7 Best Star Wars Board Games 2023 | December Updates

Star wars occupy a major space in the Sci-fi movie genre. But that space has further been developed with the evolution of the best Star Wars board games. Board games have always been a hot trend in the market, and there are many reasons for it.

These simulation board games are practical and do provide a huge relief from the video games. Though video games can be more engaging to some but board games, provide phenomenal benefits that video gaming can’t.

Board games are the best source for intimate social gatherings and family fun. While continuously watching screens can end up making you unsocial and agitated. Therefore such versatile game boards can easily elate your mood and help with social reasons.

Furthermore, the portability is exceptional, with clever and promising designs from the top board game manufacturers. Thus, there are many reasons to love these games.

7 Best Star Wars Board Games For Ultimate Fun

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Board games are filled with brain-teasing scenarios that provide for healthy brain training along with impeccable recreation. We have selected the best board games from star wars so that you can have the best experience.

So without wasting any time, let’s begin the show.


Star Wars Fantasy Flight In Legion

Star Wars Fantasy Flight In Legion


  • The product dimensions are 11.63 × 4 ×63 inches
  • The product weighs 1 pound

  • It’s a multiplayer game where two opponents fight over multiple goals
  • The game comes with the iconic characters from Star Wars
  • Build your infantry for the great battle
  • Your game is played through 6 different rounds
  • Great visualization made possible through graphic illustrated cards

Guide your troops to victory in one of the most ranked star wars board games in the market. Fight over different objects and pave your way towards a great triumph in the Star Wars legion board game.

A Great Battle Awaits: You’re given complete command over your army in this great simulation of star wars. The game contains catchy cards with impressive visuals that let you decide the most workable strategy for your team. You can command your troops and vehicles to march against your counterpart on a fearful battlefield. Fantasy Flight has generously provided the best visuals to help players understand the best for them.

Progress Through Stages: The game’s prime focus is on war skills along with ever-changing strategy. It’s a two-player game, and each player will go through 6 different rounds to get the most game points. There are iconic characters illustration in the game so that you can lead with thorough excitement. Lastly, the game board has a miniature delineation of the main characters and warriors. So, you can create whatever concept of war comes to your mind.

  • Experience war simulation on a board game
  • It comes with your favorite star wars characters
  • Experience different levels of thrill through different stages
  • High-quality game components
  • Great value for money

  • Assembling can take some time

Our Take: In this exceptional game, face a great army in the Galactic civil war battlefield makes a deal to consider. Moreover, the game comes with iconic characters that make it more interesting.


Fantasy Flight Games Presents Star Wars Rebellion

Fantasy Flight Games Presents Star Wars Rebellion


  • The product dimensions are 11.75 ×75 × 5.25 inches
  • The product weighs 3.75 pounds

  • The game comes with miniature troops to present your forces
  • You’re dealing with a conflict between Galactic Empire and Rebel Alliance
  • Protagonists determine the consequences in the game
  • Players will have to strengthen their armies
  • This game can take up to 4 players

Experience the massive conflict between two counterparts in this excellent game by Fantasy Flight. Miniature forces and upgraded board visuals make this one of the best Star Wars board game rebellion.

Shape The War: The game board provides an interesting plot and characterization. A bunch of characters from the galactic empire and rebel alliance will determine the fate of your game. The strong narration of the game makes players feel right into the plot. The main lead of the star wars will command the troops and starships. The fun begins when players strengthen their armies for dissolving conflict in the shape of war.

Miniatures To Present your Army: The game board has dual board functionality along with 150 miniatures installed in the setup. This makes players feel themselves in the game, and with added strong elements, fun is hard to miss. Moreover, the game board is built with sophistication and delicacy. Your game is easily carried to places without hassle.

  • The package contains two boards
  • Miniature characters to make the gaming experience real
  • High-quality Game board
  • Classic Star wars experience
  • Strong storyline and strong characterization

  • It might be hard for kids to understand

Our Take: The impressive storyline and strong characterization support the extensive simulation, which makes it a great purchase. The best game for 4 persons.


