7 Best Air Hockey Pucks For Amazing Performance

A hockey table game is more fun when you have the top-quality selection of the best air hockey pucks. The smooth ground of the pucks can stimulate the platform with extra smoothness and professional surroundings.

Besides, you can feel a real difference in the puck sliding on the surface. In the meantime, these pucks are evenly designed with firm body construction that prevents the possibility of scratches.

Best Air Hockey Pucks For Amazing Performance

The diameter of the pucks is deliberately designed to fit in different sizes of the tables. Therefore, the pucks surely sustain the balanced position in the given direction wherever you desire.

Best Air Hockey Pucks | Editorial Pick

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Qtimal Paddles & Pucks

Qtimal Air Hockey Paddles And Pucks

  • High Quality
  • Felted Bottom
  • ABS Structure



Super Z Red

Super Z Air Hockey Red Replacement

  • Freestyle Hit
  • Smooth Plastic
  • Sturdy Design



Coopay Pushers & Pucks

Coopay Air Hockey Pushers And Pucks

  • Human-Friendly
  • Smoothest Slide
  • Stable Grip

Best Air Hockey Pucks | Full Ranking

Do you already checked our newest reviews of the best Air Hockey Ping Pong table combos and best air hockey tables under $1000? If not, check those after selecting your air hockey puck for the game. And now, let’s dive deep into the world of air hockey pucks.


Qtimal Air Hockey Paddles And Pucks

Qtimal Air Hockey Paddles And Pucks


Two Sized Pucks

Felted Bottom

  • The small-sized pucks have round about 7 grams of weight tested by the manufacturers
  • A set of strikers have also been added in the package with felted bottom for a smooth slide
  • Pucks are materialized with ABS construction that moves faster

The choice for you to play with versatility, QTimal offers 2 sizes variation in pucks along with measured diameter. The material quality is outstanding, and the bottom felt is much smoother than the usual pucks.

Moreover, the additional accessories make it a complete package for the buyers. So, don’t hesitate to buy this complete set to stay your air hockey experience.


  • Pushers Dimensions: 3.78 × 2.5 Inches
  • Small Pucks Size: 2.5 Inches D
  • Large Pucks Size: 2.5 9inches D
  • Total Weight: 196 G
  • Large Puck Weight: 20 G
  • Small Puck Weight: 7g
  • Air Hockey Pusher Weight: 64g

Small Size Pucks: 4 pieces of pucks have been included in the package measuring 2.5 inches in diameter and designed in red color. Alongside, the weight is 7 grams for all the 4 pucks tested by the manufacturers.

ABS Construction: These gaming equipment are structured with firm ABS material that accelerates the swiftness in the pucks while moving. Plus, the even distribution system on the body will keep the weight in the given direction, so you don’t miss any shot. The ground surface is much plain and smoother as well.

Complete Package: You’ll get 4 small pucks along with 2 large size pucks with the mentioned diameters. Moreover, a set of sliders have also been there with a green felt bottom which is much easier to handle with 2.5 inches tall size. An accessories storage bag is also there for you so you can keep the stuff in safe hands.

Variety In Size: 2 red pucks are there for you, comprising a larger size as compared with the previous 2.5 inches diameter. The other 2 pucks have 2.95 inches in diameter and around 20 grams in weight. Plus, these pucks are materialized with ABS structure for your comfort.

  • 2 size variation in pucks with additional sets are included
  • Solid ABS construction with a smooth impact on the ground
  • Felt bottom sliders and storage bag as an additional plus point for you
  • The price tag is low

  • The large size puck doesn’t fit in the standard hole
  • Very lightweight reported by few customers

Our Take: 2 sizes available set of red pucks materialized with ABS construction along with felting bottom sliders can be one of the best air hockey pucks.


Super Z Air Hockey Red Replacement

Super Z Air Hockey Red Replacement


Perfect Weight

Smooth Surface

  • They have an exceptional weight of 13 gram, and they can bear heavy winds without falling
  • Each puck has a 2.5 inches diameter which is increased from the old version for freestyle hit
  • It is made with smooth plastic for easy and comfortable slide on the table
  • They won’t break after use of years because they are made with the sturdiest plastic

These increased diameter pucks are very handy for a smooth and comfortable game. These pucks help to improve the running smoothness on the playfield.

They are all made with high-class plastic ensuring you a long-time performance without getting any change in quality.


