7 Best Harry Potter Board Games 2023 | December Updates

Harry Potter has always been a childhood fantasy for many of us. This thought is now clothed with our top-rated Harry Potter board games. Now, you can deal with the excellent presentation of this fantasy series right on your tables.

These board games are purely inspired by this series, and that shows in the games as well. Therefore, you will now be able to dive deep into the world of magic and witchcraft, which will lighten up your senses.

Furthermore, game boards have always been shining bright in the market due to a bunch of reasons. The board games are more practical and rewarded, both in terms of knowledge and leadership. You’ll be far more mentally active and energetic while playing these board games rather than those sloppy video games.

Moreover, board games are tagged as one of the best ways to knock off your stress and anxiety. Thus, these offerings will reward you with such benefits in return for your consideration.

7 Best Harry Potter Board Games For True Potterheads

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We have aligned the best board games coming from the Harry Potter series. So without delaying any further, let’s jump into the list below.


Ravensburger Harry Potter Labyrinth Family Board Game

Ravensburger Harry Potter Labyrinth Family Board Game


  • The product dimensions are 14.75 ×75 × 2.75 inches
  • The product weighs 1.85 pound

  • You will find new routes leading towards Hogwarts
  • It’s a puzzle type board game
  • The board game is linked with imaginary characters from Harry Potter
  • Your gameplay is super exciting with endless fun
  • Top your gaming frenzy with amazing visuals
  • 4 players can participate in the game

Can you discover new routes moving through Labyrinth in this one of the top-ranked Harry Potter board games? So, get along with your game partners and find out in this amazing Harry Potter puzzle right on your tabletops.

Can You Find New Paths From Labyrinth? An exciting game from the harry potter series takes on a fun puzzle experience. The players are to watch and seek the shortest of routes from Labyrinth. If you play with tactics, you’ll discover more new paths meeting your goal. Keep a clear watch over the path because all other characters are waiting to hear from you. So, will you be able to match their expectations? Find out for yourself!

A Pure Fantasy Made Easy For Everyone: This game has been the most popular from the day of its release. There’s everything to love about this title. You’ll feel right at home with simple game operatives and flawless design all in one package. Moreover, this puzzle is an excellent choice for the kids too. Solving interesting puzzles will help them with brain growth with great fun.

  • The game is easy and simple to understand
  • Multi-purpose cards with excellent visuals
  • Your gaming experience is embedded with great fantasy
  • It can be a great gift

  • Good to go

Our Take: The simplicity of the puzzle merged into a delightful fantasy inspired by Harry Potter, making it a great purchase.


Hogwarts Battle Cooperative Deck Building

Hogwarts Battle Cooperative Deck Building


  • The product dimensions are 9 × 12 × 4 inches
  • The product weighs 3 pounds

  • The players go through different challenges
  • You can choose the characters of your liking
  • Your game is filled with hidden secrets and mysteries
  • Endless Battles and action with the expansion of villains

Can you save Hogwarts from the evil forces in this one of the top-rated Harry Potter Board games? Unleash your wizardry skills with other characters through different levels of difficulties.

A Great Battle Awaits: This game gives an authentic vibe to the Harry Potter series. You have all the adventures unlocked after every mission you accomplished. Evil forces are approaching, and you’re running out of time. Players are supposed to analyze the situation correctly and become a part of this crazy adventure. So, master your skills along with other characters and take on this thrilling ride to the world of magic.

Never Ending Fantasy: Harry Potter in Hogwarts battle is an endless road of evil confrontation and skills mastery. You’ll be amazed to see the beautiful expertise done on the game board along with the accessories. You have a wide variety of graphically attractive cards that reflects the game’s strategy throughout.

  • Huge selection of cards along with game boxes
  • Game guide included, which makes it convenient to understand the game
  • The game takes on a continuous adventure train of magic
  • A beautiful game built with magnificent detail to the insights
  • A true depiction of actual fantasy
  • Supports 2-4 players

  • Kids might confuse the rules

Our Take: Face the dark evil forces in this one of the most captivating games from Harry Potter board game reviews. Making it a good option to consider.


