The Day Lionel Messi Destroyed Cristiano Ronaldo and José Mourinho

Messi just the most naturally gifted footballer football world has ever seen. Leo Messi is the best player has a better all-round game. Cristiano Ronaldo is certainly a great player, one of the greatest goal scorers ever lived and certainly one of the best footballers that ever lived but messi is probably the best passer … Read more

Messi Just Can’t Stop Scoring Beautiful Goals In 2021!

Messi Just Can't Stop Scoring Beautiful Goals In 2021!

There’s history: The Ballon d’Or dates back to 1956, which means it predates the European Championships, yellow and red cards, substitutions, color TV, remote controls and of course, FIFA (the video game). There’s the fact that top players really, really care about winning it: Clubs mount campaigns on behalf of their star players, guys like … Read more

Lionel Messi to France Football: on Neymar, Cristiano, Maradona, the GOAT, role models

The Argentine star gave an interview to France Football after the magazine awarded him his seventh Ballon d’Or, and plenty of ground was covered. On Monday the world watched as Argentine superstar Lionel Messi was awarded his record seventh Ballon d’Or at the glitzy Parisien ceremony. France Football magazine is behind the award and on Saturday published an interview … Read more

10 Impossible Goals Scored By Lio Messi That CR7 Will Never Ever Score

Leo Messi is the best player because of how lethal he is at dribbling, and how ultimately dangerous he is with the ball at his feet. For example, his acceleration makes him exceptional when it comes to speed.

which helps him succeed in dribbling through different opponents and makes defenders struggle when tackling him.

He keeps multiple defenders off balance depending on the situation with body feints.

Often, you may find yourself unable to catch up with Leo as he mysteriously beats you due to a shoulder one time and then cuts you down with speed on another occasion without shirking the ball in the slightest!

10 Impossible Goals Scored By Lio Messi