  • Dimensions: 4.5 X 3.1 X 0.9 Inches
  • Puck Diameter: 2.5 Inches
  • Weight: 0.1 Lb.
  • Color: Red
  • Frame Material: Plastic

Wide Diameter: The manufacturer has escalated the diameter of these pucks to 2.5 mm for easy play. When a player hits the puck with a pusher, it may pass over without getting a contact. That is why the diameter is made substantial to reduce the chances of miss-hits.

Surprising Weight: The weight of these air hockey pucks is very exceptional and standard. All the pucks have a thirteen gram of weight. These are very easy to carry for outside traveling that you can even adjust them in your pocket.

Trouble-Free Slide: The surface of these pucks is plane and leveled, which offers to make a smooth and ordered running on the table surface. These smooth plastic pucks help increase the speed, pace, and accuracy of the shot.

Ultimate Construction: These pucks are constructed professionally by top-class manufacturers with premium class plastic. The plastic used in the making is sturdy and firm, that it is impossible to break or damage.

  • They can give their best performance on every table even if it is small
  • Multi-featured pucks come at an affordable price
  • These lightweight pucks are easy to carry by small kids
  • Smooth pucks

  • The pucks don’t hover well
  • Sometimes difficult to control due to lightweight

Our Take: Get these more sliding pucks that help to increase the pace and stability in the shot with extraordinary durability. Moreover, these pucks are very lightweight and smooth.


Coopay Air Hockey Pushers And Pucks

Coopay Air Hockey Pushers And Pucks


Comfortable Feel

Perfect Diameter

  • These pucks are designed human-friendly, providing you a comfortable feel
  • All the pucks have an exceptional diameter that can be fit for all standard size tables
  • Provide you the smoothest slide on the table with increasing the pace of the hit
  • The pushers come in the package has a big carrying handle for extra stable grip

Get this set of air hockey pucks, these pucks offering you duty for a lifetime with reliability. Needless to say, you won’t get any issues while using this puck in your next air hockey games.

They have a very exceptional weight, and peoples of all ages, even small kids, can handle these feathery weight pucks.


  • Item Dimensions: 7.09 X 7.09 X 3.15 Inches
  • Pusher Size: 3.8 X 2.3 Inches
  • Puck Size: 2.5 Inches
  • Available Colors: Blue, Black, Green, Red, & White
  • Base Material: Iron
  • Material: ABS

Cozy Feel: These pucks are made human-friendly, providing you the most relaxing essence. The plastic used in manufacturing is called soft plastic, which offers you a soft and gentle feel while playing. So the kids of early ages can easily handle these great ultimate pucks.

Compatible For Small Tables: The standard and internationally approved size of these top-notch provides you many features. The size of these pucks is upstanding that offers you playability at any table, even if it is small. So get this pack of pucks to for compatibility of playing to every table.

Extra Reliable Pusher: Now get the most durable pushers with this pucks package. These pushers are much heightened, and their handles are made adhesive for a stable grip of the player’s hand.

Strong Pucks: These pucks are made with tough and top quality material, which on the top includes plastic. They cannot break with hard hits and proffers you a long-lasting duty.

  • This package has a complete accessory range for the air hockey game
  • All the pucks and pushers are made with supreme class material
  • These pucks can resist heavy hits and don’t get cracked
  • Moderate price

  • Controlling impact is not good
  • Very lightweight

Our Take: This is a pack of long-lasting and speed-creating pucks with double longevity, offering you free pushers and has a reasonable price. Moreover, it comes in striking colors.


Coopay 12 Pieces Home Air Hockey Pucks

Coopay 12 Pieces Home Air Hockey Pucks


4 Vibrant Colors

Truly Durable

  • The thickness of each puck is 6 mm, which is unbreakable by any hard or tough hit
  • Allows a smooth and quick running on the table playfield with double accuracy
  • The Thirteen-gram weight of the puck keeps it away from falling down the table
  • You can play on all surfaces with these all ground friendly air hockey pucks

A complete package of air hockey pucks with a quantity of twelve pucks in four different colors. You can choose your favorite color from the pack and challenge your friends for a thrilling air hockey match.

These pucks help to increase the stability in the hits and smoothness in the shots. So, try this for your next game with your friends.


  • Dimensions: 6.3 X 5.12 X 1.18 Inches
  • Weight: 13 G
  • Thickness: 6 mm
  • Diameter: 2.5 inches
  • Available Colors: Red, Blue, Black, & Green
  • Base Material: Plastic

The Thickness Of Puck: These best air hockey pucks are made very thick, and the thickness count is 6 mm. The pucks with less thickness got cracked in some time; that is why the company has built these pucks very thick.  You can hit hard without any insecurity of breaking.

