Genoveffa Darone Bio, Wiki, Net worth, And Other Interesting Facts

Genoveffa Darone Insigne, also known as Jenny, is best known for being the wife of Napoli star Lorenzo Insigne. She is quite beautiful and popular despite being only a housewife and continues to attract public attention, she looks like a model, but she is not.

Genoveffa Darone was born on June 24, 1992 in Frattamaggior, Italy. Her zodiac sign is Cancer. Like the people of Cancer sign, Genoveffa is very passionate and protective. She cares deeply about her friends and family and always prioritizes them.

Genoveffa always has a good listener to the stories of her children and friends. The condition of her home is very important to her, so she always strives to keep her home organized and well designed. A warm home can be a source of affection and warmth for her.

Quick Facts About Genoveffa Darone

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Birthday 24 September 1992
Place of Birth Italy
Nationality Italian
Residency N.A
Spouse Lorenzo Insigne
Job Housewife
Instagram @daronejenny
Height 5’9” (172 cm)
Weight 58 kg
Sister / Brother Lucia and Violetta (sisters), and Roberto (brother)
Father & Mother Genoveffa’s father is Flavio, and her mother is Evelina
Religion Christians
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Net Worth (approx.) N.A
Education School M. Stanzione, University of Naples Federico II
Age 29 years

Genoveffa Darone’s Childhood And Family

Genoveffa Darone’s parents were very kind and loving. Her father, Flavio, is a farmer. The same profession allowed him to meet the basic needs of the family. Her mother, Evelina, took care of Genoveffa with gentle hands. Genoveffa has two sisters, Lucía and Violetta, and a brother, Roberto.

Their parents did their best to raise their children well. Genoveffa Darone’s childhood was wonderful as she enjoyed growing up as the last child in the family. Everyone loved her and gave her what she desired.

Genoveffa Darone

Genoveffa Darone And Lorenzo Insigne’s Relationship

Genoveffa met Lorenzo when he was still playing on loan at Pescara. It didn’t take long for the couple to realize that they share a strong connection and that being together makes them incredibly happy.

After seeing each other for a while, Lorenzo proposed to his love life, and the duo wed in 2012. Many close friends and family members attended the lavish wedding.

Since then, the duo has remained inseparable to this day. They have been through many ups and downs in life, but their love is still pure after all these years. Genoveffa has always inspired Lorenzo to do his best. She has supported him since they met, and Lorenzo always finds solace in her kind heart and cheers her up.

Genoveffa Darone


Genoveffa Darone and Lorenzo Insigne’s family grew and became better after the arrival of their two beautiful children. They welcomed their first son, Carmine, on 4 April 2013.

Two years later, their family was completed with another wonderful boy, Christian. Genoveffa Darone’s children, Carmine and Christian, are energetic, intelligent, and lovely. Genoveffa and Lorenzo are currently very happy together and strive to raise their children in the best possible way.


The M.Stanzione school became the place of her primary education. In fact, she was very good at studying. However, Genoveffa never dreamed of becoming a doctor or scientist. She went to the University of Naples Federico II for higher studies and got a bachelor’s degree in creative arts.

Physical Features

Genoveffa Darone is incredibly beautiful. She has a memorable face and large dark brown eyes, which she inherited from her mother. She always looks so fabulous that it’s easy to mistake her for a model.

Genoveffa is 5 feet 9 inches tall. Most of the time, her weight stays at 58 kg. Dark brown eyes and hair make her look just stunning. The body measurements of Genoveffa Darone are 362626 inches.

She has some small tattoos. For example, she has a small tattoo on her left elbow and another on her right elbow. By appearance, these tattoos are assumed to be her child’s birthdays.

Genoveffa Darone

Professional Career

Jenny is a lady of robust willpower and hardship. Even at a totally younger age, she assisted her family financially by working as a sales clerk in a haircare shop. However, currently, she is a homemaker for the Insigne family.

She primarily spends her nice time together along with her children at home. Being a strong and passionate supporter of her husband, she attends lots of Lorenzo’s games. During the EURO 2020, Jenny has been seen in the stadium for nearly every sport Italy played, which is a pretty commitment.

Genoveffa Darone Net worth

Since Genoveffa Darone is currently a housewife, Genoveffa Darone’s salary and assets are not recorded. On the other hand, her husband has an inheritance of 35 million euros. Lorenzo Insigne’s market value is €65m, which is an impressive figure.

Genoveffa and her family live a luxurious life as they have a beautiful house in Naples, Italy, and also Lorenzo has impressive cars like Ferrari 458 and Mercedes Benz AMG GT63s.

Social Media

Genoveffa Darone isn’t so lively on social media sites. However, on her Instagram account, she continues sharing her family photo, and her fans are growing, and currently, she has 293k followers. Her marriage delivered her massive achievement, and she got here in the limelight.


Born right into a Christian family, Genoveffa, a.k.a Jenny, used to go to the church frequently in her childhood, and she hasn’t stopped to pray either. Genoveffa believes that God will defend you and assist you through hardships if you believe in him by heart. Her husband, Lorenzo Insigne, is likewise a Christian and visits the church regularly.

FAQs Regarding Genoveffa Darone

Q. Who is Lorenzo Insigne’s wife?

Genoveffa Darone is the spouse of well-known Italian soccer participant Lorenzo Insigne. She is a famous Italian homemaker. She was born on 24 June 1992 in Frattamaggiore, Italy, and has the zodiac sign Cancer. Just like maximum Italians, she is the devotee of Jesus.

Q. What height is the Italian footballer insignia?

At 1.63m tall (currently), Insigne’s height hunts him in a different way. There was a time when his height almost made him give up dreams of playing soccer at a professional level.

Q. How did they meet? 

They met when they were in Naples. At the time, Lorenzo was playing on loan at Pescara. Lorenzo said when he first saw her, he was already sure that she was the one he wanted to spend the rest of his life with.

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