How To Select The Right Ping Pong Ball For Best Performance?

Buying the right ping pong ball is always trouble for perfectionists. These ping pong balls come in many varieties and ratings that you see on most packages.

You can freely choose a set of ping pong balls but becoming specific about choice was never a bad option.

How To Select The Right Ping Pong Ball?

Choosing the exact ball that suits your playing style can be a match-winner at some point. So, we will help you select the precise ping pong balls considerate to your playing behavior or style.

Steps To Choose The Right Ping Pong Ball

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We have recently reviewed the best men’s TT shoes and also the best women’s TT shoes. However, you do need to choose the perfect ball first before emphasizing shoes. Now let’s look at the points that will allow you to choose a superior ping pong ball set confidently.

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Size Of Your Ball

The ping pong balls come in different size options in the consumer’s space. You will mostly find balls with 40mm size, the standard size for a ping pong ball. Though there exist other sizes despite the standard size acknowledged already.

38mm is another very commonly found ball size that you can find available in the market. 38mm has become a choice of standards at some places because of its exceptional spin quality and speed. That makes it a better choice over the standard 40mm balls. Besides, these balls also fit perfectly inside top-rated TT paddle carrying cases.

So, the choices vary in perspective to the playing style of a player considering the balls. If spin and speed are your way to roll in ping pong, you can surely go with the 38mm balls while setting aside the 40mm option for some time.

Star Rating Of The Ball

You must have heard about this factor in the ping pong balls. Star ratings distinguish a ball from the other based on performance and purpose. Different balls serve different purposes for various players in ping pong.

There are some distinctions in the star ratings that you have to comprehend first. These distinctions will help boost your concept about selecting the balls to your exact requirements and scenario. However, it is better to use these balls with high-quality table tennis training sets to have improved performance.

1-Star Rating Balls: These balls are soft and can show signs of molds when put into hard strokes practice. That is why these balls are best for the small kids trying to learn the basics of the game. 40mm is going to be the standard diameter of these balls. They mostly weigh around 2.7g.

2-Star Rating Balls: These balls come in a higher quality when put in comparison against the 1-star rated balls we just mentioned. Most improvers use these balls in non-match situations. They offer exceptional value as practice balls but not for the matches, we’d say.

These balls usually come with 2.7g weight and 40mm diameter as standard. Also, the measurements can be different depending upon the manufacturers.

3-Star Rating Balls: These are the most high-quality balls that you can choose for your essential table tennis matches. These balls are suitable for tournament-level matches so that you can get the best possible experience in the most crucial match circumstances.

Balls That Are Approved Or Endorsed

Most professionals are aware of this aspect of ping pong balls. Some balls are authorized and approved by the international table tennis federation. These balls measure 40mm, the standard size approach we discussed earlier.

That is an essential factor to discuss when choosing the right ping pong ball. These approved balls don’t go in the listing without getting proper testing. So, everything is settled and balanced in terms of the quality, materials, and performance of these balls.

There are several top-rated TT balls for beginners that are completely approved. You can easily find the ITTF indicated logo on these approved ball sets. That will help you understand the quality and standard of the balls when looking to purchase for your crucial matches.

Understanding The Materials Of The Balls

As a ping pong player, you must be aware of this construction aspect of the balls. Most balls are processed with plastic material nowadays. They are also known by the name called poly balls that are derived from plastic balls.

Celluloid balls come in another distinction after the plastic balls. These balls are not as famous as the plastic balls we find in the market. The main difference can be the size of the balls. Celluloid balls are slightly smaller than plastic balls.

It generally depends upon the style of one’s player when we discuss ping pong as a sport. Some may prefer to go with plastic balls rather than celluloid. So, it all depends where you stand in the game. Besides, there are many tournament-standard ping pong balls are also available that can perfectly match your playing style.

Choosing The Color Of Balls

Selecting the color of balls in ping pong can be a tricky deal to some extent. Though there are no rules to abide by a specific color in the particular situation of the match, it still counts. The most commonly available colors are white and orange. You can get these two colors in almost all the highest-rated ping pong balls this year.

Now comes the most appealing and valuable technique when purchasing balls for yourself. The ball’s color must be different from the color of the dress you are to wear in the game. That certainly helps with the visibility of the ball during the match.

You must be aware not to wear the same color sleeves matching the color of the ball. That will confuse you when trying to connect the paddle with the ball. That is how you select the ball color depending upon the match events.

FAQs Regarding Right TT Balls Selection

Q. Is there a difference in ping pong balls?

You can find and discuss any changes in the ping pong balls over the years of duration. We saw an increase in the size of the ball over the last two decades. The measure increased from 38mm to 40mm as a standard size for most ping pong balls.

Q. What is the official ping pong ball?

According to the international table tennis federation rules, a ball with 2.7grams mass and 40mm diameter is considered an official ping pong ball. The balls existing out of these values are not acknowledged to be the official ping pong balls.

Q. What does 40+ ping pong balls mean?

That mainly refers to the size distinction between the plastic and celluloid balls in ping pong. The balls made from celluloid are 0.5mm smaller than the balls made with plastic now. So, that mainly points to the reference of balls that are bigger than 40mm.

Q. What is the difference between orange and white ping pong balls?

There is no state of difference between these two ball colors in table tennis. You can prefer to choose a specific ball color depending upon the conditions of the match. If you are playing in dark environments, you can go with a white ball and vice versa.

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That is where the article regarding steps to ensure the right ping pong ball purchase ends. All these steps are crucial to consider when purchasing ping pong balls to your specified requirements.

So, understanding these points is highly crucial for beginners and professionals equally. Hence, you can now purchase the exact ball suitable to your requirements in ping pong.

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