7 Best Ping Pong Balls for Tournaments 2023 – December Updated

Are you seeking professionally designed ping pong balls for tournaments? Don’t look further and get the best set of ping pong balls for tested and evenly structured matches. These balls feature standard sizing and a smooth surface exterior for the perfect striking of the ball.

Moreover, the thickness of diameter from left to right thoroughly of each ball has been verified that will improve the bouncy impact. And, of course, tournament-level gaming will be more fun when you have full control over the aligned shots.

Best Ping Pong Balls for Tournaments

The 40-mm sizing will make sure you get enough coverage on the ball. In the meantime, the 3-star balls come in bulk variations in color and texture quality for you to choose from.

Ping Pong Balls for Tournaments | Editorial Pick

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KEVENZ 60-Pack

KEVENZ 60-Pack 3 Star Ping Pong Balls

  • 60 Balls
  • Tough Surface
  • Vibrant Color



JOOLA Training

JOOLA Training 3 Star Table Tennis Balls

  • ITTF Approved
  • Lightweight
  • Perfect Thickness




PRO SPIN Ping Pong Balls

  • Better Spin
  • Seamless Features
  • Smallest Size

Ping Pong Balls for Tournaments | Full Ranking

You must have already liked our detailed review of the best table tennis balls to try this year in general. But now, it’s time for some specialized ball that can deliver unmatched performance in the tournaments.


KEVENZ 60-Pack 3 Star Ping Pong Balls

KEVENZ 60-Pack 3 Star Ping Pong Balls


Better Spin

Unmatched Durability

  • The spinning range has been increased here that will let you have swifty cuts and aligned shots
  • 60 ping pong balls in orange color have been included in the package featuring a tested shape and weight
  • The sturdy and tough playing surface of the ping pong ball will resist the damages during the hard strikes

Verified and tested for versatile playing compatibility, KEVENZ presents the bulk of ping pong ball sets. The even structure with a balance maintained from the bottom to the exterior surface will extend the bouncy impact in the ball.

You can feel a slight size difference and more control rate as compared with the usual. Just club it with some great ping pong paddles to dominate the tournament.


  • Item Dimensions: 27.00 x 7.00 x 23.00 cm
  • Weight: 0.37 lbs.
  • Available Color: orange & white
  • of Balls: 60
  • Sport Type: Table Tennis
  • Age Recommendations: 18+

Balanced Weight: A slight extension in size varies, so the weight of 2.75 g will evenly sustain the exterior smoothness and toughness of the ball. Therefore, your ball will never miss the position while traveling toward the opponent in the given direction.

Controlling Impact: Due to the firm grip covering of the exterior surface, these balls possess an additional control rate for the players. You can play the shot in any direction with a proper covering space because of the larger size. The hit ball will be placed in a controlled direction without any changes.

Standard Thickness: Each of the given balls has a measured 0.86 mm thickness throughout the body structure. The hemisphere from every side will let you experience the aligned placement of the exterior.

40+ mm Sizing Structure: As compared with the usual ball size, which is 38 mm, you can get a plus point here with the variation in size impact. That will extend the covering space of the ball while striking with the paddle along with more balancing throughout the path.

  • Smooth and firm body structure with no cracks
  • Compatible for beginners and tournament level gaming platform
  • 3-star ping pong balls with swift and bounce surface

  • Produce a crack sound while hitting
  • Misplaced log color on few included balls
  • Bouncing impact is not the same as mentioned

Our Take: A pack of 60 ping pong 3-star balls with 40+ mm size and 0.86 mm thickness possesses a smooth control rate as one of the best ping pong balls for tournaments.


JOOLA Training 3 Star Table Tennis Balls

JOOLA Training 3 Star Table Tennis Balls


ITTF Approved

Tri-Folding Design

  • They have a 40 mm diameter approved tournament size by ITTF
  • Lightweight manufacturing of these ball offers the player an easy handling
  • These Smooth-surfaced balls, when hit the ground they create more bounce
  • It comes with an exact 0.86 mm tournament ball thickness

Get the perfectly round and lightweight balls for an exciting ping pong match. The international table tennis federation authorizes these balls for their size and quality.

Plus, the balls are made by The Joola company, those are internationally providing quality featured products.


