7 Best Table Tennis Balls For Beginners | 2023 Updates

Are you looking for a pack of promising table tennis balls? Today we discuss the best table tennis balls for beginners in detail. These balls offer great value for your money with better playability and design.

The players are going to experience a better construction prolonging the life of these balls. Additionally, the balls feature professional construction promoting standard size and diameter. This makes up for a great bouncing capacity that goes to every player’s advantage.

Best Table Tennis Balls For Beginners This Year

Moreover, the buyers must expect exceptions in the design and performance of the offering. Some packs come at a high price tag while others at moderate. Lastly, you will have to specify your requirements and select the best table tennis balls for beginners accordingly.

Best Table Tennis Balls For Beginners | Editorial Pick

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KEVENZ 60-Pack 3 Star

KEVENZ 60-Pack 3 Star Ping Pong Balls

  • 60 Orange Balls
  • Premium Quality
  • Very Lightweight



JOOLA Training 3 Star

JOOLA Training 3 Star Table Tennis Balls

  • 40MM Round Shape
  • Excellent Bounce
  • Durable Structure



MAPOL 50-Pack Orange

MAPOL 50- Pack Orange 3-Star Premium Ping Pong Balls

  • Purposeful Design
  • 40MM Construction
  • 50 Premium Balls

Best Table Tennis Balls For Beginners | Detailed Reviews

We have recently reviewed the best ping pong paddle sets and the best rubbers for table tennis paddles. But yes, this saga will remain incomplete without mentioning the best balls for beginners in table tennis. So, here they are!


KEVENZ 60-Pack 3 Star Ping Pong Balls

KEVENZ 60-Pack 3 Star Ping Pong Balls


60 Premium Balls

Excellent Durability

  • Includes 3 stars, 60 orange balls
  • Promotes excellent durability and consistent bounce
  • Has regulation weight 2.75 g sustaining its profile when playing
  • It comes with a regulation size of 40 mm for better spin

This KEVENZ is a 3-star ping pong ball for your table tennis training sessions. The balls offer highly consistent bounce and spinning functionality.

In addition, these balls are made out of durable materials offering a quality assurance which makes them the best table tennis balls for beginners. Needless to say, you can use this as the ping pong tournament balls too.


  • Ball Thickness: 0.86 mm
  • Ball Size: 40 mm
  • Total Balls: 60
  • Grade: 3 stars
  • Color: orange
  • Weight: 0.12 kg

Regulation Weight And Size: These table tennis balls value your purchase with both regulation weight and size. The balls measure at 2.75g weight that pronounces their presence in every match or a training session. In addition, its regulation size gives it a decent weight to improve momentum while giving a better striking feel.

On the flip side, the regulation 40 mm size brings better spinning functionality. This makes it great to improve your playing tactics.

Sturdy Enough: The table tennis balls need to have a sturdy profile for long life. Therefore, these balls are tested and ensure a highly durable experience overall. The balls feature 0.86 mm thickness that is incredible for the durability they are offering.

Precision: Every ball has gone through advanced processing and detailing. Each ball is built and perfected from every possible angle. This results in the most promising table tennis game possible. Further, the materials hold great even after long-term usage.

Great Value: Fortunately, the balls offer you the best value for your money. They have the best balance whenever put to the test. Also, you get fabulous game control.

  • Long-lasting construction
  • Enhanced spin
  • Regulation size
  • Budget-friendly set

  • Complains about heavyweight
  • Lack bounce

Our Take: Start your table tennis game with these promising balls offering solid durability and regulation size.


JOOLA Training 3 Star Table Tennis Balls

JOOLA Training 3 Star Table Tennis Balls


40MM Standard Balls

Lightweight & Durable

  • Ideal 40 mm balls come in a range of options
  • Excellent bounce with 0.86 mm thickness and 2.7 g construction
  • It offers a lightweight and durable experience to players

Get a quality table tennis experience with this ball set coming in different options to choose from. The high-quality plastic construction makes them resilient, promoting longer playability.

Also, the lightweight and balanced design improve your table tennis experience overall. You can also comfortably use it with some high-quality ping pong robots for training.


