Top 10 Best Tennis Racquets 2023 | Detailed Reviews

Tennis is undoubtedly among the most popular sports around the world. More and more people are now joining this amazing sport as many colleges and schools are now incorporating tennis in their main curriculum. Besides, who can deny the unimaginable attraction and legacy of famous tournaments like the Wimbledon or US Open? But to really shine on this sport, you also need to have some best tennis racquets besides having talent.

We often see great tennis players are playing at the best tennis grounds with their marvelous tennis racquets. Besides, we also often see that beginners practicing on some of the best tennis academies also use high-quality racquets to achieve peak performance. But, selecting the right bat is not very easy. So, here goes the best tennis racquets you can buy with full confidence this year.

Best Tennis Racquets | Editorial Pick

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Wilson Federer V2

Wilson Federer Version2 Racquet

  • Power Strings
  • Shock Pads
  • Better Performance





  • Larger Sweet Spot
  • More Power
  • Better Stability



Babolat Pure Drive

Babolat Pure Drive

  • Smashing Power
  • Mirror Finish
  • Spin Friendly

Top 10 Best Tennis Racquets To Try In 2023

Our internal team tried and tested several tennis racquets available all over the globe to decide the best racquets available to deliver optimum performance. So without wasting any more time, let’s dive into the list.


Wilson Federer – Version 2

Wilson Federer Version2 Racquet


Unique Power Strings

Better Grip Size

  • Comes with power strings that are longer for delivering better smash power
  • Featuring stop shock pads for better comfort
  • Delivers an unstrung balance of 33.5 centimeter/3 pts hl
  • An optimum racquet for newbies, amateur, and professional players
  • Comes with a 4 3/8″ grip size to make it perfect for everyone

Featuring an innovative volcanic frame technology, the Federer – Version 2 racquet from the house of Wilson is undoubtedly among the best tennis racquets you can use in 2021. Named after one of the greatest tennis players of all time, this racquet is mainly designed to deliver optimum power and stability. Even if you are an amateur or a pro, this particular tennis bat can assist you to achieve unmatched performance.


  • Wilson Sporting Goods
  • Federer – Version 2
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Size: 4 3/8″
  • Weight: 0.28 Kilograms

Material: Made of pure aluminum alloy, this tennis racquet is extremely lightweight. It weighs just 280 grams in total due to its unique construction and selection of premium and lightweight materials. Besides, it comes with power strings that not only last long but also deliver great power.

  • Innovative volcanic frame technology for more power and balance
  • Longer and improved power string for a better smash
  • Made with inbuilt stop-shock pads for better comfort
  • Comes with the trust of Wilson as they are part of more than 500 Grand Slams

  • No carbon-fiber core as it is entirely made of aluminum
  • You may need to pay a shipping fee if you live outside the USA

Our Take: If you are just starting your tennis practice or if you are a professional player, this bat from Wilson can deliver performance as per your specific need. Made of pure aluminum, this racquet is lightweight but equally durable. Besides, it can deliver an unmatched power due to the use of power strings.


HEAD Ti S6 Tennis Racquet



Larger Sweet Spot

Head-Heavy Design

  • Featuring a larger sweet spot due to its 115 inches oversized frame
  • A best-suited tennis bat from beginner to intermediate level
  • Comes with a unique head-heavy design to deliver more power
  • Assures better stability, power, grip, and comfort during delivery of the ball
  • Offering a better versatility during tennis practice of actual game

The innovatively designed Ti S6 Tennis Racquet from the house of HEAD is suitable for all levels of play. It can deliver an all-around performance due to its rugged construction and unmatched power delivery. This racquet comes with an oversized head of 115” to assure better confidence in the practice or in the tournament.


  • Brand: HEAD
  • Ti S6 27.75 Inch Racquet
  • Material: Titanium-Graphite
  • Size: 4 1/4″
  • Weight: 0.3 Kilograms

Material: Made of a perfect blend of high-quality titanium and super-strong graphite, this tennis bat is extremely lightweight but amazingly strong. Besides, it has high bendability to last long even after heavy use. Moreover, it features graphite fiber technology to make it even tougher.