  • Item Diameter: 40 Millimeters
  • Weight: 0.05 lbs.
  • Available Color: orange & white
  • Of Balls: 12, 60, or 120 packs are available
  • Material: plastic
  • Sport Type: Table Tennis
  • Age Recommendations: adults

Improves Rigidness: This feature full ping pong ball has a thick layer of plastic that works on the rigidity factor. This layer offers the ball to bend where ever you want to. Also, these balls increase speed and control by adding power to the shot.

Increases The Pace: A smooth surface ping pong ball that escalates the speed of the ball up to 100 mph. There is a layer of rubber inside the layer of creates more bounce in the ball, which leads to extra pace. Playing pace hits with these balls will amuse your opponent and lead you toward victory.

ITTF Approved Size: Joola is providing high-quality and standard class products for sixty years. These ping pong balls have been stamped by the International table tennis federation. If we talk about the size of the ball, it has a classical and internationally authorized size that is used in international ping pong events.

Lightweight: Carrying these balls is not a problem because they have got very lightweight from the company for easy playing.

  • Available in both orange and white color
  • They don’t have any veer because the consistent rolling
  • Joola has wholly followed the international rules for the ball’s perfect 2.7 grams weight
  • Indoor and outdoor compatibility
  • The price tag is moderate

  • It can get cracks with hard shots
  • The center of gravity is not evenly placed

Our Take: A lightweight ball approved by ITTF as well as compatible for both indoor and outdoor. Play sharp and pacy hits with these sturdy, long-lasting balls that come to you at an accessible price tag.


PRO SPIN Ping Pong Balls

PRO SPIN Ping Pong Balls


Incredible Spin

Better Power

  • Creates incredible spin after hitting the surface of the paddle
  • There is a seamless feature in these balls that stop the seam when it strikes the ground
  • Made with superior quality plastic providing a heavy-duty for years
  • Lightweight and small size balls easy to carry by the kids

Your old ping pong balls are not providing the proper spin to the shot, then get these super balls to improve the spinning factor.

Feel the official size of a tournament ping pong ball with lightweight seamless construction. Enhance your shots by having more accuracy and pace provided by these balls.


  • Item Diameter: 40 mm
  • Weight: 2.7 g
  • Available Color: orange & white
  • Of Balls: 12or 24 pack is available
  • Material: ABS
  • Age Recommendations: adults

Boost Up Gaming Level: These balls are the ultimate champion in all aspects of gaming constructed with a polished layer of premium quality plastic. The smooth surface of these ping pong balls offers you to hit with a soft flick to the ball with zero power.

These balls react fast with all surface generating spin, speed, and pace that helps you increase your gaming strategies.

Very Durable: It is approved by all the buyers that these ping pong balls’ performance is outstanding. All the material used in the manufacturing is chosen from the finest, and it is assembled to perfection.

Money-Back Guarantee: This set of balls comes with a money-back guarantee of a year, making sure for the customer’s comfort. If something has happened with your balls, you can replace them or get your cashback before a year.

What is in the box? This package of ping pong balls comes along with twelve three-star white-colored top-quality balls.

  • This ball pack comes with a hundred percent money-back guarantee for a year
  • Save twenty percent of your cash per ball by buying this set
  • It gives lots of spins
  • Authorized 40 mm tournament size balls

  • These balls are not seamless, as mentioned

Our Take: These standard-size tournament playing balls increase the pace up to a hundred miles per hour. Further, the company offers a money-back guarantee in case you are not satisfied or liked the balls.


Butterfly G40+ Table Tennis Balls

Butterfly G40+ Table Tennis Balls


Official Ball

Unmatched Spin

  • These balls are used in the ping pong world cup played in Canada in 2015 and 2018
  • Lightweight manufactured ping pong ball for comfortable and cozy handling
  • Create a great amount of spin in the shot that perplex your opponent
  • Whether the ground is smooth or steeper, it adds bounce to the hit

Buy a smooth-surfaced bounce-making ball to improve your ping pong gaming to the next level. They have got an approval tag from the international table tennis federation for their tournament-required qualities.

Moreover, that factor will provide your shot more pace and spin with extra bounce increasing your chances of victory.


