7 Best Zombie Board Games In 2023 | December Updates

Sometimes we want action and thrill in gaming. These best zombie board games will surely pep up the storyline’s interest and suspense with more fun. Survival action games are always demanding because of their unique and engaging gameplay.

We all love family card games to try on our party nights. And what’s better if you get multiplayer supportability with cooperative gaming to have a joint zombie-killing adventure. These games are designed to test your expertise; if you face something dangerous, what will you do?

While the action adventure quests will be featured on the game theme with a wide selection of character range and accessories. And yes, you don’t want to miss the climax when you survive the endpoint and get the winning spot with your abilities.

Best Zombie Board Games | Editorial Pick

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Zombicide Black Plague

Zombicide Black Plague Edition By CMON

  • Zombie-Killing Fun
  • Supports 6 Players
  • Customisable Spots



The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead: All Out War

  • Adapted Game
  • Various Equipment
  • Multiplayer Scenario



Dead Of Winter

Dead Of Winter – A Crossroad Game

  • Fight Darkness
  • Exciting Storyline
  • Tactical Skills

Best Zombie Board Games You Will Love This Year

Let’s don’t wait anymore and get to the discussion of the game of zombies in a list of 7.


Zombicide Black Plague Edition By CMON

Zombicide Black Plague Edition By CMON


Zombie-Killing Adventure

Fully Customizable Spots

  • A challenging zombie-killing adventure with cooperative gaming scenario
  • The player can locate and get new tactics and powerful skills for killing the zombies
  • Up to 6 people can join together in this board game to play as a team
  • Assist the players and save the people from the zombie’s takeover
  • New loots and customizable spots are featured on the map with a fun-time action story

Are you brave enough to face the deadly zombies? Well, CMON Zombicide is a fantasy adventure quest board game where you’ll have to survive till the end. And yes, there will be unexpected circumstances with some mysterious thrilled moments undergoing the game story. The aim is simple, kill the evils and catch the light!

  • Dimensions: 12.17 12.09 2.95 in inches
  • Weight: 5.94 pounds

Can You Stay Alive? One of the best zombie board games is here with real-time action and fun quest adventure in the advanced mode. The players will have to save the people from the attack of zombies with no other option. Scary creatures are added on different stages to add more fun because you’ll be using new tricks to kill them. And the multiplying teaming scenario will get you some assistance while fighting the deadly creatures.

Boardgame Package: Enjoy your luck with top-quality accessories, including 125 types of mini cards, 9 game tiles with double sides, and 60 tokens. Plus, there are each of 6 including dice, survivor miniatures, survivor color bases, and survivor dashboard, along with 48 variants of trackers. And most importantly complete instruction guide has will direct the players with the gaming rules.

  • 60 minutes duration of the zombie-killing adventure
  • Use spells and weapons to kill the deadly creatures
  • Will enhance your team managing skills
  • Thrilling game theme with advanced fighting features

  • Some rules are not clearer in the book

Our Take: Test your fear and start up a mission to save the people from the zombies by showing some real tactics and skills.


The Walking Dead: All Out War

The Walking Dead: All Out War


Scary And Thrilling Fun

Featuring Health Counters

  • Wide range of equipment with customizable selections for the players
  • Scary and thrilling stages with difficult surviving modes
  • You can play as a solo, or 2 people can join together in the multiplayer scenario
  • Health counters are also featured in the board game for giving the bonus to the players

Zombie war is on the verge with no clue what’s going to happen next. The game will demand pro skills to face the upcoming challenges for the players. Extension in the map has taken place with lots of new modifications, which is surprisingly making an epic impact on the storyline.

  • Dimensions: 1.97 10.83 10.83 in inches
  • Weight: 1.7 pounds

On The War: The baneful environment of war full of zombies will add up some spice to the theme while playing as a survivor. Just be careful and sharp because these creepy dead walkers are not gonna miss the chance. Escape the danger zone by aiming at the zombies and killing them with specially provided weapons. You can get loots and armor by finding the hidden treasure on the map but work silently without making extra noise.

What’s In The Package? This board game is full of surprises as you get more than everything in the package. There’s a ranger ruler, a reference card for walkers; a panic dies in yellow, a blue die, and an RV. Moreover, 4 cars card, supply counters of 9 variants, 10 health counters, 8 types of equipment cards, 6 dices in red, and 2 in white are also added.

Alongside, the players will get 6 barricades cards, an initiative counter, survival cards of 06 types, 16 supply cards, and the action die in black. While the instruction guide is also included for rule directions.