Zero Chance Of Falling: Pucks with less weight lose their position and fall of the table with a small flick. That is why the players complain about the weight of the puck.  The company has manufactured these pucks with an ultimate weight that cannot fall of the table even with heavy and tough hits to remove this complaint.

Classical Colors: This is a pack of twelve classy pucks which comes in four different colors, including black, blue, green, and red. The color painted on these pucks is of top quality; it remains on the pucks for a lifetime.

  • The pucks come in four different color variant for a variety in choose
  • It can be playable on a small-sized table
  • The big diameter air hockey pucks for least chances of missing the shot
  • Made with sturdy material that gives durability

  • The pucks miss direction because of lightweight

Our Take: Pucks with four different color variants increasing the smoothness in the slide on the playfield with extra stability.


Bignc Pushers And Replacement Pucks

Bignc Pushers And Replacement Pucks


Eco-Friendly Plastic

Foamy Surface

  • The diameter of pucks is increased from 2.25 inches to 2.28 inches to increase hitting chances
  • Made with environment-friendly plastic material, perfect for small ages kids
  • The pushers have a foamy surface in their bottom to keep the table safe from marks and damage
  • Carrying the pushers is now much easier because of their two inches enhanced height

This set of air hockey pucks are especially known for their scratches-free running on the playfield. These pucks have a protective layer coated on the bottom to protect the table surface from getting scratches or damages.

These pucks are made with unbreakable plastic providing you a lifetime guarantee for the performance.


  • Dimensions: 5 X 5 X 0.7 Inches
  • Puck Diameter: 2.28 inches
  • Puck Height: 0.25 inches
  • Paddle Size: 3 inches
  • Paddle Length: 2 inches
  • Weight: 6.4 ounces
  • Color: Red
  • Base Material: Plastic

Expanded Diameter: From the old pucks version, these pucks have got an enlarged diameter. The creating company of these pucks has looked deeply at the miss-hit issue questioned by the players.

That is why they have inflated the area of all pucks from 2.25 to 2.28 inches. So the players can hit freely with the pusher without worrying about a missed shot.

Environment Affable Pucks: The nature of these pucks is environment friendly so that they can be played under any climate like rain, warmth, winds, etc.

Easy Handling Pushers: The handles of the pushers are much heightened so that the player can keep a comfortable grip on them. This firm grip, as a result, will enhance the stability and accuracy of the shots.

Money-Back Guarantee: This set of pucks comes with a money-back guarantee of a lifetime for the customer’s comfort. If something has happened with your pucks, you can replace them or get your cashback.

  • The company is providing a money-back guarantee if something happens with your package
  • A complete accessory package for a quick air hockey match
  • Surface friendly pucks keep your playfield secure and all new

  • Not compatible for the professionals
  • The size of pucks are small

Our Take: Play sharp and pacy shot with these sturdy, long-lasting pucks that come to you at an accessible price tag.


Bignc Black And Red Air Hockey Pushers

Bignc Black And Red Air Hockey Pushers


Standard Sizing

Effortless Design

  • These pucks are manufactured according to the standard size and are internationally authorized
  • A cushion is attached under the pusher to keep the table safe and for proper smooth working
  • All-round shaped lightweight pucks are effortless to carry even by children
  • These accessories are suitable to play on all size air hockey tables

These air hockey pucks give quality performance because of their high materialization structure. Get the smoothest feel on the playfield by playing with these pucks.

You don’t have to worry about the breaking of the table because these pucks have a damage-free light construction.


  • Pushers Height: 2.4 inches
  • Air hockey Pushers Diameter: 3.78 inches
  • Puck Diameter: 2.52 inches
  • Color: black & red
  • Base Material: Plastic
  • Frame Material: Plastic

Merit Size: These pucks are purely masterpiece in all points, including size, weight, and thickness. This set of pucks is approved by international air hockey management for its versatility and quality features.

Safest Pucks: These pucks are constructed as the securest of all time because they have a layer coated on them. This layer protects the playing surface from any harm and crack. The players can play with a free hand and can hit as hard as they can. The pucks will remain unharmed for a lifetime.

Increase Smoothness: Enhance the smoothness of your shot with these pucks that are providing extra sliding friction. The surface of these pucks is very balanced that slides very smoothly on the table, increasing the rapidity.