Harry Potter Clue Game By Hasbro Gaming

Harry Potter Clue Game By Hasbro Gaming


  • The product dimensions are 15.75 ×5 × 2.5 inches
  • The product weighs 2.38 pounds

  • A mystery about some students who disappeared
  • You’ll play as your favorite character from the Harry Potter series
  • Great game mechanics in this one of the best Harry Potter board games 2020
  • Find the certain case proof first to finish the game
  • 30 minutes playtime

Solve the disturbing mystery in the Harry Potter clue game by Hasbro Gaming. You’ll be given hints which you’ll demonstrate through your game standing. Will you find out about the mystery?

Uncover the Mystery: The board game is all about the terrifying case of disappeared students from the Hogwarts premises. You’re given the responsibility of finding the exact reason behind this happening. The players are free to select any character from the series. Thus, get the right clues and game-changing elements to reveal the reasoning to Dumbledore.

To the Secret Paths: The players will be faced with a disruptive map that gets more tricky as they progress. There’s a wheel on top of your gaming board that will keep uncovering the new secret pathways. Therefore, you’re given many spots to investigate within Hogwarts.

  • A role-playing fantasy experience
  • Comes great gaming experience with expensive game components
  • Wide range of accessories to expand your gaming possibilities
  • The game board has the finest built quality

  • Game rules can be intricating for some

Our Take: A phenomenal mystery filled with tricks and ever-changing paths makes it another great choice.


Harry Potter Magical Beasts By Pressman

Harry Potter Magical Beasts By Pressman


  • The product dimensions are 17.25 ×5 × 10.5 inches
  • The product weighs 1 pound

  • A visually pleasing game board with a dynamic map
  • Explore Hogwarts from all perspectives with the swinging board
  • The players will find clues from inside and outside of Hogwarts
  • Your game package supports up to 4 players

Find your magical beasts in a dynamic experience.  The popular title has gained an interesting theme in this one of the best Harry Potter board games target.

An Intuitive Experience: The game board offers one of the finest visuals on a board game. The graphics reflect the inside and outside of the Hogwarts building. And you are set to capture the magical beasts. There are many objects on the map, which is your board now. Find the hidden and reveal your goal at the end of the gameplay.

Capture The Hidden: Hogwarts has called on all the great wizards to capture the magical beasts. The beasts were broken loose in the school’s territory, and now it’s your mission to find them. Eventually, you’ll have to identify the beast you have captured to win the match.

  • The game board is a dynamic map now
  • Color enriched game components
  • Your product provides great value for money
  • Even kids can enjoy this game
  • Ability to choose a protagonist

  • Moderate materials used in construction

Our Take: A catchy puzzle caged in an intuitive game board experience at an affordable price makes a bright option.


World Of Harry Potter Ultimate Edition BY USAOPOLY

World Of Harry Potter Ultimate Edition BY USAOPOLY


  • The product dimensions are 10.5 × 10.5 × 3 inches
  • The product weighs 2.2 pounds

  • The package is made out of high-quality materials
  • Your game board is made custom
  • The game presents a challenge where you are asked from 1800 questions
  • The questions are taken from the Harry Potter series
  • You can choose your side as you enter Hogwarts

Are you die heart Harry Potter fan? If yes, this edition brings a challenge for you all in this one of the best Harry Potter board games on amazon.

A Challenge Awaits: The time has come to test your knowledge about the Harry Potter series. You’re through the ingress of Hogwarts school, and now you’re up to choose your side to start the challenge. So pull yourselves together as you’re presenting your house. So, what are you waiting for?

Other Functionalities: The game has a diverse range of accessories. Your package covers it all, from the game guide to the wedges. Therefore, it’s now easy to comprehend the game than before. Moreover, the package is easy to carry too with its manageable weight and clever structure.

  • The package can be easily manageable
  • The game lets you choose your side from Hogwarts school
  • Your game board is made up of durable materials
  • It can be a perfect gift for Harry Potter fans

  • Challenge can be difficult for beginners

Our Take: Find out whether you’re a true Harry Potter fan in this excellent trivia board game, making it a decent option.