Outer Rim In Star Wars Board Game

Outer Rim In Star Wars Board Game


  • The product dimensions are 11.63 × 11.63 × 2.88 inches
  • The product weighs 1.36 pounds

  • Players build their fate through the game sequences
  • The game lets you explore across the outer rim
  • Choose from 8 iconic players and write your destiny
  • Put your skills into play with action trials

Build your career as an iconic character in this one of the top-rated star wars board games on amazon. You have a chance to become notorious in the Outerspace in this Outer Rim Star Wars board game.

Build Your Destiny: The game board lets you challenge your basic skills. There is a wide range of cards to lift your game’s basic stages. Furthermore, choose from the range of idealized scoundrels, 8 of them so that you can start pilling up your notorious player account.

Plunder And Steal, That’s What You Deal: There are extensive scenarios created in the game. You build your legacy by going through different hurdles and turmoils. Find and steal bounties from the Outerspace and become stronger. Players will have to search for the fastest ship on the outer rim. Furtherly, there’s patrolling on your way ahead by prominent factions. Therefore, the game board offers a wide variety of created situations that adds to your fun.

  • Excellent role-playing exploration across outer space
  • Players can freely build their careers are scoundrels
  • Multiple genres in a single game board
  • The game is lightweight

  • Good to go

Our Take: The best role-playing experience comes into start wars now, which makes it a deal to steal. You have the choice to choose from 08 iconic players, and you can write your destiny.


Exclusive Star Wars Board Game In Risk Edition

Exclusive Star Wars Board Game In Risk Edition


  • The product dimensions are 1.89 ×75 × 10.51 inches
  • The product weighs 1.65 pounds

  • The main highlight is” Attack on Death Star.”
  • Play your way by choosing your desired side
  • Your game takes strategy on another level
  • The game progresses through 3 combats
  • The game lets you recreate the final moments of Star Wars
  • Your game board can take up to 4 players
  • It comes loaded with all the required accessories

Are you a rebel or a galactic warrior? Find out in this one of most played Star Wars board games in 2021. You’ll challenge the dark or the light side with your preference in this popular star Wars title.

Resist Or Fight: It all depends on you, which side you choose to play with. The game lets you play as Galactic Empire and as Rebellions. So, if you’re fighting with the light side, then you’ll have to destroy the enemy ships before they destroy the death star. While dark side players will have to attack the death star to gain the victory.

Tame Your Brain: This game is all about strategic moves. The more you act wisely, the more chances there are for your lead over the opponent. Therefore, choose the right side and lead your ships by the right commands.

  • The only game that lets you recreate Star wars thrilling ending
  • Experience three thrilling battles by your favorite side
  • The game accessories are detailed and promising
  • Great value for your money

  • Good to go

Our Take: Reimagine the star wars ending in this thrilling and strategical board game that gives all the value for your money.


Armada In Star Wars Board Game

Armada In Star Wars Board Game


  • The product dimensions are 11.75 ×75 × 5.25 inches
  • The product weighs 0.057 ounces

  • Serve the role as you choose from the light or dark side
  • The game board lets you assemble your fleet
  • Huge customization with your fleets and objectives
  • Make upgrades through active cards and tactics
  • Your actions will be responsible for the fate of the galaxy

Plot a tremendous plan to knock down the opponent’s army in this exceptional war board game. Excellent game mechanics and miniature roles make it one of the best Star Wars board games list.

Upgrade Your Fleet: There are many tactics to try out in this exceptional Star wars game board. You can upgrade and strengthen your fleet with the integrated cards and even by completing objectives. You command, and your team serves at your order. Therefore, make clever upgrades through cards and scrutinize ships in the right way to take the lead.

Destroy Your Enemy: This game presents the most intuitive experience one can imagine. You take your chances to shot down your opponent, but that’s not the only thing. Rule with wisdom as there are many ways to increase your battle resistivity. Moreover, you can upgrade through handy cards and steal the shots you take.

  • You can choose from the side you’ll fight from
  • Excellent game mechanism
  • It comes with all the amazing accessories to help you win
  • It helps to build your strategy

  • Good to go

Our Take: Terrific game operatives and endless battle frenzy on a Star Wars game board make it a bright option.