  • Comes with a 115 square inches head for a larger sweet spot
  • Made of extremely durable but lightweight titanium-graphite material
  • Featuring a head-heavy balance to deliver more power during smash
  • Offers better stability, control, power, and spin

  • A bit costly for intermediate-level tennis racquets
  • Doesn’t come with a cover

Our Take: If you are looking for a perfect and balanced tennis bat with a moderate pocket pinch, this is the one. It comes with a larger head to create an even bigger sweet spot. Besides, the use of premium quality material also helps to have better durability and performance. Moreover, the handle itself offers a good grip for better power delivery.


Babolat Pure Drive

Babolat Pure Drive


Beautiful Mirror Finish

Predictable Trajectory

  • Delivers an optimum blend of smashing power, spin, balance, and speed
  • Comes with a mirror-finish beautiful cosmetics to make it even more attractive
  • Comes with an 11.2-ounce weight to plow through serves, baseline, and volleys
  • Can achieve predictable trajectory even while striking the ball off-center
  • 100 inches head with 16×19 spin-friendly string pattern for better performance

It is definitely not fair if you talk about the best tennis racquets but did not mention Pure Drive from the house of Babolat. Depicting the perfect blend of power and balance, this tennis bat is ideal for both professionals and amateurs alike. This bat now comes with an attractive new mirror cosmetic that also makes it one of the highest-selling tennis bats in the whole world.


  • Brand: Babolat
  • Pure Drive 2021 Racquet
  • Material: Graphite
  • Size: 4 1/4″
  • Weight: N/A

Material: Made of graphite, this tennis racquet is extremely lightweight but amazingly tough. It will last long even with minimal maintenance, all thanks to its premium materials. Besides, the strings are also balanced and come in a 16×19 spin-friendly grid to achieve maximum performance.

  • Featuring new mirror cosmetic to complement your sports outfit
  • Comes with innovative SWX Pure Feel technology for better comfort
  • This 10th generation model delivers unmatched power and control
  • Featuring a 16×19 spin-friendly string grid for optimum swing

  • Doesn’t have any pre-strung variant
  • Comes in more than 200 bucks price point

Our Take: This particular racquet comes with 100 inches head size to ensure a better sweet spot. Besides, it is also better if you want to achieve a better spin. Moreover, this racquet comes with premium materials but with a moderate pocket pinch. So overall, this tennis bat from Babolat can live up to your expectation in training or in an actual match.


Fostoy Adult Recreational Tennis Racquet

Fostoy Recreational Tennis Racquet


High-Tension Strings

Weight And Power Balance

  • Comes with high tension string to achieve the required tightness for better power
  • Doesn’t lose the string tension easily even with a heavier use
  • The perfect balance of weight and string tension aids good drops and lobs
  • Featuring a soft but durable handle wrap to make it easy to grip and comfortable
  • Comes with vibration reduction technology to remove additional pressure on the wrist

The uniquely designed tennis racquet from the house of Fostoy is extremely strong and lightweight to make it according to the professional standard. It does not just deliver perfect power but you can also achieve a good amount of spin with this bat. Besides, it will also last long even after heavy use due to its high-quality material. Moreover, it comes with vibration damp to make it suitable for amateurs.


  • Brand: Fostoy
  • Variant: 27 inch Tennis Racquet Set
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Size: 4 1/4″
  • Weight: 0.29 Kilograms

Material: Made of premium quality material, this tennis racquet is extremely lightweight but super tough. It will last long even with a minimal maintenance schedule. Besides, this bat comes with a bigger sweet spot to make it perfect for both professionals and amateurs alike. Moreover, the high-quality string also manufactured to last long.

  • Best suited for beginner to intermediate level tennis players
  • Comes with a lightweight but sturdy body to last long
  • Featuring super high-tension string for an unmatched power delivery
  • Comes as a set of two tennis racquets with carrying bag

  • Features moderate grade nylon string
  • Not suitable for professional tennis players

Our Take: First thing first, this racquet is specially made for beginners and intermediate players. But, it delivers superior performance in a moderate pocket pinch. Besides, the entire set comes with two tennis racquets along with a carry bag to make it perfect for recreational use. However, you can buy it for your practice with full confidence.


