Best Goalkeepers in the history

Enrique Ballestrero - Uruguay

Enrique Ballestrero just played multiple times for Uruguay, procuring his second cap with a spotless sheet against Peru in the country's very first World Cup game.

Gianpiero Combi - Italy

Four years later, Italian goalkeeper Gianpiero Combi lifted the Jules Rimet trophy having almost retired months before the 1934 World Cup kicked off.

Aldo Olivieri - Italy

The Italians would proceed to procure a second progressive World Cup win in 1938, helped between the sticks by Aldo Olivieri.

Roque Maspoli - Uruguay

WWII brought about the shortfall of the World Cup for a 12-year time span. Once more when it returned in 1950, it was the Uruguayans that ran out victors.

Antonio Carbajal - Mexico

Antonio Carbajal is not a World Cup winner, but he’s certainly a World Cup legend.


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