7 Best Pool Table Felts Dec 2023 | Review and Buying Guide

Are you a fan of pool table games and want to improve them in your living space? We bring the best pool table felts that you can currently buy from the consumer’s space. These table covers enhance your playability on most professional grounds.

These table felts are designed to appeal to the senses of all pool table lovers. You can have the best ball rolling speed and consistency using these table felts. Players can expect brilliant durability from these table felts. So, you are going to love the design and color varieties that you can choose alongside.

7 Best Pool Table Felts For Unmatched Performance This Year?
Best Pool Table Felts For Unmatched Performance This Year

The tables will remain safe and protected against most external impacts. Besides, these table felts are easy to install and get started with, making them one of the better options to consider if you want to elevate your pool table experience.

Best Pool Table Felts | Editorial Pick

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Championship Saturn II

Championship Saturn II Pool Table Felt

  • Dupont Teflon
  • Wool And Nylon Blend
  • 7 Clothes Set



21 Ounce Pool Table Felt

21 Ounce Pool Table Felt

  • 3 Different Sizes
  • Nylon And Wool Blend
  • Classic Green Color



Boshen Billiard Cloth

Boshen Billiard Cloth Pool Table Felt

  • Comforting Color
  • No Cropping Needed
  • Nylon And Wool

Best Pool Table Felts | Detailed Reviews

We have recently reviewed the professional-grade foosball tables and also the highest-selling wooden air hocket tables. However, this saga will remain incomplete without mentioning the best accessories for Pool. So, here are the best felts for pool tables to try this year.


Championship Saturn II Pool Table Felt

Championship Saturn II Pool Table Felt


Dupont Teflon Treated

Wool And Nylon Blend

  • Features cloth that is Dupont Teflon treated
  • Incorporates 75% wool and 25% nylon felt
  • Offers 7 cloth pieces in a complete set

Elevate your pool game experience with this one of the best pool table felts available in different colors. The felt comes in 7 cloth pieces forming a versatile table cover for most consumers.

You are also getting an excellent quality backing with exceptional materials used in the construction.


  • Brand: Championship
  • Dimensions: 90 × 48 × 0.1 inches
  • Weight: 3.6 pounds
  • Materials: Wool and nylon
  • Color: 5 cool colors

A Blend Of The Best: This exceptional table felt is made of 75% wool and 25% nylon fusion, forming a reliable texture. It offers incredible ball rolling functionality that most players will love and admire. The smooth-rolling surface ensures that you continue the game without disruptions.

Premium Treatment: You will attain a better game experience on this table felt featuring Dupont Teflon treatment. That makes it one of the durable covers in a fantastic price tag. In addition, it offers an excellent flexible and stretchable experience.

A Complete Set: You are going to get a complete table felt package as you purchase this pool felt. It features seven cloth pieces in a set dividing 6 rail cloths and 1-bed cloth. That gives you a prime complete package that is easy to place on your table overall.

More Colors: Players can now materialize their fancy pool table inspirations with this table felt. This table felt comes in many unique color options making it highly versatile for the most diverse pool players. So, you are not just stuck to the same color when choosing the table felts for your pool game.

  • Tough composite
  • Superior ball rolls
  • Forms a complete set
  • Dupont Teflon treated

  • Complains about slow felt
  • Not as thick as expected

Our Take: A complete pool game experience starts with this table felt featuring Duplon Teflon treatment and superior ball rolls.


21 Ounce Pool Table Felt

21 Ounce Pool Table Felt


Signature Green Color

Various Sizes

  • It comes in a signature green color variant
  • Available in 3 different size variants
  • Made out of 80% wool and 20% nylon
  • Brings superior role functionality

Get your pool match started with this high-quality standard green table felt. You no longer have to miss the signature feel of this ever-loved game, thanks to this table felt.

It comes in 3 size variants, making it accessible for most pool tables out there.


