Jocelyn Burgardt Biography, Relationship, Net worth, And Other Interesting Facts

Jocelyn Burgardt, the girlfriend of famous footballer Edinson Cavani, was born on 21st September 1992. She is an Uruguayan citizen, a fashion lover, and a passionate dancer. Being a Virgo, Jocelyn is an intelligent, hardworking, and organized person. In general, Virgo-borns are characterized by being perfectionists.

Jocelyn gained a lot of popularity when she started dating Uruguayan star Edinson Cavani. Edinson is very well known as one of the deadliest strikers on the Footballers list.

He has already represented Napoli and Paris Saint-Germain, and now he hopes to represent England at Manchester united. The long-term relationship between Jocelyn and Edinson has excited a lot of fans all around the globe and is adored by every single fan.

Jocelyn Burgardt Biography & Other Facts

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Date of Birth 21st September 1992
Birth Place Bella Union, Uruguay
Star Sign Virgo
Age 30
Salary Unknown
Net Worth Unknown (but together with Cavani is over $40 million)
Nationality Uruguayan
Spouse Edinson Cavani
University Latin America Center for Human Economy
Parents Unknown
Siblings unknown
Religion Christianity

Beautiful Looks Of Jocelyn

Jocelyn Burgardt has attractive physical features, including her 5 feet height and ideal weight of 55 kg. Her dazzling hazel eyes give a great compliment to her blonde hair and adds up to her glamorous looks.

She prefers to keep her looks simple and natural, either dressing up for a Bella Union town parade or any other stage performer. There are no tattoos on Jocelyn Burgardt’s body.

Jocelyn Burgardt

Jocelyn Burgardt’s Social Media

Jocelyn Burgardt who only has 180 followers on Instagram and has set her profile to private, is one of the few famous people who prefer to keep a low profile on social media.

Fans get a glimpse of the beautiful couple as they are shared by her love Edinson Cavani. While she still loves sharing the brilliant snaps with friends and family for fans, that’s relatively little.

Friends Of Jocelyn Burgardt

Jocelyn Burgardt is close friends with some of the famous and hottest WAGs, Marquinhos’ wife, Carol Cabrino, Angel Di Maria’s wife, Jorgelina Cardoso, and Keylor Navas’ wife, Andrea Salas.

Having a warm soul and friendly sense of humor, she has been seen a lot hanging out with her friends and having dinners.

Jocelyn Burgardt and Edinson Cavani’s Family

On 17th May 2019, Jocelyn Burgardt gave birth to Cavani’s third child, a daughter, India Cavani. Their son, Silvestre Cavani, was born on 3rd June 2021.

As Jocelyn Burgardt is very secretive about her private life, she gave no information about her parents. It is also unknown whether she has brothers and sisters or Jocelyn Burgardt is an only child.

Jocelyn Burgardt


In Uruguay, Jocelyn Burgardt completed her studies. She successfully graduated from high school, after which she entered university and earned a bachelor’s degree in cultural management. She attended the Latin American Center for Human Economy.

Jocelyn Burgardt Net Worth

Data on Edinson Cavani’s girlfriend, Jocelyn Burgardt, is very scarce and sparse. She works as a samba dancer and a model, Jocelyn once starred in the Uruguayan soap opera La Fuerza del Corazón, but her net worth and exact salary are not known yet.

Edinson Cavani’s net worth is quite large and is estimated to be over $40 million. Edinson Cavani’s weekly salary is £250,000, and his annual salary at Manchester United is £13million, making him one of the highest-paid players at Man United. Jocelyn and her family live happily ever after as Cavani does everything for them.

Career Of Jocelyn Burgardt

As a professional samba dancer, Jocelyn perfectly manages her career between dance and fashion. She is currently working as a cultural manager and doing photoshoots for various popular magazines. Even working in the most influential professions, Jocelyn still prefers to keep a low profile.

Love Story of Jocelyn & Edinson

The two first met during the Bella Union town parade, where Jocelyn was a participating artist. Shortly after they met, Jocelyn and Edinson began dating in early 2015, after the separation of Cavani with Maria Soledad Cabris Yarrus, a girl he was married to for seven years.

Jocelyn Burgardt

The excellent bonding and taking care of each other of the couple can be seen from their pictures, including pictures taken on the sports field to the cafes and parties, the glimpse of the couple could make everyone glad in no time.

Dating for six beautiful years, Jocelyn and Edinson have proven that love is eternal and adorable.

FAQS About Jocelyn Burgardt

Q. Does Cavani have a wife?

Cavani was married to Maria Soledad Cabris Yarrús in around 2007. In 2013, Cavani announced that they were to get a divorce, and in 2014 the couple separated because of Cavani’s love affair with an Italian girlfriend, María Rosaria Ventrone.

Q. Does Cavani have a child?

Edinson Cavani has four children; two from his ex-wife, Maria Soledad Cabris Yarrús. They had their first child, a son named Bautista, on 22nd March 2011. Maria gave birth to her second son Lucas on 8th March 2013. And the other two children were from his current girlfriend, Jocelyn Burgardt. First was daughter India Cavani,  who was born on 17th May 2019, and the other was son, Silvestre Cavani was born on 3rd June 2021.

Q. Does Cavani want to leave United?

Edinson Cavani wants to leave Manchester United at the end of this summer season when his contract expires, and he joins Barcelona, ​​which was his longtime goal before his retirement.

Q. How much is Cavani getting paid?

Edinson Cavani has a weekly salary of £250k, making his total monthly salary of £1.08 million and annual salary of £13 million.

Q. When did Jocelyn and Cavani get married?

Jocelyn and Cavani have been dating for long six years after Cavani’s separation, and they are not married yet, but Jocelyn and Cavani have a daughter and a son.

Q. What is Jocelyn doing now?

She is a professional dancer specializing in samba and is one of the famous models.

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