7 Best Board Games For 10-Year Olds To Try In 2024

If you’re on a hunt to find the best board games for 10-year olds, then you’re at the right place. Board games are your perfect travel companion and provide great fun during those late-night gatherings.

Consumers have always been praising and admiring the board games for the range of features they provide to almost everyone. In the meantime, many consumers have fallen prey to misleading information by many unauthentic resources.

Thus, finding a better option for yourself was never an easy task to accomplish. Therefore, we are here to put an end to this confusion with the best offerings that one can get. Consumers can easily rely on the design elements and extraordinary features that are designed to perfection.

Best Board Games For 10-Year Olds
Best Board Games For 10-Year Olds

These board games will give incredible learning opportunities to those 10-year-olds or more.  Parents can now relax knowing that their kids will be doing something meaningful.

Most Engaging Party Board Games | Editorial Pick

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CATAN Family Adventure

CATAN Family Adventure Board Game

  • Unique Theme
  • Development Cards
  • Family FUn



Ticket To Ride

Ticket To Ride Board Game

  • North American Cities
  • Convenient Game
  • Super Family Joy



Azul Board Game

Azul Board Game By Michael Kiesling

  • Unique Tile Arrangement
  • Create Exact Pattern
  • Strategy & Wisdom

Best Board Games For 10-Year Olds To Try This Year

We have already ranked the best board games for 7-year olds. And now, it’s time for the older kids. These award-winning board games have confronted the entertainment industry with millions of sales and still counting. So, the enjoyment factor remains along with the wonders of brain training.


CATAN Family Adventure Board Game

CATAN Family Adventure Board Game


Build Your Resources

Fight For Points

  • Players build their resources through development cards
  • CATAN’s theme revolves around trading and its aspects
  • Each player fights for more points
  • An ideal game that is fun to play with friends and family

Embark on a multi-dimensional adventure of CATAN in this one of the best board games for 10-year-olds. You’ll be lost in an incredible simulation that lets you build whatever you plan to.

  • Dimension: 11.63 ×5 × 3 in inches
  • Weight: 2 pounds

Nail The Trade: Trade will take you places in this interactive board game. CATAN remains the land for opportunities. Now explore vast meadows, harbors, forests, deserts, and mountains on the breathtaking board game. Then the players can acquire resources and eventually start building their settlements. Then comes the point game that is linked with your trade. Trade different resources and make a profit to gain more points. While the game guide will let you grasp each ingredient in the game trade to avoid the hassle.

Expand Your Settlements: Your road to success is linked to luck and tactical skills. The players start building their settlements through available resources and expand them. Players expanding to more exciting cities will get a chance to finish 10 victory points first. Thus, your resource expansion is directly linked to your success.

  • Players can now master trading insights through this game
  • It comes with a Hexa board promoting an immersive experience
  • The game offers limitless replayability option to the players
  • It’s easy to carry everywhere

  • Quality is not up to the mark

Our Take: Explore and build in this endless adventure game that has the most beautiful map ever, making it a strong choice.


Ticket To Ride Board Game

Ticket To Ride Board Game


North American Cities

Matching Game Cards

  • The game is based on the route connection of north American cities
  • Players can admire the super convenient game map for connecting stations
  • You’ll be matching game cards to claim more routes
  • This game secures bonus point opportunities for its players
  • It promotes healthy family joy with the support of up to 5 players

Compete to connect more and more routes in this one of the best board games for 10-year olds. This award-winning game promotes a great strategy while offering family fun at the same time.

  • Dimension: 11.75 × 11.75 × 3 in inches
  • Weight: 2.8 pounds

Claim More Routes For More Points: The players on the game board will have to endeavor to connect cities with their strategic routes. There are many ways to acquire more points to take the lead over other players. Furthermore, players complete destination tickets to add more value to their gameplay. And that doesn’t end here! You can also pave your way to create the longest route that will add bonus points to the scorecard.

Strategic Learning That Is Filled With Fun: This game has been the consumer’s favorite since the day of its introduction as the game puts your strategic skills in action with the most intuitive game board. Moreover, it’s a perfect game for the families accompanying young kids helping them in their brain empowerment. Thus, making it a perfect, fun choice for people of all age groups.

  • The game comes with an immersive board that exudes vibrancy
  • Kids can enjoy and master their strategy skills at the same time
  • It comes with all the beautiful accessories
  • This game is perfect for gatherings and game nights

  • Board doesn’t fully lay flat on the surface

Our Take: Make your way through the power of the brain on an outstanding board, making it a perfect fit for all.


