Top 10 Undefeated UFC fighters Of All Time

The craze of UFC among people worldwide made it a billion-dollar revenue industry over the past years, and numbers are still increasing because of its popularity. In fact, the fighters are also known across the globe because of their thrilling fight techniques, abilities, and achievements. That’s why we have listed the top undefeated UFC fighters who proved to be the best with their remarkable efforts and performance.

List Of Top Undefeated UFC Fighters | 2022 Updates

You may have already become the fans of some greatest female MMA athletes. But, you will be highly amazed after knowing about these undefeated fighters. So, here they are.

10. Jamahal Hill (Record: 7–0-0)

Jamahal Hill

Jamahal Alexander Hill, known as Sweet Dreams, is an MMA light heavyweight fighter from the United States. He is currently the 15th ranked fighter in the UFC Light Heavyweight rankings.  After leaving Davenport University’s basketball team, Hill started competing in professional mixed martial arts in 2017.

Hill’s breathtaking game style and quick techniques make Hill be on the list of undefeated UFC fighters. In 2020, Hill made his debut in UFC Fight Night 166 against the Darko Stošić.

Hill played a total of nine matches ended up undefeated with four knockouts, one submission, three decisions, and one with no contests. Besides that, He won the KOP Light Heavyweight Championship honor in Knockout Promotions.

9. Lerone Murphy (Record: 10–0-1)

lerone murphy

Lerone Murphy, known as The Miracle, is an MMA featherweight fighter from England. In his teenage, Murphy played football in high school but unfortunately had an injury at sixteen. He was also got shot by thieves at the age of 21.

But the guy survived and started his training to be an MMA fighter, and he is one of those undefeated UFC fighters who suffered a lot in the early stages and still successfully make it to be here.

In 2019, Murphy made his debut in the Ultimate Fighting Championship against Zubaira Tukhugov. Murphy played a total of eleven matches ended undefeated with six knockouts, four decisions, and one draw. Besides that, Murphy won the FCC Featherweight Championship and Performance of the Night honor.

8. Miguel Baeza (Record: 10–0-0)

miguel baeza

Miguel Baeza, known as Caramel Thunder, is a professional MMA welterweight fighter from the United States. In his childhood, Baeza was interested in boxing, but later, he changed his aim to be an MMA fighter, and the guy achieved it successfully after becoming one of the undefeated UFC fighters.

His thrilling game style and magnificent performance always create a challenging situation for his competitors in the game. In 2019’s UFC Fight Night 161, Baeza made his debut against Hector Aldana.

Baeza played a total of ten matches ended undefeated with seven knockouts, one submission, and two decisions. He also won the performance of the Night honor two times against Matt Brown and Takashi Sato.

7. Movsar Evloev (Record: 14–0-0)

Movsar Evloev

In the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) featherweight division, Russian professional mixed martial artist Movsar Evloev is a fighter currently signed to the UFC.

Movsar’s thrilling game techniques and breathtaking performance make him one of the undefeated UFC fighters who always give tough competition and make the match memorable. In 2019, Movsar made his debut in the Ultimate Fighting Championship against Muin Gafurov.

Movsar played 14 matches till now and ended undefeated with three knockouts, four submissions, and seven decisions. Besides UFC, Movsar won the M-1 Global Interim Bantamweight championship after beating his opponent Alexey Nevzorov in 2017.

6. Mark Madsen (Record: 10–0-0)

mark madsen

Mark Overgaard Madsen, known as The Olympian, is an MMA featherweight fighter from Denmark. Besides his MMA career, Mark is also a retired Greco-Roman wrestler who achieved many honors throughout his wrestling career.

Mark is also a four times silver Olympics medalist at WWC. In fact, Mark is one of those undefeated UFC fighters who achieved success in both WWC and UFC. Initially, he faced a setback that caused his MMA dreams to fade after he was forbidden to compete.

In 2019, Mark made his debut against Danillo Belluardo. He played a total of ten matches, winning with three knockouts, three submissions, and four decisions till now. In MMA, he won the Knockout of the Year in 2018 and the Breakthrough Fighter of the Year award in 2019.

5. Jack Shore (Record: 14–0-0)

jack shore

Jack Shore, known as Tank, is an MMA bantamweight fighter in the UFC from Wales. Shore was trained in kickboxing by his father throughout his childhood, who then opened an MMA gym in 2007 and trained Jack since his adolescence.

Jack’s striking gameplay and many efforts make him one of the talented and tough undefeated UFC fighters. Jack made his Ultimate Fighting Championship debut against Nohelin Hernandez in 2019. Jack played 14 matches, being undefeated with four knockouts, eight submissions, and two decisions.

Besides that, Jack won the performance of the Night honor in his UFC debut. He also successfully defended the title one time, the CWFC Bantamweight Championship.

