Luis Suarez confirms the possibility of reunited Lionel Messi at Inter Miami

There have been rumσrs circulating that Luis Suarez is close to finalizing his move to Inter Miami in order to play alongside Lionel Messi; nevertheless, everything has lately been definitively confirmed.

As soon as Messi announced his intention to play in the Major League Soccer for Inter Miami, rumσrs began to circulate that the club would attempt to acquire other players Messi is familiar with, including Alba, Suarez, and Busquets. The most likely scenario involves Suarez signing a deal to play for Inter Miami; however, the Uruguayan striker himself has recently refuted the information that has been provided. The 36-year-old striker has stated that his contract with Gremio is still in effect, that he is having wonderful days at the club, and that transferring to Inter Miami is not currently in his transfer intentions.

Suarez was quoted in the El Observador newspaper of Uruguay as saying, “The rumσrs are false, it’s impossible, I’m very happy at Gremio and I have a contract until 2024, I’m not going to Miami.” The Uruguayan forward signed a two-year contract with Gremio when he joined the Brazilian club at the beginning of the current year. The striker’s agreement with Gremio is set to continue until 2024. Suarez won two Cups with Gremio, where he played for 25 games and scored 14 goals. Suarez is doing very well, which is one of the reasons why he has no plans to leave Gremio in the near future.

Although it is believed that a deal with Suarez is extremely doubtful, it is believed that moves for Busquets and Alba are plausible because both players are currently free agents after having left Barcelona. According to sources who spoke with ESPN, Sergio Busquets and Jordi Alba have held discussions over a free transfer with Inter Miami and are anticipated to join Messi at Inter Miami in the near future.

Therefore, now that we have this information, it is almost certain that Messi will be reuniting with his previous teammates at Barcelona. This reunion not only provides Messi with a setting that is comfortable to him, but it also affords the other players the chance to continue to build on the outstanding performances they displayed when playing for Barcelona. Inter Miami will undoubtedly be a challenging adversary in the second half of the Major League Soccer season because of the team’s combination of top-tier quality and the distinguished experience of Messi, Busquets, and Alba.

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