HEAD Microgel Radical Tennis Racquet

HEAD Microgel Radical


Designed For Intermediates

Better Power And Balance

  • Specially designed for mid-level players as it offers balanced power and spin
  • Assures an optimum balance of comfort and control as it is extremely agile
  • Features a 2 pt. head light balance that is well-suited for the intermediate players
  • Delivers a high-value precision while also assuring better power in each shot
  • Comes with innovative silicone-based materials

As we have already mentioned, HEAD produces some of the best tennis racquets that both professionals and beginners can use. And among those, Microgel Radical tennis racquet lies on the top of the line. It assures the perfect balance of power, control, and spin to make it ideal for anyone.

You should club it with some high-quality tennis strings to get the best out of it. You can achieve peak performance on any turf as it provides more confidence due to its innovative design.


  • Brand: HEAD
  • Variant: Microgel Radical Tennis Racquet
  • Material: Graphite
  • Size: 4 3/8″
  • Weight: 0.295 Kilograms

Material: The outer shell is made of high-quality graphite to make it sturdy yet flexible. Besides, it is also extremely tough to last long even with minimal maintenance. Moreover, it comes with a state-of-the-art silicone-based microgel that has a very low density to make it even more lightweight.

  • An excellent choice for the intermediate tennis players
  • Although it is head-heavy, this bat comes with a light 2 point balance
  • Featuring graphite composite in the head for better durability
  • Comes with the trust of HEAD as they manufacture the best tennis equipment

  • A bit overweight for beginners
  • Only the pre-strung variant available

Our Take: Weighs just around 300 grams with a 98 inches head, the Microgel Radical Tennis Racquet from HEAD is ideal for any intermediate player. It comes at a moderate pocket pinch. Besides, this tennis bat has sufficient tension in the string to deliver both power and spin. You will definitely have balanced control with this amazing racquet.


LUNNADE Tennis Racquet

LUNNADE Best Tennis Racquets


One-Piece Continuous Design

Shockproof Handle

  • Featuring a one-piece design to ensure better stability and performance
  • Comes with a shockproof and soft handle made of high-quality PU foam
  • Featuring a 102 inches head size to ensure a larger sweet spot for the intermediate players
  • Weighs just around 280 grams to it extremely lightweight for any competition
  • Threaded by professionals to deliver optimum string tension for better swing and power

It is not very easy to select the best tennis bats if you are a newbie in this sport. It can become even harder if you have a moderate budget to spare. But now, LUNNADE launched a brilliant racquet that can deliver a perfect balance of power and spin in a moderate pocket pinch.

It delivers a perfect hand fitting suitable for beginners to intermediate tennis players. Moreover, the innovative one-piece design also assures durability. Use it with some high-quality tennis overgrips to get an unmatched performance.


  • Brand: LUNNADE
  • Variant: TR01-TR Tennis Racquet
  • Material: Aluminum Carbon Composite
  • Size: 4 3/8″
  • Weight: 0.28 Kilograms

Material: Made of an aluminum outer shell and a carbon-fiber core, this racquet is extremely lightweight yet highly flexible. However, it is also extremely durable and will last long with minimal maintenance. Besides, it comes with a professional-grade string to deliver optimum power and spin.

  • Suitable for beginners to intermediate players
  • Delivers a comfortable hand feeling due to its innovative one-piece structure
  • Threaded by professional stringers for optimum tension
  • Featuring an agile handle wrapped with shockproof sweatband

  • Not suitable for tennis players having PU sensitivity
  • Manufactured in little stocks to ensure better quality

Our Take: If you have a budget below 50 bucks and still want a decent racquet that can deliver great performance, go for this one. It comes with a high-quality racquet that will not lose tension easily. Besides, it has high bendability to make it extremely agile for beginner to intermediate tennis players.


OPPUM Graphene Racquet PRO-2000

OPPUM Graphene PRO 2000


Graphene Carbon Composite

Unique String Pattern

  • Entirely made of grapheme carbon composite to make it extremely strong yet lightweight
  • Comes with innovative technology to ensure optimum energy transfer from your hand to bat
  • Featuring a 16-19 string pattern professionally woven by expert artisans
  • Delivers better spin to make it perfect for aggressive players
  • Delivers a powerful trampoline effect as this bat comes with spin grommets

There are very few good tennis racquets available on a moderate budget that is made of graphene, one of the hardest materials in the world. And among those, OPPUM Graphene Racquet PRO-2000 is surely one of the very best. Assuring a top-notch performance with increased durability, this one can deliver the right requirements for beginner to intermediate level tennis players.