Durability: All the buyers claimed that these best air hockey pucks’ performance is out and out. All the material used in the assembling is chosen from the finest and is made to perfection.

  • The pushers length is increased from the standard size for comfy carrying
  • You can play with these scratch-less pucks on every type of table
  • These pucks are textured with strong plastic and made lightweight for further comfort
  • Durably constructed pucks
  • Low price tag

  • The density is very thin
  • A lightweight body that can miss the shot

Our Take: These pucks are used in international events for their best quality which offers long duty for years with improved smoothness features.


Lasenersm Mini Air Hockey Pushers and Pucks

Lasenersm Mini Air Hockey Pushers and Pucks


Thickest Bottom

Cushioned Foam

  • The pucks have a very thick bottom that adds speed and protect the ground surface
  • Gives the best performance and can endure heavy weather
  • The pucks are made wide to reduce the chances of miss-hit by the player
  • Cushion like foam under the pushers are very durable and remain fixed at their place for years

Buy these most smooth-running air hockey pucks for exciting gameplay. They are all very light-weighted and are internationally known for their quality performance.

These pucks come with increased diameter for the easy handling of the puck by the player.


  • Pucks Diameter: 2.01 Inches
  • Pushers Size: 2.36 × 1.97 Inches
  • Green Flannelette Pad Diameter: 2.36 Inches
  • Color: Red
  • Material: ABS

Protective Surface Of Pushers: To protect the playing field from damage and scratches, a foamy cushion is attached under the pusher. This foam works according to every surface, securing it from any kind of damage.

Boost Up Gaming Level: These pucks are an ultimate champion in all aspects of gaming constructed with a polished layer of premium quality plastic. The smooth surface of these air hockey pucks offers you to hit them with a soft flick by the pusher with zero power.

These pucks react fast with all surface generating speed and accuracy that helps you increase your gaming strategies.

Scratch Protecting Layer: When the puck strikes hardly the playing ground, it results in getting damage which reduces the life of the puck. That is why the lesenersm has layered a protective coating of these plastic-made pucks to protect them from scratches and cracks.

  • The pushers have a green flannelette pad on their main surface to protect them from damage
  • All this unique designed air hockey accessory package is available at an accessible price
  • You can take these portable small air hockey even in your pocket

  • Durability issues

Our Take: These pucks have a dense and solid bottom that increases speed and protects the ground surface. Plus, escalate the speed of the shot with these super smooth pucks adding more consistency and rapidity.

FAQ Regarding Best Air Hockey Pucks

Q. What are the best air hockey pucks?

The best air hockey pucks are Coopay 12 Pieces Home Air Hockey Pucks and Super Z Outlet Home Air Hockey Red Replacement. It is almost guaranteed that you won’t face any issues while using these amazing air hockey pucks.

Q. What size air hockey pucks do I need?

The normal size for air hockey pucks that is required for playing is around 2.5 inches. At this dimension, the overall weight of the puck is around 30 grams.

Q. How can I make my air hockey puck slide better?

There are a few steps that you need to perform in order to make the slides of your air hockey pucks better during playing. These steps are as follows.

  1. Wax them, and after that, clean the overall surface of the table, your table mallets, and pucks.
  2. Try using silicone spray as a lubricant but remember to apply the lubricant with caution.
  3. Always clean the fan blower.
  4. Try to cover your air hockey table whenever it is not in use.
  5. In the end, always clean table holes.

Best Air Hockey Pucks | Quick Comparison

Best Air Hockey Pucks - Infographic
Infographics: Best Air Hockey Pucks

Our Recommendation:

Our 1st recommendation is the Coopay 12 Pieces Home Air Hockey Pucks as the top-ranked air hockey pucks. A set of 12 pucks featuring different colors along with 2.5 inches of diameter and 6mm thickness.

Withal, our 2nd recommendation is Super Z Outlet Home Air Hockey Red Replacement as the best durable pucks set. A plastic body construction along with professional 2.5 inches of diameter having a red exterior surface.


Select your favorite and best air hockey pucks set comprising a professional gaming impact along with testing measurements. The overall body construction is remarkable, coupled with a balanced ground surface. Plus, the diameters in few pucks have variations that suit different sizes of hockey tables.

Furthermore, the relevant accessories like pushers and storage bags are also added in the gaming set mentioned in few enlisted products. This is, of course, a plus point, alongside the weight and diameter of each puck is measured for your satisfaction as well.

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