  • Weight: 2.7 g
  • Material: plastic
  • Color: white
  • Of Balls: 3 or 12 pack is available

Play Controlled Shots: These ping pong balls now have an upgraded action controlling skill. The weight of these balls is flawless that helps to cease them from moving in the air. This perfect weight of the ball offers you to tend the ball where ever you want it to.

Professional Balls: All the needs of a ping pong player are completely filled in these classical smooth surface balls. They help out to add extra spin, consistency, and pace required by the professional. All these quality features make these balls professional and appealing.

Easy To Carry: It is no more problem for small kids how to handle these ping pong balls. These balls are known in the market for hassle-free carrying features. They have a feathery weight which is effortless to carry. This set of balls comes in a tower-shaped pack that provides you comfortable traveling.

  • Made in Germany with the best plastic for a promising performance
  • Approved international tournament size and weight
  • An ultimate round shape for adding more pace
  • Durable and long-lasting ball

  • The surface has few cuts in the design
  • A bit pricey

Our Take: These balls are used in international events for their best quality which offers long duty for years with the improved spinning feature.


MAPOL 100 Pack White 3-Star Table Tennis Balls

MAPOL 100 Pack White 3-Star Table Tennis Balls


Sturdy Plastic

Thick Plastic

  • The balls are made of sturdy plastic, so you don’t need to worry about cracking and breaking
  • All the hundred balls have three-star quality for maintaining tournament requirement
  • These ping pong balls make you play consistent bouncy shots
  • 87 mm thick layer of plastic increases the durability

Playing with these balls will advance the bounce and speed level to perfection. These best ping pong balls for tournaments are processed by an international registered trademark store of Mapol.

The most durable and long-lasting balls come to you with a payback guarantee of one month.


  • Ball Diameter: 40.1 – 40.25 mm
  • Weight: 2.7 – 2.85 g
  • Color: white
  • Of Balls: 100
  • Material: plastic
  • Age Recommendations: 18+

Best Spin Creating Balls: Experience the extraordinary spinning creating ball materialized with sturdy plastic construction. These balls are made with thick layers of plastic and rubber, which accelerates the mode of spin. When this smooth plastic ball hits the ground, it tends to add some current to the spin and create further spin.

Well-Structured: These ping pong balls have a leveled and round structural design making them an out-and-out choice. They build up for an easy handling purpose with very minor weight.

Bunch Of Balls: There are a hundred three-star unique and ITTF licensed white-colored trademarked balls in the package. Get this pack of ping pong balls and use them for a lifetime. Also, the company issues one monthly money-back warranty after buying for customer’s better service.

Weather Friendly Balls: Now play ping pong in rainy or sunny weather because these balls are climate-friendly. Those are made with hard plastic that can resist heavy hits and tough drops.

  • These balls come with a thirty days money-back guarantee
  • A standard size and weight of tournament ping pong ball
  • Increase the power in the hit ball
  • The price tag is low

  • Balls have dents on the exterior
  • Customers reported missing quantity in the package

Our Take: Escalate the spin of the shot with these super spinning balls adding more consistency and rapidity.


Nittaku 3-Star Premium 40+ Table Tennis Balls

Nittaku 3-Star Premium 40+ Table Tennis Balls


European Standard

Seamless Friction

  • This ball is used in the European international championship of ping pong event in Lisbon of 2014
  • Reduce the seam in the shot when hit the ground because of the seamless friction feature
  • You do not have to hit hard; just flick it because of its feathery weight
  • Firm constructed balls that can endure hard hits without breaking

These are premium quality non-celluloid plastic balls providing a lifetime performance. These balls are made of special plastic material that is just used by the Nikattu, having a unique round and consistent structure.

Add more spin, pace, and bounce to your shot with double accuracy.


  • Color: white
  • Material: plastic
  • Sport Type: Table Tennis
  • Age Recommendations: adult

A Safe Covering: These all-new best ping pong balls for tournaments definitely need a protective covering for their best quality. That is why the Nittaku has brought these balls in a special covering that helps to keep the balls safe and protected.

Enhancing Your Skills: These ping pong balls are master in all aspects materialized with the supreme class plastic. That increases soft touching and consistent hitting with maximum speed making your opponent puzzled.