  • Brand: OPPUM
  • Variant: Graphene Racket PRO-2000
  • Material: Graphene Carbon Fiber
  • Size: 4 3/8″
  • Weight: 0.26 Kilograms

Material: As we have stated earlier, this racquet is made of Graphene, one of the toughest materials in the world. However, this material has high agility to deliver an oscillation effect. This effect can also optimize your hitting power to accelerate your delivery. Moreover, the string has high tension to deliver optimum spin.

  • Featuring an innovative Graphene Carbon Fiber for better durability
  • Assures optimized energy transfer for better and stable hitting power
  • Comes with a 16/19 string pattern for better spin and control
  • Eight colors to choose from that will compliment your vibrant sports outfit

  • Doesn’t have any unstrung variant
  • Supports up to 45lbs of string tension

Our Take: If you are looking for a high-quality tennis bat on a moderate budget, this can be your perfect choice. Comes under 50 bucks, this racquet delivers better spin and control to intermediate-level players. Besides, it is made of high-quality carbon fiber composite that assures better durability at this price point. 


Champion Sports Titanium Tennis Racquet

Champion Sports Titanium


Wide-Body Construction

Better Power & Balance

  • Featuring a wide-body construction for more power-to-performance ration
  • Comes with a strong titanium frame that is not just super tough but also extremely lightweight
  • Featuring a high-quality cushion leather grip for complete control and power delivery
  • Delivers the right amount of power and balance needed for the intermediate players
  • Made of premium quality materials as it is specially made to last long

The 27-inch Titanium Tennis Racquet from the house of Champion Sports is undoubtedly among the best tennis racquets in 2021. Featuring an oversized head, this bat delivers more power and control to your swing and spin. Besides, the rugged body and high-tension string also offer the perfect control and balance required for beginner to intermediate level tennis players.


  • Brand: Champion Sports
  • Variant: ATR75 27-Inch Titanium Tennis Racquet
  • Material: Titanium
  • Size: 4 1/4″
  • Weight: 0.26 Kilograms

Material: Made of high-quality titanium alloy, this particular racquet is extremely lightweight yet ultra-tough. It has nice agility to generate more power during a swing or smash. Besides, the string has nice tension and offers a trampoline effect to generate more power and balance even with the backhand. Moreover, this bat is meant to last long.

  • Comes with a cushioned leather grip for more control
  • Featuring an optimum racquet length of 27 inches
  • Best suited for beginner to intermediate level tennis players
  • Comes with heavy-duty titanium frame for better durability

  • Doesn’t come with a carrying kit bag
  • Available in just a single color option

Our Take: At around 30 bucks, this racquet delivers unmatched performance. Comes with a rugged body design and large head, this bat comes with a large sweet spot. Besides, it has high-quality strings with high tension to generate even more power. This trendy-looking bat comes with a nice design to perfectly complement your colorful training cloth or tennis uniform.


Senston Professional Tennis Racquet

Senston Professional Tennis Racquets


Very Lightweight Design

One-Piece Molded

  • Extremely lightweight to make it easy to hold and swing even for the beginners
  • Manufactured with one-piece molded technology to ensure better durability
  • Assures sufficient pace and swing control as it offers high hit acceleration
  • Featuring an open string pattern to deliver more power and spin
  • Comes in a wide range of pop colors to make it complement your trendy tennis costume

Senston is surely a known name in the racquet manufacturing industry. And now, they have introduced the uniquely designed Professional Tennis Racquet to make their name among the best tennis racquets to try in 2021. This 27-inch racquet comes with a 100 inches head size to deliver more power through its larger sweet spot. Besides, it has a 4 ¼” grip that is perfect for a balanced drive.


  • Brand: Senston
  • Variant: Blue Black High-Grade Tennis Racquet
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Size: 4 1/4″
  • Weight: 0.26 Kilograms

Material: Made of high-quality aluminum, this tennis racquet is ultra-tough yet extremely lightweight. It is extremely easy to hold and swing to make it perfect for beginners and professionals alike. Besides, this racquet comes with high-quality strings that are made to last long. Moreover, it will not lose its tension in the long term.

