6 Best Ladder Ball Sets You Will Love In 2024

Spending time with family is everyone’s priority. Outdoor games like Ladder Ball are one of the best ways of enjoying precious time by having the best ladder ball sets with your loved ones.

But to really shine your skills in the game, you need the best ladder ball sets to make your play enjoyable. That’s why we bring the best-rated ladder ball sets of 2021 with genuine reviews and a complete buying guide for you.

Best Ladder Ball Sets

Ladder balls are becoming increasingly popular throughout the world. However, it has a dedicated fan base in the United States that loves to try newer sets for better performance.

Best Ladder Ball Sets | Editorial Pick

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Viva Sol Premium

Viva Sol Premium Outdoor Ladder Ball Game

  • High-Strength Design
  • Solid Steel Crossbar
  • Easy Assembly



Amazon Basics Ladder

Amazon Basics Ladder Toss Outdoor

  • Faster Assembly
  • Very Lightweight
  • Easy To Carry



GoSports Premium

GoSports Premium

  • Stable & Lightweight
  • Built-In Scorecard
  • Simple Storage

Best Ladder Ball Sets To Try In 2021

No doubt, It is a game of quality fun with the improvement of physical skills levels. People of all ages play this famous outdoor game. The game is also known as ladder Golf, ladder toss, monkey ball, and other names.

Moreover, this fantastic game can make your holidays and times with friends and family more enjoyable.


Viva Sol Premium Outdoor Ladder Ball Game

Viva Sol Premium Outdoor Ladder Ball Game


Solid-Steel Crossbar

Built-In Bottle Opener

  • Two solid, well-furnished wooden target ladders with six premium golf ball bolas.
  • High-strength solid steel crossbars.
  • Quick & easy assembling without tools.
  • Built-in bottle opener for enjoying drinks during play.
  • The blue canvas carry bag with rope handles makes it convenient to store and transport.

Viva sol brings you premium outdoor playing game products. This wooden ball set is made of high-quality finest material, which makes your game flow smooth and pleasant, which will make you better as a pro player if you are starting.

However, this masterpiece ladder golf set is way better than an ordinary set, which gives a luxurious feel to your party. Also, the product is super easy to assemble without any tools. The attractive wood finish, colored rugs, and overall design make it worthwhile to take to the park.

  • Product Dimensions: 44 x 8 x 6 inches
  • Weight: 7.2 kilograms (16 pounds)
  • Manufactured By: Escalade Sports
  • Item model number: VS3000
  • Color: Wood finish

Material: This stylish and well-built ladder ball set will give your garden a five-star resort feel because it is made of lacquered hardwood and heavy enameled steel tubing.

Furthermore, the golf set is perfectly right-weighted, which keeps it stable during gameplay. In addition to rubber wood-based legs, it has rubber footing for added safety and stability. Again, finishing of high quality with steel crossbars and a rubberwood frame that can stand up to daily use.

  • Easy assemble without any tools
  • Easy to carry & store
  • High-quality material usage
  • Attractive & Premium Look
  • Built-in Bottle openers

  • It is expensive than others

Our Take: It is an excellent choice for you if you are willing to buy a premium high-quality ladder ball set with a beautiful look. It is a perfect beauty for your lawn.

However, you can take it easily to the park or camping because of easy carrying and assembling. Also, the built-in bottle opener makes it a perfect outdoor game unit for your friends and family.


Amazon Basics Ladder Toss Outdoor

Amazon Basics Ladder Toss Outdoor


Extremely Portable

Easy To Carry

  • It is portable enough to bring wherever you go during outdoor gatherings.
  • Simple to assemble and dissemble.
  • Lightweight, Easy to carry, But enough to maintain stability during play.
  • Well-manufactured soft carry case included for easy storage and transports.

This Amazon brand ladder toss is perfect for kids and learners at a reasonable price. Also, it can be used by mature people for a good change who just prefer to play adult card games. The set has thicker PVC tubes as compared to other sets, which makes it a long-lasting product.

However, this is not the most heavy-duty product, but still, it is durable and sturdy. It works great at gatherings and BBQs. It is simple and easy to assemble, even by an 8-year-old. This plastic ladder golf set will help a lot to learn the ladder ball rules easily.

  • Brand: Amazon basics
  • Dimensions: 40 x 24 inches each
  • Designed for: 2 to 4 players
  • Weight: 2.17 Pounds
  • Color: White

Material: We are delighted with the quality of the material of the ladder ball by amazon at this reasonable price. It comes with a targeted framework of PVC solid pipes. With actual golf balls, although the stand is plastic and you need to push the components in firmly, without any issues.

In addition, the balls are pretty heavy, and it was super easy to assemble—an excellent activity for summertime BBQs or family time.

  • Sturdy Material at a reasonable price
  • Easy to assemble & store
  • Real Golf balls set
  • Stable while playing

  • Color on the plastic fades after some time

Our Take: Likewise, Amazon basics bring a great surprise for summer parties with this ladder ball set at an affordable price. The pipes are solid and thick, which was not expected.

