Three Facts About The International Tennis Federation (ITF) Women’s World Tennis Tour

Do you consider yourself a huge fan of women’s tennis? As impressive as the track record of living legends like Serena Williams and Martina Navratilova may be, there are new talents that are developing every day. And you can see the next development of the sport in various events through the ITF Women’s World Tennis Tour.

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Facts About The International Tennis Federation

What Is the International Tennis Federation?

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The International Tennis Federation, or the ITF, is a global governing body for the sport. On top of its many responsibilities, it is in charge of enforcing the rules of the game, regulating international competitions, promoting the sport, and planning how to maintain the interest and integrity of tennis sustainably.

Originally founded on 1 March 1913 as the International Lawn Tennis Federation, it was one of the first attempts to coordinate tennis competitions around the world. And since its founding 109 years ago, it has grown to now represent 213 member nations. Its responsibilities have grown along with its membership, making it even more influential in the world of tennis today.

ITF Women's Tennis Tour

What Interesting Things Should You Know About the ITF Women’s World Tennis Tour?

The ITF Women’s World Tennis Tour is a series of tournaments that happen all year round. The last stretch of the 2022 tour brought Brenda Fruhvirtová the most titles. And as exciting as that may be, there are a few facts that make the world tour itself very interesting:

1. They Renamed It in 2019

One of the biggest objectives for ITF today is to ensure that more players can sustainably make a living with tennis. That’s why, in 2019, they reformed and renamed the then – ATP Challenger Tour.

This was to create a clearer pathway for junior players to get the support they need to level up to professional tennis.

2. The Tour Consists of 500 Tournaments Around the World

These tournaments are held in 65 locations where aspiring elite players battle and try to earn their spot in higher-paying tournaments. And with 140 countries participating, it’s sure to draw out the best of the best.

3. There Are Five Prize Money Levels

Depending on what stage the player is at, she can qualify for $15,000, $25,000, $60,000, $80,000, or $100,000 in prize money.

According to the ITF, this is to make it easier for more players to make a living with tennis and continue to harness their potential.

What’s the Future of Tennis for Women?

Given all the effort poured into encouraging and developing young talent, we can expect that there will be more household names to be built in the future. This generation had Serena Williams, someone who’s considered the greatest woman tennis player of all time.

Considering the latest changes to the sport, we’re sure that there will be more stars to bring thrills to the game in the decades to come.

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