Athletic Club 1 – [1] Barcelona Ferran Torres great strike Goal

Then another easy chance mistakenly missed by Ronaldo and he suffered from that for a short time but continued thinking the game was not yet over. Rakitic playing from the side of Barcelona made another goal which was much important for his team at that moment. But still there were ups and downs that are the parts of a game.

Second side should have to work hard in order to get through and win the game. Same was the end and Real Madrid team progressed then after that goal and defended wisely and played in an enjoyable and interesting way. Barcelona was not much away from the Laliga title when a strengthen man played a vital role for .

Madrid you will observe the come back of Madrid team in the form of a goal scored by most youngest of them Rodriguez. And then they were having just a few minutes and have to score a goal because at that moment they were equal in goals.

Then again Messi scored a goal which was a fantastic and an amazing part of the match and it was the forty seventh goal of Messi at that stage. All of the match was turning towards Barcelona due to Messi and the faces of Madrid were getting dark after all Messi gave his team a victory and all of the efforts of Madrid were in v It was a fantastic day for Barcelona

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