  • 14+ years age supportability with advanced rules
  • Zombie war and fighting theme
  • Survival battleground with action and skills
  • Complete range of high-quality accessories

  • Yet not found

Our Take: Prepare your weapons and get ready for the war in the engaging game story of survival along with killing the walking dead.


Dead Of Winter – A Crossroad Game

Dead Of Winter – A Crossroad Game


Learn Tactical Skills

Interesting Characters

  • Save humanity and become limelight in the world of darkness
  • Now learn and acquire tactical skills through this impressive board game
  • Choose from a range of interesting characters with varying skills
  • An exciting storyline is undoubtedly the best choice for game nights

Fight for your life in the world of darkness in this one of the top-ranked horror simulations. Will you save others from the harshness of the deadliest winter in this cooperative board game.

  • Dimensions: 2.8 × 11.6 × 11.6 in inches
  • Weight: 4.1 pounds

Deadliest Monsters Await: The game demands the situation where players will go through many struggles and difficult situations. Players will have to eliminate the deadliest creatures to pave the path. Resolve different disasters to save humanity. But each team leader will have to complete secret missions to win the game.

Skills Matter? The varying situations of the different stages will bring more new difficulties for the player. So you have to observe the situation and get clues on how to kill the creepy creatures.

  • It gets more challenging with up to 05 players
  • Have a decent and affordable price tag
  • Perfect board game for gatherings and family entertainment
  • Strategic theme with survival plans make it more fun

  • Few customers reported it is a bit complicated

Our Take: If you are looking for some strategy and entertainment, then this is a perfect choice for you.


Resident Evil 2 By Steamforged Games

Resident Evil 2 By Steamforged Games


Impressive Adaptation

Countless Turmoils

  • An impressive adaptation of a video game fitted into an intuitive board game
  • Now players can improve their ultimate survival skills through this phenomenal
  • The game is inundated with countless turmoils that add more thrill
  • You can share this horror fantasy with up to 4 players now.

Now fulfill your ever-loved game fantasy through this stellar board game for everyone. Take on a dark ride with one of your best people and lead towards the light of victory.

  • Dimensions: 20 × 30 × 30 in inches
  • Weight: 0.035 ounces

Escape The World Of Zombies: Invite your intimates to experience this most thrilling and exciting game. Use your skills to fight with the most dangerous zombies in the dark streets of raccoon city. And yes, the players can help their teammates to beat the zombies and clear stages.

Expertise Your Survival Skills: One of the topmost survival board games offers you to master your abilities. So find ways to survive from the zombies to enhance your fighting tactics with the essence of gaming entertainment.

  • It has a worthy price tag and is perfect for a gift
  • The best game with easy and simple instructions
  • A supportive board game for 12+ years players
  • Top-quality accessories are delivered with a rulebook

  • Few points are missing in the guidebook

Our Take: If you are looking for a thrill action survival gaming theme with new skills and tactics, then this board game is for you.


Dawn Of The Zeds – 3rd Edition

Dawn Of The Zeds - 3rd Edition


Strategical Horror Game

Fight Fatal Viruses

  • A strategic horror game where the players will endeavor to stop the deadliest consequences
  • The game deals with the situation of fatal virus which the players will intervene
  • It’s hard to resist the horror with added ferocious mini creatures that will scare your senses
  • The board offers a perfect delineation of a ghastly strategy that is driven by atrocities

Will you be able to stop the most terrifying invasion in this top-ranked game with your promising fighting skills? Shift the dark motives of the evil forces with your expertise in this survival board game.

  • Dimensions: 11.61 × 11.61 × 3.35 in inches
  • Weight: 4.4 pounds

Save The Town: Some type of disease is spreading in the peoples, and they are turning into a creature like zombies. And these zombies alike are killing the nation. In this strenuous situation, use your skills and try to reduce this infectious disease to save humanity. Put a stop to these zombies from entering the town and become a hero.

Multiplayer Scenario: This gaming platform supports a wide range of multiplayer stages along with challenging missions. Therefore, you will need assistance from the teammates to face and tackle the survival dare. Mysterious and thrilling zombie characters are featured in the storyline to make some competing circumstances.

  • 5 players can have a joint venture in this survival mode
  • Cooperative gaming rules for teenagers and adults
  • Replayable gaming theme with varying techniques
  • A single player can also start the survival series

  • Accessories are of low quality

Our Take: A game with an affordable price tag that gives you an iconic thrilling theme and entertainment.


Tiny Epic Zombies By Scott Almes

Tiny Epic Zombies By Scott Almes


Incorporate New Stories

Detailed Miniature Characters

  • The game incorporates 5 unique scary trials with great stress to the survival techniques
  • Your game board comes to reality with a detailed character miniature included in the package
  • Survive your way out with the most commendable piece of artwork
  • You will have to stop zombies encroachment to the mall to stay on top of the game

The gravity of horror just gets scariest with the best survival board game that will provide a spine-chilling experience. Watch out! You might turn yourself into a zombie with the slightest of a mistake.

