7 Best Pickleball Bags For Easy Carrying | February 2023 Updates

Are you struggling to organize your pickleball paddles and their components?  To solve your problem, we have the best pickleball bags. These bags are taken from some of the most reliable manufacturers so that you get the best level of safety.

A pickleball bag can incorporate your game components with ease, but there are some points to remember. Players must look upon the storage of the bag’s capacities along with the materials. So, these protective gears stay with you for a longer duration.

Best Pickleball Bags For Easy Carrying

Moreover, these bags make the mobility of your game components much easy. So, you can carry your game wherever you want to.

Best Pickleball Bags | Editorial Pick



Franklin Sports

Franklin Sports Pickleball Bag

  • Hook & Fence
  • Large Pockets
  • USAPA Approved




LLYWCM Pickleball Bag

  • Protective Layer
  • Soft Material
  • Bottle Pocket



ZOEA Pickleball Bag

ZOEA Pickleball Bag

  • Fence Hook System
  • Anti-Theft Pocket
  • Moneyback Guarantee

Best Pickleball Bags | Ranking

You may have already liked our list of the best Gamma pickleball paddles and best Paddletek pickleball paddles to try this year. But now, it is time to know about the best paddles carrying bags for easy transportation.


Franklin Sports Pickleball Bag

Franklin Sports Pickleball Bag


Sufficient Storage

Large Side Pockets

  • Enough storage for placing up to 6 paddles and other accessories regarding pickleball
  • This pickleball bag has a back hook for the fence support whenever you want to place it
  • You will get large sized pockets with a durable cushioned surface to resist the scratches
  • All-Court are approved by USAPA that makes it suitable for the tournament

Get the smart shape and durably structured versatile pickleball bags with an extended storage system. Alongside, the supportive back design will minimize the weight impact while carrying it anywhere you want.

The multiple pockets of this bag are featured for adjusting the gaming accessories of pickleball more conveniently. Just club it with some high-quality Franklin Sports paddles to get an unmatched experience.


  • Dimensions: 19.02 x 12.99 x 9.8 inches
  • Weight: 15.2 ounces
  • Available Colors: Black/Green, Charcoal Gray, Gray, Gray/Blue, & Gray/Pink
  • Material: Polyester
  • USAPA Approved: Yes

Polyester Design: The exterior polyester body structure has a flexible and smooth surface with a scratchproof texture. And the sling bag interior cushioned surface will keep the paddles with proper placement and covering protection. It will also resist any damages possibilities in case of hitting.

3 Pocket Featuring: It offers wide space storage for adjusting your pickleball paddles and accessories. It comes with a cell phone pocket with protective coverage coupled with 3 sections for paddles. And the backside straps will let you hold the bag with more ease that is effortless to carry.

Back Support Flexibility: A professionally made bag structure with an additional back support design that will reduce the back lifting impact. And the design surface will enhance the bag’s stretchiness while placing different types of paddles in the pocket sections. The X-40 featuring aspect has been there for advanced placing storage management.

Weather Facing Zipper: The zipper has a strong covering line design on the whole bag that will protect the inner placed gaming equipment. Plus, the adjustable strap system is beneficial during the portability of the bag according to your body ease. The side net pockets are built for keeping extra accessories as you want.

  • Easy to carry with a back support structure
  • Polyester manufactures body construction with proper cushioning
  • Multi-pocket design for all pickleball accessories with other equipment
  • Moderate price tag
  • Adjustable shoulder strap

  • Not enough space for 6 paddles
  • The zipper has sewing errors

Our Take: Versatile gaming bag materialized with smooth polyester design and multi-pocket structure as one of the best pickleball bags. Plus, it got back support that helps in preventing shoulder pain and muscle strain.


LLYWCM Pickleball Bag

LLYWCM Pickleball Bag


Soft Material

Protective Casing

  • This extra protective casing is padded with soft material for more security of pickleball set
  • Keep up to three of your pickleball balls easily
  • There is a cord lock bottle for taking the water bottle with you, wherever you go
  • Also, it has a personal pocket in the back face for your mobile, keys, wallet, etc.

An easy-handling portable bag for your pickleball paddle and other equipment. A very spacious and wide bag, you can keep more than a set of pickleball. A long-lasting and durable bag made with supreme quality material featured water resistance to keep your pickleball set safe.

Just have some high-quality pickleball paddles for beginners on your side along with these bags to get unmatched fun.


