7 Best Dungeon Crawler Board Games Of 2023 – December Updates

If you’re trying to lighten up your self-time with the best Dungeon crawler board games, then you’re at the right place. These self-contained adventures are inspired by the classical versions, which are almost diminished now. Moreover, these chests are the ultimate ride to the fantasy world of loots and treasures.

Well, technology has indeed taken over this current era. But, even the crawler board games are on the shore of fame recently.

Mainly because of such gaming cooperations digging interest in these crawler board games. This has sharpened the path towards innovations in the board games industry. Plus, you acquire significant pleasure by crashing through the obstacles and lighting the havoc in board games.

Thus, it makes up for good classical gameplay that is filled with thrillers and adventure.  So, smack the kobolds with your hatchet and pave through the impending scenarios created in the self-contained adventures.

7 Best Dungeon Crawler Board Games For Family Fun

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All that being said, it is hard to resist when the plot is strong, and the situation demands to endeavor so you can attain victory. You can also get all these thrills from even the most cooperative board games. But now, without further delay, let’s uncover these best crawler board games.


Gloomhaven – Cephalofair Games

Gloomhaven – Cephalofair Games


  • Product dimensions are 16.2 ×5 × 11.8 inches
  • The product weighs 21.6 pounds

  • A complete Euro-inspired game of tactical combat
  • Can entertain up to 4 players
  • Continuously changing game scenarios
  • Turn your card and learn the tactics
  • Cards come with the top and bottom power options
  • You complete the thrill in 60-120 minutes

Gloomhaven is one of the Best Dungeon Crawler Board Games solo. You fuel your destiny with the decision you’ll make in this exceptional adventure game by Cephalofair. Now, secure your courage and take on the most interesting adventure you can find in Euro-inspired tactical combat. Experience Gloomhaven with a persistently changing world of turmoils.

Shadeful adventure: Gloomhaven is inundated with shady paths through which you learn to become victorious. The intense devil’s motives muscle the bone-chilling adventure. So, failing them is your only way out.  Moreover, you seek yourselves by polishing your skills and acting with strategy.

Action is all you seek: Knockdown the deadliest of creatures with your combat skills in dark corners of the world. Moreover, the game takes on shifting world scenarios and different stages of the game. Fit your set of skills and beat the thrill to ensure your safe spot In the gameplay. The game has interesting events followed by the evils which you’ll be fighting. Hence, improve your game and seek triumph all in this thrilling adventure.

  • Explore your self techniques in this solo adventure
  • Fascinating and interesting event line
  • Correct your instincts through self-evaluation in the intelligent gameplay
  • Great value for money
  • The game is like, “what you choose is what you play.”
  • You’re in charge to sort your story and its elements

  • The game guide could be easier

Our Take: If you’re looking to take on a solo adventure in action stuffed chiller, then this perfect game is for you.


Mansion of Madness 2nd Edition by Fantasy Flight

Mansion of Madness 2nd Edition by Fantasy Flight


  • This product dimensions are 11.63 ×25 × 11.63 inches
  • The product weighs 2 pounds

  • A fantastic Lovecraftian board game
  • Suitable for 14+ age
  • The gameplay lasts for about 2-3 hours
  • Suspense with mystery and drenched in horror event
  • It comes with a companion app

Mansion of Madness takes you on the role of the fight for life thriller. This fantasy flight game brings out the perfect features for having the best-offered horror experience blend in mystery. It takes place in the same domain as elder sign and eldritch horror. Well, the thrilling story with some horror action makes it the best dungeon crawler board games Reddit.

Through the town of Arkham: Catch your beats on this harrowing adventure of Mansions of madness. You’ll feel isolated in the frights of streets and alleys in the town o Arkham that dreads. Moreover, you find yourself solving numerous complex scenarios in the light of dreadful events.

Death awaits: As you catch up with the adventures suffused with darkness, death awaits. There are countless tools information to solve these complex puzzles. But monsters take on another role here. You’ll be faced by many deadly creatures to counter yourself for life. So, solve the mysteries and be careful to take on monsters as that may not end well.

A Free Companion App: You get a companion app that shares your mystery-solving responsibilities.

  • Multiple campaigns included in the gameplay
  • It has a required companion app which is available on ios, android, windows, and mac
  • The game board contains 500 dedicated components with 32 plastic figures
  • This board game can take up to 5 players
  • Mystery, action, and horror in one game

  • Gameboard setup could be easier

Our Take: A great blend of mystification, ghastly adventure, and darkness makes this a great crawler board game for you to play with your friends and family.


