7 Best Table Tennis Shoes For All Skill Levels Dec 2023 Updated

Are you looking for the best table tennis shoe pair? Well, you’ve come to the exact place as this article is all about the best table tennis shoes for all skill levels. These shoe pairs make an excellent choice for table tennis games and even outdoor ventures.

These best table tennis shoes offer excellent resistivity and durability in most cases. You can perform all significant physical activities without facing trouble. Besides, most of these shoes offer breathability for the feet, so they remain dry throughout. So, these shoes are for everyone no matter what they are trying to achieve.

Best Table Tennis Shoes

Besides, different shoes offer different qualities for all consumers. So, you must demonstrate your skill level before considering any shoe pair for the purchase. That way, you will secure the right purchase and will not face hassle in the future.

Best Table Tennis Shoes | Editorial Pick

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ASICS Upcourt 4

ASICS Men's Upcourt 4 Court Shoes

  • Rubber Gumsole
  • Very Lightweight
  • Synthetic Mesh



Honnesserry Sneakers

Honnesserry Men's Fashion Sneakers

  • Sturdy Rubber Sole
  • Knitted Layer
  • Non-Slip Blade



K-Swiss Court Express

K-Swiss Men's Court Express Tennis Shoe

  • Leather Upper
  • Rubber Outsole
  • Better Flexibility

Best Table Tennis Shoes | Detailed Reviews

We have recently reviewed the top-rated table tennis paddles and also the highest-selling table tennis balls. But you also need a great pair of shoes to deliver optimum performance in table tennis. And here they are!


ASICS Men’s Upcourt 4 Court Shoes

ASICS Men's Upcourt 4 Court Shoes


Rubber Gumsole

Very Lightweight

  • Features rubber Gumsole offering better resistivity and traction
  • Bring a very lightweight and comfortable construction
  • Incorporates a synthetic and mesh construction
  • Undeniable walking comfort with breathable mesh

ASICS Store has introduced this one of the best table tennis shoes featuring synthetic and mesh construction. The quality rubber sole brings walking comfort to another level.

In addition, the lightweight, durable built promotes the longevity of these tennis shoes. If you have outdoor table tennis tops, you can also comfortably wear them to play outdoor.


  • Colors: black & white
  • Sizes: 7 to 15
  • Material: Synthetic Leather & Mesh Upper
  • Sole: rubber sole
  • Best For: indoor courts

Best At Everything: This table tennis shoe pair is a solid fusion of lightweight design and flexibility that excels. Players can quickly run and walk with the sole that adapts to most foot shapes. Therefore, this shoe pair supports an excellent comfort that carries throughout the usage.

Construction: Its construction is one of the key selling points of the shoe. The shoe features a synthetic leather overlay promoting sublime stability even on an uneven or rugged surface. Besides, the rubber sole keeps the base of the shoe secure. So, the construction gets all marks for its durability.

Comfort That Excels: You can’t walk or play properly without having a comfortable pair of shoes. That is no longer a problem when you have these shoes featuring breathable mesh construction. It lets the air blow through all parts of the shoe, making it comfortable.

Also, players will no longer suffer from foot sweating that has been a significant problem in summers.

Rubber Gum Sole: Players can now have excellent grip on most surfaces thanks to the rubber gum sole of this shoe. It also enhances the traction on the court area along with superior ground grip. Therefore, there’s no way that players can slip off through unbalancing.

  • Improved traction and grip
  • Breathable mesh comfort
  • Reasonable price
  • Lightweight and durable

  • Foot bottom is exposed to impacts
  • Offers stiff feel

Our Take: A comfortable walking experience starts with this shoe pair using breathable mesh and synthetic leather construction.


Honnesserry Men’s Fashion Sneakers

Honnesserry Men's Fashion Sneakers


Stronger Protection

Breathable Knit Layers

  • It comes with a sturdy rubber sole bringing strong protection
  • The breathable knit layers creating brilliant foot comfort
  • Features a non-slip blade rubber outsole

Your wait for the comfortable outdoor walking experience is over with this shoe pair incorporating breathable knit layers. The durable rubber sole brings the flexibility in walking through different surfaces possible.

Moreover, the players will love its fashionable design. All you need is some pro-graded table tennis paddles and you are good to go!


  • Sizes: 7 to 13
  • Colors: 8 trendy colors
  • Sole: Rubber sole
  • Outsole: blade rubber outsole
  • Best For: all courts, walking, running, exercise, and more

Protection And Comfort Merged: The players feel safe playing with this shoe, offering an anti-kick design and elastic EVE for protection. It protects the ankle and bottom of the foot from getting hurt. On the flip side, the shoe develops a demanding comfort using its knit layers for pronounced breathability.

