Silvia Fortini Biography, Net worth, Family, And Other Interesting Facts

Italian lawyer Silvia Fortini, the spouse of the top coach and supervisor for Italy’s national football team, Roberto Mancini, was born in 1978. She loves to preserve a shallow profile and hasn’t shared any private details with the general public media. So there is no genuine date of her marriage, the anime of her mother and father, and whether or not she had any siblings.

Silvia Fortini Biography And Quick Facts

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Full Name Silvia Fortini
Profession Lawyer
Nationality Italian
Date of birth 1978
Age 44 years
Spouse Roberto Mancini
Children three step-children: Andrea, Filippo, and Camilla
Parents NA
Eyes Color Blue


Silvia Fortini graduated high college in her place of birth in Italy, and she became one of the great college students in her class as she usually had an ardor for studying. Right after her commencement, Silvia enrolled in university, in which she studied Law and holds a master’s degree.


Silvia began her profession as a lawyer, established herself in this sector, and finally rose to fame. Fortini’s most crucial client is her husband, whom she represents alongside several legal clients worldwide. Also, she is the founder of her very own law company Fortini Law Firm in Rome, which includes her professional life.

Silvia’s Husband – Roberto Mancini

Roberto Mancini was an Italian expert footballer and is presently the coach of the Italian national team.

Mancini found great success at Sampdoria as a player, where he played over 550 games and won several titles. In his more than 20-year career, he scored a total of 156 goals. He represented Italy at EURO 1988 and the 1990 FIFA World Cup, finishing in the top four in both competitions.

Mancini began his coaching profession at Fiorentina earlier than transferring onto Inter Milan. He additionally coached Manchester City, Galatasary, Inter Milan, and Zenit Saint Petersburg earlier than landing the Italian national team job in 2018.

Roberto Mancini

Roberto Mancini’s Past Marriage And Kids

Roberto Mancini was married to Federico Morelli in 1970. The couple determined to split in 2015 and formally introduced their divorce in 2016. They had spent a long married life and had dated for numerous years earlier than marriage.

The couple has been blessed with three children – two sons and one daughter – Andrea Mancini, born August 30, 1992, Filippo Mancini, born October 13, 1990; and Camilla Mancini, in 1987.

Roberto’s sons also are soccer enthusiasts. At present, each of his sons had been a part of Manchester City’s youngster’s set up and performed at Inter competition.

Roberto Mancini childern

Silvia Fortini and Roberto Mancini relationship

Roberto Mancini first met his wife Silvia Fortini professionally as Mancini needed the help of a lawyer in 2009, and he contacted Silvia’s law firm.

The two learned a lot about each other. After their divorce, Mancini began dating Silvia. She later discovered that she could be the perfect match. It took them two years to hit it off, and they finally got married in 2018 in a private ceremony in Italy attended only by their family and a few friends.

The couple has been seen together in various places enjoying their free time. Most recently, in the summer of 2020, the couple in love was seen on vacation in Saint Tropez. Fortini caught the attention of the paparazzi with his unique beach look.

The duo often vacations in different countries. Silvia also supported Mancini when he tested positive for Covid19 and helped him recover from the disease.

Social Media

Silvia Fortini leads a very private life and is not very active on social media platforms. The only snaps people get of her are when she’s seen on vacation with her husband, Roberto.

As a lawyer, she is mainly busy handling her client’s cases, and no matter how much time she has, she spends with her circle of relatives.

Silvia Fortini

Net worth

Since Silvia Fortini is a secret person, her exact net worth is not known. However, it cannot be less than $1 million. On average, a lawyer in Italy earns around $8,875 (€7,500) per month. The celebrity wife probably collects this sum from her work.

Whereas Silvia’s husband Minci, a Former Manchester City manager, has a whopping net worth of $45 million as of 2021. He collected this enormous sum from his professional career.

Additionally, Mancini earns $2.37 million (€2 million) annually as head coach of the Italy national team, a position he got in 2018. There is no doubt that Mr. and Mrs. Mancini are living a happy and luxurious life with their family at their villa in Italy.


The couple has no children together from their relationship and leads a happy married life. With no divorce rumors, they are currently focused on their professional lives and family time. Mancini’s three children from his previous marriage have a healthy relationship with Silvia.

FAQs Regarding Roberto Mancini

Q. Who is Roberto Mancini’s wife?

Mancini was married to Federica Morelli from 1990 to 2016 when they divorced. The couple has three children together. Currently, his wife is Italian lawyer Silvia Fortini, whom he married in a private ceremony in 2018.

Q. How old is Silvia Fortini?

Silvia Fortini’s age is 44 years old. Silvia and Roberto have an age difference of 14 years.

Q. Is Silvia Fortini on Wikipedia? 

Silvia Fortini does not currently have a Wikipedia page. Her husband Roberto has adorned a Wikipedia page with his career achievements.

Q. How much is Silvia Fortini worth? 

Silvia’s exact net worth is unknown, but as an average lawyer in Italy earns around 7,500 euros per month, her income should be similar or higher as she also provides services to businesses, including financial institutions. Roberto is valued at around $45 million.

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