HedBanz Harry Potter Party Game

HedBanz Harry Potter Party Game


  • The dimensions of this Harry Potter board game are 2 ×5 × 10.5 in inches
  • Harry Potter board game for kids weighs around 8 ounces

  • You can choose any team from the 04 houses of Hogwarts
  • Collect chocolate frogs to win the game from the card decks
  • Simply answer with Yes or No from the selected cards to get points
  • Can be compatible to play along with 2 to 6 players

Discover all the secrets of the Harry Potter and sharpen your memory to win the game of question. You have to know the right answer behind the cards.

Fun Competition: Now the kids can have a competition among themselves by guessing the right answers to the Harry Potter story. Choose the favorite house among the Slytherin, Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, or Ravenclaw. Collect 5 chocolate frogs by guessing the correct answers to win the game.

Gaming Accessories: The game package comes along with 6 headbands, 77 cards with photos, a sand timer, 12 tokens of potions. Moreover, there will be 25 tokens of the chocolate frog to collect them and win the game. The players will also get a complete instruction guide to get directions of the game.

  • 7+ years of kids can play this board game
  • House card selection choice for the players
  • An easy and simple game to play for kids and family
  • Very affordable board game package to buy

  • Limited and much simple gaming criteria

Our Take: Select your favorite house from Hogwarts and find out the correct answers behind the card to collect the chocolate frogs.


Ravensburger Pictopia: Harry Potter Edition

Ravensburger Pictopia: Harry Potter Edition


  • This Harry Potter board game has dimensions of 2 10.5 10.5 in inches
  • The board game package weighs around 2 pounds

  • 1000 pictures to guess the right answer for collecting points
  • Choose your favorite Hogwart’s house to play along
  • There will be 6 villain characters to make a twist in the game
  • Story of the fantastic beast is also added in the game

Work as a team to solve the mysteries of pictures related to the Harry Potter story. Know the strategies of your opponents to win the maximum victory points.

Play With Your Team: The questions will be all related to the characters and scenes of the Harry Potter series. You have to make a classical ongoing strategy to solve the stages by answering accordingly to the given 1000 questions on the pictures.

Accessories: The package got all the required gaming equipment to amuse the players. There will be 30 coins of prophecy, 1 gaming board, trivia cards of 200 types, 6 changers. Moreover, the players will also get 1 die and responsive dials of 6 variants along with a complete instruction guide.

  • Guess the answers to win
  • Multi-player board game of 06 players
  • Trivia gaming criteria for Harry Potter lovers
  • 10 to 12 years of kids can play
  • A worthy price for this game package

  • Some people find it easy

Our Take: Are you looking for a Harry Potter quiz to find out the correct answers to the storyline? Then these are the best Harry Potter board games list.

FAQ Regarding Best Harry Potter Board Games

Q. Which could be the best Harry Potter board games?

Although ur enlisted games are the most trending and top-rated for Harry Potter lovers, still, we have shortlisted these 03 as the best board games on the list:

  • Harry Potter Labyrinth Board Game for Family
  • Hogwarts Battle in Harry Potter Card Game
  • Harry Potter Clue Game by Hasbro Gaming

Q. What type of gaming experience will we get from these board games?

These board games are totally related to the story of the Harry Potter series. The involved players will have to revise their memories and correctly answer the questions to collect the winning points.

Q. How many people can play these games?

All of these enlisted board games are multiplayer along with compatibility of 5-6 players as well. Moreover, the player can choose the favorite wizard house from Hogwarts to play along with.

Our Recommendation:

Our 1st recommendation is the Hogwarts Battle in Harry Potter Card Game as one of the best Harry Potter board games. Here you can choose the favorite player of the series and collect maximum points to win the game. Moreover, our 2nd recommendation is the Harry Potter Board Game for Kids compatible with up to 6 players. The player has to correctly answer the given trivia questions and collect chocolate frog to get the maximum victory points.


Hence, now we can conclude that these are the best Harry Potter board games with real-time gaming adventures. All the Harry Potter lovers can try their skills to collect the maximum winning points. Even the player can select and play along with the favorite House of magic from Hogwarts. There will be Gryffindor, Slytherin, Ravenclaw, or Hufflepuff, along with included deck card having the story questions. Furtherly, you’ll get the amazing gaming experience of the Harry Potter world with different characters and magical skills.

So select your favorite one from the given list and dive into the virtual magical world of Harry Potter.

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