7 Best Outdoor Ping Pong Tables To Try In 2024

Trying out your next ping pong match outside can be a refreshing deal. So there we have it, some of the best outdoor ping pong tables on our list.

Playing games in your dull and boring rooms is like fighting with the same monster over and over. Here, come these tables that are easy to assemble anywhere you desire with the purpose-built design.

Best Outdoor Ping Pong Tables To Try This Year

Moreover, these tables offer a bunch of other functionalities that counts in the reasons to own them. They don’t take much of your living space as they can be folded in seconds.

Best Outdoor Ping Pong Tables | Editorial Pick

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STIGA Advantage

STIGA Advantage Professional Table Tennis Tables

  • Tournament Quality
  • Smooth Surface
  • Pre Assembled



GoSports Mid-Size

GoSports Mid-Size Table Tennis Game Set

  • Aluminum Frame
  • Compact Sizing
  • Foldable Design



Stiga XTR Series

Stiga XTR Series Table Tennis Table

  • Resilient Coating
  • Compact Storage
  • Pre-Assembled

Best Outdoor Ping Pong Tables | Reviews

Therefore, we’ll be guiding you through the different facts about these tables; through the list that we have carefully assembled so that you don’t have to search for yourselves.

You may have already liked our list of the best tennis racquets. And now, it’s time for the best outdoor ping pongs. So, without wasting time, let’s get into the list below.


STIGA Advantage Professional Table Tennis Tables

STIGA Advantage Professional Table Tennis Tables


Tournament Quality

Aluminum Borderline

  • Tournament quality net can be adjusted and removed with the desired game style preference
  • Professional expertise that doesn’t take much to get started with the game as everything comes pre-assembled
  • Silky smooth table surface that is roller coated multiple times for an unforgettable game experience
  • The most sturdy aluminum borderline supports the table’s borders till the upgraded latching safety
  • Your tennis table can be stored conveniently with two table halves technology that folds for incredible space-saving

Feel the heat of a professional game with this one of the best outdoor ping pong tables. The table is made out of the most resilient alloy steel that can face tough weather fluctuations.

Moreover, the seamless surface blends to the edges, making a smooth game foundation overall.


  • Dimension: 64 × 57 × 6 inches
  • Weight: 211 pounds
  • Frame Materials: Alloy steel
  • Table Materials: High-quality pressed wood
  • Net Size: 72 inches
  • Base Material: Alloy Steel
  • Assembly Required: Yes

Seamless Surface Speaks For Incredible Design: You’re seeking the most incredibly designed table for your next ping pong match. It’s made out of the most promising materials for prolonged durability. High-density MDF tabletop and the ¾ inches of thickness and finished with many roller coat paint provide silkier and smoother touch. Moreover, the reliable thick top of this table is specially designed to make it worthy for professional games.

Further, it is equipped with a safety latch system that is spring-loaded on the underside of the table. This safety latch provides safety to the table so it will not open suddenly.

Convenient Transportability: The table is easy to transport as it comes with lockable caster wheels, which makes the transport easy. These 4 inches caster wheels make the setup and storage easy as well.

Endless Functioning: This magical table is going to provide you with as many functions as you can expect. Despite its regular playing position, you can also set it to the playback position for practicing solo. Lastly, the table can stick together with two table halves for an extra compact form factor.

Effortless Attachment And Removal Of Grade Net: You can easily be attached or remove the grade net. This tournament-grade net has a 72′ clamp-style and also comes with a post-net that contains height adjustment and tension for your ease.

  • Roller coated surface doesn’t allow the ball to bounce
  • The tournament graded net can be adjusted and even removed
  • Easy portability as the table divides into two halves in a nesting state
  • Promising materials offer longer life of the product

  • It takes muscles to move around
  • A bit pricey

Our Take: Effortless design holding a foldable functionality made with high-quality material and durable finish, making it a supreme choice.


GoSports Mid-Size Table Tennis Game Set

GoSports Mid-Size Table Tennis Game Set


Complete Set

Easy Assembly

  • The package includes your medium size stunning table along with pads and balls
  • Your versatile ping pong table has a manageable form factor with a folding function
  • It takes a few seconds to set up your table with no complicated assembling required
  • High-end catchy aluminum frame covering your table in an elegant way

It is a user-friendly outdoor tennis table that promises thrilling matches with your best people. Whether you try becoming a professional or a casual sassy player, this table is for all.