  • Ball Thickness: 0.86 mm
  • Ball Size: 40 mm
  • Total Balls: 12
  • Grade: 3 stars
  • Available Colors: Orange & white
  • Weight: 2.7 g

ITTF Regulation Size And Weight: These balls hold ITTF regulation size done on precise parameters. You are getting an official 0.86 mm thickness on these table tennis balls. Furthermore, the weight is 2.7 g which is perfect for conducting a professional table tennis game.

Construction: The balls feature a 40 mm size with a 3-star rating for you to practice harder. Also, the high-quality plastic construction ensures a brilliant life for the product.

Moreover, players are not going to experience denting or ball bending issues. This makes up for the best possible construction on a table tennis ball.

Unmatchable Experience: Spinning and bouncing are the advantages of these table tennis balls. Every shot holds excellent value and spinning dimensions. The spinning has been highly improved with its solid construction on ITTF parameters.

More Options: The JOOLA training balls pack comes in different capacities and color options. You can choose from the capacity of 60, 12, and 120 balls in one package. On the flip side, the players can select from white or orange color options.

This provides a wonderful opportunity for the players to get personal with their requirements.

  • ITTF regulation standards
  • High-quality plastic construction
  • Varying balls capacity
  • Best for professionals

  • Cracks after a few matches
  • Not quite spherical

Our Take: Exalt your table tennis skills with these balls, promoting ITTF regulation standards and high-quality bounce.


MAPOL 50- Pack Orange 3-Star Premium Ping Pong Balls

MAPOL 50- Pack Orange 3-Star Premium Ping Pong Balls


Better Bounce

Premium Quality Balls

  • Purposeful design for better bouncing functionality
  • It comes with a standard 40 mm construction for more spin
  • Includes 50 premium balls for the better purchase value

Play premium with this one of the best table tennis balls for beginners, offering stable bounce. They acquire a table tennis ball with a signature orange design for better playing functionality.

Besides, the standard 40 mm construction ensures better bouncing functionality overall. Just have some budget ping pong tables under $300 and start practicing with these balls.


  • Ball Size: 40.1 – 40.25 mm
  • Total Balls: 50
  • Grade: 3 stars
  • Color: orange
  • Weight: 2.7 – 2.85 g
  • Age Recommendations: Adults

More Spin: There is a great probability of better ball spinning on each strike. Plus, these balls come with 40mm standard size construction. This construction holds great importance in upbringing the spin quality in the balls. So, experience more spin with these promising table tennis balls.

Better Design: The players see significant improvements in the design of these promising table tennis balls. There are improvements in the bouncing functionality of these balls. So you can become a better player on the field.

All Value For Your Money: Design and construction are the key elements of a table tennis ball. So, these balls feature premium build quality that offers prime life to these balls.

Additionally, there are 50 balls in the package, so you always have more whenever needed.

  • Premium design
  • Lasting performance
  • Great value for the money
  • It offers more power

  • Promotes cracking sounds
  • Lighter than standard weight

Our Take: Experience the best of table tennis games with these balls featuring a solid design and commendable control in the game.


PRO SPIN White 3-Star 40+ Table Tennis Balls

PRO SPIN White 3-Star 40+ Table Tennis Balls


Enhanced Accuracy

Unmatched Bouncing

  • It helps to increase the accuracy and precision of shots
  • Made with the most durable and reliable poly plastic material
  • It creates a consistent and nonstop bouncing scenario
  • Best choice for competitions and family fun matches

Get your shots to the level of perfection with these durable table tennis balls. These balls are joining the gaming session with a poly plastic assembly to deliver endless gameplay.

Furthermore, these balls help to increase the bouncing ability in shots to have a perplexing and thrilling match. Have some table tennis conversion tops on your side to start practicing with these balls.


  • Ball Size: 40 mm
  • Total Balls: 24
  • Grade: 3 stars
  • Available Colors: white & orange
  • Weight: 2.7 g
  • Age Recommendations: Adults

Bouncing Skill: In these balls, the poly plastic construction deals with the bouncing skills at their peak to improve your game with better engagements. Table tennis is a game where developing your bouncing skill is the essential part. That is why it is necessary to use a ball that has the better bouncing ability.

Spin And Control: These three-star table tennis balls are delivering the best spin and control feature for smooth strategies. The exceptional weight is leading you to control the ball according to your desire.

