8 Best Dart Mats To Try In 2023

If you’re looking to protect your playing darts game, then the best dart mats can fit in that domain. Many dart players look for the protection of their walls while they often overlook the floors. Darts often pop out of the board and can ultimately hit the floor.

This process can result in unwanted floor damage and can also put your darts at stake. These mats can look after these unpleasant scenarios with a touch of elegance. There is always going to be a buying guide and some factors to look up while purchasing the dart mats.

Best Dart Mats To Try This Year

A player must understand the quality and versatility of the mats when they go for purchase. It’s always important to consider the materials that are going to protect the floor and darts. Moreover, the mats must be adaptable to the area where the game is being played.

Best Dart Mats | Editorial Pick

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Winmau Xtreme

Winmau Xtreme Heavy Duty Dart Mat

  • Perfect Sizing
  • Finest Rubber
  • Official Dimension



Shot Darts Pro

Shot Darts Professional Dart Mat

  • Non Curling Surface
  • Larger Area
  • Lay Completely Flat



GLD Padded Mat

Padded Dart Mat By GLD Products

  • Prominent Tip Mark
  • Convenient Design
  • Heavy Duty Foam

Best Dart Mats For Enhanced Gameplay

The dart mats become a necessity that all concerned players understand for their game’s protection. We have created a list of promising dart mats that will look after your game. So, let’s not waste more time and begin with the list below.


Winmau Xtreme Heavy Duty Dart Mat

Winmau Xtreme Heavy Duty Dart Mat


Fully Protected Surface

Finest Quality Rubber

  • All your bounce-outs are now fully protected with this professional mat
  • The quality and size if fully suitable for either commercial or personal usage
  • It is made out of fine quality rubber that serves heavy duty
  • It comes with a catchy color theme that brings your game excitement to the next level
  • Officially recognized oche measurement that promotes a fair game

Bring your playing darts game to life with this one of the best dart mats by Winmau Store. Players can finally experience the wonders of a fair game with this dart mat. The surface quality is top-notch with extreme stability and a level surface to maintain the real-time gaming experience.

  • Dimensions: approx. 118.1 x 23.6 inch
  • Weight: 19.51 pounds
  • Materials used: Rubber
  • Colors: Black
  • Thickness: 0.2 inch

All For A Fair Game: Players will finally understand the great importance of having a mat in their playing darts game. The game that they love is complemented with this professionally made dart mat by Winmau Store. Winmau has been delivering the best products over the years, and this one is no exception.

You get a wonderfully crafted mat that provides extra satisfaction in terms of your floor and darts’ safety.

  • Delivers a fair game with the certified oche measurement
  • Elite quality rubber that can take on heavy blows without hassle
  • The mat is a dual purpose with adaptive nature
  • Your mat can be placed anywhere with added grip

  • Odor of rubber
  • Thinner size than usual

Our Take: A pro-quality dart mat that can face heavy impacts with a touch of lively colors, making it an impactful purchase. Additionally, it is made of high-quality rubber that is durable and long-lasting.


Shot Darts Professional Dart Mat

Shot Darts Professional Dart Mat


Non-Curling Surface

Lay Completely Flat

  • The mat is made to adapt over any surface with the non-curling surface
  • Players can easily figure out the steel and soft tip throw area so they can throw with confidence
  • It is made to lay flat on game rooms and even in the workplace
  • The shot has been delivering excellence to your games for years of expertise

If you need extra protection for your shot darts game, then this mat is the one for you. Feel the quality and the vast functionalities of this dart mat that many professionals endorse. Alongside, the protective flooring aspect will cover the area of the ground to prevent any damages.

  • Dimensions: 117.91 ×61 × 0.12 inches
  • Weight: 10.51 pounds
  • Colors: Black
  • Materials used: Heavy-duty rubber
  • Length: 9 ft 8 inches
  • Width: 2 ft

Upgraded Design: This mat from the shot is now available in an upgraded design that takes your game safety to another level. You’ll be impressed to find the premium quality rubber with a grip finish. Plus, the dart mats are indeed heavy, but it is easily movable with the best rolled up feature that comes along.

