Strong And Sturdy Material: Syrace company has been renowned for providing the best-qualified products at an accessible price tag. In the manufacturing of this chessboard and pieces, they have used expensive and flawless wood. These are heavy-duty and works even for a lifetime. So, use these chess sets without any care and enjoy them.

Storage And Accessories: A handmade special wooden board and thirty-two classy chess pieces are given in the set. You don’t have to look for any safe place for storage because the board owns the space for pieces.

  • The package has a unique and beautiful design which offers you to gift it to your besties
  • Compartments are made inside the board to keep the pieces tight and shielded
  • The board has lightweight, which makes it effortless to cart
  • Reasonable price tag

  • Few customers report the wood quality is average
  • Few pieces are not arranged in sequence

Our Take: It has a folding design, so you can place the chessman in their places and easily store it in one place. Further, these elegantly designed chess sets for fun are a perfect choice for gifting to your kids and buddies.


Fun Family Chess Set

Fun Family Chess Set


Sturdy Design

Velvet Carrying Pouch

  • Nurture your kids intellectual and creativity with this easy learning chess game
  • The chess pieces come in velvet pouches to keep them new and safe
  • Develops your problem solving and spatial skills
  • This chess is made of high-quality wood; even tough drops don’t affect it
  • Washed with white paint and velvet alignment on the corner make this board more attractive

Get this set of chess for your kids and family and allow them to enhance their strategic skills. Because of a very simple and appealing way of playing, players of all ages can enjoy this classical chess game for sure.


  • Dimensions: 15.31 × 8.11 × 2.4 inches
  • Weight: 2.05 pounds
  • Board Material: Wood
  • Pieces Material: Wood
  • Number Of Players: 2
  • King Piece: 3 inches

Strengthen Your Kid’s Mindset: Buy this basic tactic and strategy learning game for your small kids for their better mental growth. It has a very easy learning theme that becomes easier with a given guidebook. It also works as an entertaining partner in your boring time. So, change your boring time into excitement with this full of tactics chess game.

Strong And Sturdy Wood Board: This chess board is made with premium-quality wood that provides durability and linen, making it a sleek design board. 15 inches good-looking white-washed chess board comes in velvet pouches.

A Complete Set: All the compulsories to play chess are given within the set, which includes a whitewashed folding board. Furthermore, there are two sets of chess pieces that have 2 color variants and a learning book.

  • There is a guideline book provided with this chess set to make your game simple
  • A perfect choice for family and gathering gameplays
  • Put your chess pieces widely on this 15 inches wooden classical board
  • It comes with a box where you can put all the components, which has an easy handling

  • Not effective in the sense of learning game

Our Take: A durable and sturdy chess set that is made of wood and has a reasonable price. It is best for families, so hurry up to buy this learning chess set for your children and double it up with fun.


The Legend of Zelda Chess Set

The Legend of Zelda Chess Set


New Characteristics

Sturdy Chess Piece

  • Heroes and dark sides are given in the form of chess pieces which gives a real essence of video game
  • Enjoy the characters of classical video game the Nintendo
  • The name of the game characters is printed on the chess pieces to make them prominent
  • All the components are made of supreme quality material
  • A foldable chessboard that takes less space and is easy to store

An iconic chess version of the top-ranked Nintendo Zelda video game. All famous characters of the game are framed in chess pieces.

This game is totally made for video game lovers; also, classical chess lovers can hook up with this game.


  • Dimensions: 11 × 17 × 3.5 inches
  • Weight: 4 pounds
  • Board Material: Plastic
  • Board Size: 18 × 18 inches
  • Pieces Material: Plastic
  • Of Players:2

A Symphonic Chess Set: Now enjoy the tactical entertainment of chess with a classical symbolic feel of the world’s top-ranked video game. Now get your favorite characters in your hands. Feel yourself in the world of Nintendo Zelda, challenge your intimates, and use your tactical skills to beat the dark side.

An Elegant Package: USAOPOLY company has fulfilled all the requirements in this case which are thirty-two heavyweight chess pieces. Moreover, a thin folding board and thirty-two sections for all chess pieces. It also works as a portable casing that you can take up with your fingers.

