What Does NC Mean In Golf?

What Does NC Mean in Golf?

When a golfer is disqualified from a competition, they will receive an “NC,” which stands for “No Card.” This means that the player did not submit their scorecard for the round. But it is not easy to understand what NC mean in golf in the true sense! In order to avoid receiving an NC, golfers … Read more

What Is KP In Golf?

What Is KP In golf?

Golf is a game of rules, and certain terms keep appearing that can be confusing for new golfers. If you’re a golf fan, you’ve no doubt heard the term Kp in golf thrown around and wondered what it means. It’s pretty straightforward, really, but the Kp thing has become an abbreviated way of saying “closest … Read more

What Happened To Precept Golf Balls?

Precept Golf Balls

Precept golf balls were created for players who want quality, performance, and value without breaking their budget. They are made with a gel core, which gives players more horsepower off the tee, so you get more yards per hit. Precept Golf Balls are also engineered for more incredible softness and spin, making them more playable … Read more

What Is A Horse Race In Golf?

Horse Race in Golf

A horse race is a match play golf stroke play competition between two competitors, typically using individual or teams of horses. A horse race in golf is when you bet on how many strokes it will take you to complete a hole. It’s just a golf tournament format. Horse Race is the most common name … Read more