  • Dimensions: 7.00 × 4.50 × 1.63 in inches
  • Weight: 0.423 ounces

What Is The Theme? Gamelyn Games presents the trending and engaging survival game in which you get the multifunctional survival stages in a broad selection. You have to turn down the strength of zombies by killing them as a survivor. Well, the unconsciousness of the players will turn them into deadly zombies so you have to observe and act accordingly.

Product Accessories: There are 9 types of mall cards, 32 selections of search cards, and  18 tokens of zombies. Moreover, 14 different player characters, items in 4 variants, 33 tokens of objective, and one of each wooden car and motorcycle are added. Moreover, 12 different equipable items and a melee die will complete the package.

  • An accessible price and a perfect gift for family
  • The Package comes with top-notch quality items
  • Enhance your survival skills
  • Now up to 5 players can enjoy this masterpiece

  • The game startup is slow

Our Take: The best zombie board games with multiplayer compatibility to enjoy the action in 5 featured gaming modes.


Scorpion Mask Presents Zombie Kids Evolution

Scorpion Mask Presents Zombie Kids Evolution


Ever Changing Scenario

Explore The Wonders

  • An ever-changing game that takes a turn while players progress the game
  • One of the best zombie games for kids
  • Explore the wonders of mystery envelop that makes your game more exciting
  • Kids can now enjoy simple game mechanics with gifted game sequences

A prime solution to entertain your kids with a horror blow through an iconic tactical learning theme. The kids will now nurture their senses by absorbing in cooperation with each other.

  • Dimensions: 7.50 × 7.50 × 2.30 in inches
  • Weight: 14 ounces

Save The School From Zombies: The game scenario depicts a situation where the players will save the school from zombies’ invasion. Moreover, the zombie intrusion keeps on increasing, resulting in a difficult situation for you to sort out. You must knock down the zombies to stay in the game and to save the school.

New Mystery Envelopes: A game full of thrill and excitement now comes up with some new features that will add more excitement. One of the newest features is Mystery envelopes that will give a boost to your gameplay. So, get this one of the best board games for your kids to share its joy.

  • Available at a worthy price tag
  • It will stimulate your brain functioning
  • A perfect choice for family gathering gameplays
  • Top-quality accessories are included with a simple rule book

  • The storyline is so simple

Our Take: A perfect choice to increase your kid’s gaming and tactical skills, which at the same time provides entertainment.

FAQ Regarding Best Zombie Board Games

Q. How many people can join in multiplayer board games?

These board games offer a wide range of multiplayer compatibility for the players to have a joint adventure quest with friends. Most of the games are compatible with up to 1 to 6 people, where you can also play in solo mode. The purpose of the multiplayer scenario is to make it cooperative to help each other during the survival and killing of zombies.

Q. Can the beginners play these games with advanced rules?

Well, the 12 to 14 years of age limit is given in the mentioned zombie board games. And as for beginners, these board games come with an instruction book and rule guide, including all the gaming directions. That will help the beginners learn and observe the rules and way of playing while also getting assistance from their teammates.

Q. What is the basic concept and storyline of these games?

The zombicide board game promotes a challenging scenario where you have to survive the danger. Zombies have invaded the place/town/city, and you’re the skillful character who is gonna save the people. A cooperative gaming platform will let you get teaming help along with special abilities you’ll get from the hidden locations.

Best Zombie Board Games | Quick Comparison

Best Zombie Board Games - Infographics
Infographics: Best Zombie Board Games

Our Recommendation:

Our 1st recommendation is the Resident Evil 2 by Steamforged Games as the best zombie hunting board game. The storyline is taken from the video game with the advanced and horror theme of zombies in a multiplayer game scenario.

Moreover, our 2nd recommendation is Mantic Entertainment Presents “The Walking Dead” as the best solo zombie board game with 2-player compatibility. You’re in a war where dead walkers have invaded humanity, and you have to survive to the last.


Of course, these are the best zombie board games with a fun time action gaming experience to enjoy with your mates. The players will get an expanded map where zombies have attacked the people, and destruction is on the brink. And you’ll have to act as a survivor and save the people from the deadly zombies by killing them.

The main theme is to kill as many zombies as you can; it’s like a war between humanity and dead walkers. Test your skills and apply new tactics to perfectly aim the creepy creatures with your weapons. Because zombies are not gonna miss, you slip out.

Now choose your best selection of zombie board games from the given list and have an action-adventure with your friends.

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