7 Best Trivia Board Games To Try 2023 – December Updates

Socialization is an important factor in everyone’s life. If you’re looking to throw a party night with friends, then our best trivia board games will suffice your plans. We do know that you had enough playing video games all the time.

That’s because you get the feeling of fatigue as you keep looking at screens for hours which is not healthy. Moreover, you aren’t socializing whenever you’re playing video games, which is another negative aspect.

Now say no to your drained bodies with the top-ranked trivia games available in the market right now. These board games provide for physical interaction with crazy fun that lasts and lasts.

Best Trivia Board Games

Furthermore, you get to test your brains with super witty quizzes that will tune your sarcasm and brain for sure. Such trivia board games have different offerings for different consumers based on the appropriateness of questions asked in the game.

Best Trivia Board Games | Editorial Pick

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Smart Ass Trivia

New Edition Of Smart Ass Trivia Board Game

  • Enjoy Silly Questions
  • No Strict Rules
  • Idle-Night Plan



Blockbuster Family Fun

Blockbuster Family Fun Trivia Board Game

  • Enjoy To The Fullest
  • Race With The Timer
  • Unique Family Fun



I Should Have Known

Hygge Games Presents I Should Have Known That!

  • More Than 400 Question
  • Brain-Teasing Game
  • Enjoy With Friends

Best Trivia Board Games To Try This Year

You can take these games anywhere you want to with a manageable form factor. So, you’re getting a lot from a single game board. We have brought some stellar options so that you enjoy them without limits. So, let’s jump into our top options given below.


New Edition Of Smart Ass Trivia Board Game

New Edition Of Smart Ass Trivia Board Game


Based On Silly Questions

Scream Out Loud

  • The game is based on silly questions, and you’ll laugh out loud
  • Your game has no strict rules; if you the answer, just scream out loud
  • There is slight luck, too, as you travel with your pieces on the game board
  • It is excellent for gatherings and late-night plans with your friends
  • You won’t miss out on accessories when it comes to this game board

Compete to call out silly answers with your friends in this one of the best trivia board games in 2021. It’s the most loved and enjoyed trivia board game among everyone. So why missing on the fun?

  • Dimensions: 10.63 ×36 × 10.63 inches
  • Weight: 2.2 pounds

Who Will Talk First? As we have mentioned in the game features, there aren’t fixed rules when it comes to a great board game. You and your friends progress through the stages on the board to find more hints. You can even answer without waiting for the hints if you already know the answer. Therefore, it becomes speak to win the game where your win will be your vocals.

Endless Fun: This board game can accept up to 6 players so that you can cherish this crazy fun with your intimates. Every time, the game provides the same fun as there are so many questions to ask from. It’ll be hard to stop your laughter the whole time.

  • You can take this game practically anywhere due to its handy built
  • The game is super fun to play with friends
  • Players can understand the gameplay with the added game guide
  • All that fun in a considerably low price range

  • You’re good to go

Our Take: Experience the never-ending laughter with your best people only with this game board, giving all the worth for your bucks.


Blockbuster Family Fun Trivia Board Game

Blockbuster Family Fun Trivia Board Game


Enjoy To The Fullest

Create Showbiz Career

  • The game is for everyone, and those movie people will enjoy it to the fullest
  • Race with the timer and yell out all the movie names you know about
  • Players will act in front of everyone, don’t worry, everyone is dumb to act here
  • Your showbiz career is about to start with as many movie charades as you can imagine
  • Save the time and scream out before the timer does

Welcome to the charade frenzy with this one of the best trivia board games in 2021. You all are going to love this board game with its limitless possibilities to entertain the players. Keep the party all night!

  • Dimensions: 5.7 ×5 × 1.6 inches
  • Weight: 1.21 pounds

Into The Showbiz World: Can you remember all those classics? Now revive your imaginations with this all-new family fun trivia board game called Blockbuster. Now your rooms will burst out will peals of laughter with your dum charades. We weren’t born actors, right? Players will be choosing from the classics to quote and act. This is a start to your Hollywood journey.

Different Modes That Roll With Timer: You are not going to sit passive but speak before the timer does. Players will have to shout as many movie names as they can recall, all before the time runs out. The competition is strong and even hilarious to act and quote the dialogues in front of everyone.

