Undefeated UFC fighters Of All Time

Khabib Nurmagomedov

Khabib Abdulmanapovich Nurmagomedov, who is known as Khabib the Eagle, is a retired professional MMA fighter from Russia. His fans regard him as the most sensational fighting game in his career.

Shamil Gamzatov

Shamil Radzhabovich Gamzatov, known as Shamil Gamzatov, is an MMA Light Heavyweight fighter from Russia. The guy is famous for his tremendous and undefeated career. Shamil is one of those undefeated UFC fighters who proved to be an inspiration for others.

Sean Brady

Sean Thomas Brady, known as Sean Brady, is an MMA welterweight fighter from the United States. Brady is currently the 8th-ranked fighter in the UFC welterweight category because of his exceptional performance and achievements till now.

Bryce Mitchell

Bryce Andrew Mitchell, known as Bryce Mitchell, is an MMA featherweight fighter. In his starting athletic career, he tried basketball and wrestling. Bryce is currently the 9th-ranked fighter in the UFC featherweight rankings.

Jack Shore

Jack Shore, known as Tank, is an MMA bantamweight fighter in the UFC from Wales. Shore was trained in kickboxing by his father throughout his childhood, who then opened an MMA gym in 2007 and trained Jack since his adolescence.


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