From a boy in the suburbs to the dream icon of a whole generation of young Frenchmen, Kylian Mbappé’s has shown us what lies behind

Fans were won over by Kylian Mbappé’s performance in the 2022 World Cup final, in which he scored a hat trick despite his team’s inability to win the competition against Argentina. Despite this, Mbappé’s team did not come out on top.

On the field of play for football, the French striker made a significant impact with his speed, technique, and shots that were as precise as they could possibly be. And somewhere else in France, another generation of kids are growing up with a big dream: the dream of being the “next Mbappé” of French football.

The “good” results of the education and training programs for young people

Mbappé is the latest “golden” name to emerge from the steady stream of top talents trained in this European nation. He is the product of a remarkable training system that has produced top talent after top talent. France is said to be light years ahead of Brazil, Germany, and other major powers in football, and has been compared to a “manufacturing factory” of football talents. This is the case even with France’s success in training.

Since the end of the Cold War, no nation has been able to maintain the success of their national football team across multiple generations of players in their national team. They achieved their first World Cup victory with “Les Bleus” in 1998, and then reached the final once more in 2006, where they were defeated by Italy. Twelve years later, in 2018, they were victorious over Croatia and continued on to win the championship, putting them in position to compete in the final of the World Cup in 2022.

Even though Brazil, Germany, and Italy all have more overall titles, the fact that they have reached the final for the fourth time in just 24 years allows them to establish themselves as the best team in the world at this time. World Cup in the preceding three decades, with two of the four teams winning and hoisting the prestigious championship trophy each time.

Notably, Kylian Mbappé has always managed to capture the attention of her talent, and he did so in both of France’s previous appearances in the World Cup final. His previous training facility garnered a lot of attention right away after the 24-year-old brought the gold trophy to France for the first time.

“Factory” of Talented Players AS Bondy, the club for which Mbappé played when he was younger, is considered to be one of the starting points in the “factory” of football talent that exists in France. And because of what Mbappé brings to the football in this country, many young players have been inspired to believe in themselves and the potential they have for the future.

“Mbappé motivates me, makes me want to train harder,” says Yacine Ngamatah, a twelve-year-old player who scored four out of ten goals for the home team in a match against a club from a suburb of Paris other than Paris. Yacine Ngamatah is one of the players who helped the home team win the match.

It is common knowledge that Yacine is currently trying out for the professional team Dijon, which competes in the second division of France’s football league. Ngamatah not only possesses the ability to complete tasks, but also the ability to keep moving without stopping. Because of this, the boy’s teammates have given him the nick name “N’Golo Kanté,” which means “Kante.” This alias was derived from the name of a well-known French midfielder. Kanté began his professional football career in the past while playing for a local Parisian team called Suresnes.

Eric Ousmane Ngamatah, Yacine’s father, is quoted as saying: “There is nothing about the Brazilians that we should feel envious of. At the moment, there is a sizable population of football players in France, particularly in the region surrounding Paris.

However, the only issue that arises when it comes to the education of young people is money. France puts a significant amount of money into its infrastructure, as evidenced by the presence of numerous football fields, parks, and playgrounds across the Paris region and beyond, in addition to a large number of youth teams and coaches.

However, just like everywhere else in the world, the appeal and simplicity of football continues to lie in its status as a low-cost pastime option for children who come from low-income families. Bondi is also convenient for children from working-class families to use as a means of egress. Therefore, the brilliance of an impoverished child from a suburban neighborhood like Mbappé has lit a fire of hope for an entirely new generation.

Mbappé is the name of your dream.

As was just mentioned, the accomplishments of Mbappé and the other stars on the French national team have served as a source of inspiration and motivation for a great number of young people who are passionate about football.

Regarding the aspiration of achieving success, parents are aware that not all of their children will be able to achieve the level of prominence attained by Mbappé, but no one is discouraging their children from dreaming big.

Rabiah Bertrand, a trembling parent who was standing on the sidelines on December 17 during the match to watch her 12-year-old son compete in freezing temperatures, said: “I was overcome with emotion as I watched the French team compete because I couldn’t help but think that one day my own children might be able to compete alongside them. The children are encouraging one another to believe that they are capable of the same things that Kylian is. The same things occur to us in our sleep. Absolutely everything is conceivable in this life.”


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