You’ll find a very beautiful and bold design that is made manageable at the same time. Without any doubt, it can easily claim its place as one of the best multi-game tables.


  • Dimensions: 38 × 38 × 4.5 inches
  • Weight: 17.31 kilograms
  • Table Frame Material: Solid aluminum
  • Table Size: 6 × 3 feet
  • Surface Materials Used: Wood
  • Available Colors: Red & Blue

Most Appropriate Size: If you’re going to buy a ping pong table, then you must consider the size variations as it’s a dilemma to carry the large size tables as they are often bulky. But thankfully, this table got your solution. It is available in the most manageable size 6 ft. × 3 ft.

Therefore, the handling made it even simpler. And with the foldable design, the convenience is hard to compare.

Durable Construction To Make It Long-Lasting: The table’s surface comprises wood and a frame made of heavy-duty aluminum to provide durability. It keeps the table lightweight and makes the surface smooth that is ideal for bouncing for a long time.

Offers Easy And Quick Setup: It offers super-easy and quick setup folds up and out for play and storage within seconds. It got carrying handles that make it easy for a single person to carry.

Further, this table is suitable for outdoor games as well as for offices, game rooms, and homes.

An Unbeatable Package: You’re getting a premium deal that’s all worth the price you’re paying. In return, you’re getting a mid-size ping pong table, 2 paddles, a game net, and 4 balls. Thus, you won’t require buying them separately.

  • The smooth surface where your balls gain perfect bounce
  • Includes all the main game accessories
  • Manageable weight makes it easy to move around
  • The price tag is friendly

  • The aluminum border is prone to dents
  • Fragile hinge

Our Take: Build your ping pong basic foundation on this excellent table with a portable design and affordable price. Moreover, it is lightweight and made with durable material, making it a deal to steal.


Stiga XTR Series Table Tennis Table

Stiga XTR Series Table Tennis Table


90% Pre-Assembled

Full-Size Table

  • A pro size table that is perfect for conducting tournament and professional games
  • Its table surface has a resilient coating that can challenge all sorts of weather turbulences
  • Smooth surface that is further updates for obtaining perfect ball bounce for a fair game
  • Players can easily set up this table as it comes 90% pre-assembled out of the package
  • Make this generously big table a compact storage device with its advance foldable function

Expand your ping pong dimensions with this ultimate table by the Stiga store. Outclass design and durable construction makes this one of the best outdoor ping pong tables.

It has some of the best features available in the ping pong tables lineup. These are easy to set up for hours of challenging fun.


  • Dimensions: 66 × 60 × 64 inches
  • Weight: 193 pounds
  • Colors Used: Basic blue
  • Construction Materials: Premium aluminum
  • Table Length: 66 inches

Pro Game: All the professional players trust the Stiga store for their important matches. The solid advanced composition of the table surface blends all high-class materials seamlessly together to offer a prime game. It gives a true sense to your shots as they bounce with excellent density.

Speed Up The Show: The reliable foldable feature lets you take the table anywhere. While the assembling of this pro-sized table is way simpler than what you can imagine. As it comes 90% assembled, just minor touch-ups, and you’re ready to roll!

All-Weather Performance: This table provides the all-weather performance that makes it the best and reliable. It is best for the garage, porch, and deck as it is suitable for all weather. Further, it is easy to store as it has pro size, but you can fold it for storage, and it comes in a compact shape.

  • Most suitable table for professional matches
  • Resilient to all weather types
  • Excellent built makes it a sturdy ping pong machine
  • The foldable function makes it convenient to store

  • Undesired ball bounces
  • Insubstantial aluminum border

Our Take: Dig deep into this large size ping pong table with a foldable feature and weather endurance. It comes 90% pre-assembled and takes few seconds for complete assembling, and is easy to store as well.


Joola Nova Outdoor Table Tennis Table

Joola Nova Outdoor Table Tennis Table


Trendy Design

108-Inch Surface

  • A table that can cope with all-weather fluctuations with a trendy design
  • Your JOOLA NOVA outdoor table comes with a large 108 inches surface for extensive game
  • The table is made out of the most promising aluminum that can face rough and tough situations
  • Adaptive to weather as this table includes waterproof net for a player’s peace of mind

Your smartest ping pong table is now offering an immensely large surface for a wide experience. Train your balls on the most suitable table with the playback position.

Start your ping pong journey to one of the most professional tables available.