Moreover, the high-quality rubber is perfectly made to take on all the bounced-out shots. The mat can easily deal with both steal and soft tip stray darts. Thus, it results in the most resourceful experience that is hard to ignore.

  • Works perfectly on all surface types
  • It is made to welcome both steel and soft tip stray shot
  • Heavy-duty rubber promises lasting performance

  • Dart stick on the mat surface
  • The customer reported the material smell

Our Take: Gifted protection to your stray shots with the most durable materials, making it an excellent purchase. This mat is flat that delivers wonderful traction on the ground. Just club it with some amazing dartboards to get the best gameplay experience.


Padded Dart Mat By GLD Products

Padded Dart Mat By GLD Products


Written Tip Marks

Convenient Design

  • Abolish confusions with the prominently written tip marks
  • A mat that is simple to store as it folds up with the convenient design
  • The mat is made out of heavy-duty foam that provides extra resistance for the bounce-outs

Your phenomenal dart mat by Viper by GLD Products store provides a fancy chart to your lost dart shots. The artwork comes into play with all the tips reading made convenient on this posh design. Well, the top-quality microfoam has been featured on the surface to maintain balance.

  • Dimensions: 24 × 6 × 6 inches
  • Weight: 7.6 pounds
  • Materials used: Polyshield microfoam
  • Colors: Black
  • Length: 117 inches
  • Width: 24 inches
  • Thickness: 125 mil

Ultra-Strong Protection: This dart mat is the ultimate definition of strength. Your mat will leave an everlasting impression of durability and resistivity to all those stray shots. There’s nothing weak about this mat, and that’s for sure.

Players can stand on this mat without the fear of getting it pressed. The strong poly shield micro-foam provides lasting durability no matter how long players stay on the mat.

Defense Against Unpredictable: You don’t know when your perfect flight will bounce out on the floor. This unpredictability often results in damaging the dart while impacting the floor with scratches.

Now, this imperishable foam will take on this important responsibility with the lasting materials. So, this mat is a perfect defense against all your miss shots.

  • Lasting durability with poly shields, microfoam
  • Easy to fold and store
  • Soft and non-slippery surface for prolonged stands
  • Provides a decent value for your bucks

  • Mat has a thin surface
  • It can make dart holes

Our Take: Win the race of protection with this mat that has an affordable price tag making it all value for the money. Further, for bouncing, this mat provides you extra resistance.


Let’s Play Darts By Dart World

Let's Play Darts By Dart World


Ultra-Safe Sheet

Fully-Guided Design

  • Acts as an ultra-safe sheet that can observe all sorts of uncertainties
  • A guided design that lets players understand where to throw
  • Players can stand tall on this mat with extra tough nature
  • You don’t have to worry about the slipping surface as this mat has extra grip

Dart world remains one of the consumer’s favorites in terms of quality and performance. Dart shots players can now rely on the protection they deserve with the ultimate safety. The design is styling with basic black and white prints on the measuring lines and fine finishing on the edges.

  • Dimensions: 32 × 6 × 6 inches
  • Weight: 19.4 pounds
  • Colors: Black and white for detailing
  • Materials used: High-end rubber

Play Without Limits: The mat is made out of the most durable quality rubber that can stand toughness. Many consumers have always been suffering from the mat molding issue by prolonged standing but no more. This mat from Dart World is the most resilient with no impacts from prolonged standing.

Moreover, the ease of configuring the throwing area with the clever reading. Players can fully rely on this mat from the floor protection that comes as a crucial point. Moreover, it can be laid at any place without hesitation of compatibility with the surface.

  • Convenient design for easy storage
  • Protect all surfaces from spots
  • Doesn’t bend from prolonged standing
  • The price tag is moderate
  • Wide and thick

  • Rubber smell even after washing

Our Take: It is a promising mat that locks your surfaces and darts from impacts in a sleek presence, making it a top pick. It is considered an ultra-safe mat that prevents uncertainties.