Besides, the bolas are made from actual golf balls, making the game more engaging and enjoyable. Also, the soft carry case makes storage easy, and you can easily take it wherever you go.


GoSports Premium

GoSports Premium


Soft-Rubbery Bolas

Easy To Assemble

  • Soft rubber-made bolas are perfect for playing both indoors and outdoors. They will prevent tangles
  • Built-in magnetic scorekeeper to keep your game accurate
  • Easy to assemble in minutes without any hurdle
  • Storage is simple with the handy carry bag, so you can take the set with you no matter where you go

No doubt, Gosport is a brand of quality and durability. They maintained the same standard with this fantastic metal ladder ball set. It is well manufactured with solid piping and has some tremendous features. It is a complete set with a carry bag.

  • Color: White
  • Material: Metal
  • Brand: GoSports
  • Dimensions: 5 x 5 x 37 inches
  • Weight: 15 Pounds

Material: In the same way, they did not compromise on the quality of the construction. To gain the full ladder ball set experience with quality, it is made with premium materials. Besides, powder-coated steel is used for maximum stability and durability in frames and rugs.

Ladder ball bolas are made of soft rubber to maintain safety for children and make these ladder ball sets suitable for outdoor and indoor play.

  • Stable and lightweight
  • Built-in magnetic scorekeeper
  • Thick bolas rope to prevent tangles
  • High-quality construction
  • Resistant to water & rust

  • Due to its white color, it tends to get dirty quickly
  • Ladders need to be sturdier

Our Take: Overall, when it comes to the product’s cost versus the quality and longevity of the product, it is an excellent choice if used gently. Likewise, these ladder ball sets are easy and convenient to assemble. Furthermore, everything you need in game is included; also it is ready to play in minutes.

It has a metal frame, so it is straight and steady. The balls and strings work well, and we are enjoying the challenge. Also, it is vibrantly colorful.


Double Wooden Ladder Ball Game

Double Wooden Ladder Ball Game


Built-In Scorekeeper

Easy Setup & Maintenance

  • Built-in scorekeeper for accurate gaming flow
  • Easy setup in minutes without any hurdle
  • Includes instructions for play to learn
  • Storage and transport made easy with high strength canvas carrying case
  • Also, Suitable for any family gathering
  • Full refund option if you are not satisfied

This luxury budget game set by Yard games is overall the best-rated ladder ball sets for you. Made out of wood, this beauty demonstrates high construction quality. Similarly, this well-equipped ball set is perfect for any occasion like BBQs, camping, family gatherings, tailgating, parties, and reunions.

  • Manufacturer: Yard Games
  • Color: Wood
  • Weight: 8.55 pounds
  • Dimensions: 39.2 x 5.4 x 3.7 inches

Material: In fact, Strongly constructed wood frames and ladder rungs include easy installation bolts and threads for sturdy gameplay and easy takedown. Well-manufactured bolas with golf balls and thick anti- tangling ropes for perfect and engaging gameplay.

They are not actual golf balls but have similar weight and feel. With their high-quality carry case, just like many of the best croquet sets, storage becomes much more manageable.

  • Anti-tangling ropes
  • Stable while playing
  • Easy to setup
  • Easy storage with carrying case
  • Built-in Scorekeeper

  • Not the actual golf balls

Our Take: Finally, a ladder ball set that offers exceptional constructed quality and is built for mid-price ranged consumers is exactly what you are looking for. This ladder ball set is perfect for you. 

Furthermore, you’ll enjoy this toy. If you don’t want to buy the flimsy plastic version. This item is well built and easy to assemble. If the kids play it roughly, it will remain brand new.


EastPoint Sports Go! Gater

EastPoint Sports Go! Gater


Lock & Go System

Setup In Minutes

  • Well-written assembly instructions make it easy to set up in minutes for anyone
  • An integrated scorekeeper makes the game accurate
  • A lock & go system allows you to pack & store your ladder perfectly
  • It can be taken everywhere easily because it’s portable

East Point introduces a brand-new design compared to other ladder ball sets for a stylish change. The manufacturer builds the range to be durable and portable for long-time use year after year. The company claims that it is exceptionally durable in all weather conditions. Also, it is designed to be taken anywhere quickly. Equally, it is great for camping, family gatherings, and backyard shenanigans.

  • Dimensions: 25 x 9 x 11 inches.
  • Manufacturer: East Point.
  • Color: Grey.
  • Weight: 15.25 Pounds

Material: East Point introduces a brand-new design compared to other ladder ball sets for a stylish change. The manufacturer builds the range to be durable and portable for long-time use year after year.

The company claims that it is exceptionally durable in all weather conditions. Also, it is designed to be taken anywhere quickly. Equally, it is great for camping, family gatherings, and backyard shenanigans.

