7 Best 6-Player Board Games For Multiplayer Action

Board games are a treat to share with your loved ones. So, if you’re looking for the best 6-Player board games, then you’ve come to the right place. Board games have always been in the limelight in the gaming industry.

You got so many functions in a single game board. Furthermore, you’re going to stop playing those unexciting video games after you’ve tried one of these game boards.

With game boards, players can share their gaming journey with their best friends for a cooperative experience. Moreover, they provide players with the benefits of physical recreation, which takes an edge over the games played over the display.

Best 6-Player Board Games

Boardgame manufacturers have started to develop their offerings in the best possible way to keep up with the competition. Players will not be going to get disappointed with added complete accessories to brighten the joy.

Best 6-Player Board Games | Editorial Pick

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Mysterium Multi-Standard

Mysterium Multi-Standard Game Board

  • Spine-Chilling Mystery
  • Clue To Progress
  • Interesting Storyline



Betrayal At House

Betrayal At House On The Hill

  • Changing Scenario
  • Scariest House
  • Supernatural Element



The Codenames

The Codenames By Czech Games

  • Fun & Silliness
  • Explore Right Rules
  • Brain-Testing Game

Best 6-Player Board Games For Multiplayer Action

You must have already liked our review of the best cooperative board games. Beginners can enjoy these exceptional board games, too, as they have a set of rules and guides right in the package. Therefore, you now have every reason to get your hands on board games. So, get ready to experience the best portable tabletop gaming experience with the board games list given below.


Mysterium Multi-Standard Game Board

Mysterium Multi-Standard Game Board


Spine-Chilling Storyline

Right Clues To Progress

  • A Spine-chilling cooperative mystery to solve
  • The game stands on a murder mystery to be resolved
  • Get the right clues to progress in the game
  • Share the goal with your friends to add more fun
  • A horror yet intensely suspenseful board game to try

Investigate the mystery of a heinous crime that took place in the Warwick manor along with your friends. It’s way too fun to solve that horrifying mystery in this one of the top-ranked 6-player board games.

  • Dimensions: 3 ×25 × 11.25 inches
  • Weight: 2.2. pounds

A Mystery That Needs To Be Resolved: This game story stands tall on a complicating crime case that taken place in the Warwick Manor. You and your friends have taken up this case, and you all are going to decipher this crime case mystery. There are different ways to get to the root of this case. Furthermore, this game offers to brainstorm for solving the task.

Frightening Objects To Be Seen: There are many horrific elements in this game to go through. You and your friends will have to face ghost entities to fathom the game basis. The ghost wanders in the manor and has forgotten how he was killed. Therefore, you’re going to compile the hints to help the ghost to recall his murder. Can you all find out?

  • The best game board to enjoy a cooperative gameplay
  • Your game has an interesting storyline to follow
  • One of the most ranked and consumers trusted board game
  • Perfect for enjoying with your friend’s group
  • It gives all the value for your bucks

  • Good to go

Our Take: You can now take on the very engrossing storyline with all your friends in this game, taking a clear edge.


Betrayal At House On The Hill

Betrayal At House On The Hill


Sinister Changing Scenario

Scariest House Themes

  • Get ready to face the sinister changing scenarios filled with horror
  • The game is about the scariest house theme up on the hill
  • You are going to discover this isolated house with your friends
  • A cooperative board game that offers never-ending challenges
  • Players can experience supernatural elements

Get ready to join the blood-curdling circumstances you’ll face in this one of the top-rated 6-player board games. The house is isolated and drenched with a petrifying existence. So, are you ready?

  • Dimensions: 10.5 ×2 × 10.5 inches
  • Weight: 2.86 pounds

An Evil Awaits: You, along with other players, are going to explore this deadliest of all houses situated on the hilltop. The Avalon Hill Store has provided the most realistic experience of this dreadful place inundated with many evil entities. Every step you take becomes history on this exploration of terror. Moreover, the house is filled with endless entrances, rooms, and evil staircases to steal your comfort.

I Breath As You Breath: This game was given the cooperative experience due to the severity of happenings taking place in the house of terror. You really can’t move about this unholy place with the company of your friends. Therefore, the game becomes interesting and more enjoyable when experienced with other participants.

  • One of the most horrifying experiences laid on a board game
  • Sharing the thrill, suspense, and terrifying experience with your friends
  • Award-winning game operatives
  • You get the most replayability with this game board
  • It comes with excellent accessories

  • You’re all set

Our Take: Experience the award-winning horror simulation in an affordable offering, making it a stellar purchase.


