Top 10 Most Popular College Sports In The World

most popular college sports

American Football or Gridiron, with millions of college participants, is surely the most participated college sport in the world right now. Basketball and association football or soccer also deserve their mentions among the most popular college sports in the world, especially in the United States and other tier-1 countries. There are some well-known schools and … Read more

Top 10 Hottest Female Athletes on Instagram

hottest female athletes on instagram infographics

American surfing diva Anastasia Ashley is truly the hottest female athlete on Instagram right now. She currently has more than one million followers on Instagram. American footballing divas Alex Morgan and Sydney Leroux also deserve their mentions among the hottest female athletes on Instagram right now. These two footballing icons have more than 12 million followers … Read more

Top 10 Shortest Athletes Of All Time

shortest athletes of all time

Former Indian bodybuilder Aditya Dev, with a height of just 2 feet and 9 inches, is surely the shortest sportsman the world has ever seen. This shortest bodybuilder left the world in 2012. Legendary Canadian ice hockey player Henry Franklyn, with 3 feet 6 inches in height, and former American baseball player Eddie Gaedel, with … Read more

Top 10 Athletes Who Became Politicians

athletes who became politician

Legendary American baseball pitcher Jim Bunning is surely the greatest sportsman who became a politician later in life. Besides working on a city council, Jim also served his duty as a senator of the United States. WWE superstar and former mayor of Brooklyn Park, Jesse Ventura, and legendary fast bowlers, and former Pakistani Prime Minister Imran … Read more

Top 10 Most Controversial Athletes Of All Time

most controversial athletes

Legendary Uruguayan football striker Luis Suarez, after his biting feud with Italian defender Chiellini, is truly the most controversial sportsman in the current scenario. Iconic American cyclist Lance Armstrong and the golfing legend Tiger Woods also deserve their mentions among the most controversial athletes of all time. Controversies are and will be everywhere, from the … Read more

Top 10 Hottest Male Athletes Turned Underwear Models


The Portuguese football legend Cristiano Ronaldo, with his impressive look and chiseled physique, is undoubtedly the hottest male sportsman in the world right now. CR7 currently endorses fashion lines, such as Emporio Armani and Shakoor Brothers. Legendary NHL goalie Henrik Lundqvist and American NBA star Russell Westbrook also deserve their mentions among the hottest male athletes … Read more