  • The game is unimaginably fun to play
  • Revive the classics nostalgia with humor
  • Comes with easy instructions
  • You’re not paying a lot for this fun

  • You’re all set

Our Take: Nostalgia to unleash with your best humor in this funny board game, giving you all the value for your money.


Hygge Games Presents I Should Have Known That!

Hygge Games Presents I Should Have Known That!


400 Brain-Teasing Questions

Fastest Gameplay

  • The game comes with almost 400 hundred brain-teasing questions
  • Fast gameplay that guarantees true entertainment
  • Players can enhance their general knowledge through the tricky questions
  • A game that can squeeze into your gatherings

Many brain-freezing questions are about to take a toll on your brains in this amusing board game. There are a handful of the best trivia board games for 2 players, and this is one of them.

  • Dimensions: 5.7 ×7 × 1.8 inches
  • Weight: 8.9 ounces

Laugh & Reply: Fun and knowledge are what you will gain from this board game. Are you and your friends intelligent enough to take on these interesting questions that you should know? Well, you better try out yourselves because the one who answers the most questions will steal the win from others.

Lighten Up Your Gatherings: What makes your gatherings memorable? Well, we have covered you all with this exceptional trivia board game that delivers laughter above anything. Therefore, this becomes the best companion for your friend’s gatherings and dinner parties. Lastly, it’s not a worry to carry this board game as the game itself is super lightweight.

  • Fun while seeking knowledge at the same time
  • Your perfect party companion
  • Super lightweight making it easy to carry around
  • A simple game that anyone can enjoy

  • Pro-Gamers may suggest complicating questions

Our Take: A simple and easy quiz board game that can add life to your dull gatherings, making it a good purchase.


Trivial Pursuit By Hasbro Gaming

Trivial Pursuit By Hasbro Gaming


More Than 2.4k Questions

Divided Into 3 Steps

  • Take on your intellectual side of personality with 2400 questions on different topics
  • Pave your way through the game board with shrewdness
  • The game is divided into 3 steps which players will try to complete to win
  • It comes with a classical yet simple game board

Dive deep into the ocean of questions in this retro-inspired board game by Hasbro gaming. A smooth and lively game experience compels the players to call it one of the best trivia board games.

  • Dimensions: 2.48 ×51 × 10.51 inches
  • Weight: 1 pound

Your Intellect Will Bring You The Victory: The game board is stuffed with a storm of questions that are from different categories. Questions can be from history, arts, entertainment, science, and literature. Thus, players will have to nail the answers to take the lead over the rest. Moreover, the player who will take all color wedges and answers the final asking correctly will be the winner.

A Vintage Vibe: You will be caught up by the nostalgia as soon as you hold this game board in your hands. Hasbro gaming has developed a game board that takes elements from history.

  • A perfect game night companion
  • A brilliantly designed game board that is inspired by the history
  • It’s portable with its clever design
  • This game board is the epitome of general knowledge

  • Some consumers may not prefer general questions

Our Take: Saturated yourselves with the mountain of knowledge with great entertainment, making it a solid offering.


Wits & Wagers Board Game

Wits & Wagers Board Game


Modern & Classic Vibe

Witness Super Fun

  • The game is an amalgamation of modern and classic vibe
  • It comes with many upgrades made over the previous version
  • Players work their way through bets to find the closest possible
  • It’s super fun to play with your friends and family

The same award-winning game has just got a lot better now. How can your guesses burst everyone into laughter? Find out in this one of the best trivia board games.

  • Dimensions: 12.5 ×5 × 12.88 inches
  • Weight: 2.64 pounds

Bet Your Way: The victory is made possible with the closest of all bets. Furtherly, this game offers silly questions so, it’s almost impossible to answer them correctly. As all players read the questions, they write down their guesses. Here, you’ll place your bet to find out the closest of all guesses.

Fun That Never Ends: Wits & Wagers offers endless fun to its consumers. You’ll be bursting out with laughter after finding your questions. The questions are a delight to find, and bets are a whole new level of sarcasm. Thus, take your humor to the next level along with your favorite people.

  • It comes with a game guide so everyone can enjoy the game
  • The package contains the best accessories for a trivia board game
  • Play with as many friends as you like
  • Brightens your social events with silly humor

  • Good to go

Our Take: Gather your favorite people and experience the next level of sarcasm with this classic modern game, making it a fit purchase.


