7 Best Outdoor Dartboards For Best Performance

Are you tired of trying darts playing inside your place? Well, the best outdoor dartboards are going to give you a major relief in that regard. This category hunts for more fun while providing the most awaited outdoor activity.

Playing such games outside can be way more refreshing than trying them within your gaming rooms or drawing rooms. Therefore, these dartboards will surely build a foundation of a healthy outdoor activity that all long for. While some points should be taken into consideration while buying one of these magical boards.

Best Outdoor Dartboards For Best Performance

A convenient, lightweight form factor will lay a base for an easy hustle with these dartboards when taking them outside.

Best Outdoor Dartboards | Editorial Pick

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Esjay Magnetic Dart

Esjay 18-Inch Magnetic Dart Board Set

  • Double-Sided Board
  • Easy Assembly
  • Neodymium Magnets



Winmau Diamond Plus

Winmau Diamond Plus Dartboard

  • Diamond-Shaped Wire
  • Responsive Surface
  • Bold Numbering



Viper League Pro

Viper League Pro Regulation Dartboard

  • More Stickyness
  • Official Size
  • Movable Rings

Best Outdoor Dartboards To Try This Year

The heavyweight feature doesn’t talk about the superiority of any great dartboard because lightweight boards can also be high-rated.

Portability comes in handy when it comes to outdoor dartboards. So, consider a sturdy yet feathery weight form factor for your next game.


Esjay 18-Inch Magnetic Dart Board Set

Esjay 18-Inch Magnetic Dart Board Set


Double-Sided Board

Safe Magnetic Darts

  • Double-sided gaming board with dual playable experience for outdoor compatibility
  • It can be easily hung anywhere with a hook and a supportive tip for indoor & outdoor gaming
  • Sharp tips of darts have been replaced with safe magnetic capturing supportive for kids
  • The dart tips are materialized with a neodymium magnet that will capture the board surface

The 2 in 1 gaming pack presented by Esjay comes with a complete range of accessories. The surface quality is balanced with stability in the board that will deliver you the best gaming experience.

Withal, the color scheme has perfectly collaborated with even design patterns along with marked scoring numbers. Needless to say, it is one of the best magnetic dartboards to try this year.


  • Dimensions: 18 ×78 × 18 inches
  • Weight: 4.1 pounds
  • Material: Magnetic board
  • Diameter: 18 inches
  • Darts: 12

For Every Age: The versatile design of this dartboard by Esjay has brought a multifunctional gaming idea where you can proceed with outdoor gaming. Well, the structure is much smoother, with a stable surface that will resist the tough surroundings to prevent any damages.

Moreover, the sturdy material quality has promised to last longer than the standard dartboard. So, the kids can also enjoy throwing darts at outdoor parties and gatherings. And the magnetic dart scenario is something much safer as compared with the steel tips with the standard board size. This dartboard is safe for the kids as well as for the walls too.

What’s In The Package: There’s a metal hook and a double-sided dartboard with dual gaming prints along with a tape measure. That will be used to mark the distance from where you are going to throw darts. Plus, 12 pieces of magnetic darts are added with safer usability together with a throw line and an instruction guide with rules.

Risk-Free: If you are not satisfied with the dartboard, the company offers a money-back guarantee for the customers’ peace of mind.

  • Stable balancing of the dartboard
  • Easily replaceable anywhere you want
  • Responsive and capturing board surface
  • An affordable price tags

  • Dart leaves pockmarks on the board
  • The hanging hook is of poor quality

Our Take: The finest quality double-sided magnetic dartboard with a stable and durable construction body is one of the best outdoor dartboards. Additionally, it is considered one the best outdoor dartboards for kids as well as it is safe for them.


Winmau Diamond Plus Dartboard

Winmau Diamond Plus Dartboard


Diamond Shaped Wires

Standard Scoring Lines

  • Diamond shape wires are featured on the dartboard surface that will resist dart falling possibilities
  • Standard scoring lines with the responsive capturing surface along with grip covering from boundaries.
  • Staple-free bullseye design with smooth floor to add up more scoring criteria for players

A rotatable and advanced constructed classical look dartboard by Winmau has met the demands of customers. A staple-free design that will maximize the protection supportability of darts to stay connected on the board.

In the meantime, the smooth surface of the board has been engineered with international standards as well. It works like a charm with any great steel-tip darts.


