F1 Gears Up For Its Biggest Season Ever

If Max Verstappen is able to secure strong showings in both Singapore and Japan with his closest rival Charles Leclerc having poorer showings, he’ll wrap up his second F1 championship with a number of races still left to go for the current season. There are still some fantastic races to come for punters looking to take advantage of their bet365 bonus code and the excitement that will still be sure to come for the rest of this season yet.

F1 Gears Up For The 2022-23 Formula1 Season

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This year’s 23-race season was already big news, and although the cancellation of the race in Russia did lead to a shorter season than anticipated, next year is looking bigger than ever, with a 24-race season having been provisionally announced pending any changes in the future. With a few tracks returning to duty and some others that have been left out, and a big newcomer that could be a huge hit too. So, how’s the 2023 season shaping up?

Another showing for China, the Netherlands, and Japan

Both China and Japan saw the temporary removal from the racing calendar due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and whilst Japan has returned and is soon to be raced once again in 2022, it’ll no doubt be exciting for fans who’ve waited for both tracks to return to active duty.

Suzuka is an all-time fan and driver favorite so having Japan confirmed once again brings a fantastic race, and the Shanghai track always leads to some very exciting racing and some big mistakes, too – with Zhou Guanyu representing China as their first driver in F1, too, the race in 2023 will certainly be a spectacle of its own. And these teams also have already buckled up with some of the fastest F1 cars on their sides.

The US expands its number of circuits

F1 has been growing rapidly amongst fans in America, COTA returns once again with Miami coming back earlier in the year, and drivers will be heading to nearby Mexico in 2023 also, but the big excitement comes from the track announcement in Las Vegas as drivers will be racing down the strip.

The track is subject to passing the FIA safety rating, so whilst it is on the calendar, it is yet to be 100% confirmed, but another race in the US will only expand the US fanbase, and Vegas could be one of the biggest spectacles on the racing circuit. Street circuits hold a certain charm for many F1 fans and the greatest Formula1 drivers, and Vegas will look to be no different.

F1 Gears Up For Its Biggest Season
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Monaco and Spa survive, but Circuit Paul Ricard falls by the wayside

There have been plenty of rumors throughout the year around which circuits may not find themselves on the racing calendar as contracts are coming to an end; both Spa and Monaco had been in discussions for tracks that may not return, and to the dismay of many drivers in particular.

Monaco has received its share of criticism, but drivers love it as a historic circuit, and many fans couldn’t imagine a season without it, and a new three-year deal will see the famous circuit around for some time yet. SPA had also been a concern due to financials but had managed to secure a one-year deal to keep track of the calendar.

Circuit Paul Ricard, unfortunately, was not able to secure a new deal and will not see any F1 action in 2023, but the French Grad Prix organizers are hopeful to re-secure a new deal in the future – it has been a staple for a number of years with some fantastic races and results, but options do seem open for a future for the French race.

There are still hopes for a 25-race season which may be a target next year, and there’s certainly support for it, too, bringing a race nearly every other weekend and something fantastic for fans hoping to see more racing, and there’s still plenty of news left to round out this year following the announcement from Williams that Nicholas Latifi would not be returning and a question mark around other drivers on the grid and what teams they may end up in.

Either way, 2023 is shaping up to be a fantastic weekend on the horizon for race fans with plenty left to see, Red Bull seems in a fantastic position to stay the frontrunners of next year’s grid with both Ferrari and Mercedes very close behind, but roster changes could also see teams like Williams become a mid-field contender once more.

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