Most Popular Football Goals Of All Time

Marco Van Basten

Besides his wonderful stints with Ajax and AC Milan, Von Basten has contributed quite well to the Netherlands football team. After his wonderful career as a player, he also served as the manager and assistant manager of his country’s football team.

Tony Yeboah’s Winning Move

Yeboah, in the act of warming up, took a number of touches before finally hitting the final goal that not only brought victory to the team but also made him the winner of the Goal of the Season award.

Diego Maradona’s Hand of God

Scoring the “Hand of God” goal in the match against England made 1986 Maradona’s year and his World Cup too. He was arrogant, talented, and a player with excellent abilities.

Pele’s World Cup Goal

This jaw-dropping goal scored by Pele in the 55th minute of the game left Sweden out of contention in the final’s second half. It was an amazing goal that did capture many hearts in the stadium. This amazing goal was scored in the FIFA world cup in 1958.

Maxi Rodriguez’s 25-Yard Laser

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When the extra time was announced between Argentina and Mexico, Rodriquez scored a goal that landed outside the penalty box and passed the goalkeeper as well.


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