  • Dimensions: 17.75 ×75 × 10.5 inches
  • Weight: 10.5 pounds
  • Material: fine grade sisal
  • Diameter: 5 inches
  • Door Style: Sliding

Steel Tip Compatible: International standards have characterized the tough quality dartboard with a premium and appealing look. Plus, the placed angle wires are rightly designed on the board with a diamond pattern to perform a coverage for darts. The darts will not bounce off because of these wires as compared with the usual dartboards.

Number Ring: Board rotation flexibility has been made possible here due to the cooperative number ring removable option. That will also let you replace the score number according to the game and extend the variations as well.

  • Balanced and durable body structure
  • Standard size with a responsive surface of dart
  • Lightweight dartboard featuring sisal fiber
  • A worthy price tags
  • Less wire movement and more capturing

  • Board doesn’t hold darts
  • One customer reports it is not staple-free

Our Take: Fine quality sisal fiber construction with a 17.5 inches stout and durable body construction board is the perfect dartboard for players. Plus, it has a staple-free design that helps in smooth and more scoring to the players. A budget-friendly dartboard that worth the single penny.


Viper League Pro Regulation Dartboard

Viper League Pro Regulation Dartboard


Better Sticky Nature

Official Tournament Size

  • It has a sticky nature that will decrease the chance of bouncing the dart
  • Now you can play with both steel and soft tips of darts on this board
  • Its dartboard is designed with the size of an official tournament dartboard
  • Some thin galvanized wires are fitted in the board that will allow you to play perfect throws on the slot
  • A moveable number ring is fixed in the board that will increase the board life

All a dart player need is the best dartboard to play a fine game. That’s why GLD products brought to you the best dartboard made to perfection. The dartboard is structured with the prime quality material that makes it the champion among the other variants.


  • Dimensions: 17.75 × 1.5 × 17.75 inches
  • Weight: 5.25 kilograms
  • Sector Wire: Galvanized Radial
  • Material: Sisal bristle fibers
  • Diameter: 18 inches

Performs Heavy Duty: The GLD products are renowned for being the best durable products they provide in the market. If you are buying a GLD product, you don’t have to worry about the durability of the product. This dartboard is made with the best quality material that can last for years. The sisal material provides additional durability to the board, and the fibers strongly hold the dart when the player shots and reduces bouncing out.

Furthermore, it also has a compression ring system in which a ring of galvanized wires is fixed on the upper surface. That holds the lower body with a firm grip and increases the durability of this board.

Staple-Free Bulls: It claims a 100% staple-free bull eye. It helps the player in increasing the shots and decreasing the chance of the shot bouncing off. Furthermore, it keeps the wall clean and safe.

What’s In The Package: The package contains a cricket scoreboard with an eraser and chalk, steel tip darts one set, mounting hardware, and a game manual for the players’ ease.

  • It is very easy to mount on the wall
  • The board has a unique design with a blend of four colors
  • Increases your accuracy and game playing skills
  • Low price tag

  • Dart bounces off from the board
  • Dart tips leave their marks

Our Take: The finest quality and best outdoor dartboards offer an enjoyable outdoor experience with a touch of convenience, making it a suitable option.


Winmau Blade 5 Dual Core Dartboard

Winmau Blade 5 Dual Core Dartboard


Improved Scoring Area

Triple Wheel Lock

  • The scoring area has been improved from the recent versions
  • Bounce out issues have been addressed with improved board wiring
  • Triple wheel lock system maintains to fix your dartboard on the surface for a longer duration
  • Because of dual-core technology, it is more durable and resilient
  • The radial and sector wires are now thinner to hit the dart, with fewer chances to miss the scoring area

Brighten your outdoor recreational time improved dartboard that promises the best experience. Players will admire the sensational dart gaming board experience with a touch of class everyone fancy.

So, all shorts you throw will find their targets. Furthermore, it comes with dual-core technology.


  • Dimensions: 17.75 × 17.75 × 1.5 inches
  • Weight: 11.05 pounds
  • Color: Black
  • Material: Plywood
  • Diameter: 17.75 inches

A Dual Core Dartboard: This dartboard is made with two surfaces one is inner, and the second is outer. The outer surface works to reduce the penetration chances that may break the board. On the other hand, the inner surface makes the board firmer and sturdier, even in compression and penetrations.