Durable Construction: The poly plastic manufacturing of these balls is making them long-time runners. Hard hits and rough shoots don’t affect their quality.

Family Competitions: Leading professional players, as well as these balls, are the best choice for family plays. Children can also enjoy the exciting effects of table tennis with these poly plastic designed balls.

  • It comes with a moneyback warranty
  • Great for adults
  • Add extraordinary spin
  • Double your controlling skill

  • Packaging is not good
  • A bit pricey

Our Take: A set of table tennis balls featuring consistency and shot bouncing skills and durable construction is an excellent choice for family gaming.


Butterfly G40+ White Ping Pong Ball

Butterfly G40+ White Ping Pong Ball


ITTF & USATT Approved

Extra Assisted Bounce

  • Officially known as a tournament level ball
  • Approved by ITTF and USATT for professional-level gaming
  • Very thick balls that add extra bounce in shots
  • Dimensions and size are regular as an international ping pong ball

These ITTF and USATT balls are looking forward to improving your table tennis playing strategies to an extreme level. It is because of their thickest layer construction, and these balls are the most durable set in the market.

Additionally, they help to promote your bouncing skill to the maximum level with adding precision. You can have some affordable table tennis tables on your side to start playing with these balls.


  • Ball Size: 40 mm
  • Total Balls: 3
  • Material: plastic
  • Grade: 3 stars
  • Color: white
  • Weight: 0.63 oz

ITTF Approvement: The superior versatility of these balls is because of this ITTF and USATT authorization. This authenticity is especially making these balls compatible with professional ITTF associated tournaments. In addition, this feature has gained a significant position among professional table tennis players.

Regular Size: Many of the features are making these balls compatible and suitable for professional gaming. At the top of the list, the dimensions and size of these balls are the most eye-catching feature. Besides, a 40 mm ball from this set is free to use in a professional tournament or an international table tennis match.

Bouncing Quality: These balls have got extra bounce specs because of their exceptional size, the balanced weight, proper round shape, and plastic formation. Moreover, these balls got an extraordinary bounce on the table just because of the bouncy material construction.

Durable Design: As we all know; kids use a free and rough hand while approaching something. That is why the manufacturers have made these balls with the firmest plastic to have zero worrying play.

  • Everlasting plastic construction
  • Durable white color finishing
  • Increase shot bouncing skill

  • Pricey as compared to others

Our Take: ITTF and USATT authorized table tennis balls, adding the thickest material construction that is helping you to double your bouncing skills.


Nittaku 3-Star Premium 40+ Table Tennis Balls

Nittaku 3-Star Premium 40+ Table Tennis Balls


Long-Lasting And Durable

Classical & Perfect Design

  • It has a classical and most perfect round shape restricting all edges
  • ITTF approvements allow you to play on a professional tournament level
  • Lightweight balls make carrying comfier and more relaxing
  • Durable, long-lasting, and strong design balls

Feel the class of table tennis shots playing with these Best Table Tennis Balls for Beginners. Manufacturers have developed them with a lightweight material to ease kids carrying difficulty.

Moreover, the authentication by ITTF and USATT is making these balls compatible for tournament play. You can club it with some high-quality spin table tennis paddles to get the best performance.


  • Ball Size: 40 mm
  • Total Balls:3
  • Material: plastic
  • Grade: 3 stars
  • Color: white
  • Weight: 0.11 lbs.
  • Age Range: Adult

Perfect Round Shape: Some of the balls are not that round and get extraordinary action that sometimes results in a loss of point. But, talking about these balls, it is tested that there is zero flex in the sharpness and edges. Thus, playing with these hundred percent round balls will give you the gameplay of your choice.

Lightweight: There are many Table Tennis balls that are heavyweight and are challenging to carry. That is the reason why the Nikattu company is bringing lightweight balls that are easy to maintain. Also, bending these feathery weight balls to a particular point is more straightforward.

Tournament Level Gaming: Adding up versatility, now you can use these balls in tournaments and professional plays. This prominence is because of the ITTF authentication of these balls. Even the manufacturing quality is sturdy, making the balls easy to fit in for all types of matches.

Firm Quality Plastic: This plastic used in the development and assembly of these balls is of high quality. Playing hard shots doesn’t affect the life of these balls. So, you can create hard strikes without worrying about the quality.