  • Portable design easy to store and assemble
  • Built-in scorekeeper
  • Unique & stylish design
  • Durable & sturdy
  • Stable during gameplay

  • Carrying bag not included

Our Take: All things considered, highly recommended to anyone who wants to add solid portable Ladder Ball sets to their summertime games with their loved ones. Although there is no carrying bag included with the product.

However, the portable design makes it easy for you to transport, assemble, and store the product anywhere you want. Again, sturdy steel frames with well-made bolas, so we can be sure the product is durable. Also, the scorekeeper is the key to make your game more realistic.


Rally and Roar Ladder Toss

Rally and Roar Ladder Toss


Extra Thick Pipes

Trendy Carry Bags

  • Extra thick pipes for durability and stability
  • Easy setup and breakdown with follow instruction guides
  • Stylish carrying bag for easy storage
  • Built-in scorekeeper
  • Suitable for all ages of peoples

Playing the Rally and Roar Ladder Toss game could be the reason for your family to get together. These ladder ball sets provide an enjoyable and challenging game that is easy to put together. This set is also super sturdy compared to other sets that are just made out of PVC pipe. Four people can play at a time.

  • Manufacturer: Rally and Roar
  • Dimensions: 25.8 x 10.1 x 5.4 inches
  • Weight: 9.19 Pounds
  • Color: Black, White

Material: With this set, you will receive hard rubber balls that are safe while playing. Also, with heavy enough weight to maintain the premium standards. These balls are made with resin, which is a sturdy material and ensures ergonomic precision.

Furthermore, the frames are made of premium extra thick PVC bars, which keep the frame stable while playing. Besides, made from 600D canvas, the stylish bag provides safe storage conditions.

  • Premium construction for enhanced gameplay
  • Built-in scoreboards
  • Stable during gameplay
  • Pre-assembled joints

  • T connectors are weak

Our Take: The set is easy to assemble and seems to be of good quality. Well, the plastic scorekeeping piece holds up. The bases are sufficiently weighted to prevent the ladders from falling over. Besides, we found that the bases aren’t too heavy, but they are enough to keep them from tipping over. The carry bag has the quick setup diagram printed on it, too. The set also came with the scoreboard.

To sum up, these mid-ranged ladder ball sets are highly recommended to anyone that loves a fun competition between friends and family at parties, reunions, family gatherings, BBQs, and camping.

FAQ Regarding Best Ladder Ball Sets

Q. Do you know how ladder golf originated?

In fact, the game is discovered in campgrounds by Harold Fury in the early 1990s. The Cowboys in the western United States or Caballeros in Mexico throw living snakes as bola at branches or fences for points.

Q. How Ladder ball actually works?

In addition, let’s talk about the ladder ball rules. Each player has three bolas (sets of balls). And the player must have to throw the bolas before their opponent. The balls have to get caught by the bars by throwing. The top bar contains three points, the second bar is worth two, and the third is equal to one point.

Ladder Ball Set Buying Guide

With a lot of availability of the ladder ball sets in the marketplace. It’s tough to choose which ladder toss set is best for you. So it would be best if you considered these important factors before buying one for yourself.  Moreover, we’ll take a closer look at some significant determinants that can help you find according to your preference.

Material: Depending on which material is used, ladders are usually made from PVCs, wood, or metal, having different advantages. But you need to check the weight for stability, durability, and thickness of ladder frames. But it would be best if you chose according to your budget, need, and usage.

  • Wooden frames are widely considered well-made and premium sets for any occasion or season. If you have a big budget, you should go with the wooden ladder if you want a luxurious set that you can use for a long time by investing once in it.
  • The metal ladders are easy to carry, lightweight, best for daily use or family gatherings. If you plan to buy a durable product for a medium budget, you should go with the metal ladder ball sets.
  • PVC ladder sets are used in case of having a low budget and rough use. These ladders are usually for kids to play and learn the game because they are very inexpensive and don’t need to worry about the damage. But if you are looking to buy something for an asset, you need to high your budget and go with wooden ladder ball sets.

Easy installation and storage: Despite the fact, Sturdy material is significant for the durability of the set. Still, easy installation and storage are also considered essential for the product’s durability to prevent any damage while stored or during installation.

Stability and budget: In most cases, you choose a product with your analysis. But, either it’s not stable enough for an enjoyable playing experience, or it is too expensive. That’s why you have to analyze both things for a better choice. But to save some amount, you should never go with the unstable ladder set.

Best Ladder Ball Sets | Quick Comparison

Best Ladder Ball Sets - Infographics
Infographics: Best Ladder Ball Sets



At last, we can conclude that these are the best trivia board games along with a fun experience platform. Plus, all of these games have multiplayer compatibility from 2 to 6 players mostly. That will let you enjoy a challenging mode with your friends to test your brain skills and knowledge. Moreover, a variety of deck cards have been added to the package along with different categories of quizzes, tasks, and puzzles.

You just have to be sharp and act accordingly with bright common sense to collect the point by solving & answering the quiz. Therefore, don’t get bored anymore and buy your favorite category trivia board game to have fun with your friends.

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