  • Dimensions: 4 x 6 x 20 inches
  • Weight: 0.34 kg
  • Available Colors: Black, Blue, Red, & Rose

The Best Convenient Bag: This cover for the pickleball set is specially designed for easy traveling and outside playing. There is a wrist strap sewed close to the zipper for simple handling.

Also, there is a pocket made to put balls, making it a versatile and convenient covering for a pickleball set. Furthermore, the shoulder strap is adjustable that offers you to adjust according to your need.

Smooth Zipper: It is now effortless to open your classical black covering with just your fingers because this covering has a smooth and well-ordered zipping function that is made stainless with high-quality steel.

Water-Resistant: You don’t have to worry now if any liquid drops on your bag. Because this pickleball set covering is made waterproof moreover, the material can also endure every weather and dirt.

A Spacy Bag: Now store one of your favorite pickleball paddles, three balls, and also other accessories like mobile, keys, etc.

  • It has a strap for shoulder holding, making it the best portable bag
  • The bag has an easy zipping system that takes seconds to open
  • Compartments are made separately for paddles
  • Reasonable price tag
  • It comes in multiple eye-catching colors

  • The zipper has breakage issues
  • Hanging straps are not firmly connected
  • The pockets are not enough stretchy

Our Take: It is made with a high-quality material that provides durability and keeps your pickleball paddles and other equipment in a safe and sturdy casing made waterproof. This bag is spacious and offers you to adjust the shoulder strap.


ZOEA Pickleball Bag

ZOEA Pickleball Bag


Headphone Provision

Separate Bag For Balls

  • It comes with a fence hook that can be hung anywhere
  • This bag has a headphone jack which is a plus point
  • It has an anti-theft pocket to keep your equipment safe such as phone, money
  • It comes with an extra small bag for the balls
  • 100% moneyback guarantee in case you are not satisfied or do not like the bag

Protect your pickleball set from getting damaged with this one of the best pickleball paddle bags. Traveling is easier along with a portable bag that can keep up a complete set of pickleball.

And additionally, you can adjust more than one pickleball paddle with all accessories.


  • Bag Dimensions: 17.7 x 11.8 x 3.9 inches
  • Sling Bag Dimensions: 18 x 12 x 6 inches
  • Weight: 0.46 kg
  • Available Colors: Black, Blue, Red, Green, & Gray
  • Material: 600d polyester fabric

Big Space: Paddles of all sizes can fit in this pickleball bag without any problem. The plus point is you can store two paddles in this casing easily; those remain stable with separate sections. Also, there is space for a water bottle, headphone jack, a USB charging port, and space for many more items.

Portable Design: A casing shaped like a school bag that is very lightweight and small, making it a fine traveling partner. It has a net-made mesh-type pocket outside the bag for the storage of your water bottle. Furthermore, it has a different pocket for extra accessories

Extra Bag For Balls: There is a net made extra baggage for keeping the balls. Now take a bunch of balls with you having this bag because you can store much pickleball in it for their safety. It has a bag toggle strap on it for a quick opening and closing.

Made With Durable Material: This bag is made with 600d polyester fabric that makes it durable. Furthermore, it is safe to use and keep your paddles and balls safe as it has scratch-resistance and water-resistance features.

Moneyback Guarantee: For the consumers’ satisfaction, the company offers a money-back guarantee on the bag. You will get your money back if you have any issues with the bag.

  • The bag comes with a hundred percent moneyback guarantee for the customer satisfaction
  • It has a versatile string strap for easy shoulder use
  • Made with scratch-resistant polyester fabric
  • Low price tag
  • Padded and comfortable shoulder strap

  • The bag size is small and very compact
  • A customer reported zipper breaking issues

Our Take: An easy holding case for your pickleball set with wide space and extra storage pockets having a protecting construction. It is very lightweight and made with 600d polyester fabric as well as it has water-resistance and scratch-resistance features.


Niupipo Pickleball Bag

Niupipo Pickleball Bag


Bottle Holding Pocket

Attached Snap Hook

  • It has a water bottle holding pocket offering more storage
  • The strap of the bag is adjustable that is convenient for all heights
  • It comes with an attached snap hook for simple and quick hanging
  • The zips are all made rust-resistant providing lifetime duty

The Niupipo has brought you a smooth cushioning interior bag. In addition to this, get a handy grip along with versatility in the placement to adjust different types of gaming pickleball paddles.

Just have this bag on your best pickleball sets to have an unmatched experience with your friends and teammates.