Azul Board Game By Michael Kiesling

Azul Board Game By Michael Kiesling


Unique Tile Arrangement

Create Exact Pattern

  • The tile arrangements on the board are super fun
  • Players learn to create exact patterns with the touch of vibrancy
  • This game has received a massive audience ovation
  • Your game rolls with strategy and wisdom

A clever board game that is based on the arrangement of tiles to perfection. The game is incredibly easy to understand, making it one of the best board games for 8 to 10 years olds.

  • Dimension: 10.24 ×76 × 10.24 in inches
  • Weight: 2.44 pounds

Everchanging Tiles: The game board encompasses an unpredictable array of tiles. Players will have to claim and arrange the tiles adorned on this beautiful board. Every action of yours directly affects other player’s games. If you give them more space to make their arrangements, then you’ll no longer survive. Therefore, pass your actions with proper wits to stay on top.

Arrange To Perfection: As the game starts, players start pondering over the ways to make arrangements with their corresponding color tiles. Seek through the uncertainty in the game board and score more points through patience and the right strategy. This game is fun at the same time as well, with added penalties on using unwanted tiles. Therefore, it adds laughter while providing players with very solid sequence-building training.

  • The board game is easy to learn with smooth game operations
  • It comes with prime quality game components
  • An extremely unique board is enough to grab anyone’s attention
  • Everyone can enjoy this game

  • It can be played meanly as compared to other games

Our Take: This game practically targets everyone with the simple gameplay and modish design, making it a fit for all. 


The Labyrinth Family Game

The Labyrinth Family Game


Follow Confusing Paths

Up To 4 Players

  • The game is drenched in the complications of confusing paths
  • Your board comes with the most thought-provoking design ever
  • Players will need to sneak inside the shortest possible path to win
  • A game that can be played over and over again
  • Game time is 20-30 minutes with up to 4 player support

Help yourself out from the complications of a maze running wild in this consumer’s favorite board game. Will you find the way out soon? Or will your opponents ramble over your hopes? Find out in this one of the best games for 10-year-olds.

  • Dimension: 14 × 10 × 2 in inches
  • Weight: 2.2 pounds

Perplexity Awaits: This game is all set to tune your brains with the main stress on the confusing maze (Puzzle). There are many important objectives that a player is supposed to complete before he finds a way out. You can ravish all the treasures and take on the targets to proceed with the speed. Seek these point-scoring objectives but wait? Will you move through the shady corners to take the loots?

Proceed Faster And Cleverer: The players compete to stand on top in both speed and blueprints. Everything comes in handy when it comes to this consumer’s favorite board game. So, try finding the smallest route that will take you to the finish mark. Furthermore, the game gets extra exciting as you compete with your favorite gaming buddies. So, stick to your game plans and take down others with style.

  • The most interactive puzzle game ever
  • It comes with the most durable quality components
  • Perfect for family fun

  • Few customers report the board doesn’t properly stay flat

Our Take: Dive deep in the ocean of confusion in this commendable maze that provides all value for your money.


Space Cowboys Presents Splendor

Space Cowboys Presents Splendor


Try New Techniques

Straightforward & Simple

  • The game is full of the techniques of trading
  • 4 Players at a time can enjoy this board game
  • The rules of the game are very straightforward and simple.
  • A player will have to acquire the precious gems to be the conquerer

Explore the globe of trading in this best board game for 10 to 11-year-olds. Dive into the world of gems to become the richest. Help your kids to grow up with a mind full of trading sense.

  • Dimension: 8.46 × 2.36 × 10.82 in inches
  • Weight: 3.52 ounces

Become A Trader: This board game offers you to learn about the trading system with an amazing touch of entertainment. Thus, the advanced modified playing scenario will surely encourage you to act accordingly to the situation with a wiser mind. While the theme of this board game is to collect the jewels. So, emphasize your minds and pile up the best jewels to become the richest, to be the winner. And surely you will become the best trader!

What’s In The Package? Space Cowboys is delivering this best board game along with high-quality accessories. Including, forty poker-type gems in five different colors having a token shape, and ninety advanced cards to be used in the given forty levels.

  • This board game has very high-quality components
  • A perfect game to improve your trading skills
  • This game will build up and broaden your mindset
  • Available at a worthy price tag

  • Some customers reported on accessories quality

Our Take: Overall, gaming criteria are much improved as a mind-building platform for newbies and kids.