Breathable knit layers keep the feet dry even when the weather is hot. So, players are getting comfort and protection together.

Construction Components: Its sole blade design has to be the highlight here. The shoes also come with moisture-wicking insoles for better comfort. Moreover, the non-slip rubber soles are best when it comes to slip-resistant playability. That goes with abrasion-resistant and anti-twisting safety for most feet.

Players are also getting blade rubber outsole forming better protection for the feet. It plummets down the chances of hits and outside impacts.

Trendy: Most consumers are going to love this shoe graffiti’s stylish outlook. It brings many trendy color options to the table.

Easy To Slide In: There are no wearing troubles when you have this slip-on shoe design with strong shoelaces. So, these shoes are highly convenient when it comes to wearing and walking at the same time.

  • Trendy design and colors
  • Non-slip rubber blade
  • Breathable knit layers
  • Convenient shoe slide on design
  • Best budget-friendly shoes

  • Extremely flexible with no support feel
  • Opposite of slip-resistant

Our Take: These shoes make a solid option at the end of the day as they promote breathable knit layers and a non-slip rubber blade.


K-Swiss Men’s Court Express Tennis Shoe

K-Swiss Men's Court Express Tennis Shoe


Quality Leather Upper

Better Flexibility

  • It comes with a high-quality leather upper for comfort
  • Rubber outsole sustains the quality and offers protection against impacts
  • Better walking flexibility with the quality rubber sole
  • Brilliant foot adaptation with Polyurethane foam sock liner

Consider this shoe pair for your important table tennis matches as it features a durable rubber sole and leather upper. You will find catchy textile collar lining along with durable sock liner improving walking comfort.

Also, the CMEVA midsole brings the best walking experience possible. Just have some spin-friendly table tennis paddles on your side and you are ready to dominate the game.


  • Sizes: 7 to 14
  • Colors: Swedish Blue & white
  • Material: Leather Upper & Textile Collar Lining
  • Sole: Rubber sole
  • Midsole: CMEVA
  • Shaft Measurement: approx. low-top from arch
  • Best For: all courts

Comfortable Experience: Players have the freedom to play all day wearing these promising table tennis shoes. This shoe incorporates an original leather upper construction. So that brings the foot comfort to high standards. Also, your feet perform best with their flexible structure giving you relaxation and freedom to walk.

Solid Protection: There is no need to worry about getting your foot hurt with this exceptional shoe featuring a rubber outsole. That sole covers the overall structure of the shoe without promoting harshness to the foot. Furthermore, it protects feet against bumps and outside impacts.

Walking Brilliance: The rubber sole of this shoe is highly sturdy and flexible, giving an ergonomic shape to your feet. That provides players with a sublime walking experience in courts and even outside.

In the same way, the exceptional Polyurethane foam sock liner adapts to the foot shape. So, you can walk in the most uncertain environments without getting tired.

  • Protects against impacts
  • Adaptive to most foot shapes
  • Sustains quality for longer

  • Stitches often ripped off
  • Quality compromises

Our Take: This shoe pair is decent enough to hold most physical activities featuring Polyurethane foam sock liner and rubber sole.


Butterfly Table Tennis Shoes

Butterfly Table Tennis Shoes


Finest Grip Texture

Thinnest Midsole

  • It features a very strong sole that promotes fine ground grip texture
  • The promising thin midsole brings a comfortable walking experience
  • Comes in a range of colors and sizes

Develop great footwork by trying this one of the best table tennis shoes featuring excellent ground grip. This shoe has its toe covered, offering high-end safety for the foot bottom.

In addition, these shoes come with many catchy color options and sizes. All you need is some affordable table tennis tops and you are ready to play wearing this shoe.


  • Sizes: 4.5 to 12
  • Colors: 5 unique colors
  • Material: Synthetic
  • Sole: low profile rubber sole

Quality Rubber Sole: The rubber sole of this quality table tennis shoe has the best durability standard than most. It is designed to elevate better footwork that comes as a requirement of most table tennis players. Likewise, that also brings a better ground grip capability for the players struggling to balance properly.

Walk With Comfort: You are getting a high-quality midsole that is now thinner than ever. Despite its thin structure, the midsole still fills a gap between the base sole and the foot. It provides a brilliant sense of comfort that continues no matter where you go.

Besides, the lightweight design of this shoe features soft cushioning as well. So, every step of yours is cushioned, forming excellent walking comfort.