The Codenames By Czech Games

The Codenames By Czech Games


Interesting But Silly

Follow Right Rules

  • This game is an interesting mix of fun and silliness
  • You get all the rules right in the package to understand
  • It’s a brain-teasing game that focuses on the player’s intellect
  • The game comes with all the accessories complementing your experience

Decode the hints in this compelling card game by Czech Games. You’re guiding your teams to take up the lead in this of the most scintillating 6-player board games online.

  • Dimensions: 2.8 ×3 × 9 inches
  • Weight: 15.7 ounces

Steal The Chances: When you play this card game, your mind impetuously remains in the game’s domain. There are two teams with two leaders acting as spymasters. There are 25 agents about which these spymasters know about. Thus, these Spymasters will provide their teams with the hints to decipher. Whichever team guesses first will nail the victory.

Things To Avoid: This game is an excellent battle of intelligence between two rivalries. Still, there are a few things to remember; players will have to choose the cards from their team color, avoiding the other ones. Lastly, don’t ever choose the assassin because that will earn you nothing.

  • The game is super fun and can be played with 8 players
  • It makes a great competitive experience overall
  • You can play whenever you want to with super-easy portability
  • This consumer’s choice game is super easy on the pocket as well

  • You’re good to go

Our Take: Lightweight form factor and crazy team fun with brain exercise in this excellent game, worth for your dollars.


The Camel Up Multi-Color Board Game

The Camel Up Multi-Color Board Game


Updated Graphical Board

Extra Challenging Game

  • You’re dealing with an updated graphical board with lots of elements
  • The game is about a camel’s race frenzy
  • This challenging game got extra challenging with more contestants
  • Your game board is made out of fine quality paper along with other components
  • It’s one of the best 6-player tabletop games ever

A fun board game that is played and enjoyed by almost every consumer. So, tame your camels and raise your gaming standards with this one of the best 6-player board games, big.

  • Dimensions: 11.7 ×6 × 11.7
  • Weight: 1.27 kilograms

Show Your Mastry In Race: The manufacturer has given great value to even the nitty-gritty of this board game. There are many pleasant changes made to satisfy the gamers now. You’ll have more contestants to further strengthen your challenge rope. Also, you now have more artistic elements added to the game board to promote fascinating gameplay.

A Great Gift: Who doesn’t enjoy the crazy fun camel race game? It’s going to be a great choice for your loved ones. It has all the offerings of a great board game with the never-ending joy of race simulation.

  • The game fun remains perennial
  • You can now race with more contestants than ever
  • Now the game has more pleasant graphical visuals
  • It’s lightweight and can be easily carried anywhere
  • Your great race simulation can also be a wonderful present

  • Nothing really

Our Take: Experience the race of strategy and luck in a great price tag, making it a solid purchase.


Libellud Presents Dixit Board Game

Libellud Presents Dixit Board Game


Inspiring Storyline

Beautifully Illustrated

  • This game board is about sharing and creating imaginations
  • Your game cards are also inspired by the storytelling and creativity
  • Players can share their art and learn from the other players
  • The game takes you to the world of a vast creation
  • Beautifully illustrated cards with required game components

Flag your creativity in this excellent board game by Libellud. The game is inspired by fantasy and storytelling in a team, making it one of the best 6-player board games. So, are you creative enough to stack up against the competition?

  • Dimensions: 11 × 11 ×25 inches
  • Weight: 3.52 ounces

Unleash Your Creativity: With the Dixit board game, your creativity has no limits but wings. All the game components are fully inspired by the artistic side of nature and the world of fantasy. Players behold their cards and create an imaginary line or anything in that domain. All the players just go and guess randomly, adding to each other creativity.

Excellent For Growing Kids And Everyone Else: Have you ever thought about learning with recreation for your kids? Now, you can imagine this excellent and crafty option for your growing kids. Your kids can now express their creative side with others that helps them to grow together. Lastly, there is no age preference when it comes to this game, as learning never stops.

  • Great learning opportunity for kids
  • Tranquil illustrations making it perfect for everyone
  • You can gift this package without a second thought
  • Carry it everywhere

  • Some adults may not prefer this one

Our Take: Get this one of the most valuable games for your kids in pursuit of their learning, making it above everything.