Z-MAN Games Presents Carcassonne

Z-MAN Games Presents Carcassonne


Cooperative Gaming Rule

Create Master Plan

  • Cooperative gaming rules with 30 to 40 minutes of stages completion
  • The kids can replay the gaming set without any limits and restrictions
  • The players can expand the area and collect victory points
  • Build an empire with the master plan to beat the opponents

Z-Man presents the best board games for  7 to 10-year-olds with a unique build-up strategy for the players. The simulation criteria of this game set have preferably acquired the customizable and ready-to-go gaming platform.

  • Dimension: 2.63 ×5 × 10.75 in inches
  • Weight: 1.54 pounds

Wiser Will Be The Ruler: Carcassonne presents a wisdom development scenario where you have to arrange the tiles and observe the requirements. The better you act wisely, the more you’ll collect the victory points that will lead you to be a ruler of the game. Moreover, the map-building strategies are included in the classical theme for the multiplayer selection.

Gaming Accessories: The package comes with around a followers card of 40 types in 05 different variants, a rulebook, and a scoreboard. Plus, there will be 72 land titles, a supplementary sheet, river tiles of 12 variants, 5 colors variants of 5 abbots.

  • Real-time simulation gaming experience
  • A perfect gift with affordable price
  • 5 players compatibility to play together
  • Point collection scenario with the winning point

  • Contracted game theme

Our Take: Complete range of replayable gaming accessories with mind wisdom board game platform for young kids.


Photosynthesis Family Board Game

Photosynthesis Family Board Game


Motivate The Events

Supports 4 Players

  • Motivated from the event and procedure of photosynthesis
  • Up to 4 people can play this board game with advanced and basic rules
  • Full of knowledge and basic science concepts about plants to improve your skills
  • Learn about the life cycle of plants and trees with easy pickup instructions

Photosynthesis is one of the best board games for 10-year olds deliberately designed for science nerds. The gaming platform arranges the plants, trees, and greenery in a natural phenomenon.

  • Dimension: 3.5 ×8 × 11.8 in inches
  • Weight: 4 pounds

Learn And Grow: Now you kids will acquire the basic knowledge of plants along with the gaming experience as well. The playing rules are supportive with the compatibility for adults and parents to join with kids for assistance. Learn about the life cycle and rebirth of plants & trees with the basic concept of photosynthesis.

Easy To Play: The players will have to manage the plant cards and get the light points for the victory. As the game theme is a quiet environment friendly with no basic person-to-person competition, you just have to gain the skills.

  • Award-wining and knowledgeable gaming platform
  • Plant rebirth mechanism is also added in the basic theme
  • All range of ages can play this board game with interesting rules
  • It will help your kid gaining modern era information
  • Complete range of accessories with direct instructions book

  • Yet not found any

Our Take: A complete package of the mind-building game set for growing kids with interesting knowledgeable criteria imposed.

FAQ Regarding Best Board Games For 10-Year Olds

Q. Can adults also play these board games?

These board games are preferably designed for mid-range kids starting from 8+ and normally 10. Well, the manufacturers have designed the storyline with flexibility and age-compatible criteria for the adults and parents as well. Even the parents can join with the kids to assist them with game rules and directions.

Q. How many people can play these games?

All of these board games are compatible to play along with multiplayer with a wide range of selections. Most of the enlisted board games have supportive criteria for around 4 to 5 players to join at a time. And they can have a teaming and competition mode with learning skills as well.

Q. Is it difficult to play these games for the early ages of kids?

Well, no, these board games are designed with a cooperative storyline along with an easy instruction guide. That will assist the players with gaming rules and tips, as well as advanced rules for parents, are also featured.

Best Board Games For 10-Year Olds | Quick Comparison

Infographics: Best Board Games For 10-Year Olds

Our Recommendation:

Our 1st recommendation is Family adventure Board Game “CATAN” as the best board game for 9 12-year-olds. Here you can learn trading skills and collect the maximum victory point to compete with the opponents. Withal, our 2nd recommendation is The Labyrinth Family Game for Age 7 and up as the best 4 player board game. The player will have to choose the right path of the maze for reaching the end, be quick and sharp according to the situation.


So now we can conclude that these are the best board games for 10-year olds, also beneficial for growing kids. Mind-building strategies are featured in the game set with easy and assistive criteria. Plus, the multiplayer compatibility has a range of 5 to 6 people to play together along with adults and kids.

The virtual simulation and learning themes of these board games will also broaden the mind and enhance the knowledge of kids. And luckily, these games come with easy gaming rules and instruction books to direct you with the criteria.

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