Mice & Mystics by Z-Man Games

Mice & Mystics by Z-Man Games


  • The product dimensions are 11.63 × 2.75 × 11.63 inches
  • The product weighs 4.75 pounds

  • A storytelling adventure
  • Swap your cards as you must with optional character’s choices
  • Highly detailed game’s components provided in the package
  • Pave your way through turmoils and snags

The best dungeon crawler board games big on our list, with an adventurous story, the Mice & Mystic. Once there was a kingdom of Owendale ruled by a lonely king in bright times. Then the dark days came. Mice & Mystics game takes on a campaign to save the king by his loyal soldier who has turned into mice.

Unique storytelling that compels: The storyline takes a sharp turn from the lighter mode to the intense adventure that is dark and frightful. The kingdom is under threat, and the king’s loyal soldier takes the lead later in the sequence. Furtherly, the soldier has turned into mice now. His loyalty has cost him his human appearance. Now, he has to save his king as mice.

Face and pave: You’ll be accompanied by many rivalries on your adventure. So get yourselves together and embark on a great adventure that tops with the horrors of the castles. You’ll be faced with dreadful enemies, but you’ll have to stay brave to save the day.

  • An affordable price option
  • It can take up to 4 players
  • Diverse characterization
  • Quality components make your game lively
  • Work through series of challenges
  • Even kids can enjoy this board game (7+)

  • Good to go

Our Take: The gameboard takes on a strong storyline with catchy elements and interesting features, makes it a really popular pick.


Star Wars – Imperial Assault By Fantasy Flight

Star Wars – Imperial Assault By Fantasy Flight


  • Product dimensions are 11.75 × 11.75 × 5.25 inches
  • The product weighs 5.95 pounds

  • Choose combat or adventure, the way like
  • Save the Galactic Empire with limitless troops
  • Your campaign changes with every start due to a wide range of missions to go about
  • Limitless armies to enjoy the heat of combat

Choose your way in this tactical combat and campaign best dungeon crawler board games offering Star Wars by Fantasy Flight. Take your stand against the rebel operatives to ensure your victory.

Wide range of Campaigns: The board game takes on a vast thriller with a wide range of missions to choose from. You’ll feel engrossed in the fantasy which is woven with the strongly built campaigns. Certainly, missions are precisely designed, so you don’t feel that you haven’t practiced every skill that comes in a massive setup.

Who’ll become imperial? You master your set of skills you own to prove On the battlefield. Furtherly, the players will find themselves in an imperial Assault incorporating new campaigns and skirmish missions. A whole fantasy carved into a good board game that looks and feels real. Thus, try to steal your opponent’s thunder and become prosperous.

  • You can play in two distinctive ways with your companions
  • Narrative based missions
  • Now you can enjoy skirmish and the campaign game at the same time
  • The very accessible price tag

  • Good to go

Our Take: An impressive amalgamation of combat thunder managed with narrative campaigns makes it a must-try crawler board game.


Descent 2nd Edition – Journeys In The Dark

Descent 2nd Edition – Journeys In The Dark


  • The product dimensions are 11.75 ×75 × 4.25 inches
  • The product weighs 5.77 pounds

  • A board game with interesting role marking
  • Interesting quests to stretch your eyes on
  • It comes with a companion app as well
  • A narrative style board game

Stick together against the cruel evil in this Descent journeys in the dark crawler board game. An extremely wonderous set of narrative campaigns to overshadow your apathy.

Your Role In Stopping The False: Descent marks a new beginning from the very famous classical version. A board game where one player gets the evil role and the rest again it. Furtherly, your tactics will inform you about the success you’ll achieve over the treacherous monster.

Embark On Exciting Quests: You’ll find yourselves immersed in the game plot after every campaign you start. Heroes will go through a lot, from the cursed forests to the dark caves. Lastly, these hurdles will be endured to stop the evil from growing.

  • It supports an app that comes in handy
  • Story recreates the dungeon-delving genre
  • The package has double-sided modular board pieces
  • The game can take up to 5 players

  • Good to go

Our Take: Suppress the evil in a fair role and drench yourselves into the ocean of endless adventure. Making it a tight option to stick to.


