Top 10 Greatest Judo Players Of All Time

greatest judo players

Legendary Japanese martial arts sensei and pioneer of Judo, Kano Jigoro, is surely the greatest judo artist the world has ever seen. He introduced the belt system in Judo and also played a pivotal role in the introduction of Judo in the Japanese public school programs in the 1910s. Japanese judo stars Yasuhiro Yamashita and … Read more

Top 10 Greatest Mountaineers Of All Time (2022 Edition)

Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay, the duo that conquest Mt. Everest for the first time, are truly the greatest mountaineers the world has ever seen. Legendary Italian mountaineers Reinhold Messner and Lino Lacedelli, along with the legendary British-Nepalese mountaineer Nirmal Purja, also deserve their mentions among the greatest mountaineers of all time. Before talking … Read more

Top 10 Greatest Female Chess Players Of All Time

Greatest Female Chess Players

Legendary Hungarian female grandmaster Judit Polgar is widely dubbed as the greatest female chess grandmaster of all time. She achieved her all-time best FIDE rating of 2735 in July 2005. Chinese chess grandmaster Hou Yifan and Hungarian-born American female chess Grandmaster Susan Polgar also deserve their mentions among the greatest female chess players of all … Read more

Top 10 Hottest Female Shooters of All Time

Hottest Female Shooters

American professional sports shooter Tori Nonaka is surely the hottest and sexiest female shooter of all time. Tori has already achieved a gold medal, a silver medal, and two bronze medals at the IPSC US Handgun Championship. American shooting icon Anette Wachter and American double-trap shooter Kim Rhode also deserve their mentions among the hottest … Read more

Kung Fu Belts – Everything you Need To Know

Kung Fu Belts

Classifying all the martial arts that make up the umbrella term of kung fu is extremely difficult. Several classification systems and standards may be used for all kung fu forms. Geographical categorization is the first category that might be used. The northern and southern styles are the two main groupings under this system, although it … Read more

Skydiving Equipment For Beginners

Skydiving Equipment For Beginners

You’ve made your first few jumps, experienced the unparalleled rush of freefall and the distinctive adrenaline rush, landed back on the ground but not quite the same, and now you’re addicted to skydiving. It’s time to purchase your equipment, regardless of whether you have previously used, rented or borrowed equipment. After all, it’s a lifestyle … Read more

Top 10 Best Indian Bodybuilders 2022

best indian bodybuilders

Legendary bodybuilder and body sculptor Varinder Singh Ghuman is undoubtedly the best bodybuilder India has ever produced. He is also the first Indian bodybuilder to receive the IFBB pro membership. His fellow bodybuilders, Hira Lal and Amit Chhetri, also deserve their mentions among the best Indian bodybuilders of all time, as they also boast a … Read more

Top 10 Greatest Skateboarders Of All Time | 2022 Ranking

greatest skateboarders

Legendary American athlete Rodney Mullen is widely considered the greatest skateboarder of all time. He is the only skateboarder in the world to win 34 out of the 35 freestyle skating events he has ever participated in. American professional athlete Tony Hawk and Brazilian-American athlete Roberto Dean Silva also deserve their mentions among the greatest … Read more

Top 10 Best Pool Players of All Time | Greatest Pool Players

Best Pool Players

Filipino pool legend Efren “Bata” Reyes is widely considered the greatest pool player of all time. He has more than 100 international titles as of . Efren Reyes is also the first Pool player to win the prestigious WPA World Championship title in two different disciplines. Former American pool legend Ralph Greenleaf and American pool … Read more