7 Best Dice Games For Unlimited Family Fun – 2023 Updates

What’s better than playing a game that can bring all your family together? The best dice games on our list make up for this functionality while staying on budget. In a world full of technology and advancements, these games are still on top of casual fun and social bonding.

While many modern titles are demanding huge investments are hold a bunch of health-related intricacies. Here, these dices are going to suffice while giving endless fun opportunities in a group-based fun for all.

Best Dice Games For Unlimited Family Fun

The dice games can increase the abilities, confidence level, and the best way to teach the children with fun. Moreover, it offers to play more than 2 players, so such games are best for the families.

Best Dice Games | Editorial Pick

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Gamewright Qwixx Dice

Gamewright Qwixx Dice Game

  • Advanced Numbering
  • Colored Dices
  • Compact Pack



LCR™ Dice Game

LCR® Left Center Right™ Dice Game

  • Advanced Multiplayer
  • Brilliant Color Scheme
  • Hard Case



Think Fun Math

Think Fun Math Junior Game

  • Kid’s Choice
  • Mind Challenging
  • Vivid Colors

Best Dice Games To Try This Year | Detailed Reviews

You may have already liked our best fantasy board games and best family card games. But, true family fun is surely missing if you don’t have some great dice games in your inventory. So, we have assembled some of the best offerings to provide you with the best. So, let’s jump right into the list given below.


Gamewright Qwixx Dice Game

Gamewright Qwixx Dice Game


Improves Decision Making

Vivid Colored Dices

  • Enhance your decision-making skills with a more advanced number simulation theme to play
  • Color dices are featured for active players to roll and get numbers on the scoring card
  • 2 to 5 people can easily joint the gaming rules to play with the dices in the winning mode
  • A quick and fun 15-minute gaming duration to play with simple gaming rules
  • Color variations of dices have taken place for each play to play with their own dice

A quick learning dice game with fun rules to play with your friends. Qwixx has been featured with numbers gaming theme criteria along with an adventurous platform to follow. The flexible multiplayer scenario will let you have a joint fun experience with your fellows and family as well.


  • Dimensions: 5.25 ×75 × 1.2 inches
  • Weight: 3.84 ounces
  • Age limit: 8+
  • Dice Colors: Blue, Yellow, Red, White, Green
  • Player’s compatibility: 2 – 5

Cross The Maximum: Each player will get their dice to play, and then you have to roll the dice to get the numbers. Each gained number will let you cross the mentioned number on the scorecard to proceed toward the end. And then, the maximum crossed number on the scorecard will take you toward the victory point.

Here’s what’s the deal, observe the situation and act accordingly because you have to play on your luck where you roll the maximum numbers for crossing points.

Fun With More Dices: 6 dice are included in the package having different colors on each dice for each player. Dices are stable with a balanced surface manufactured with top-quality material. Moreover, a scorecard is added featuring the number lines for each play to join.

And there will be an instruction guide book in Espanol language having gaming rules and directions for beginners.

  • Colorful dices with multiplayer scenario
  • Number gaining game with scoring skills
  • Challenging mode where you can compete the opponents
  • The price tag is moderate

  • The wrong color scheme of dice colors
  • Complicated for kids

Our Take: An advanced number of gaming rules with multiplayer criteria to play along with friends, as one of the best dice games. Moreover, it is best for the family as it offers 2 to 5 players to play at a time.


LCR® Left Center Right™ Dice Game

LCR® Left Center Right™ Dice Game


Comes With Compact Cases

Multiplayer Fun

  • Advanced multiplayer dice rolling game with direction moving platform to win the path
  • Move the playing chips to cross the path from left to center and then center to right
  • The attractive color scheme for young kids, along with a complete range of gaming accessories

Left Center Right, are you ready to face the challenge? Roll out the dice and see if you can pass through the way from different directions. The blue tin is the main package which includes the basic advanced equipment to play along with. Well, the wide range of player selection is something more fun here!