Arcadia Quest – Core Board Game by CMON

Arcadia Quest – Core Board Game by CMON


  • Product dimensions are 11.81 ×81 × 3.94 inches
  • The product weighs 6.16 pounds

  • Shoot and loot together with friends
  • Defeat Lord Fang to save the city (Arcadia)
  • Multiple scenarios in this board game
  • Players can build their guilds and fight

Arcadia quest makes the most out of the action genre into a crawler board game. It’s very easy to get yourself into the game as it offers straight battle confrontations and adventure alongside. So, let’s dive into the action as everyone here gets to become a ‘Hero.’

Save The City Arcadia: As players build their guilds in the game, they set to defeat the lord, Fang. Players go through different stages to strengthen their positions and skills. Thus, to save the city, they will confront Lord Fang and become triumphant.

Become Stronger: The Arcadia quest incorporates multiple worlds of action and combat. Moreover, as you progress through this crawler board game, you will be tested. You’ll be taking loots after success and will be thrown back as you lose. So, train yourselves well.

  • Highly detailed figures come out of the package
  • Simple battle with easy confrontation
  • You can upgrade your character’s abilities
  • Can have 4 players

  • Good to go

Our Take: If simple battles are your joy with a detailed quality crawler board game, then Arcadia is the best dungeon crawler board games for beginners.


Doom 2nd Edition by Fantasy Flights

Doom 2nd Edition by Fantasy Flights


  • The product dimensions are 11.75 × 4 ×75 inches
  • The product weighs 4 pounds

  • The game is inspired by a science-fiction shooter (Bethesda)
  • The game deals with the unpredictable tone
  • Extremely fast-paced combat/battle conditions make it a bone-chilling experience
  • Fight off never-ending invaders

Make your heart dread with a horror epic shooter crawler board game by Fantasy flights. The game is incredibly challenging, with sudden shifts that surely cause fright.

Main Highlights: You’re 2 to 5 players in this sequence of dreadful missions. You’re keeping the earthly fate in your palm with the skills you will show on the battlefield. Therefore, the game lets you have the best arsenal of sharp weapons while you equip your marine. Thus, fight the demon’s escalations and secure the order in this horror action crawler board game.

  • War fun in an economical package
  • Updated high-quality elements of the game board

  • You’re all set

Our Take: We can safely say that the game is a great option for action and war genre lovers, and it sits on top.

FAQ Regarding Best Dungeon Crawler Board Games

Q. Which could be the Best Dungeon Crawler Board Games?

The list of our selected dungeon crawler board games is top-notched and most trending. Although these are the 03 shortlisted best board games:

  • Gloomhaven – Cephalofair Games
  • Mansion of Madness 2nd Edition by Fantasy Flight
  • Mice & Mystics by Z-Man Games

Q. What age of the kid is required to play these board games?

Well, luckily, even small kids can play most of these games with an instructor. The game pack comes with proper guidance along with an instruction panel to direct the gaming rules. Kids from 8+ years can play most of these enlisted games for sure.

Q. Can I play these board games with 5 players?

Of course, these are multiplayer games along with up to a maximum of 5 players’ compatibility. You can play Descent 2nd Edition with your friends and family as a 5 player board game full of adventure.

Q. What could be the best action game among these?

Here you can choose Star Wars – Imperial Assault By Fantasy Flight, a combat game full of action. You can select the campaign accordingly and try some new fighting skills as well.

Best Dungeon Crawler Board Games | Quick Comparison

Best Dungeon Crawler Board Games - Infographics
Infographics: Best Dungeon Crawler Board Games

Our Recommendation:

Our 1st recommendation is Mansion of Madness 2nd Edition by Fantasy Flight with full of thrilling adventure. The storyline has added some mysterious gaming stages along with some suspenseful ending. Moreover, our 2nd recommendation is the Star Wars – Imperial Assault By Fantasy Flight, a stunning combat game full of action. The player will enjoy each of the gaming stages and can also apply some new fighting skills to enhance the experience.


At last, we can surely conclude that these are the best dungeon crawler board games 2021 on our list. These selected board games will acquire your attention from start to end. Well, the storyline of these games holds a thrilling adventure along with some fighting skills as well. The action game lovers will definitely get involved will the new campaign ventures added to the script. Besides, even the board surface is structured with a level of smoothness to enjoy the swift gaming experience.

Furthermore, these board games are also compatible with all ages of kids as well. Even 7+ year kids can play these games with a given instruction panel that will properly assist the gaming scenario. Plus, these games come at a very affordable price that anybody can easily access these games to kill their boredom.

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