How To Subscribe And Activate The SonyLIV App – Complete Guide

In this article, we’ll make you learn the best way to enter a code and how to activate & subscribe to SonyLIV App/channel on your smart devices. Enter Code is a four-digit code that you can use to get sufficiently close to SonyLIV’s endless joy.

How to Activate & Subscribe to Sonyliv App

How To Create A SonyLIV Account?

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Before learning about how to activate & subscribe to SonyLIV App/channel on your smart devices, first have a look at how to create an account on SonyLIV:

  1. This SonyLIV application can be downloaded from the Google Play Store.
  2. Take a start and sign in to your account.
  3. Provide an Email address or a phone number, whichever you want to enter.
  4. To proceed, click Continue.
  5. Enter the One-time password shipped off to your phone number or email address.
  6. Pick the “Sing” option.

You have effectively enlisted an Associate account with Sony LIV.

How And Where To Enter The Activation Code?

To activate SonyLIV, navigate to the “Official Activation Page” and enter the code: Ensure your smart device/TV is associated with the Internet.

  1. Use the glass search icon to search the SonyLIV app.
  2. For now, if you don’t have the SonyLIV app, download and install it from an application store.
  3. Navigate to the app store and type “search” in the inquiry box.
  4. Look for “Sony Liv” and tap continue.
  5. Get back to the home page and, open the SonyLIV application.
  6. Then, at that point, on the sign-in page, click the sign-in button.
  7. An activation code will get generated on your screen.
  8. Visit the “Official Activation Page” from some other gadget, for example, a cell phone or a PC.
  9. Fill in the details for your connected account in the given space.
  10. In the wake of entering the activation code in the proper field, select activate the device.
  11. Follow the on-screen instructions

Here you go! You are ready to start watching or streaming the SonyLIV application.

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How To Make SonyLIV Work On My Smart TV?

If you are using a smart device and want to look for a guide on how to activate & subscribe to the SonyLIV app/channel on your smart devices, you are on the right platform. To activate SonyLIV for the Smart TV, follow the detailed instructions given below:

  1. Go to your Smart TV’s App Store.
  2. Pick the Search button.
  3. Search for an application called SonyLIV.
  4. Select an application.
  5. Install it!
  6. Take a start and run the application.
  7. Pick Sign-in starting from the drop menu.
  8. The activation code shows up on your TV’s screen.
  9. To activate the app on your device, visit the Official Page.
  10. Then, enter the email and telephone number associated with your account.
  11. In the end, Enter the key and press continue to finish the activation process.

You are good to go and cherish your favorite content on SonyLIV.

Can I link My Cardinal Account With The TV App On My Phone?

Activating the SonyLIV app on LG TV/Amazon Firestick and Other Devices:

  1. Get to the apps store to download and install the latest version of the app.
  2. Sign in to the Sony LIV application with your cell phone (with your email ID or telephone number)
  3. Select the “More” option from the application’s menu bar.
  4. You can now choose “Activate TV” opting from the drop-down menu.
  5. Enter the code generated on the TV screen and press the “Submit” button.

Enjoy watching the SonyLIV content and eating some popcorn! You’ve availed access to the 30000 hours of material worth watching on your TV.

How To Activate SonyLIVOn Chromecast?

  1. Connect your cell phone to the TV screen using a local network.
  2. Pick your favorite content you want to watch on your mobile device.
  3. The Chromecast sign might be found in the video player.
  4. Make a choice and switch to it, where you want to watch the content.
  5. Using your desktop or mobile device, visit the Official Web Site to complete the activation process.
  6. Follow the on-screen instruction to complete the process and start watching your favorite video content.

How SonyLIV Would Work On My Samsung Smart TV?

  • On your Samsung TV remote, press the “home” button.
  • Find your Sony Liv application among the list of apps and channels.

Note: If you don’t have the Sony Live App and need to download and install it out of the blue, follow the steps mentioned below

  • Look for the apps option on the home screen.
  • Once found, search for the required SonyLIV app in the search bar.
  • When the SonyLIV app icon, pop-up on the screen, download and install it.
  • Now, wait for a couple of minutes to finish the installation process.

If you already have installed the SonyLIV application on your device, follow the below-given guidelines:

  • After completing the installation process, run the SonyLIV app!
  • To generate the unique activation code, open the app and follow the on-screen instruction.
  • Navigate to any browser on any other device and open the Official Site.
  • Now, place the generated activation code in the given space and click on the “Activate” button.
  • It may take some moments to r=get everything ready. Wait for a while.
  • In the end, your device is ready to make you cherish your favorite content to watch and enjoy anytime, anywhere.

Instructions To Register Using A Cell Phone Number

  • Top off your cell phone’s model.
  • For this kind of variation, a partner with OTP is sent.
  • From that point forward, you should enter your email address and snap Submit.
  • You’re right now an individual from LIV! Observe right around 40000 hours of questionable material.
  • Utilize your email address as a sign-on technique.
  • Fill in your email address and the word you enrolled with.
  • Then, at that point, you’re done! You’ve effectively endorsed in!
  • Over 40000 hours of entertaining stuff are accessible to stream.

The Most Effective Method To Get To Your Online Media Profile

It just takes a solitary snap. Snap to open your Facebook and Google records, and afterward snap to empower. And congrats! You’ll find more than 40000 hours of material hanging tight for you. Begin gorging at present.

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Q. What number of channels does Sony LIV have?

SonyLIV, Sony TV (India’s biggest Hindi recreation channel), Sony MAX, Sony SAB, Sony, Sony PIX, and numerous others are accessible to stream. Sony LIV offers 21 unique channels. Look at this site for more data on the channels that remain. The LIV application can be activated on smart TVs and other golem-based devices utilizing the methodology and directions underneath. As a general rule, we trust that this data about how to activate your client gadget is helpful to you and that you’re currently prepared to partake in a portion of the stage’s most famous shows.

Q. Is Sony Liv accessible for free of cost?

It is impossible to see Sony LIV without first turning into a supporter. There is, in any case, an enrollment bundle that permits you to watch Sony LIV free of charge. You will not have the option to observe live games or the latest episodes with this arrangement. A couple of shows, for example, the Kapil Sharma Show and the TMKOC shows, are accessible to watch. It will likewise communicate ads in the middle of the movies and projects.

Q. Am I able to download the SonyLIV Content?

You can download everything content accessible through the SonyLIV application except for live broadcasts. You can likewise watch these shows later on the off chance that you don’t approach the web.

Q. How many numbers of screens SonyLIV can get connected to at once?

Just one screen of the Sony LIV application is dynamic at a time. To watch on two screens, you should sign up for the Liv Premium yearly and semi-yearly memberships. Then, at that point, you’ll have the option to stream on two shows all the while.

Q. Why SonyLIV doesn’t work on Samsung Smart TV?

Just Samsung TVs made after 2016 are upheld by SonyLIV. You might have an old model of your Samsung smart TV, it won’t work with the SonyLIV App.

Last Updated On: May 2024

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