Target Darts World Champion Darts Mat

Target Darts World Champion Darts Mat


Toughest Fabric

Endorsed By Pro Players

  • A dart mat made to cover many dart-throwing formats around the world
  • Carved out of in odorous fabric with manageable weight to it
  • Target darts mat offers the best resistance against toughness
  • A mat that is endorsed by the professionals adding to its versatility

Expand your shot darts range with this all-new dart mat by Target Darts. Players will enjoy a super luxurious feel that comes with an ultra-durable character that enhances your overall experience. High-quality fabric will tolerate the weight shocks along with dart tips protection as well.

  • Dimensions: 24.53 × 6.06 × 6.02 inches
  • Weight: 4.63 pounds
  • Colors: Black
  • Materials used: High-quality Fabric

Expand Your Game: The dart mat offers a unique quality that others lack. You can now try out different darts throwing distance formats that vary with the world trends. It has a couple of throw lines with neat distancing covering all dart formats.

Therefore, this magical mat lets you experience the vastness of playing darts trends with a sense of uniqueness.

A Perfect Gift: You can proudly gift this mat to the shot darts fan. The mat itself is super lightweight, considering the safety it provides. It can easily protect the darts falling out of the board while locking the floor’s health at the same time. You can also use this with magnetic dartboards.

  • The lightweight form factor helps with the carrying
  • It covers all the major dart formats
  • Tested by the professionals who ensure its worth

  • Less covering surface

Our Take: The best lightweight dart mat that is made with high-quality fabric to provide durability. Experience more dart formats than ever with a lightweight and durable built makes it an impressive pick.


Lehom Heavy Duty Darts Mat

Lehom Heavy Duty Darts Mat


Soft & Non-Slippery Rubber

Durable Surface

  • Materialized with soft and non-slippery rubber that will maintain the balancing
  • Get 1/5-inch thickness and durable surface on the ground
  • It will reduce the maximum damage possibility of the dart after falling on the mat
  • Comes with dart-throwing lines in 4 feet, 7 ft 6 inches (229 cm), 7 ft ′9-1/4 inches (237 cm), 8 ft (244 cm), and 8 ft 6 inches (259 cm)

Lehom has introduced a heavy-duty dart mat surface design with multiple options to avail. This soft mat surface will be going to be your permanent selection for playing dart with easy-to-clean compatibility. And the weight absorbing aspect is a plus point together with flexibility in design as well.

  • Dimensions: 118 x 24 inch
  • Weight: 7.32 kg
  • Colors: Black with white prints
  • Materials: Rubber
  • Thickness: 4 mm (1/5 inch)

Four Measuring Standards: This professional dart mat has been featured with 4 measuring lines with standard distance as well. There will be 229 cm, 237 cm, 244 cm, and 259 cm as well.

Furthermore, the player can stand at the required position and throw the dart with the mentioned measuring distance. Plus, the rubber-quality mat will cover the dart shape and tips without any damages.

  • Will protect steel & soft tip darts on the durable surface
  • Soundproof material and ready to go mat
  • Portable and rollable design
  • Simply wipe the mat for cleaning

  • Line prints are not uniformed

Our Take: A ready-to-go mat design with an easy portability structure to protect the darts and tips without any damage. It is enough wide and thick to serve you.


Bull’s Rubber Dart Mat

Bull's Rubber Dart Mat


Premium-Quality Design

Cleaner Surface

  • Premium-quality design with required thickness
  • It can be used at your home and parties with ground supportability
  • Under mat protection for ground with a clean surface
  • Portable structure with the quick-rolling aspect

A durably constructed thick and best dart mat perfectly supportive for all types of surface. The thickness is precisely managed to support the variant of weights along with dart damage protection. The length is accurate with precise measurements of the standard line for the player.

  • Dimensions: approx. 118.1 x 23.6 inch
  • Weight: 13.12 pounds
  • Colors: Black with golden print
  • Materials used: non-slippery rubber
  • Thickness: 3 mm

Thick Rubber: A 3 mm thickness with a balanced surface will promise dart protection with extra covering characteristics. The upper surface is particularly structured with non-slippery material to prevent any incident.

