Best Baseball Players Of All Time

Babe Ruth

American baseball legend Babe Ruth still holds his place as the greatest baseball player that has ever lived. His fans nicknamed him ‘The Sultan of Swat’ and ‘The Bambino’ for his charismatic skills at the time of the Roaring Twenties.

Barry Bonds

Former American baseball star Barry Bonds is the son of All-Star outfielder Bobby Bonds. Barry still holds his place among the greatest baseball players of the Major League for his amazing records, such as 73 Home runs in a single season, 762 career Home runs, and 8 consecutive seasons with more than a .600 slugging percentage.

Hank Aaron

Retired American baseball player Hank Aaron is the only player to score more than 30 home runs in a season for more than 15 times.

Willie Mays

Retired American baseball player Willie Mays won a record 12 times Gold Gloves starting from the year the introductory year of the award. He played throughout his career for the San Francisco Giants and the New York Mets as a centerfielder. His fans nicknamed him ‘The Say Hey Kid’.

Ted Williams

American professional baseball legend Ted Williams was widely regarded as the greatest hitter who ever lived and was nicknamed The Kid. He made a still unbeaten record of .344 batting average, .482 on-base percentage, and 521 home runs. During his heydays, he made several unbreakable MLB records in hitting.