Protects What Matters: The toe of the shoe is covered with thick complementing materials offering more safety than before. So, players can carry themselves with great confidence.

More To Select: These table tennis shoes nail the rest in terms of the availability of color options. You can choose from a range of fancy color choices concerning this shoe pair. Also, the shoe is available in many sizes so that everyone can try these shoes.

  • Offers toe protection
  • Thin midsole for more comfort
  • Wide range of colors
  • Quality rubber sole
  • Moderate price

  • The bottom is too thin
  • Complains about uncomfortable fitting

Our Take: Take your table tennis game comfort to another level with this shoe pair offering quality rubber soles and comfortable midsole.


Blowind Insulation Men’s Tennis Shoes

Blowind Insulation Men's Tennis Shoes


Knitted Fabric Mesh

Breathable Cloth

  • Features knit fabric mesh uppers for better foot adaptability
  • It comes with an ankle guard preventing ankle injuries
  • Breathable vamp elastic cloth along with fashionable design
  • Anti-skid durable sole offering incredible foot support

You can wear these table tennis shoes for important matches as they offer lightweight, breathable elastic cloth. These shoes provide non-abrasive and non-slip functionality for the safest possible experience.

Also, the quality raised sole forms a better running experience that matters. You just need top-rated table tennis training sets with these shoes to yield the best performance while practicing.


  • Sizes: 8 to 12
  • Colors: 2 attractive colors
  • Weight: 1.4 lbs.
  • Sole: Fabric sole
  • Best For: all courts, running, fishing, exercise, and more

Brilliant Durability: This table tennis shoe features anti-skid durable sole offering flexible grooves. It promotes excellent strength to exalt the foot comfort overall. Moreover, its arch support offers a reliable, supportive stance for the midsole on this table tennis shoe.

Lightweight Profile: You don’t feel like you are wearing a running shoe with this shoe pair holding a super lightweight construction. So, players don’t feel tired even after hours of continuous activity.

Furthermore, its flat outsole can take on most types of trails for better performance.

Construction Components: All the components of this shoe are highly enhanced so that you get maximum foot comfort. There is a knit fabric mesh upper to develop a comfortable experience. Besides, players will get a convenient slide-on design to avoid trouble putting these shoes on.

Protective Walking: Elastia EVA durable bottom brings exceptional protection for every player. So, you can play and run with complete confidence.

A Professional Take On Shoes: Players can adapt to a professional table tennis experience using this shoe pair. These shoes have shock-absorption and non-slip functionality, improving professional playability standards. So, these shoes bring unique functionality for every player striving for perfection.

  • Reliable fabric sole
  • Supportive comfort with midsole
  • Lightweight, breathable vamp
  • A good value for money

  • Slightly thin profile

Our Take: Take on your important table tennis matches with this shoe pair offering fabric sole and durable Elastia EVA bottom covering.


Mizuno Unisex-Adult Table Tennis Shoe

Mizuno Unisex-Adult Table Tennis Shoe


100% Rubber Sole

Synthetic Mesh

  • It comes with authentic synthetic mesh construction
  • Featuring a 100% rubber sole offering a brilliant walking experience
  • Bringing a very trendy design

Experience the best foot comfort with these table tennis shoes featuring synthetic mesh construction. These shoes also contain a highly durable rubber sole upbringing walking flexibility.

Moreover, the shoes have an attractive design offering an appealing look. Just have some high-quality table tennis balls for beginners and start practicing.


  • Available Sizes: 7.5 to 13
  • Color: white
  • Material: 100% Synthetic
  • Sole: Rubber sole
  • Best For: all courts

Comfortable Experience: This shoe has an incredible synthetic mesh construction. These materials form a stretchable profile so your feet can feel comfortable everywhere. Likely, the flexible shape makes it easier for your foot to stay on top of the game.

100% Rubber Sole: Rubber sole makes a presence in these table tennis shoes. The rubber sole creates a durable base to walk with. Also, it is highly flexible so that players can walk with incredible comfort overall.

Trendy Design: The shoes come with a trendy design and appealing colors. Every borderline and intersection has excellent detailing making it a catchy object to look at.

Rubber Toe: You are getting superior protection on the bottom of the shoe. That protects against the outside impacts so players can go out with peace of mind. Also, you will stay protected against foot injuries by undermining damage of impacts.

For Most Outdoor Activities: Most outdoor activities demand better walking comfort that this shoe pair provides. You can trust this shoe pair for important table tennis matches for better performance overall. Besides, you can always wear them going out for different footwork activities.