  • Dimensions: 13.8 x  0 x 19.7
  • Item Diameter : 1 Inch
  • Weight: 0.63 lbs.
  • Available Colors: Black
  • Material: PU

Waterproof Layer: Don’t worry because no water is going to damage your paddle. A waterproof layer is padded in the fabric-made bag for a pickleball set.

Full Opening Bag: Now unzip your classical pickleball bag to 180 degrees for an easy putting of accessories. You don’t need to touch the inner side; just open it completely for more simplicity. Moreover, it has a storage capacity of four pickleball paddles with four balls and many more.

Quality Zip: Now you don’t have to worry about your paddles and balls’ safety because the cover will not open unless you open it. The zips used in both sections are made with the best rust-resistant stainless steel.

A Fence Hook: keep your bag protected from ground impacts and water drops with this bag. Furthermore, get these best pickleball bags for any easy hanging because these bags come with an attached hook. That offers you hanging it everywhere without getting dirty from the land.

  • A waterproof bag that keeps the pickleball set with an ultimate security
  • With three spacy pockets for a wide storing range
  • Use it as a backpack for easy traveling and outside goings
  • Adjustable strap for your ease
  • The price tag is friendly

  • The inner storage is very compact
  • Plastic clips are of low quality
  • The stitching of the bag get loose

Our Take: A spacy bag is offering you a sturdy holding strap for your paddle and balls, making it a portability champion. Further, it is designed with a sturdy material that has a water-resistance feature.


Onix Pickleball Durable Backpack

Onix Pickleball Durable Backpack


Five-Pocket Bag

Breathable Mesh Panel

  • A five pockets bag for complete and excessive storage of pickleball set along with other things
  • Breathable mesh panels on both front and backside for the durability of pickleball set
  • Specially designed for easy traveling
  • The zips used in the bag are smooth and easy to open

Get this all-time best protective bag for your pickleball set at an affordable price. This sturdy bag will help you to keep your pickleball set safe. It now comes with a wide space that can store more than a couple of pickleball paddles with other gears easily.

You may have already loved the high-quality pickleball paddles from Onix. But now, it’s time to try these amazing bags to carry those paddles.


  • Dimensions: 20 x 14 x 5 inches
  • Available Colors: Black

Extra Pockets: It is not a problem where to store your balls with the pickleball paddles. The Onix store is offering a covering with five extra spacious pockets for the balls and other gears; now, take as many balls as you can and play an entertaining game.

Guaranteed Covering: Onix is a name of quality taking care of your paddle to the ultimate with this bag. These best pickleball cases come with a lifetime guarantee ensuring you a lifetime performance.

Cushions Of Foams: The cushions of this uniquely designed case for paddle are filled with foam. These filled foam cushions help to keep your paddle safer and keep them away from damage.

  • Two pickleball paddles can easily be fitted in this bag
  • Hang it on the hook instead of the ground because it has a hanging hook
  • A wide storage securest bag at an affordable price tag
  • The hanging hook has a very firm and sturdy construction that performs a heavy-duty

  • The shoulder strap connection is weak
  • The base insertion point is not durable

Our Take: The spacious and durable bag of all time, it offers a lifetime performance at an accessible price. It is made with a sturdy material that gives durability.


HEAD Racquetball & Pickleball Backpack

HEAD Racquetball & Pickleball Backpack


Soft And Secure

Rigid Mesh Pocket

  • It has separate sections for every pickleball paddle with a zip system
  • The bag is finished with ample paddle to provide a soft and secure platform for the pickleball set
  • It has mesh pockets on both left and right sides for the holding of extra accessories
  • Comes in three color variant for your extensive range of option

The most protective smart technology soft cushioned bag for pickleball set. This top-notch roomy bag gives you a lifetime performance. All the material used in the manufacturing is all premium quality.

It comes with an extra storage section where you can store mobile, shoes, keys, cash, etc.


  • Dimensions: 30 x 18 x 48 inches
  • Available Colors: blue
  • Material: Nylon

A Spacious Bag: This covering for pickleball paddle is specially made spacious for your ease. So you don’t have to find any cover, just look at this masterpiece from The Head Store. You can load two of your top-quality paddles with some balls in the covering, featuring an extra pocket for more equipment.

Hang It Anywhere: Hang where ever you want to because there is a carrying strap attached to the cover. It has a multi-function of carrying in hand or hangs with the hook. Get this great portable bag and enjoy the outside game.