Also, the cores used in the board are made with high-quality material. And the board is assembled professionally to make sure the comfort level of the board will remain the best. So, all these qualities make this dartboard the most durable and substantial in all scenarios.

Blade 5 Features: It got a triple wheel lock and level system, rota lock that can create the ideal position, alignment, and level of the board. This feature increases the life of the board. Furthermore, it has the thinnest wiring UTS (Ultimate Tensile Strength) to make sure the points slide past the wire.

  • An easy mounting on the wall is better with an instruction book
  • Now it comes with a rotating feature
  • You can fix this dartboard on all type of surfaces
  • Now you can even lock your board for zero movements that disturb your gameplay

  • The board has few dents on the surface
  • Loose dart sticking quality

Our Take: A dual-core dartboard, along with the thinnest wiring and triple wheel lock to make it bets. In short, a new featured dartboard that provides you durability and long life is a perfect choice for you.


Yuham Magnetic Dart Board

Yuham Magnetic Dart Board


Best Magnetic System

Premium Materials

  • Great entertainment for both outdoor and indoor gameplays
  • The magnetic system in the board maintains not to fall the dart down the surface
  • All the accessories are made of high and prime quality material that gives you a lifetime guarantee
  • This dartboard comes with an additional 12 pcs set of magnetic darts

Sit without worries and take your dartboard anywhere with the unique foldable design. Everyone loves the exceptional roll-up functionality, as this makes your boards convenient to carry around without doing much.

Therefore, this board makes up for most of the concerned dart players out there. Use it with some best soft-tip darts to get the best gameplay experience.


  • Dimensions: 17.28 × 3.27 × 3.27 inches
  • Weight: 0.79 pounds
  • Color: black
  • Material: Rubber steel, velvet, and cloth covering
  • Diameter: 11.6 inches and 13.6 inches

A Package Of Entertainment: This has become a gateway to the world of entertainment. Because of the color combination on the dartboard and a special design, this board has become the most famous among people. The color combination and a magnetic surface make it more prominent over the other dartboards.

Moreover, this dartboard package includes 12 magnetic darts that are made according to safety standards. There is a guiding book that comes with the dartboard package to ease your playing difficulty. Also, these darts don’t harm your wall or board with a magnetic bottom.

Safe For Outdoor & Indoor: This magnetic dartboard is safe for outdoor as well as for indoor. The magnets are bonded firmly and safely inside the board that holds darts firmly in their place without damaging the wall or player. Further, it is best for families and suitable for kids as well. It is the best gift for the kids’ age group of 5 to 17 years.

  • Made with the best cloth, rubber steel, and velvet that is indestructible
  • The stability of this dartboard is admirable with that less weight
  • The magnetic bottom darts given in the package keeps your wall safe from damaging
  • Best for outdoor and indoor

  • Darts have a bend on them
  • Hanging strength is weak

Our Take: The best quality-wise dartboard with 12 darts and suitable for indoor and outdoor along with an accessible price tag that will catch your attention.


Unicorn Eclipse Pro Dartboard

Unicorn Eclipse Pro Dartboard


New Wiring Technology

Ultra-Slim Profile

  • The wiring technology fitted in the board is the most unique
  • Equally divided target area so players can throw with a clear state of mind
  • This board has been verified by the world champions of darts for its quality
  • Ultra-slim profile that can level on all stand types
  • The numbers on the board are highly prominent, so the players can easily figure out

A unique piece of ultra-craftsmanship that is going to guide all your shots to the right target. With an updated design and clever wiring, Champ Board made sure that all your efforts don’t go in vain when you play.

Many complaints have been addressed, and the design is now simpler and more resilient than ever.


  • Dimensions: 1.97 ×11 × 18.11 inches
  • Weight: 5.1 kilograms
  • Color: Black
  • Style: Bristle board
  • Diameter: 17.3 inches

A Quality Champion: The “Unicorn” promises to bring the most reliable products for you in every aspect. The design of this dartboard is a thing to admire.

Also, this bristle-made board is wired with a top-notch wire that makes this board sturdier. And with a staple-free construction, this board becomes more reliable.

Style: This dartboard has got high technology wiring design that provides durability along with staple-free bullseyes. Furthermore, the stylish look and highly prominent board make it easy for the players to figure out.