  • Dimensions: 3 × 4 ×5 inches
  • Weight: 3.2 ounces
  • Age limit: 3+
  • Package Colors: Blue
  • Number of players: 3 to 100

Be The Last One: Each included player in the game will roll the dices and get the numbers according to the situation. The player who will be remained at last with the chips will win the match without losing the path. And yes, the rolled numbers will provide you points for passing through the ways and getting the center point.

Range Of Accessories: There are playing chips included in 24 variants for the player, which you’ll have to use for passing through the way. Alongside, there are 3 dices LCR marked with a special variant in them for rolling. An instruction guide is also included in the package with complete gaming rules and guidance.

  • Fun chip-collecting gaming rules for winning
  • Guess the names of the logo by seeing them
  • Test your knowledge and pass the ways
  • A very cheap price tag for everyone

  • The included chips are not enough for 3+ players
  • No strategy or skills are required to play

Our Take: A wide range of multiplayer criteria with fun dice adventure to play and win the center spot must pick for you. A suitable dice game for families with 24 variants and has a low price for everyone to enjoy.


Think Fun Math Junior Game

Think Fun Math Junior Game


Mathematical Challenges

Improves Kid’s Mindset

  • A mathematical concept of gaming that provides your kids to get fundamental math learning
  • The mind-challenging baffling puzzles in the game will enhance your mindset
  • Teachers and parents can use this game to teach their children math
  • It is a complete family game with compatibility of more than 2 players

Make your day more entertaining with this one of the best dice games. A very easy learning game that comes with a learning theme that helps to absorb the basic criteria. This pack from “Think Fun Store” has all the features you want with involving fun and entertainment.


  • Dimensions: 5.12 × 1.75 × 7 inches
  • Weight: 4.6 ounces
  • Age Limit: 6+
  • Player’s compatibility: 2 or more
  • Dice color: Red, Green, Purple, Pink, Orange, White

Math Skills: Manufacturers made this dice game for fun and learning. You can use this game for primary math study for your kids. Enhance your tactical skills and grow your cognition that makes your time meaningful. This game has such an easy way to play which became simpler with the given instruction book.

How To Play? Firstly, you have to roll the target die to get a target number. Then, roll the other five 6-sided dice and unite their numbers by adding or subtracting. Keep going toward the target with the given number of dies; the first player to reach the finish line wins the game.

  • Learn adding and subtracting with this fun dice game
  • A game full of entertainment with an accessible price tag
  • You can play this game in a bunch of ways to make it more enjoying
  • Easy to learn
  • Moderate price tag

  • Complex rules for young kids
  • Poor customer service

Our Take: A pack is full of basic math learning that masters your kid’s mental level and provides delight, a fun learning game selection for you! It is best for kids’ mental health as it claims the kid’s first mental math game.


Farkle By PlayMonster

Farkle By PlayMonster


Complete Family Fun

Dice Rolling Excitement

  • A pack of entertainment for families and family gameplay
  • Get the class feel of gaming through this dice rolling game
  • This game can be played as a group game which comes with the compatibility of 2 or more players
  • A risky gaming theme which makes it a strategical game

Now get a classical feel of gaming with this dice game; if you want to win the game, you have to take risks. What if the numbers of the die are not enough to win? It is a game full of possibilities and dangers that can catch your attention.


  • Dimensions: 3 × 8.13 × 5.38 inches
  • Weight: 6.4 ounces
  • Age limit: 8+
  • Players Compatibility: 2 or more
  • Dice Color: Tangy Orange

A Family Fun Game: As this game is compatible with more than two players. So, we can say that this is an entertaining family game. All you have to do is, arrange a family gathering and dive into the dangers of this challenging dice rolling game.

Complete Range Of Accessories: All the things you need to play the dice rolling game are given in the package. This includes a pad to write scores, 6 rolling dice, and a dice cup to roll your dice on the board. All those accessories are made to perfection that will last a long time.