Super Protector: All the material used in the manufacturing of this case is top-notch. Firstly, the fabric used is premium and filled with soft material providing the case a soft and gentle feel. Semi-rigid polyester and a stainless steel zip provide you a firm and safe platform for your pickleball set.

  • It has an extra shoe compartment with a removable glove cord
  • Resilient to all-weather swings with weatherproof certification
  • Standard size makes it easy to hold
  • Fabric material offers unbeatable durability under all circumstances

  • Not enough space for the mentioned equipment placing
  • The zipper quality has few locking issues

Our Take: Complete opening foam padded the most secure bad for your pickleball paddles and balls, providing extra space for other accessories.


Franklin Sports Deluxe Pickleball Backpack

Franklin Sports Deluxe Pickleball Backpack


Semi-Rigid Construction

Unmatched Safety

  • It is constructed with semi-rigid polyester for a better safety
  • There are separate large sections for paddles to keep them in their place
  • Now holds up to a complete set of pickleball with other valuable things
  • A black-colored handling strap is made of durable material for a sturdy grip

It offers you ample space for your pickleball set and protects it from damage and scratches. Get this fully-featured bag for an affordable price.

You can easily use this bag to carry your pickleball sets. So, keep your head free from any worries as you can take complete care of your paddles.


  • Dimensions: 13 x 9 x 20 inches
  • Available Colors: Black
  • Material: PVC

Protective Surface: A bag made of nylon protects the paddle from dirt and dust, adding up an extra foam interior. The edges are padded with soft foam, and the zip is molded for flexibility in opening and closing. All these features make this a complete and safest bag for a pickleball set.

Easy Traveling: No more issues with traveling because The Joola is bringing this easy carrying bag style cover. There is a big strap that can fit in all hands, making your traveling effortless and cozy.

Wide Storage: It can hold pickleball paddles and many balls easily, and it also has an external pocket for cloth storage. It offers you to store your water bottle, keys, mobile, or other accessories.

Durability: This bag is a name for the durability and the quality it provides. It is manufactured with world-class fabric, nylon, and steel zip, performing heavy duty in all climates, which makes it one of the best pickleball bags.

  • It easily supports all sizes of pickleball paddles
  • Gripping material provides comfortable handling
  • Elite quality material prolongs bag life
  • A hooking strap to hang it on screws, walls, or doors

  • The bag is lousy for keeping paddles
  • Zipper can break

Our Take: Get a protective bag for your set of pickleball set with durability for a lifetime, making it a versatile choice. It has wide space and is made with durable material, and has labeled at a moderate price.

FAQ Regarding Best Pickleball Bags

Q. What are the best pickleball bags?

The best pickleball bags are from Onix Pickleball Durable Backpack, LLYWCM Pickleball Bag, and Franklin Sports Deluxe Competition Pickleball Backpack Bag.

Q. What is the most popular pickleball paddle?

The most popular pickleball paddle is from Onix Z5 Graphite Pickleball Paddle, Franklin Sports Deluxe Competition Pickleball Backpack Bag, Onix Pickleball Durable Backpack, and LLYWCM Pickleball Bag.

Q. What’s a pickleball bag?

Pickleball bags are durable bags that are used to carry paddles, apparel, balls, water bottles, towels, and other accessories that are required by the player.

Q. Which pickleball paddle has the largest sweet spot?

Encore has the largest sweet spots; along with this, they further have paddle faces.

Best Pickleball Bags | Quick Comparison

Best Pickleball Bags - Infographics
Infographics: Best Pickleball Bags

Our Recommendation:

Our 1st recommendation is the Onix Pickleball Durable Backpack as the best and portable pickleball bag. Get 5 pocket storage capacity and cushioned surface design having versatile adjustability for the pickleball equipment.

Moreover, our 2nd recommendation is LLYWCM Pickleball Bag as the most durable gaming bag. Enjoy the water-resistant body structure and fast-moving zipper quality along with wide storage capacity.


These are the best pickleball bags manufactured with top-quality surface material for heavy-duty portability. Alongside, the sturdy material used in designing the exterior has been optimized with flexibility and protective covering. There are multiple storage sections constructed in each bag for equipment adjustability.

In the meantime, you’ll get easy to open zipper build-in together with back straps for handling the bag. And the backs have been specially designed for supporting your body movement that will reduce the pain effect. So don’t wait anymore and select your favorite design pickleball bag from here!

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