Party Trivia Game In Wit’s End

Party Trivia Game In Wit's End


Enjoy Social Quizzes

Mind Challenging Scenes

  • Social affairs and geographical quizzes are included in the game
  • Compatible to play along with 2 to 6 players at the time
  • Mind challenging scenario of the game with interesting questions
  • Observe the clue to find out the right answer to the quiz

Wit’s End will bring something remarkable to your home with brain-solving queries together with a fun experience. So get ready to test your knowledge on this multiplayer board game.

  • Dimensions: 9.75 ×75 × 3.38 inches
  • Weight: 2.31 pounds

Broaden Your Mind: There are 4 interesting types of quiz scenarios included in the game. However, the gaming questions are related to the general knowledge and advanced level categories as well. You can also play along with your friends on the multiplayer platform with 06 people compatibility.

Answer the maximum questions, which could be about science, history, geography, arts, current affairs, and more other fun stuff. Then collect the maximum points to win the stages.

  • Sequencing and listing of movies, cities, people quiz game
  • True or false related questions with hints to observe
  • Wild cards are also included
  • Multiplayer game with 13+ age limit criteria
  • A worthy price to buy as a gift

  • Most questions are USA related

Our Take: Looking to kill your boredom with your friends and family? These could be the best trivia board games to test your skills and knowledge.


Everyone Shines With Cranium

Everyone Shines With Cranium Trivia Board Game


4 Different Categories

Word Puzzle Game

  • 4 types of categories are included in this board game scenario
  • Cranium clay has also been added to the package
  • Spell correction and word puzzling game platform with challenging quiz
  • Compatible to play along with 2 players as a team mode criteria

Do you have enough skills to show off in front of your friends? If yes, then Cranium is the best challenging board game with fun and interesting quiz criteria. Everything regarding the game rules and opponent selection will be according to the situations on how you decide.

  • Dimensions: 2.48 x 10.51 x 10.51 inches
  • Weight: 2.2 pounds

Challenge Your Friend: The player will have to select the card from the deck collection, which is divided into 4 categories that vary in color. Each card possesses something exceptional regarding the quiz task like puzzle solving, drawing something, or spelling with eyes closed, etc. Collect the maximum victory points to beat the opponent team with your skills.

Gaming Equipment: This board game package comes along with unique accessories, including the notepad, movers of 4 color codes, cranium clay, and die. Furthermore, there are deck cards of 600 types along with an instruction guide and a timer.

  • Data head & word worm deck cards quiz
  • Team mode challenging game to play with friends
  • 16+ years of age compatibility for people
  • creative cat and star performer categories
  • very affordable price tag

  • Board size can be increased

Our Take: Best fun way team challenging quiz game along with word, spelling, drawing categories to choose from.

FAQ Regarding Best Trivia Board Games

Q. Which could be the best trivia board games?

The enlisted board games are most trending with great reviews of people as well. However, these 2 can be the best and top-rated among the given list are New Edition of Smart Ass Trivia Board Game and Hygge Games Presents, I Should have Known that!

Q. What type of gaming experience will we get from these board games platforms?

The trivia games are designed with high intellectuality that will test your knowledge and brain skills. Moreover, the player will have to broaden the mindset to test the memory and common sense quiz for winning the game.

Q. Is it difficult to play these games?

No, you just have to act wisely and sharply according to the given quiz and situations. Well, the instruction guides have been included in the game package that will direct you with gaming rules.

Best Trivia Board Games | Quick Comparison

Best Trivia Board Games - Infographics
Infographics: Best Trivia Board Games

Our Recommendation:

Our 1st recommendation is the Deluxe Edition of Wits & Wagers Board Game as the Best trivia Board Game with classic vibes. The unique accessories are added to the package with a wide range of multiplayer platform compatibility. Furthermore, our 2nd recommendation is the Classic Edition of Trivial Pursuit by Hasbro Gaming with 2400 fun topic questions. The game is divided into 03 stages of categories along with player teaming mode as a challenge.


At last, we can conclude that these are the best trivia board games along with a fun experience platform. Plus, all of these games have multiplayer compatibility from 2 to 6 players mostly. That will let you enjoy a challenging mode with your friends to test your brain skills and knowledge. Moreover, a variety of deck cards have been added to the package along with different categories of quiz, task, and puzzle. You just have to be sharp and act accordingly with a bright common sense to collect the point by solving & answering the quiz.

Therefore, don’t get bored anymore and buy your favorite category trivia board game to have fun with your friends.

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