The giant iron statue of Cristiano Ronaldo in Italy has been moved by thousands of people, attracting millions of people to admire, making everyone proud because it is so unique

Cristiano Ronaldo is undoubtedly one of the best Footballers ever existed on Earth. He had achieved almost everything in the history of football except FIFA world cup. The only achiement left for Cristiano Ronaldo to achieve in his life is FIFA world cup and It is his greatest dream ever.<img class=”lazy c008″ src=”data:;base64,” alt=”” />

Aside that he had achieved to himself a lot of different individual titles. He is one of legends in the English Premier League. In Spanish Laliga he is a hero. When you come to Italiana Serie A he is a legend. In the history of Portugal’s football he is a super star. In fact he is a man of blessings. When it comes goal scoring streak he is second to none among all the active players in the world.

Putting his achiement as a man of football aside. He had inspired a lot of young football players to become the finest Footballers in the world. He had donated the junk of his money to the poor and orphanages. He never seems to stop doing good things to those who seeks for his assistant. He is one of the players that love children.

His fame and greatness had gone beyond the boundaries of his coast. His good work had earned him a lot of love and respect. He is arguably the only football player with millions of funs on social media. Aside his earning from football, another great source of his earning is from the social media. He makes thousands of dollars from social media. This achiement of his wouldn’t have been possible if he had not be nice to people.

Owing to the good works of Cristiano Ronaldo, his current football country “Italy” could not know what to do to show proof of how much they love and adore him. So they decided to build an iron robot of him.This huge Cristiano Ronaldo robot model created to ride float at Viareggio Carnival in Italy. In fact the robot alone too had served as a great avenue for to the country through tourism.

Italian Carnival Spawns Another Cristiano Ronaldo Statue Nightmare

Everything about Cristiano Ronaldo brings money, fortune, blessings, love, fame and good luck. What kind of a person is this. His iron robot too had become a source of avenue to the country and had gain attention all over the world. Well, that is what God


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