Furthermore, the standard length with the lightweight body will make it easy to carry anywhere you want with quick assembling. Due to its compact design, you can also keep it safe inside the dartboard cabinets.

  • Easy to clean and protective surface
  • Stylish design mat with standard measuring
  • Raized wooden oche with non-slippery rubber material
  • It protects your floor

  • Customers reported rubber odor

Our Take: A stylish look dart mat with non-slippery rubber material and protective surface as well. It is safe to use as it provides protection to the floor along with the throw line.


Pachi Paradice Harrows Professional Dart Mat

Pachi Paradice Harrows Professional Dart Mat


Professional Setup

Special Rubberized Surface

  • A mat that is built for the heat of competitions
  • It provides an extremely professional feel and configuration
  • The mat is a competition level dartboard meeting international match play specifications
  • A firm grip that is achieved with the special surface for moving purposes
  • It comes with a high amount of sisal and a low amount of staples

Take your dart throws to another level of perfection with this most professional dart mat. The mate has an excellent distance configuration with the most professional built that is made to last, which makes it one of the best dart mats.

  • Dimensions: 25.59 ×22 × 6.06 inches
  • Weight: 19.84 pounds
  • Materials used: High-quality rubber, sisal, and staples
  • Colors: Black

Meeting International Standards: Harrows have always shown a keen interest in attaining perfection for its players. That toil reflects in this dart mat that meets the international match-play specifications. This acknowledgment has been certified on all sorts of levels.

As a result, players get a perfect experience of throwing steel-tip darts with overall protection. The professional players demand accuracy, and that’s what this mat is going to provide.

Perfection Is A New Normal: Relentless efforts in developing this mat reflect in its standards. The mat is perfected to meet the needs of higher-end matches. Thus, with the most impressive design, there aren’t any compromises made to the functionality.

  • International standard dart mat with accurate throwing distances
  • It comes with an easy to manage design
  • Supreme quality rubber supports everlasting rigidity
  • You’re not going to see design compromises as the design language is classy

  • Average design structure

Our Take: An accurate playing darts companion with elite construction, making it a perfect purchase. It gives you the firm grip that makes it the best mat for a dart.

FAQ Regarding Best Dart Mats

Q. Is it protective to use these dart mats at home?

Yes, the ground surface of these mats is preferably designed with cooperative material that will cover the surface as well. And it will also cover the floor area where you’ll place the mat from the dart tips and any damages.

Q. What are the measuring lines placed on these dart mats?

Standard measuring lines are featured on the surface of the mates with mentioned aspects. The players will also get a few additional measuring lines on some of the enlisted dart marts on our list. In the meantime, the standard size will let you have an exact distanced dart-throwing experience.

Q. Which are the best dart mats?

Our top 3 choices are Winmau Xtreme Heavy Duty Dart Mat, Shot Darts Professional Dart Mat, and Padded Throw/Toe Line Dart Mat Viper by GLD Products.

Q. How to clean these dart mats, and are these portable?

You can simply wipe up the mats to clean any dust from the feet on the mat surface. The ground surface will also protect the under the surface beneath the mat, which can be the house floor and any pub. And of course, these are particularly materialized with high-quality and lightweight components to make them portable.

Best Dart Mats | Quick Comparison

Best Dart Mats - Infographics
Infographics: Best Dart Mats

Our Recommendation:

Our 1st recommendation is Winmau Xtreme Heavy Duty Dart Mat as the best dart mat. The official measurements are placed on the mat line with standard measuring along with high-quality rubber manufacturing.

Furthermore, our 2nd recommendation is the Lehom Heavy Duty Darts Mat Professional Rubber Dart with Throw Lines as the professional rubber dart mat. The non-slippery material of the mat comes in stylish black color and standard measurements.


These best dart mats are top-quality manufactured with lightweight body structures. And the portability factor of these mats will let you carry them anywhere at parties and home to enjoy dart gaming. The soft and protective covering surface will also protect the dart tips from getting damaged after falling on the mats.

Furthermore, the ground surface will also stay clean and protected under the mats with a durable covering. The material is high quality comprising the rubber components with a non-slippery aspect as well.

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