Top 10 Most Popular Athletes On Social Media 2022

Social media has massive repercussions on the sports industry, and this will continue to grow over time. Prior to the internet, athletes were not as socially famous, but today they have the highest level of interaction and engagement with their fans. After conducting extensive research, we selected the most popular athletes on social media 2022.

Unlike retrospect, athletes have more fans and craze than movie stars across the globe, and this is all because of social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. There is no greater form of entertainment than sports, and we are passionate fans of our favorite athletes.

Fans want to know everything their favorite athletes do and say on and off the field. There is no doubt that athletes have an enormous influence on key societal and cultural issues. Using social media as a catalyst, they empower people and fuel their ideas. Let’s dig deep into the most famous sports personalities.

Most Popular Athletes On Social Media | 2022 Ranking

We have recently ranked the most popular soccer players and also the most popular cricket players in the world right now. However, our beloved fan base definitely deserves a cumulative ranking of all the athletes. So, here are the most popular athletes on social media.

10. Marcelo – 8th Most Popular Footballer on Scoial Media


Brazilian professional footballer Marcelo Vieira da Silva Junior, one of the best left-backs in the world and a captain of the Real Madrid team. He is widely regarded as one of the best football defenders the world has ever seen.

Marcelo has won La Liga four times and helped Madrid win the UEFA Champions League three times during his time at the club. The 33 years old vibrant and tenacious player, is hugely popular on social media with a great fan following. A total of 53 million people follow his Instagram account; he has 10 million followers on Twitter, and 29 million people follow him on Facebook. Additionally, Marcelo has 1.25 million subscribers on YouTube.

He receives high brand endorsement requests because of the popularity of his fan base. The Adidas brand and Nike selected Marcelo as its new German icon. That’s how he got 10th position out of the top 10 most popular athletes on social media.

9. John Cena – The Most WWE Star on Social Media

john cena

John Felix Anthony Cena is an American athlete who performs for WWE on SmackDown. He is a wrestler, actor, television presenter, and former rapper. John Cena, 44, is known as one of the greatest wrestlers of all time. As well as being a rapper, he is a well-known actor. John has achieved multiple records including 12 times WWE World Heavyweight Championship and 3 times WWE United States Championship.

Currently, he is among the richest wrestlers in the world. In comparison to other social media active athletes, he has the most interaction and approach with his fans. Jhon always uses social media to spread positivity and enthusiasm. He has 45 million Facebook followers and 12.7 million Twitter followers, making his online fan base 56.6 million.

8. Mesut Ozil – Most Popular German Footballer

mesut ozil

Fenerbahce’s attacking midfielder Mesut Ozil is a German professional footballer. In three straight seasons, he helped the club win the league title and finished first in league assists. And now, he is widely regarded as one of the greatest football midfielders of all time. As the five-time German Player of the Year, Ozil holds a multiple awards record for the most awards. The 32 years old Mesut is widely famous for his amazing performance on the field. And he is also well known for his creativity and innovation.

He has a great number of fans on social media platforms. He has 31.3 million Facebook fans and 26.9 million Twitter followers. For sure, he is the most fan-following sportsperson in the world. Besides being an Adidas athlete, Ozil signed a seven-year contract for commercial boot sponsorship. Mercedes-Benz also made him its brand ambassador. Considering all this, Mesut Ozil deserves to be ranked 8th in the top 10 most popular athletes on social media.

7. Dwayne Johnson – Most Followed Athlete/Actor on Social Media

dwayne johnson

An American actor Dwayne Douglas Johnson, started his career as a professional wrestler. The 49 years old Rock, widely famous as one of the most popular WWE wrestlers of all time. He is a successful actor, producer, and businessman. Before joining the acting career, he wrestled for the World Wrestling Federation and got huge recognition and millions of fans around the globe.

After a successful wrestling journey, Rock joined movies, and his films have grossed over $3.5 billion in North America and over $10 billion worldwide and made him one of the world’s highest-grossing and highest-paid actors. He has a huge social media following. Currently, he has 58 million followers on Facebook, 14.3 million followers on Twitter, and 263 million followers on Instagram. He is widely known as one of the top 10 most followed sportspeople on Instagram.

6. Ronaldinho Gaucho – Football

ronaldinho gaucho

Former Brazilian football player Ronaldinho Gaucho, also known as Ronaldinho de Assis Moreira, is an ambassador for Barcelona. As an attacking midfielder, he was also positioned as a winger. He is also among the most-followed footballers on Instagram this year. The 41 years old Ronaldinho, got fame for his technical skills, creativity as well as his unique way of doing tricks and overhead kicks.

Besides his awesome career, he also gained a massive fan following across the internet, which is why Ronaldinho is on the 6th spot in our count down of the top 10 most popular athletes on social media. Ronaldinho currently has 34 million followers on Facebook and 20.3 million followers on Twitter which makes his online fan base 53.3 million.

5. Ricardo Kaka – Football

ricardo kaka

A Brazilian professional footballer Ricardo kaka, is a former footballer who played as an attacking midfielder. He is 39 years old and football fans still consider him as one of the most handsome footballers in the world.

