English Premier League Commentators In 2022

Ray Hudson

Retired English footballer turned commentator Ray Hudson started his television journey in 2002 with World Cup coverage by ESPN. He then started his full-time commentary career with GolTV in 2004.

Andy Hinchcliffe

Retired English defender and Football pundit Andy Hinchcliffe is considered one of the best English Premier League commentators because of his powerful commentary.

Andy Townsend

Former Irish midfielder Andy Townsend is the current commentator of BT Sport and is widely regarded as one of the marvelous English Premier League commentators of all time.

Lee Dixon

Retired English right-back Lee Dixon began his commentary career working for the BBC after retiring from professional football and is now regarded as one of the excellent Premier League.

Ian Darke

vLegendary English football commentator Ian Darke was a part of Sky Sports “Big Four” football commentators alongside Alan Parry, Martin Tyler, and Rob Hawthorne.


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