  • Dimensions: 108 × 60 × 30 inches
  • Weight: 166 pounds
  • Colors Treated: Blue
  • Table Length: 108 inches
  • Materials Used: Composite
  • Net Length: 72 inches
  • Color: Blue

Magnificent Features: The dynamic table with a huge surface and folding feature make a deal of sports glory. Players can strike their balls with confidence as this table surface is certainly supported by high-class materials. Moreover, you’re not going to do a lot with the table set up as it’s already looked after.

Adaptive Nature And Incredible Safety: Your durable all-weather table is adaptive to the weather trolls as it includes a waterproof net and weather resilient surface. Moreover, its mobility is top-notch with the matter of 3 inches alloy wheels that are trained for all surface types. So your table has all the incredible functions in a mind-blowing size.

Easy And Quick Assembling: It takes only 10 minutes for assembling as it comes 95% pre-assembled. You just have to fix the legs with 8 bolts and enjoy your game.

  • Easily mobility with tough 3 inches wheels
  • It comes with a weatherproof net and surface
  • An immense table fit for tournaments and professional matches
  • Indoor and outdoor compatibility

  • Table corners are prone to bending

Our Take: A table that has become a true definition of trend blends with a bunch of features like weather resistance and portable. Making it an attractive option as it comes 95% pre-assembled.


Killerspin MyT7 BlackStorm Table Tennis Table

Killerspin MyT7 BlackStorm Table Tennis Table


Waterproof Construction

Perfect Sizing

  • Best outdoor table to test your skill without pauses with waterproof construction
  • A bold and trendy black look can easily grab everyone’s attention
  • It takes about a few minutes to set your table for the match
  • Your shots will now gain a new level of confidence with the purposeful surface
  • It comes with the perfect size that gives your games a great boost

Reimagine your outdoor ping pong table experience with this magical table from Killerspin. It was made with true spirits of modern design that deserve everyone’s admiration— a gain in features that will astound its players.

All the functionality and usability made this a classy piece of art with limitless possibilities.


  • Dimensions: 64.5 × 58 × 5 inches
  • Weight: 148 pounds
  • Table Length: 9′ × 5′
  • Colors Used: Classic black
  • Frame Material: Aluminum
  • Base Material: Plastic

Inspiring Design: Design is the main highlight of this table that we all look up to. All professionals prefer this extraordinary table with a silky yet sturdy surface. A type of surface where all your shots will flow like butter so you all can play with delight. And acquire confidence that matters over everything.

It is made with premium quality plastic and aluminum that is 100% weather-resistant that makes it suitable for all weathers.

Solo Playback Mode: For practice, you can fold up one side and enjoy the solo playback mode feature. You can play with new and different techniques before playing with others and just for enjoyment— further, the best table for training.

Take Your Game Anywhere: Killerspin has nailed this product in terms of features and design overall. You can practically move this table anywhere with incredible wheels. While the table itself folds up in a nesting manner to save a lot of space. As a result, you’re gaining a big deal to carry this table to parties and your gatherings.

  • A seriously catchy black classic table promotes sophistication
  • Perfect mobility for parties and game nights
  • Save your space as it folds into 2 halves with the most modern design
  • Perfect ball bounce on the smooth surface
  • Storage capacity on each corner of this fabulous table

  • Bouncing strength is weak
  • Pricey

Our Take: It comes with a premium design that seamlessly follows the edges in all classy fashion with substantial table space. Plus, it a best for training as it has a solo playback feature, making it a top option.


Butterfly Compact Outdoor Ping Pong Table

Butterfly Compact Outdoor Ping Pong Table


Completely Waterproof

High Durability

  • A catchy form factor where you’ll find sturdy and tough aluminum backing the unique construction
  • It comes with a butterfly net that is tested for waterproof functionality
  • Weather adaptive nature keeps your game going no matter what happens
  • The table can be easily folded with the convenience
  • Players can take this table to beach parties and even enjoy in their lawns
  • Strong top speaks for its never-ending durability

Test your ping pong expertise on this one of the best outdoor ping pong tables. It comes with an extremely compelling design that amalgamates into very durable materials.

Moreover, the portability is improved with the updated design and comes with 3 years of warranty.


  • Dimensions: 63.5 × 58 × 5.75 inches
  • Weight: 90 kilograms
  • Available Colors: Green and blue
  • Materials Used: Compreg
  • Game Type: Table game

Durable Yet Beautiful: You’re into a show of the best outdoor tables, and this certainly is one of them. Even a surface that is made out of strong compreg is another durable glory for all ping pong game seekers. They can play, and they can play without the limits of getting this table dented from anywhere.