IELLO Store Presents King Of Tokyo

IELLO Store Presents King Of Tokyo


Powerful Monsters

Collect Energy Cubes

  • Select from 4 powerful monsters to start the game
  • The game can take up to 30 minutes to win the stages
  • Collect energy cubes to acquire maximum skills and power
  • Space penguin character is also added in the gameplay
  • This board game has compatibility for 2 to 6 players

King of Tokyo is something fun in the multiplayer gaming scenario. How about being a powerful monster or alien in the game and try some new strategies to win the stages.

  • Dimensions: 10 ×75 × 10 in inches
  • Weight: 2 pounds

Collect Skills And Conquer The Way: The player will have to choose among 4 monsters, including the space penguin, raw robot, abominable aliens as well. Collect the skills and power cards from the ways of stages to improve your character’s strategy.

Gaming Accessories: The kind of Tokyo board game comes with interesting gaming equipment along with a guidebook. The package comprised power cards in 66 variants, 28 chips, monster tables of 6 types, 6 cardboard figures, 2 green & 6 black dices. Moreover, there’s a Tokyo board and a ruler book for directions.

  • Upgraded features of Régis Torres
  • Sharp direction game scenario
  • Skillful and powerful strategies to improve
  • A worthy price tag

  • Good to go

Our Take: Collect the maximum power cards to improve your monster character to get the maximum victory points.


Cave Farmers By Mayfair Games

Cave Farmers By Mayfair Games


Build Your Own Board

Excellent Gameplay

  • The players get to build their home boards
  • It’s giving a pure pasture and agricultural simulation
  • Your gameplay offers excellent replayability value
  • Players are competing in a race to build the most successful home boards
  • It also offers a great strategy value with pleasant graphics

If you admire farming games, then you will surely love this one.  The Cave Farmers offers a beautiful pasture illustration making it one of the best farming 6-player board games on Reddit available.

  • Dimensions: 12 × 6 × 9 inches
  • Weight: 4 pounds

Build Your Way: You lead the plot! Your small-knit family lives in a cave situated in the deep mountains. You have pasture ahead of you so, and it’s your choice how you’d develop it. Your success can only be met by a worthy agriculture base. So, organize your area and look after your herds.

Loaded With Customizations: The gameplay with supported with extensive customizations and changes you can make to lift up your farming setup. Accordingly, you can organize your farming and keep your animals within fences. The more you build, the more chances for you to acquire victory. Thus, build your space efficiently and roll your goods out with a strategy.

  • Building in competition makes it super challenging
  • The package provides a fantastic illustration
  • Easy to understand with a game guide
  • It comes with every game component in high quality

  • Hardcore gamers may not prefer this one

Our Take: Reveal your creativity with this excellent farming simulation board game, making it a decent purchase.

FAQ Regarding Best 6-Player Board Games

Q. Which could be the Best 2021 selection from the 6-player board games collection?

The enlisted games are all top-rated and trending with the flexibility of multiplayer compatibility. However, these are the best 02 shortlisted games on the list are Multi-Standard Game Board: “Mysterium” and Award Winner Betrayal at House on the Hill.

Q. What type of experience will we get from these board games?

These multiplayer games will provide a real-time strategy gaming experience to enhance your mindset and skills. The players will have to make their own decisions and act accordingly to the situation to beat the opponent.

Q. Can a beginner play these board games?

Of course, these multiplayer board games come along with complete guidelines and ruling books to provide the instructions. Even teenagers can play these games with their families with the advance and basic mode levels of the game.

Best 6-Player Board Games | Quick Comparison

Best 6-Player Board Games - Infographics
Infographics: Best 6-Player Board Games

Our Recommendation:

Our 1st recommendation is Cave Farmers by Mayfair Games as the Best 6-Player Board Games on the list. This pasture and agriculture gaming simulation comes with a complete ruling guide and will provide a real-time multiplayer competition. Moreover, our 2nd recommendation is The Codenames by Czech Games as the best spymaster gaming scenario. This game has compatibility to play along with 8 players with spy agent cards and accessories.


At last, we can conclude that these are the best 6-player board games steam with the advanced strategical platform. The game story of these variants will provide a flexible scenario; even 10+ kids can play them. Plus, different types of themes are added in these games to improve your decision-making power according to the situations of stages. Collect the victory points by gaining the power and skill cards. You can play together with your friends and family to have a healthy mindset competition.

Choose your favorite 6 player board game and have fun with your friends!

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