  • All the accessories are made of prime quality that performs a heavy-duty
  • It has many different ways to play this game to make it more fun
  • Take risks to improve your tactical skills
  • It is just a small pack that you can take along with you everywhere

  • Gaming instructions are in Spanish
  • The storyline is kind of boring
  • It comes in only one color

Our Take: Enjoy the classical feel of dice rolling with the complete required accessories given, which makes it a perfect choice. 2 or more children can play this game, which boosts your energy level.


TENZI Dice Party Game

TENZI Dice Party Game


Many Ways To Play

Improves Recognition Skills

  • It has many ways to play this game, so a guidebook is given to play new ways
  • A perfect game of family nights and gathering gameplays
  • Now Kids can develop numbers recognition skills
  • This dies game comes in a cube to store your accessories for a long time
  • You can add your friends to double the joy of your game
  • Award-winning dice game

A fast-paced game enhances your gaming skills. Because of easy gameplay, this game is known as the best Astra kid game of all time. Roll the dies faster to play an instant game for more strategy and fun.


  • Dimensions: 1.54 × 1.57 × 10 inches
  • Weight: 9 ounces
  • Age Limit: 7+
  • Players Compatibility: 4 players
  • Dice Color: Green, Yellow, Black, & Magenta

Roll To Win: This game has a very interesting and entertaining theme that provides you thrilling fun. Playing the basic game of Tenzi is very easy to learn. Simply a player just has to roll the dice to get the numbers. The more numbers you get, the more chances of your win increase.

Further, it is an award-winning dice game that boosting fast reactions and is super easy to learn.

Different Ways To Play: It offers you to play differently so you can enjoy the game fully. The instruction book contains 8 different TENZI games such as TENZI TOWER, SPLITZI, MEGA TENZI, and more. In addition, the perfect game to play on different occasions with family.

What Are The Accessories: This one of the world’s fastest games comes with 4 sets of dices of different color variants. One set of dice is equal to ten dice, and a set of dice is given to each player to roll the win.

  • An appealing color scheme collaboration in dice
  • Improve your kid’s cognition and enhance their confidence
  • A perfect family game night companion
  • It makes you a quick thinker
  • Moderate price

  • Color prints are of poor quality
  • The game set packing is rough

Our Take: A color riches gaming theme with a fun collection of dices for a multiplayer scenario to enjoy at your home. Moreover, it is an award-winning game that makes sure it is really entertaining.


Boggle Junior Preschool Game

Boggle Junior Preschool Game


Prominent Lettering

Preschooling Choice

  • Larger letter cubes are given in the pack to make them more prominent
  • Now parents can play this game with the child to teach them English
  • Introduce ABC’s to your kids, so it works as a preschooling game
  • Spell the word written on the given cards to establish your child’s English-speaking skill
  • Learn letter recognition, sorting, matching, and grouping through this game

Hasbro has been known for the quality entertainment they provide with different scenarios. They brought a top-notch game that teaches your kids with preschooling studies. Also, this game has an extreme level of entertainment and joy. So, introduce the basics of English to your kids by playing this game.


  • Dimensions: 2.01 × 10.51 × 10.51 inches
  • Weight: 1 pound
  • Age Limit: 3+
  • Players Compatibility: up to 2 Players
  • Dice Color: White
  • Genre: Word

Identify And Suit The Situation: Are you looking for an entertaining tactical game for family entertainment? Have a look at this classical dice rolling game. This game is fully loaded with entertainment and learning for your kids. Roll up the dices and pick the right selection, which relates toward placed pictures and letters on the support card.

Colorful Accessories: Unique color collaboration of dices has been included in the package comprising 10 dices for every 4 players featuring 4 sets. Moreover, you’ll get a dice storage tube to place the dice and an instruction guide with complete directions and rules.