  • Comes with a 96 to 100 square-inch head size for a perfect sweet spot
  • Extremely lightweight racquet to make it suitable for the beginners
  • Delivers extreme power even in backhand
  • Comes with a premium quality protective carrying case

  • Mainly suited for training and recreational purpose
  • Vibration damper doesn’t perform as expected

Our Take: This racquet comes with a complimentary premium quality protective carry case, an over-grip, and a vibration damper. So, you don’t need to buy anything for the maintenance of this bat. Besides, it comes in a moderate price range to make it ideal for beginner to intermediate level tennis players. 





Unique Isometric Design

Liner Tech String

  • Featuring an isometric design to create a larger sweet spot for better power delivery
  • Offers greater control and swings through its innovative design
  • Comes with a liner tech string pattern to deliver more power even on off-center shots
  • Featuring a large head with 102 square inches sweet spot for more power and control
  • Offers a head heavy balance to offer a perfect swing even on backhands

Yonex is undoubtedly among the most known names in the tennis and badminton racquet manufacturing industry. And now, they have launched the all-new EZONE ACE Deep Blue tennis racquet with the promise of delivering optimum performance. It is mainly designed for beginner to intermediate-level players. You will also witness a better swing and power delivery with this Yonex E-Zone Ace.


  • Brand: YONEX
  • EZONE ACE Deep Blue tennis racquet
  • Material: N/A
  • Size: 4 3/8″
  • Weight: 0.275 Kilograms

Material: Made of high-quality materials, this recreational tennis racquet is made to last. It is extremely lightweight but ultra-durable. Besides, it will remain new even with minimal maintenance. Besides, it comes with an innovative string that won’t lose tension even after prolonged use. Moreover, the main string delivers around 50lbs of tension that is ideal for intermediate players.

  • Comes with the trust of Yonex, one of the best sports item manufacturers
  • Featuring a user-friendly responsiveness for beginners
  • Comes with an isometric design for an improved sweet spot
  • Offers a 102 square-inch head size for optimum power delivery

  • Doesn’t come with a protective carrying case
  • A bit costlier than other racquets in the category

Our Take: Comes under 100 bucks, this particular racquet comes with the trust of Yonex. This light body tennis bat is ideal for both beginners and professionals alike. Besides, it is also meant to last long as it is manufactured with high-quality materials. Moreover, it comes with a 4 3/8” grip size, although a 4 1/8” grip is also available. 

FAQ Regarding Best Tennis Racquets

Q. What is the ideal weight for a professional tennis racket?

The average racket weight is 300 grams (or 10.6 ounces). Rackets less than 285 grams (10 ounces) are considered light and more than 310 grams (or 11 ounces) are considered heavy.

Q.Which tennis racket brand is the best right now?

2022’s top tennis racket brands are Babolat is the best overall,  Dunlop racquets are cheaper and generally of better quality. Wilson Blades are the best for comfort, and Head is best for control and feel.

Q. Which tennis rackets do the professionals use?

Professional players prefer Wilson Blade 98 tennis racquets, Head Graphene 360 Speed Pro, Babolat Pure Aero, Wilson Pro Staff RF97 Autograph, Head Graphene 360 Speed MP, and Wilson Burn FST 95 rackets.    

Q. Is it hard to string a tennis racket?

Putting strings together can be quite a tedious process. Spend a few dollars on a stringing machine if you play tennis frequently. A restringing costs on average $40, but it can range from $15 to $75.

Q. Is it worth it to string your own rackets?

Focus-oriented people can definitely String their rackets easily. If you’re always distracted, you may take too long stringing a racket and it might increase the risk of making mistakes.

Q. Which is better between Babolat and Head?

The Babolat is usually softer and smoother on the arm, while the Head is usually stiffer with smaller frames. You may want to consider Babolat if you’re a backhand two-hander.


So, these are the best tennis racquets you can buy with full confidence in 2021. You need to buy a tennis racquet with a larger sweet spot and head-heavy balance if you are a beginner in this field. But, if you are not at the intermediate level, you can put more emphasis on custom weight and sweet spot. Besides, you also need to consider the quality of the material while selecting the right tennis racquet for you.

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