Take these balls on the pong table to experience a professional-quality game. Using this paddle, you must increase your playing and situation tackling skills.

International Authorized: These balls have been authorized by the ITTF and USA ping pong association. The Nittaku is providing international quality features. These balls have a unique and classical tournament required size that is stamped by international authorities.

  • Multifunctional high poly balls made with non-celluloid plastic
  • Enhance ping pong skills by adding extra spin and pace
  • This ping pong ball set is available at an affordable price tag

  • The plastic texture is not thick, as mentioned
  • Some included balls are deformed

Our Take: Create extraordinary spinning and fast shots by these smooth, structured, sturdy balls approved by world table tennis authorities.


Newgy Robo-Balls Ping-Pong Balls

Newgy Robo-Balls Ping-Pong Balls


Better Bounce

Unmatched Speed

  • A small quantity of rubber was used in the ball material to add a bouncing feature
  • Add speed in the hit ball up to 90 mph
  • The diameter required by international table tennis authorities is fulfilled in these balls
  • It reduces the recreational spin to lessen the chances of miss-hit

A multi-functional lightweight constructed ping pong ball made for a tournament. It is totally assembled with the boundary regulations given by the international table tennis federation.

This ball works best for unstructured and organized recreational plays. Also, it upgrades the bounce in the ball by adding spin and speed.


  • Ball Diameter: 40 mm
  • Color: orange
  • Of balls: 12
  • Sport Type: Table Tennis

Extra Bounce: Create exceptional bounce in your shot because this ball is made layer by layer with plastic and rubber. When this plastic and rubber-made ball strikes the ground with the pace, it favors the hit to compose more bounce.

Scratch Protecting Layer: When the ball hits an unleveled surface or grounds, it results in getting damage which reduces the life of the ball. That is why the Nwegy has layered a protective coating of this plastic-made ping pong ball to protect it from scratches and cracks.

Best Traveling Partner: You don’t need any spacious place to keep these balls; they are small-sized and can adjust at any place. Also, when you are traveling, just store these balls in your bag or pockets for a pleasant itinerant.

Performance Champion: These celluloid ping pong balls are made of durable plastic material that performs for years without getting damaged.

  • Available in two color variant one is orange, and the other is white
  • It has a leveled round surface area that reacts to every type of ground
  • Made with durable plastic ensuring a heavy-duty in all climates

  • A bit expensive than the usual

Our Take: These strong and abiding ping pong balls are used in international events for their standard size with adding an extra bounce to the ball.

FAQ Regarding Ping Pong Balls for Tournaments

Q. Which ping pong balls are used in tournaments?

GOGO 3-star balls are the most common ping pong ball used in tournaments. These tournaments can either be held at the national level or the international level. The construction material of these balls comprises celluloid which is an extremely lightweight material when it comes to ping pong balls.

Q. What balls do professional table tennis players use?

Nittaku 3-Star Premium 40+ Table Tennis Balls are known as the favorite ping pong balls for playing table tennis. These balls are ITTF approved as they are durable with a great reputation for the bounce that they tend to produce.

Q. What color ping pong balls are the best?

The best color for the ping pong balls is yellow. You can use these color ping pong balls in international tournaments, too.

Ping Pong Balls for Tournaments | Quick Comparison

Ping Pong Balls for Tournaments - Infographics
Infographics: Ping Pong Balls for Tournaments

Our Recommendation:

Our 1st recommendation is the Newgy Robo-Balls Ping-Pong Balls as the best 2-star balls. The 40mm sizing ball has a smooth and bouncy impact on the exterior with additional controlling impact.

Withal, our 2nd recommendation is JOOLA Training 3 Star Table Tennis Balls as the best championship quality balls. 0.86mm thickness of the ball will add a controlling rate and maintain the firm structure of the ball.


A wide range of ping pong balls for tournaments with the best selection is here. All of the mentioned balls are evenly structured with firm material that will minimize the damaging impact along with cracks. You will have full control over the striking pace of the ball with an additional speed rate.

On the other hand, the sizes are standard, having 40 mm and 40+ mm variations in few balls featuring a tested thickness of diameter. The player will feel a remarkable ball bounce with their paddle, and even these balls are compatible for beginners.

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