  • Brand: ISZY Billiards Store
  • Dimensions: 16.93 × 16.77 × 2.68 inches
  • Weight: 4.18 pounds
  • Color: Standard green
  • Material: 80% wool & 20% nylon
  • Size: 7, 8, 9

Signature Feel: This table felt comes in a signature green color, giving you an authentic pool game experience. It brings the same premium texture promoting brilliant rolls upbringing the overall experience.

Materials: Experience the best durability in a table felt with this cover featuring 80% wool and 20% nylon. These materials ensure excellent quality strength of the texture that is hard to tear off. Therefore, players can rely on this table felt for a long-term experience.

Flexible: Achieve better ball rolls using this table felt. You can now play with precision and accuracy overall, which makes it one of the fine choices for the most professional pool players.

Go Green: The green color is acknowledged to have an acceptable impact on the eyes. It also enhances vision and eye health, making it one of the best choices for pool players. So, it is the way to go when choosing a table felt for your favorite table.

  • Highly stretchable
  • Fits most tables
  • Signature green
  • Reasonable price

  • Somewhat rough texture
  • Durability is compromised

Our Take: Achieve a fine pool ball experience with this table felt featuring a highly stretchable profile and brilliant durability.


Boshen Billiard Cloth Pool Table Felt

Boshen Billiard Cloth Pool Table Felt


90% Nylon Blend

Double-Sided Fleece

  • Green color for a comforting eye experience
  • Easy to place with no cropping
  • Durable, double-sided fleece thickened
  • Features 10% wool and 90% nylon

Achieve premium pool table playability with this exceptional table felt featuring double-side fleece. It features a brilliant fusion of compact 10% wool and 90% nylon for a faster ball rolling experience.

In addition, this felt boosts your table’s surface durability for a long-term experience.


  • Brand: Boshen
  • Dimensions: 13.94 × 10.91 × 4.76 inches
  • Billiard Cloth: 87 x 47 inches
  • Strip Dimensions: 47 x 6 inches
  • Weight: 4.31 pounds
  • Material: 10% wool & 90% Nylon
  • Assembling: No cropping required
  • Color: Green

Better Durability: You can be sure about the sturdy nature of this table felt featuring single-sided thickened construction. That is made out of impressive 100% thick nylon overpowering most materials in the industry. So, that brings the quality assurance and longevity of your table felt to another level.

Faster Ball Rolls: Players can experience a better ball rolling experience thanks to the double-side fleece thickened surface. It contains about 10% wool and 90% nylon composite for a better compact profile/texture. That means your balls will fly on this smooth piece of table felt that our customers love.

Different Sizes: Convenient compatibility is what this table felt is offering. It is available in 3 standard table size options, making it highly accessible to the most available tables. This table cover is accessible for 7’, 8’, and 9’ pool tables.

Easy To Install: There is no need to crop the cover as you buy it to install on the pool table. So, that makes it one of the easiest to place table felts in the market currently.

  • No cropping
  • Durable composite
  • Moderate price
  • Vibrant green color
  • Compliant with most tables

  • It could be more stretchable
  • Leaves ball rolling spots

Our Take: You can now play table pool without limits with this impressive felt featuring durable double fleece construction and easy assembling.


Accuplay 19 oz Pool Table Felt

Accuplay 19 oz Pool Table Felt


Polyamide And Wool Mix

Traditional Design

  • Traditional pool tables felt available in different colors
  • Made out of 75% wool and 25% polyamide
  • Better quality processing speeds up the play

Speed up your ball rolling experience on a pool table through this one of the best pool tables felts available in different colors. It comes in a standard size that is suitable for most tables out there.

The construction makes sure that you get the best durability and protection for your table.


  • Brand: ISZY Billiards Store
  • Dimensions: 15.98 × 14.09 × 2.2 inches
  • Weight: 4.27 pounds
  • Compatible Size: 66” × 88” for 7’
  • Material: 75% wool & 25% polyamide
  • Color: 7 mesmerizing colors

Different Colors: Select from a variety of colors when choosing felt for your pool table. That makes it one of the worthy options for most players who want to try different shades on their pool tables. So, they don’t feel like dwelling on a single color when playing pool games.