  • Increase your mindset and enhance the tactical ability
  • A complete required accessory range with a guidebook
  • The best classical multiplayer game with compatibility of two players
  • A hard surface of the board that wards off any kind of scratch

  • Some customers reported missing pieces
  • The price tag is too high

Our Take: A game of iconic chess set that is made with premium quality, and it is durable and sturdy. The set is foldable that occupies little space. Now put an end to your boring days and get this all-time entertaining partner for every scenario.


Wobble Chess Set

Wobble Chess Set


New & Unique Design

5-Year Warranty

  • A newly designed chessboard now made of high-quality maple and walnut
  • It comes with a 5 years warranty that works for a lifetime
  • There is a box given to put all the equipment also some sections are made to keep chess pieces
  • Pieces will not fall from the board because of their heavyweight
  • Award-winning chess set for its unique design that you will definitely admire

Umbra is an international product designing company featuring modern, casual, and classical designs for you. This chess set is a mixture of class, casualty, and modernism.

So, pursue this world-class uniquely chess set for some exciting and crazy fun.


  • Dimensions: 16.06 × 15.9 × 3.3 inches
  • Weight: 8.686 pounds
  • Board Material: Maple and Walnut Wood
  • Genre: Strategy
  • Of Players: 2

The Rarest Design: From the other chess sets, it has a big difference in material because it is made of walnut and maple woods. This makes it the rare and unique chess set among all. The board has a concave landscape surface that adds up a wobble when you put the piece on the square.

All these new qualities make it a rare chessboard of all time. Furthermore, this remarkable chess set has an up-down wobbling surface board and thirty-two top-notch pieces with increased durability.

Manufacturer Warranty: The company offers 5 years of warranty on the set for the players’ satisfaction, and so you can purchase with confidence.

  • A concave landscape surface of the board prevents the piece from falling off
  • The wobbling features increase the stability of chess pieces
  • Accelerate your strategy to an extreme level
  • A wide chess board offers you a wide and spacious gameplay

  • Chess pieces have gaps between metals
  • Too pricey

Our Take: It is made of walnut and maple woods that give it a stylish and modern look and make it unique. All new completely premium designed chess sets for fun is a stellar choice for classic chess lovers.

FAQ Regarding Best Chess Sets for Fun

Q. What type of board surface do we get in these chess games?

All of the mentioned chess games along these boards are manufactured with high durability that will surely last long. The surface is balanced with even balancing and smoother touch to play in the multiplayer scenario.

Q. What material has been used in the manufacturing of chess equipment?

Most of the gaming sets are materialized with stable quality plastic construction throughout the body. That will be easy to carry along while turning the moves with swift handling. And lightweight body material is also picky for everybody.

Q. Do we also get deck cards in these chess game sets?

Well, some of these games have included deck cards with an additional play theme for the players to enjoy on the same platform. The cards will be featured with gaming moves that will be helpful for beginners to learn tactics.

Q. How much is a nice chess set?

The price varies from brand to brand, and it depends on the material and accessories that are provided with the set. The price ranges from $20 to $100 or more.

Q. What is a good chess set?

Chess Armory Wooden Chess Set is considered best for fun. It is made with premium-quality material and has got a foldable design so you can take it with it on your trip as well to enjoy.

Best Chess Sets For Fun | Quick Comparison

Best Chess Sets For Fun | Infographics
Infographics: Best Chess Sets For Fun

Our Recommendation:

Our 1st recommendation is WOBBLE CHESS SET as the best premium chess gaming set. Maple and walnut wood construction has been taken place here on the board equipment, which gives a luxurious touch of gaming. The price tag of this set is high, but it is made of maple wood that provides longevity.

Furthermore, our 2nd recommendation is Winning Moves Games Winning Moves No Stress Chess as the best double-sided chessboard. Deck cards are also included in the game set, featuring moves and tactics to learn. The price of this chess set is friendly, so everyone can enjoy it.


Don’t wait anymore, and choose your favorite gaming selection from these top-rated chess sets for fun. The material quality is stout, comprising wood construction on the board with a balanced surface. Each chessboard has been featured a shiny surface along with a cooperative gaming scenario for the players.

On the other hand, the equipment is structured with a detailed design and plastic body from the exterior. And some of the boards are double-sided and magnetic as well, which is a plus point to consider.

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