  • Trendy design
  • Solid rubber sole
  • Synthetic mesh construction
  • Protective rubber toe

  • Available in only one color

Our Take: Get excellent footwork wearing these table tennis shoes featuring rubber soles and synthetic construction.


Young FUTURE01 Indoor Court Professional Sports Shoe

Young FUTURE01 Indoor Court Professional Sports Shoe


Elastomer Sole

KPU Technology

  • Comes with promising Thermoplastic Elastomers sole
  • Offers KPU technology along with air mesh
  • It has a Y-Energy Tech insole
  • The carbon glass shake plate offers rigidity
  • It has an anti-slip, non-marking rubber outsole

Become a superior table tennis player with these shoes offering a 4-layer shoe base. It comes with advanced KPU and Y-Energy technology offering brilliant comfort and performance.

Moreover, the players feel sublime rigidity with its carbon glass shank plate. Just have some high-quality table tennis paddle sets and you are good to go!


  • Sizes: 7.5 to 11
  • Colors: 3 stylish colors
  • Sole: Thermoplastic Elastomers sole
  • Midsole: EVA midsole
  • Insole Diameter: 5 mm
  • Best For: all courts

Superior Technology: It comes with an upper construction KPU technology along with air mesh material offering better breathability. That has a significant impact on the performance. In addition, the TPU injected frame provides the best foot control on top of everything.

Y-Energy Tech Insole: It has this incredible 5 mm insole for the forefoot, providing excellent cushioning. It absorbs damping and vibrations so players can walk with excellent stability. Besides, the bounce-back energy has been enhanced so you can get stable footwork in important table tennis matches.

Double Foam EVA Midsole: The carbon glass shank plate on this shoe pair brings solid rigidity for added comfort. The shoe also has a double foam EVA midsole with a lightweight profile for a better walking experience.

Anti-Slip Technology: Players sense a remarkably safe walking experience with this one of the best table tennis shoes. The anti-slip, non-marking rubber outsole marks an incredible experience for most outdoor activities.

No More Foot Pain: There is no concept of foot fatigue with this shoe featuring a 4-layer shoe base. These layers promote better foot comfort, so you no longer experience pain.

  • Flexible Thermoplastic Elastomers sole
  • Premium foot cushioning
  • Anti-slip technology
  • Stable walking experience

  • Complains about sizes

Our Take: These table tennis shoes bring anti-slip technology and flexible Elastomers sole forming stable walking comfort.

FAQ Regarding Best Table Tennis Shoes

Q. Which shoes are best for table tennis?

ASICS Men’s Upcourt 4 Court Shoes, Butterfly Table Tennis Shoes, and Mizuno Unisex-Adult Table Tennis Shoes are the best that gives protection to your feet. Further, these shoes give a better playing experience.

Q. Are table tennis shoes worth it?

Table tennis shoes are great for intermediate to pro players who have good footwork. Moving between shots should be more fluid, changing directions should be more accessible, and overall, the feeling of being lighter should be more dominant. In addition to this, playing better is liable to be able to move better.

Q. Can you wear tennis shoes for table tennis?

Usually, table tennis players ask if they can wear squash or tennis shoes instead of table tennis shoes. But we would not recommend you wear these types of shoes for playing modern table tennis, as these are not specifically made for the demanding nature of the game and are not able to provide you the maximum comfort while playing.

Q. Are table tennis shoes non-marking?

Yes, non-marking and it will not be left any black scratch marks on the floor. It is hard to stop when moving when the shoe has a side lump. High-performance table tennis shoes are what these shoes are.

Best Table Tennis Shoes | Quick Comparison

Best Table Tennis Shoes - Infographics
Infographics: Best Table Tennis Shoes

Our Recommendation

Our 1st recommendation is K-Swiss Men’s court express tennis shoes as the most advanced offering. The Polyurethane foam sock liner offers excellent foot comfort. Besides, the textile collar lining brings better styling functionality.

Also, our 2nd recommendation is Blowind breathable and lightweight men’s tennis shoes as the most accessible choice. The breathable elastic cloth offers the best foot comfort possible in affordable shoe pair.


So, here was our article about the best table tennis shoes that you can currently get. All these table tennis shoes bring brilliant construction technologies and foot comfort altogether. Also, the pricing of each product is different, so you may want to check your likings and disliking.

These shoes are highly adaptive, so you can walk on all sorts of surfaces with great feasibility. Additionally, players are getting lasting protection with most of these mentioned options. Lastly, thoroughly read every product and then consider purchasing for the safest possible experience.

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