Materials: This table felt is made out of 75% wool and 25% polyamide, giving a quality texture to the players. The materials are highly rigid and protect against all sorts of outside impacts. You no longer have to deal with scratches and smudges when we talk about this promising table felt.

Speed Up: You will notice impressive improvements in terms of speedball rolling on this table felt. That means the quality and speed of the game will be improved to a great deal, making it a solid platform for the players to try their shots.

Size: It is fitting to the most 7’ tables in standard shape. That makes it compliant with the most used tables in the industry. So, most players can ornate their pool tables using this premium table felt.

  • Catchy colors
  • Tear-resistant
  • Offers better roll speed
  • High-quality processing

  • Smaller than most tables require
  • Promotes friction on the ball rolling

Our Take: Enjoy a premium pool game experience with this table felt featuring high-quality materials processing and durable wool composite.


BEYST Professional Pool Table Felt

BEYST Professional Pool Table Felt


Nylon And Fiber Fusion

Better Precision

  • Strong and stretchable nylon and fiber fusion
  • Improve playability and precision
  • You can pick from red and green color variants

Attain maximum pool table brilliance with this striking table felt featuring nylon and soft fiber material.

You can use this table felt in a variety of pool tables for authentic protection against impacts. It comes in both red and green color variants for better buying flexibility.


  • Brand: BEYST
  • Dimensions: 12.6 × 3.94 × 3.15 inches
  • Weight: 0.352
  • Color: red & green
  • Material: Nylon
  • Size: 2.8+1 m/2.8m

Premium Quality Materials: This premium table felt is made out of elastic fiber and nylon in processing. It promotes a better stretchable profile than most felts in the market. The materials won’t show signs of quality decline even after putting under extreme pressure.

Safe Experience: Now players can play their favorite pool table game with this solid and resilient table felt featuring exceptional strength. The felt cover sustains quality even after many rough games. There will be no ball rolling marks because of the premium quality texture that retains shape throughout.

Unique Purchase: That table felt brings red and green colors variants for the players to select. The new red color makes an entirely new experience for the pool players stuck with the green color. Therefore, players can have a new pool game feel thanks to the new red color.

  • Safe playability
  • No pilling
  • Accurate strokes
  • No stains/marks

  • Average quality fiber

Our Take: A commendable pool table game starts with this table felt that comes with pliable fiber and nylon for enhanced playability.


MOIAK Pool Table Felt

MOIAK Pool Table Felt


Stretchable Fiber

Smoother Ball Rolling

  • Incorporates highly stretchable fiber composite
  • Offers faster ball rolling functionality on most tables
  • Promotes accuracy and improved playability
  • It comes in different sizes for a range of tables

Take the pool game experience to another level with this one of the best pool table felts featuring high-quality fiber.

It offers better ball rolling functionality along with accuracy through time. That felt comes in the exact size that you can use on most tables.


  • Brand: MOIAK
  • Dimensions: 12.6 × 3.94 × 3.15 inches
  • Weight: 0.35 ounces
  • Material: Fiber
  • Color: Blue & green
  • Size: 340 x 145 cm

Fiber Composite: Its fiber composite makes a stretchable start for you to have your balls rolling everywhere. The high-quality fiber brings faster playability at the same time. So, that table felt makes an excellent fit for the professional players.

Better Performance: Ball rolling performance is incredible with the smooth textured surface. It makes the ball rolling functionality convenient and effortless. Therefore, it brings accuracy and sublimity to the pool table game in the reach of your living space.

Size: The table felt comes with about 11.15 ft× 4.7 ft, making it compatible with most tables. You will have to cut the felt short, meeting the size requirements of your table. So, that is the felt you can use with most professional or personal pool tables.

What’s In The Package: You are getting a complete table cover set so you can get started right away. It includes 1 Billiard cloth in the selected color, pool table felt, high-speed professional billiard pool table cloth felt. Therefore, you are getting all the components of the pool table felt right in the package.