Moreover, this table is made even more attractive with the true tone color coating throughout the entire surface. Furthermore, you can take this piece of magic anywhere you want as its folds saving most of the space, making this a multi-featured table for all.

Weather-Resistance: It comes with a waterproof net set that makes it suitable for all weather. Further, it is easy to assemble and store.

Warranty: As the table is comprised of durable structure but still for the customers’ satisfaction, the company offers 3 years of warranty for your peace of mind.

  • Even surface promoting perfecting ball bounces
  • Play and take it to the places with commendable folding feature
  • It doesn’t take much storage space, even with a considerably large table
  • Long-lasting durability supported by the promising compreg
  • Indoor and outdoor compatibility

  • Surface cracks if struck harshly
  • Fragile legs

Our Take: Give your ping pong game wings with this excellent quality table that is suitable for all.


Kettler Eden Weatherproof Table Tennis

Kettler Eden Weatherproof Table Tennis


All-Weather Coating

Thick Apron

  • An attractive color coating with matching variation on the whole table body
  • Coated with chrome powder finishing that will resist the weather impact
  • 2 inches thick apron has also been included in the table body structure for covering

A wide range of gaming platforms is designed with heavy-duty material that can withstand the tough weather surrounding them. Kettler brought the innovative and creative idea of the premium structure of this outdoor table tennis.

The flexible and firm leg connection will maintain the ground stability of the upper surface as well.


  • Dimensions: 108 × 60 × 30 inches
  • Weight: 280 pounds
  • Table Length: 9 ft.
  • Table Material: Alloy steel & galvanized coating
  • Game Type: Table game

Steel Galvanized Structure: The 9 ft. long Kettle Eden tennis table has been constructed with an alloy steel substance and zinc coating as well. Plus, the exterior is fully waterproof together with an additional bouncing impact of the ball. While the chrome coating on the exterior and legs side will match the overall body structure

Firm Legs With Fixed Net Design: The steel structure legs are aligned in a rectangular pattern in 4-inch length. While are anchor bolts are there included, which makes it ready to play and placeable anywhere outside you want. Plus, the fixed net and post are arranged on the surface with steel galvanized material.

Warranty: The company offers 10 years of warranty on the surface or top of the table. The remaining parts of the table got 3 years of warranty.

  • Waterproof and damage resistive body structure
  • Aligned body structure with firm leg connections
  • Ready to play gaming table with all required accessories
  • Large playing area surface of the table

  • Too pricey
  • Heavy and a bit difficult to move

Our Take: A steel manufactured and zinc-coated body with stable surface and permanent net on the table as the best ping pong tables.

FAQ Regarding Best Outdoor Ping Pong Tables

Q. What is the type of material used in table construction?

No doubt, every enlisted table has been designed with accuracy and precision regarding material quality. Some of the tables are made of steel substance, while a few are aluminum constructed as well. You’ll also get the wood surface of the table in our selected list if you desire.

Q. Do we have to assemble the tennis table for playing?

Here’s one of the plus points you’re going to get, these ready-to-go tables are already assembled. You just have to take them from the package and place them anywhere you want with quick installation regarding the net.

Q. What is the ball bouncing impact on these ping pong tables?

The durable quality of the table surface has been featured with an additional bouncing impact. That will add a swift in the ball while bouncing on the table as compared with the normal table surface.

Our Recommendation:

Our 1st recommendation is the Kettler Eden Weatherproof Stationery Outdoor Table Tennis as the best premium design ping pong table. The body structure has been materialized with alloy steel, and the whole body is galvanized with chrome coating with waterproof technology.

Plus, our 2nd recommendation is GoSports Mid-Size Table Tennis Game Set as the best indoor/outdoor gaming table. A 6 ft. ping pong table comes along with gaming accessories and is constructed with aluminum.

Best Outdoor Ping Pong Tables | Quick Comparison

Best Outdoor Ping Pong Tables - Infographics
Infographics: Best Outdoor Ping Pong Tables


Enjoy the fun gaming experience with the best outdoor ping pong tables at your home or anywhere you want. You’ll get a highly durable and perfectly constructed body of ping pong table comprising a firm surface. Plus, the balanced exterior has been aligned with orderly placed legs with a sturdy connection.

Most of the enlisted tables are designed with heavy-duty steel frames along with coating to protect against any damages. And the featured net on the surface has a much better posting with not falling off aspect. Select your favorite design and enjoy outdoor gaming.

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