13 Reasons Why Cristiano Ronaldo Is Better Than Lionel Messi!

What has been the biggest football debate of all time? Yup! you got it right. It’s Ronaldo vs Messi. The fans, the critics, the football stars, the coaches, the managers and it seems that everyone on the face of the earth who has anything to do with football has given his/her opinion on the matter.

Cristiano Ronaldo vs Lionel Messi

Lionel messi vs ronaldo

Some regard Lionel Messi as the greatest footballer of all time, while others think that Ronaldo is the greatest footballer of all time. However, if we put our emotions and favoritism aside and focus on stats & reality we will realize that Ronaldo is surely ahead in the GOAT debate, though Messi is richer than Ronaldo.

13 Reasons Why Cristiano Ronaldo Is Better Than Lionel Messi

13. Cristiano Ronaldo has more goals than Lionel Messi in the club career. Ronaldo has scored 674 goals in his club career, while Messi has scored 672 goals in his club career.

12. Ronaldo has proven himself in 4 different clubs in 4 different leagues. While Messi has only played for just two clubs in his career (Barcelona and PSG) and has found a comfort zone, from which he is not willing to come out.

11. Ronaldo has 1 major International Trophy. Messi has none.

10. Ronaldo is the highest ever goalscorer in the Champions League with 120 goals, while Messi is at second with 103 goals.

9. Ronaldo has more International goals than Messi. CR7 has scored 85 goals, while Messi has scored 65 goals in his International career.

8. Ronaldo has much better leadership skills and knows how to carry his team and inspire them to victories under crucial circumstances. Messi on the other hand has shown again and again that he gives up under pressure and becomes totally silent on the field.

7. Ronaldo is a much more complete player than Lionel Messi. Ronaldo is strong on his right foot, left foot, and head. Messi on the other hand is only strong on the left foot.

6. Ronaldo is faster than Messi. This is a no-brainer. We have seen time and again Ronaldo beat defenders with his incredible pace. Messi on the other hand is a great dribbler but he does not have the same pace as Ronaldo.

5. Ronaldo is much better at Penalties than Messi. He is able to score those crucial penalties under pressure. Messi on the other hand seems to crumble under pressure and is not reliable when it comes to converting penalties.

4. Ronaldo is a major threat on crosses and corners, due to his amazing heading ability. Messi on the other hand is not a major threat on aerial balls in the box, due to his short height and average heading.

3. Ronaldo is a much more marketable player than Messi. The primary reason behind this is his better footballing abilities and excellent style on and off the pitch. So the big companies see Ronaldo as a better option for marketing than Messi.

2. Ronaldo is a better sportsman and knows how to face defeat. Messi on the other hand has been seen taking retirements after facing embarrassing defeats. And then taking back those retirements.

1. Cristiano Ronaldo is considered the greatest ever footballer for his country, Portugal. Messi on the other hand is still considered to be behind Maradona by some.


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9 thoughts on “13 Reasons Why Cristiano Ronaldo Is Better Than Lionel Messi!”

  1. Ronaldo is so much better than Messi. I love Ronaldo 😄. he’s the best soccer player ever. If you think Messi is better well than you are wrong. He has more goals than him he has a lot better penalty kicks than him

  2. Ronaldo is richer than Messi please didn’t get that confusing.. Ronaldo get paid a lot of money from Instagram, Nikes, and more. Ronaldo got several hotels and other investment . Ronaldo his handsome. Tall ,speed , very very hardworking ,very strong. Big of an influencer. He removed a coke drink and brought out a water coke loses billions of dollars . Nah man that guy is a real Goat

  3. I am personally a Ronaldo fan, but I couldn’t help but notice that quite a few of the arguments stated were written as opinions and not facts, therefore they can’t be validated. Both Messi and Ronaldo are incredible players and it’s doubtful we’ll ever see any more like them for a while. The debate over who’s best is an unnecessary one and we need to accept that both players are legendary and both can be considered the best of all time.

  4. The Goat debate will always be biased because I am a Real Madrid fan, obviously, I will think that Ronaldo is the goat. Whereas a Barcelona fan will disagree with me. Both are legendary no matter what.


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