  • A fully featured dartboard with a decent price tag
  • It can handle a tough drop without breaking
  • A check out chart for writing down your scores also come with the board
  • Prostyle featuring of wires with protective pattern

  • The bullseye got a bump in the center
  • Few color prints are not in order

Our Take: High-quality construction in eclipse styling and the staple-free surface of this dartboard can be the best selection for you that offers you to enjoy the game and get the board at a reasonable price.


IgnatGames Professional Dart Board Set

IgnatGames Professional Dart Board Set


Lesser Bounce Outs

Wider Scoring Area

  • An ideal dartboard for professionals and even for newbies
  • In this dartboard, the problem of bouncing out is reduced to a minimum level
  • Now the scoring area is wider so you can hit where ever you want is a goal
  • A staple-free surface of the board provides you the best playing experience
  • All the necessary equipment is provided with the dartboard

Cherish the substantial healing functionality with this terrific dartboard that all players love. The innovative design is given a reshape with dartboard now able to reduce down the bounce-outs frustration.

So, every step you take is drenched in confidence and mastery.


  • Dimensions: 18 × 18 ×7 inches
  • Weight: 5.26 kilograms
  • Color: Black
  • Material: Kenyan Sisal fiber
  • Diameter: 17.75 inches

No Bounce Out: This dartboard has a sticky-natured surface that works like a magnet that sticks the dart on the board. That sticky surface prevents the darts from bouncing out on the floor. As a safety factor, it helps your darts from not falling, which will save its tip from breaking, which makes it one of the best outdoor dartboards.

Solid Construction: Sisal fiber is used in the construction of this dartboard that keeps the wall clean. It is staple-free and has an ultra-thin wire system that reduced the chances of bounce out.

What Is Included? This dartboard takes complete accessories with it, which includes 2 sets of high-quality darts and 6 flights for those darts. Also, there is a guidebook in this dartboard packaging that eases your ways to play darts.

35 Ways To Play Darts: This dartboard helps you in improving your skill and helps you in acquiring new knowledge as the book “35 ways to play darts” comes with the package. In the book, there are exciting and thrilling dart games, scoreboard templates, and illustrations.

  • Blade wire spider helps to make it a seamlessly smooth surface
  • It comes with a moveable number ring which is a new add up
  • Righteously featured with international gaming standards

  • Color prints are missing in few spots

Our Take: This dartboard is for professionals and beginners as well; it reduces the bounces level very much and comes with a book that contains plenty of games. A perfectly featured dartboard with the complete accessories of a dart game that will surely make you buy it.

FAQ Regarding Best Outdoor Dartboards

Q. What are the size variations of these dartboards?

You’ll get standard sizes of boards with the classical color combination printed on the surface of the exterior. There will be 17.75 inches and 18 inches in our enlisted selection. The surface diameter has been precisely measured to the international ruling along with mentioned scoring numbers on the board.

Q. What material has been used in the construction of these boards?

Different brands of manufacturings have variants in their product, some of these dartboards are designed with fine quality wood. Alongside, there will be a sturdy sisal fiber structured dartboard with much better quality and a balanced surface for gaming. The boundaries are also tightened with compression fitting flexibility.

Q. Are there any magnetic surface dartboards for teenagers to play outdoor?

Yes, a few of the mentioned products are magnetic, featuring the given accessories included in the package. Plus, magnetic tip darts are also included that will be much safer to play for kids as compared with the steel tips.

Best Outdoor Dartboards | Quick Comparison

Best Outdoor Dartboards - Infographics
Infographics: Best Outdoor Dartboards

Our Recommendation:

Our 1st recommendation is the Winmau Blade 5 Dual Core Bristle Dartboard as the best dual-core dartboard. A thin wire system has been featured on the surface, along with triple wheel lock technology with a balanced exterior.

Plus, our 2nd recommendation is Yuham Magnetic Dart Board Indoor Outdoor Games as the best magnetic dartboard. Magnetic tip darts are also included in the package, along with 2 hanging dartboards with variations in size.


Don’t wait anymore and get these best outdoor dartboards to have fun with families at parties and gatherings. The stable quality featuring dartboard will provide a much-improved gaming experience due to the balanced, smooth surface. You can score more points and play with durability along with the included dart sets as well.

Additionally, the surface measuring has been evenly balanced with precise manufacturing within the standard rules. Alongside, the design and color scheme is up to the demands of customers with a long-lasting outcome. These dartboards are the perfect choice for you to buy.

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