  • Easy and simple rules for young kids
  • Attractive picture prints featured on the support cards
  • A fun game for family and friends
  • Improve your kid’s wording while enhancing their speech
  • Parents can now exercise the English language with their kids

  • The dice color should be bright as it is for small kids
  • Only for preschooler

Our Take: The best English language learning game with an essence of an interesting, colorful dice rolling game. It is very easy and simple for the preschooler to learn.


Yahtzee By Hasbro

Yahtzee By Hasbro


Strategical Gameplay

More Than 80 Cards

  • A game that has risk on every step makes it a strategical
  • Now 80 scoring cards come with the package to make your game more thrilling
  • A whole family can have the joy of this engaging dice rolling game
  • It can be used as a party and night gathering fun game
  • Increase your choosing skill with a tactical touch

Challenge your luck and upgrade your strategy through this classical dice rolling game. Hasbro is providing some exciting challenges to you to make it more fun. Shake the dice in the cup, look at the number on the dice and shout the score.


  • Dimensions: 10.5 × 8 × 2.6 inches
  • Weight: 12.8 ounces
  • Age Limit: 8+
  • Players Compatibility: 2+
  • Dice Color: White
  • Genre: Strategy

Are You The Lucky One? This game by Hasbro is design classically with a combo of luck and strategy. All you have to do is to roll your dice and have to get more scores. If it is your lucky day, you are going to mark the victory without any hurdles.

All Required Selections: In this top-quality classical game, you will get a shaker for dice and 5 dices of white color. Also, you get a score writing pad and a guidebook to ease the difficulty of understanding the game.

  • Classical theme with cooperative gaming rules
  • Dice shaker is also included
  • Strategy simulation environment to enhance skills
  • Easy and fun rules to play

  • Shaker color is not the same as prescribed

Our Take: Game full of tactical learning and a classical theme that will grab your attention. It is a strategic game that can boost confidence and increase your skills.

FAQ Regarding Best Dice Games

Q. Are these dice games are multiplayer games?

Of course, a wide range of multiplayer compatibility has been featured in the gaming rules, along with a fun experience. You can get and choose the colored dices included in the package to play along with for competing with the opponents. You can also have a joint venture with your friends and family.

Q. What is the purpose of color variants in the dices?

The mentioned dice game sets enlisted come with unique color variants of dice sets featuring different combinations. Each player will get their own dedicated color dice for playing and getting points according to the rules. And the separate colors of dices will also relate them to the scorecard paths.

Q. What is the age limit, and is it hard to play for beginners?

Normally young kids can surely enjoy the multiplayer gaming scenario of these dice games with flexibility. 3 to 5 years kids can easily play and get along with the gaming rules and get assistance from the family as well. And of course, the instruction guides are also included in the package with complete rules and directions.

Q. What are some fun best dice games?

On our list, the best 3 dice games are Gamewright Qwixx – A Fast Family Dice Game Multi-colored, LCR® Left Center Right™ Dice Game – Blue Tin, and Think Fun Math Dice Junior Game for Boys and Girls.

Best Dice Games | Quick Comparison

Best Dice Games - Infographics

Our Recommendation:

Our 1st recommendation is Yahtzee by Hasbro as the best strategy building dice game. 5 dice along with a shaker have been included in the package featuring the most advanced and fun gaming rules.

Plus, our 2nd recommendation is LCR® Left Center Right™ Dice Game – Blue Tin as the best multiplayer dice game. Play along with the gaming chips and find a way to cross the paths in the right direction.


The best dice games are mentioned above, featuring the most loved gaming rules and themes for kids. A complete range of accessories is added in each package with variations in dice sets. You’ll have to choose the gaming rules and play accordingly with your dice color set.

Furthermore, the gaming scenarios are fun for everybody, where you have to roll the dice and get the points. Each turn will provide you scores that you can use to proceed toward the victory point. Alongside, the instruction guide will also assist you with the rules and directions of the game.

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