Comedy Fouls & Funniest Moments in Football

Football is believed to be like a passion in various countries. And because of this passion some fans praise their favorite players and some abuse them for committing mistakes during the matches. Some fans hold their heads, some bite their nails and a few of them even start crying during the match. Several people having strong heart can control their emotions regarding this.

But imagine what happens when a player does his effort in such a way that turns the match situation and makes it possible through his effort, speed, intelligence and many other skills.

This video comprises some moments which are un-expected and after these moments various players are regarded to have a sacred position among their fans. Though there are attackers, but there are also defenders.

Though there are fast and active players but there are also a few who can use their wit to turn the attentions of the audience towards them by their single and witty action.

Some players perform their duties and operations so well that it touches the hearts of the team owners and teammates also. They are definitely praised very much for their best performances. Some audience do not only act as spectator they act like they are the participants of the match and some fans become superstitious enough that they use to wear a dirty shirt that their team has won the earlier match because they were wearing this shirt and they don’t even want to wash their shirts that it might not be good for their teams. Enjoy the video and guess the feelings of spectators.

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