What Is A Horse Race In Golf?

Horse Race in Golf

A horse race is a match play golf stroke play competition between two competitors, typically using individual or teams of horses. A horse race in golf is when you bet on how many strokes it will take you to complete a hole. It’s just a golf tournament format. Horse Race is the most common name … Read more

What To Wear To Mini Golf?

What To Wear To Mini Golf

When you head out to play a round of mini golf with your friends, you want to make sure that you look your best. Whether you’re playing with guys or girls, there are certain things that may not be appropriate to wear while playing a round at a course. Here are some tips on what … Read more

What to Wear To Top Golf?

What to Wear To Top Golf

Looking to keep your favorite golf course stylish while playing a round? Getting dressed for a round of golf can be a tricky proposition. When you’re walking the course, you’ll want to be comfortable but also fashionable and stylish. Our guide to what to wear to TopGolf showcases the best sports style and more. Adding … Read more

What Does Bite Mean In Golf?

What Does Bite Mean In Golf?

Golf is a game that is played by two players in which one player uses golf clubs to hit balls into holes on a golf course with the aim of scoring lower than an opponent. But do you know what does bite mean in golf, actually? The play usually takes place between two sets of … Read more

What Is A Sandy In Golf?

What Is Sanady In Golf

If you are a golfer and try something to cure your slice, but it still happens, do not get frustrated and try to learn what a sandy in golf is. Sandy golf is a term that refers to performing better than what’s considered normal. Sandy’s or “Sandies” are one of the trickiest parts of playing … Read more