  • Compatible with most table sizes
  • Stretchable fiber
  • Improved ball rolls
  • Lightweight but thick

  • Balls leave marks on the surface
  • Wears off after some time

Our Take: Closely experience the pool table expertise with this exceptional table felt featuring stretchable fiber composite that goes with most table sizes.


CPBA Professional Pool Table Cloth

CPBA Professional Pool Table Cloth


Australian Wool Blend

Better Durability

  • Incorporates 80% wool, 20% nylon, and 100% pure Australian wool
  • Offers lasting durability with excellent stretchability
  • It brings a consistent ball rolling experience to your table

Start playing an original pool game with this table felt featuring 100% pure Australian wool composite. This premium table felt is suitable for both industrial and personal usage.

You can trust this felt for its durability and quality excellence with the best construction processing possible.


  • Brand: CPBA
  • Color: 7 eye-catching colors
  • Material: 80% wool & 20% Nylon

Sublime Materials: Its construction has all those incredible materials forming wonderful resistivity over time. The featuring components are 80% wool, 20% Nylon, 100% pure Australian wool. Thanks to the impressive quality processing you are getting here, there will be no shedding the texture from the surface.

Lasting Experience: All the premium materials involving in the construction ensure the longevity of your table felt. The materials hold the texture even when you are not treating the surface felt nice. You can expect it to accompany you long duration of time.

Striking Colors: Now players can bring better colors to their pool table game thanks to this table felt cover. There is a variety of compelling color options that the manufacturer is offering to the players.

Convenient Experience: The package includes a pre-cut bed piece along with 6 rails marking brilliant assembling convenience. It doesn’t take much time to set this felt on your favorite pool table. So, assembling has been made convenient thanks to the pre-cut pieces you get in the package.

  • Highly durable profile
  • Enhanced longevity
  • Pre-cut cloth pieces
  • Compelling colors

  • High price

Our Take: Take your pool table game to another level with this table felt featuring premium materials and enhanced longevity.

FAQ Regarding Best Pool Table Felts

Q. Which are the best pool table felts?

The best pool table felts are Championship Saturn II Billiards Cloth Pool Table Felt, Boshen Billiard Cloth Pool Table Felt, and CPBA Competition Worsted Professional Pool Table Cloth.

Q. What’s the fastest pool table cloth?

According to our reviews and research, the fasters pool table felt is CPBA Competition Worsted Professional Pool Table Cloth. It is made with 80% wool and 20% nylon material, which makes it strong and comes in multiple colors.

Q. How much does it cost to have a pool table Refelted?

The table felts on our list are ranging from $50 to $150. All these table felts are durable and budget-friendly.

Q. Can you vacuum the pool table felt?

To avoid damaging the felt on the pool tables, use a nonrotating brush to vacuum the tables gently. In order to keep a pool table clean and functional, it is important to vacuum the felt periodically to remove debris such as chalk and dust.

Q. What cloth do professional pool players use?

In pool rooms where league and tournament play occur, woven cloth is mostly used in professional tournaments. Further, billiards gaming is sought after by discerning homeowners seeking the best experience in gaming.

Best Pool Table Felts | Quick Comparison

Best Pool Table Felts - Infographics
Infographics: Best Pool Table Felts

Our Recommendation

Our 1st recommendation is Championship Saturn II Billiards Cloth Pool Table Felt is the most advanced option. It features premium wool and nylon materials bringing a significantly superior profile. The table felt is perfect for professional-level matches.

Also, our 2nd recommendation is Boshen Billiard Cloth Pool Table Felt as the most accessible offering from the above. The felt incorporates premium double-sided fleece thickened construction for better durability. It is easy to set with no cropping required.


This best pool table felts are a necessity for every pool table. If you own one at home or the bar, then these options are of great help. This table felts are highly durable, forming better product life than most felts out there.

You will also find better quality processing that is done with top-quality materials for better performance. So, every section of your pool game is checked with these promising pool table felts.

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