Best Goal Celebrations

Marco Tardelli [The Tardelli Cry]

Football, a game of great passion, often induces the display of raw emotions. Like former Italian footballer Marco Tardelli, who executed one of the most iconic goal celebrations in football history.

Brandi Chastain [Jersey Rip]

We often see footballers rip off their jerseys to celebrate, to the point where it is almost an unoriginal move. But this is true only in the case of men’s football.

Diego Maradona [The Loopy Celebration]

Diego Maradona is one of the greatest footballers whose contribution to football is important not only for Argentina but the entire world. In the first group game of the 1994 FIFA World Cup, Argentina had to face Greece, and Maradona scored the winning shot.

Robbie Fowler [The Snort]

Robbie Fowler is a former English footballer who also lent his immense talent to one of the richest football clubs, Liverpool. Often referred to as the ‘God’, Fowler had several fans who believed his alleged cocaine addiction at that time.

Peter Crouch [Robot Dance]

One of the tallest soccer players, Peter Crouch, talked about his lanky body. He showed off his dance moves at a party before the 2006 World Cup and decided to take his cool moves to the fields.


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