  • USATT authorized balls
  • Used in US open
  • Made with the best plastic

  • Sometimes got unusual bounces
  • Balls turn wobbly

Our Take: Lightweight and easy-to-carry table tennis balls make your ball controlling more easily with the round shape together with a durable plastic formation.


XCLOHAS 2.8g D40+mm 3 Star ABS Plastic Ping Pong Ball

XCLOHAS 2.8g D40+mm 3 Star ABS Plastic Ping Pong Ball


100% ABS Plastic

Environment Friendly

  • Nonflammability and no smelly odor make them all environment friendly
  • An excellent choice for professional and tournament ping pong matches
  • Made with 100% ABS plastic for increasing the durability
  • These balls help to improve your shot seaming skills with accuracy

One of the best sets of balls for table tennis that is coming with all professional features. These are formed with completely durable ABS plastic to promote a lifetime guaranteed gameplay.

Furthermore, they add many features like nonflammability, zero awful smell, and celluloid-free material for versatility in all. Just club it with some premium quality table tennis paddles to get unmatched performance.


  • Ball Size: 40 mm
  • Total Balls: 100
  • Material: ABS plastic
  • Grade: 3 stars
  • Available Colors: Orange & white
  • Weight: 2.7 – 2.8g

Environment Friendly: In outdoor matches, you may see different variations in the weather. It is difficult for a ball to keep its reliability and smoothness at its best in those conditions. The company has designed these balls with an environment-friendly facility to play in summer, winter, and typical scenarios with the same accuracy.

Exciting Features: No balls can beat the environmental business of these balls. These balls promote zero smelly odor and nonflammability to keep your gameplay healthy. Meanwhile, the flexible surface and the handy design will also deliver your spot’s professional gaming experience.

Hundred Percent Plastic: These balls are coming with zero addition of any material except plastic. Surprisingly, these balls are constructed with the most durable ABS plastic material. This ABS plastic making is improvising the life of these balls to the lifetime.

Seaming Skill: The round shapes balls are gaining a seaming feature for shots. Playing with these smoothly structured balls allows you to play seam shots of your will.

Cashback: In case of any quality loss or packaging damage, you can get your cashback from the company.

  • 30 days cashback guarantee
  • Create extra bounce in shots
  • Designed with the roundest shape
  • Celluloid free structure

  • Not suitable for professionals

Our Take: A celluloid-free set of balls made with the best ABS plastic adds extra seaming effects in your shots with double accuracy and dual control.

FAQ Regarding Best Table Tennis Balls For Beginners

Q. What does 40+ ping pong balls mean?

Balls that come with 40+ have a more considerable size tolerance because the ITTF allowed and approved balls with a bigger size tolerance when they made plastic balls legal for competition. And Celluloid balls measure 39.6 mm, while plastic balls measure about 40.2 mm, around 0.5 mm bigger than celluloid balls.

Q. Are all table tennis balls the same?

There are different types of table tennis balls, and the different companies offer different sizes. Additionally, you can select from many different options according to your need.

Q. What is the difference between orange and white ping pong balls?

Typically, orange or white ping pong balls are used for table tennis games. Beginners can observe an orange ball more easily as compared to a white ball as the orange color is more visible and brighter. Plus, the orange balls used in practice might also catch your attention.

Best Table Tennis Balls For Beginners | Quick Comparison

Best Table Tennis Balls For Beginners - Infographics
Infographics: Best Table Tennis Balls For Beginners

Our Recommendation

Our 1st recommendation is Butterfly G40+ table tennis balls as the most premium option. These balls offer consistent bouncing thanks to the regulation size. In addition, you can use them for tournament matches courtesy of ITTF and USATT certification.

And then, our 2nd recommendation is JOOLA training 3-star table tennis balls as the most accessible option from all. They feature superior quality construction and better spinning functionality. Also, regulation size makes them fitting for most table tennis events.


There’s no doubt that the above-discussed balls are the best table tennis balls for beginners. All above ball sets promise great quality assurance and lasting performance to the keen players. These balls target all domains of this popular sport.

There are enhancements in terms of design elements for better playability overall. You can either choose them for your practice sessions or the crucial matches. In the end, each ball set serves differently depending upon your needs. So, you must choose wisely to secure your purchase.

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