How To Activate Epix Now On Streaming Devices

With Epix Now, you can stream impressive and real-time TV shows with blockbuster movies. For them, you should sign up for Epix Now. In addition, it equips access to four live channels: Epix Drive-in, Epix Hits, Epix, and Epix 2. Discover how to activate Epix Now on Streaming Devices with this article.

Activate EPIX NOW can be accessed on various devices such as Apple TV, Roku, Fire TV, Chromecast, and Firestick. Alternatively, you can access the channel on your mobile phone or console.

How To Activate Epix Now on Roku?

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Activate Epix Now on your Roku device according to the instructions given below

  • Press the “Home” button on the remote to switch on the Roku box.
  • Choose “Streaming Channels.” The Roku channel store will open up.
  • If the “Epix Now” channel is available, tap or click the “Add Channel” button to install it.

How to activate Epix Now

  • A code will pop up on your screen once the channel is launched or opened.
  • Note: Keep a record of the code.
  • Visit
  • Click on “Submit” after entering the activation code.

Activate EPIX NOW on Roku - Enter the Activation Code

  • Sign in with your TV provider to activate Epix on your Roku screen.

How To Access Epix Now On FireTV?

  • Switch on the Fire TV device, and navigate to the app store.

Activate EPIX NOW on FireTV

  • Search the “Epix Now” download, and install it!
  • Launch the app, and save the 6-digit code.
  • Visit the activation page, and enter the activation code.
  • Continue the process by following the on-screen instructions.

How To Enable Epix Now On Xbox?

  • Switch on your Xbox device on your smart TV.
  • Open the “Apps and Channels” tab.
  • Type “Epix” on the search bar.
  • Once the app appears, click on the “Add Channel” button.
  • Let “Epix Now” install on your device.
  • Once installed, click on the “Epix Now” option to launch it.
  • An activation code will pop up; save it!
  • Visit the activation page of Epix.

How To Actuate Epix Now On Tivo?

  • To access Tivo Central, press the “Tivo Central” button on your remote.
  • Next, select “Video on Demand.”
  • Scroll down the list and select Epix.
  • Please install the application on your device, then return it to your home screen.
  • You need to activate this application on Apps Epix.
  • Visit and select your TV provider.
  • Then, enter the activation code provided by your TV provider.
  • Activate the channel on the Tivo box.
  • Stream your favorite show or movie.

How To Start Epix Now On Apple TV?

  • Switch on the Apple TV device.

Activate EPIX NOW on Apple TV

  • Please check out my channels for Epix Now (it is pre-introduced).
  • Upon launching the channel, you will be prompted to subscribe
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to activate.
  • Visit and choose your TV provider (Apple TV App).
  • After you enter your Apple TV credentials, follow the instructions on the screen to activate the device.

How To Use Epix Now on Chromecast?

  • To use Chromecast, connect it to your TV via Wi-Fi and plug it in.
  • Make sure your smartphone is set up with the Google Home app, and make sure your Chromecast is functioning.
  • Use a similar Wi-Fi connection to the Chromecast to use your smartphone.
  • Launch or download the Epix app on your mobile device.
  • Use your TV provider credentials, like username or password.
  • To cast the video to your TV, tap the cast button at the top of the screen.
  • You can start watching any movie or TV show you choose.
  • Now you can enjoy your video on the big screen.


The Epix Now app offers you an option to watch your favorite blockbuster Hollywood movies and TV shows. To avail of this offer, you need to make a slight effort to sign-up and activate the app.

This article demonstrated a detailed guide on activating Epix Now on a streaming device.


Q. Why is Epix not working?

Make sure you have selected the right TV provider. The app and the device should use the same Wi-Fi network.

Q. Does Netflix have access to Epix?

No, the Epix app is not available on Netflix. However, you can access it as a channel on Prime.

Q. How to connect Epix to my TV?

The process is quite simple. Download the application and launch it. You will receive an activation code. Visit the official activation web page. Enter the code and activate the application.

Q. How to watch Epix without a TV provider?

You can watch Epix live without a cable TV provider on Philo, Sling TV, AT&T TV Now, and YouTube TV.

Q. Does Hulu Live TV has access to Epix?

No, Hulu TV does not have access to Epix Now.

Last Updated On: June 2024

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