4. Bryce Mitchell (Record: 14–0-0)

Bryce Mitchell

Bryce Andrew Mitchell, known as Bryce Mitchell, is an MMA featherweight fighter. In his starting athletic career, he tried basketball and wresting. Bryce is currently the 13th ranked fighter in UFC featherweight rankings.

Without any doubt, Bryce is among those undefeated UFC fighters who always gave tough times to competitors with their thrilling game style. Bryce played 14 matches and being undefeated till now by nine submissions and five decisions.

Bryce won the Performance of the Night against Matt Sayles and Fight of the Night award against Bobby Moffett. Besides that, Bryce received the Submission of the Year award from five different sites in 2019. Mitchell also appeared in the reality TV series named The Ultimate Fighter: Undefeated because of his victorious career.

3. Sean Brady (Record: 14-0-0)

sean brady

Sean Thomas Brady, known as Sean Brady, is an MMA welterweight fighter from the United States. Brady is currently the 14th ranked fighter in the UFC welterweight category because of his exceptional performance and achievements till now.

Brady is among those undefeated UFC fighters who are new to the Ultimate Fighting Championship. In 2019, Sean Brady made his debut in the UFC against Court McGee. Brady played 14 matches, being undefeated with three knockouts, four submissions, and seven decisions.

For his fight against Christian Aguilera, he received the “Performance of the Night” award. MMAjunkie named him for the “Submission of the Month” award in August 2020. Com. He successfully defended his Cage Fury Fighting Championship two times.

2. Shamil Gamzatov (Record: 14-0-0)

shamil gamzatov

Shamil Radzhabovich Gamzatov, known as Shamil Gamzatov, is an MMA Light Heavyweight fighter from Russia. The guy is famous for his tremendous and undefeated career. Shamil is one of those undefeated UFC fighters who proved to be an inspiration for others.

Shamil is currently at the top of undefeated champions who are still playing in UFC. In 2019, Shamil made his debut against Klidson Abreu in the UFC. The guy played a total of 14 matches till now and remained undefeated with five knockouts, five submissions, and four decisions.

Besides that, Shamil is a three times Abu Dhabi grappling tournament winner and world champion in World Grappling Association. In 2013, Shamil won the European championship.

1. Khabib Nurmagomedov (Record: 29-0-0)

Khabib Nurmagomedov

Khabib Abdulmanapovich Nurmagomedov, who is known as Khabib the Eagle, is a retired professional MMA fighter from Russia. His fans regard him the sensational fighting games in his career. Khabib is eventually one of the best undefeated UFC fighters ever. Besides that, Khabib retired after his father’s death, who was also the coach of Khabib and played a massive role in making Khabib of the greatest UFC fighter of all time.

Khabib made his debut in 2012 and signed to fight the six games in the lightweight division. Khabib Nurmagomedov smashed the record for most takedowns in a single fight between him and Abel Trujillo in 2013, with 21 takedowns during the fight. Besides that, He set the record of the highest UFC gates of all time during the fight with Conor McGregor in 2018, and Khabib successfully defended his championship title against him.

With a record of 29-0-0, he is the undefeated champion of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). Despite his retirement, he ranked first in UFC’s pound-for-pound rankings on October 26, 2020. Khabib’s streak also held the record for the longest active streak in MMA.

Final Words

So, here are the best and undefeated UFC fighters of all time. We hope you liked our ranking. In case you have any opinions on this ranking, feel free to let us know in the comment box below.

Undefeated UFC fighters – Infographics

undefeated UFC fighters of all time - infographics
Infographics: Undefeated UFC Fighters

FAQs Regarding Undefeated UFC fighters

Q. Who has the longest undefeated streak in UFC?

The longest winning streak in UFC history belongs to Anderson Silva. Over the course of six years, he won 16 consecutive fights. He is a Brazilian-American mixed martial artist and boxer.

Q. Is anyone undefeated in UFC?

It’s one of the most challenging awards to own. Cain Velasquez (9-0) is the current UFC heavyweight champion and the only currently undefeated UFC champion. He is an American professional wrestler and retired mixed martial artist.

Q. Who is the king of the martial art of all time?

Bruce Lee was known as the king of martial arts. He combined the cardiovascular capacity of an athlete with the strength of a bodybuilder. As a child, he did finger-and-thumb press-ups, inflated his lats like a cobra, leaped 8ft in the air to kick out a lightbulb, and did the legendary 1in punch.

Q. Who has the longest undefeated boxing record?

Boxing’s most fantastic debut would be the start of a great career. Wilde fought 28 times in 1911, finishing the year with a 27-0-1 record. Jimmy Wilde compiled the longest unbeaten record in boxing history, 93-0-1, by the end of 1914, a record that still stands today.

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