The Imperial Assault In Star Wars

The Imperial Assault In Star Wars


  • The product dimensions are 11.75 × 11.75 × 5.25 inches
  • The product weighs 5.95 pounds

  • The game narrates a story that reveals after sequential objectives
  • Your gameplay is based on strategic objectives
  • Players can also use the battle confrontation option
  • Skirmish mode is also an option in this game
  • There are over 30 missions to go about

Battle for your rights in a strong battle confrontation with this imperial assault game board. So, align your troops in this one of the best star wars board games ranked.

Never-Ending Campaigns: This board game provides players with non-stop action and thrill. You’re controlling your civilization, and you’re responsible for their future. There are different situations created in the gameplay that adds to the player’s interest. The players confront each other over different discord created in the game. Moreover, the game provides brain exercise too. So, what are you waiting for?

Skirmish Mode: Besides missions, you have the liberty to play a skirmish. Players are supposed to customize their troops and ships to launch the perfect battle initials. So, train your army and take on your opponent as a pro.

  • The game builds your strategy skills
  • It’s perfect for friend’s gatherings
  • A wide range of objectives adds to the gamer’s interest
  • It can be a great gift

  • Good to go

Our Take: Experience a wide range of missions with the perfect gameplay, which makes it a great option to consider.


A Two-Player Star Wars Board Game

A Two-Player Star Wars Board Game


  • The product dimensions are 10 × 2 × 10 inches
  • The product weighs 12.7 ounces

  • The great battle of Kylo Ren and Captain Phasma awaits
  • It comes with new updated characters and cards
  • This game has characters illustrated from “The Last Jedi.”
  • Its a dual player game

You’ll decide the destiny of the galaxy in this one of the top-rated Star Wars board games in 2021. Choose from a diverse range of characters and upgrade them with a deck of cards.

Fight Without Fear: There’s no fear when it comes to this Star Wars game board. The player will have to fight the opponent without fear. There are action cards that let you choose which action will be in your favor. As forces are marching against each other so, be ready.

Upgrade Your Characters: The game lets you upgrade your characters with a set of cards. This lets you strengthen your team so that they gracefully confront the opponent.

  • An affordable game
  • Great dual player experience with so much customization
  • Lightweight form factor
  • It can be a wonderful gift for your kids

  • You’re all set

Our Take: Stunning dual player battles with heavy customization make up a perfect option with an affordable price tag.

FAQ Regarding Best Star Wars board games

Q. Which could be the best Star Wars board games?

Although these enlisted board games are all top-rated and trending nowadays, however, we have shortlisted these 2 as the best among the given list:

  • Star Wars Fantasy Flight in Legion
  • Fantasy Flight Games presents Star Wars Rebellion

Q. What type of scenario will you find in these board games?

These are action and adventure games to play along with opponents & enemies. The storyline is based on the Star Wars game criteria, including the most powerful characters to choose from. Try new strategies and tricks to win the missions and get the victory points.

Q. Are these games multiplayer and easy to play?

Yes, these games have been featured as a multiplayer platform. Around 4+ people can join the action-adventure to compete with the enemies with the special powers given in the cards. Moreover, the game package comes along with an instruction guide that will direct you to the game rules and criteria.

Our Recommendation:

Our 1st recommendation is the Fantasy Flight Games present Star Wars Rebellion as the Best Star Wars Board Games on the list. It is a 04 player action game where you have to strengthen your miniature troop army to win the mission. Moreover, our 2nd recommendation is the A Two-Player Star Wars Board Game as the best dual-player board game. Moreover, the characters and card power skills have been updated in this game, along with the adventure story.


At last, we can conclude that these are the most trending and top-rated star wars board games. The storyline of these games possesses a real-time action related to the star wars scenario. Plus, the players will also get a selecting stage to choose their favorite star wars character to play along with.

These games support the multiplayer platform with compatibility of 4+  people to play together for competing with the enemies. Try new strategies to pass the mission by acquiring powerful skills from the cards. Therefore, don’t wait anymore and select the favorite star wars board game from the list to enjoy an action-adventure with your friends.

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