He has twice been featured in Time Magazine’s list of the world’s most influential people. Besides his popularity, he is also the first athlete to gain 10 million followers on Twitter. Kaka presently has 31 million followers on Facebook and he also has 29 million followers on Twitter which makes his online fanbase 60 million.

Even if he doesn’t have many active fans on social media, he is still the most respected and loved athlete by fans. Ricardo is probably the only player who doesn’t have haters. Additionally, he is known for his humanitarian and charity work off the field. His strong fan base led Hyundai to appoint him as the 2014 FIFA World Cup brand ambassador. These factors helped him earn the 5th spot out of the top 10 most popular athletes on social media.

4. David Beckham – Football

david beckham

An English professional footballer David Robert Joseph Beckman is one of the most followed athletes in the USA. The 46 years old, David Beckham is still acknowledged as one of the most fashionable English footballers. Besides, he is also one of the most successful retired footballers who earn millions. It was the first time an English footballer had won league titles in America, Spain, France, and England while he captained the English national team. In 2004, FIFA admitted him to their list of the 100 greatest living footballers.

With his good looks, outstanding football talent, image, and style, he is regarded as an ideal icon in the UK and the Far East. On social media, he has a huge following. In total, he has 121.9 million online fans, including 54 million followers on Facebook and 71.6 million followers on Instagram. His popularity and his cherished lifestyle made him be in 4th position in the top 10 most popular athletes on social media.

3. Neymar – Football


Brazilian professional footballer Neymar da Silva Santos is currently on the field for the French club Paris Saint-German as a forward. He is also the captain of the national soccer team. In 2015, he won the Continental Treble of La Liga and UEFA Champions League with Barcelona’s attacking trio.

He is the first Brazilian athlete to receive an honor from Time Magazine. Forbes magazine ranked him as the highest-paid athlete for this year’s earnings of $95.5 million. SportPro Magazine included him in its 2013 list of the world’s most marketable athletes. Due to his huge fan base, Neymar is an idealistic and iconic celebrity for all the top brands.

Neymar currently has 258 million followers online, including 60 million on Facebook, 49 million on Twitter, and 139 million on Instagram.

2. Lionel Messi – Most Popular Footballer on Social Media

lionel messi

Argentine professional footballer and one of the greatest footballers of all time, Leo Messi, now plays for the French Ligue 1 club Paris Saint-Germain. As well as playing as a forward for the Argentina national team and the French club, he also captains the national side. In the years 2010 to 2012, Messi won the FIFA Ballon d’Or three times. The award for the top scorer on the continent, the European Golden Shoe, has been presented to him six times, making it a record for each category.

In 2011 and 2012, Messi was ranked as one of the world’s most influential people by Time Magazine. He is one of the most followed athletes on social media after Cristiano. On his first day on Facebook, Messi gained 6.3 million fans within three hours. There are 90.1 million followers on Facebook and 307 million followers on Instagram, making his online presence 375.1 million.

1. Cristiano Ronaldo – All Time Popular Star on Social Media

cristiano ronaldo

The greatest Portuguese footballer of all time, Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santos Aveiro, is known for his incredible leaping abilities. Besides, he is also known for his grace. As a forward, he currently plays for Serie A club Juventus and captains the Portugal national team. In 2008, Cristiano Ronaldo achieved his first Ballon d’Or and FIFA World Player of the year awards. These awards were repeatedly won by him in 2013, 2014, 2016, and 2017. Among all athletes on social media, he has the most followers.

As a result of this huge fan base, he advertised some of the world’s most famous brands, such as Nike, Clear, Herbalife, and CR7. LiveScore, the world’s leading provider of real-time sports updates, employs him as its brand ambassador. He has 150 million Facebook fans, 998 million Twitter followers, and 415 million Instagram followers. Therefore, he is ranked as the number one most popular athlete on social media.


Thanks for reading! We have compiled the most-followed athletes on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Moreover, we chose athletes whose popularity and ethical standards are truly worthy of remembering. Hopefully, you have enjoyed reading the article and if you have any queries, you can tell us through comments and email. Your response will be appreciated.

Most Popular Athletes On Social Media | 2022 Infographics

most popular athletes on social media - infographics
Infographics: Most Popular Athletes On Social Media

FAQs Regarding Most Popular Athletes On Social Media

Q. Who is the most popular athlete on social media?

Being on number 1 as the most popular athlete on social media is a feat itself. Cristiano Ronaldo, the Portuguese superstar footballer, is the world’s most influential social media influencer. Aside from being the most popular athlete on social media, he is also one of the greatest footballers the world has ever seen.

Q. Who is the most-followed athlete on Facebook?

The most followed person on Facebook is the great Cristiano Ronaldo, with over 150 million followers as of 2022. In football history, he is probably the only player to accomplish such an outstanding record of success on and off the field.

Q. Who is the most-followed athlete on Instagram?

The most-followed athlete on Instagram is also the one and only Cristiano Ronaldo, with over 315.75 million followers. He is not only the most followed athlete on Instagram but Cr7 is the one who ever reached this kind of fan following on Instagram.

Q. Who is the most followed athlete on Twitter?

Folks! The most followed person on Twitter is also the great Cristiano Ronaldo. He has 52.1 million followers on Twitter. Cr7 is the one who has such fanatical fans in the history of athletes. The way he is working so hard day and night, he will remain on the top.

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