7 Best Backgammon Sets To Try In 2023

You’re about to discover the best Backgammon sets that will tune your senses. The game has a rich history that goes back about 5000 years to the drylands of Mesopotamia. As you roll your dice on a Backgammon set, you dance with its ancient history that remained immutable till now.

Many noticeable changes have been made in the Backgammon board games recently. Many popular manufacturers have morphed their designs into something classy and modern at the same time.

There are countless bounties of playing this antiquity from the comfort of your living space. The game set helps our cognition in many ways. Researchers have found this classical game to be highly beneficial for your immune system while beating your stress too.

Furthermore, the aesthetic pleasing built of these boards will adorn your rooms with a classical touch. You feel gifted having one of these board games in today’s era. But wait, don’t forget to check out our review of the best fantasy board games, too.

7 Best Backgammon Sets To Try This Year

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We have looked everywhere on the internet and couldn’t find better offerings than these Backgammon game boards. These game boards provide all the functionalities of this classical game while giving excellent value for your money. So, let’s get right into the list.


Travel Size Classic Backgammon Set

Travel Size Classic Backgammon Set


  • The product dimensions are 10.98 ×99 × 2.01 inches
  • The product weighs 5 Ounces

  • A truly exceptional design that mixes with a rich history
  • One of the best Backgammon sets comes with all the accessories
  • The board components are super lavish and detailed
  • The Backgammon board game is a great brain teaser that lifts your intellect

This travel-size classic Backgammon set is your history chain in a timeless form factor. It’s made out of the finest quality materials that provide an excellent start to your game. Furtherly, it’s perfectly sized for travel which makes it one of the best Backgammon sets to buy.

Design & Material: Get the Games out has provided a unique design that ornates history. The board’s apparent leather stitches make it stand out from the crowd. The game is played with patience and tricks so, that experience is perfected with a smooth surface. You roll your dice and the pleasure begins.

The Game Sharpens your Mind: As the game is injected with strategy and brainstorming, you are never behind the pace. You learn to apply your strategies on the game board and that ultimately boosts your brain functioning. Therefore, this game is an excellent alternative compared to modern games which mostly promote violence. Thus, the game is attached with the best functions to accompany your boredom to something worthy of all.

A Great Gift Option: The delicacy of board games packed with sophistication makes this game a delightful gift for your close friends.

  • The premium classy design can grab anyone’s attention
  • A lightweight and sleek board is easy to carry around and perfect for long journeys
  • The game board is just a perfect gift idea

  • Checkers could be provided balance on the playfield

Our Take: The elegant build that comes from the rich history is a powerful purchase.


Backgammon Board By Zaza & Sacci

Backgammon Board By Zaza & Sacci


  • The product dimensions are 16.12 ×75 × 3.75 inches
  • The product is recommended for 14 years or above age group people

  • Expensively built Backgammon board closes with 24k gold key.
  • The construction is complemented with high-quality leather stitches
  • All the dices are multi-colored and super detailed
  • Great playing functionality on a flushed game surface
  • The next level of luxury is now crafted in a compact form factor

Chosen from the carefully selected Backgammon sets that come with all the colors of superior class. What else can you expect from Zara & Sacci? The board is finished with extremely high-rated materials that don’t define anything but “Class”.

Luxury and Class blend together: The richness of history is now merged into a fine voguish design by Zaza & Sacci. From the best Backgammon sets reviews to the powerfully compact shape, the game has already won over many hearts. The convenient size board game closes with the 24k gold keys which can be spotted sparkling from the distance. Moreover, the fine-quality leather finish gives the board game an impeccable feel that is just hard to miss.

Other Highlights: Design is one aspect while gameplay is another. What makes a perfect Backgammon Set? The expensive feel amalgamates into a butter-smooth game experience where dices slide into the action of “Class”. This expensive board game is an extremely compact size so you don’t have to worry about carrying this modish craft.

  • Whenever you carry this game board, you grab all the attention towards you with an everlasting beautiful design
  • Perfect size for distant travels
  • Extremely delightful playing experience with the premium quality dices

  • Good to go

Our Take: If luxury is your fashion and class your precision then this Backgammon board is a safe option.


17″ Large Leather & Wooden Backgammon Set

17" Large Leather & Wooden Backgammon Set


  • The product dimensions are 16.93 ×31 × 2.2 inches
  • The product weighs 3.4 pounds

  • Dual-color interior tone (Red and white) that is just beautiful
  • An expensive PU leather coated front that feels soft in your hands
  • You get all the goodies in the box from dice cups to the doubling cube

True Craftmanship powered by true features from one of the best Backgammon sets to buy in the market. GrowUpSmart has offered all the premium features of this board game with an amazing durable design.

Design & Material: This Backgammon board is all about great craftwork that resulted In a fascinating design that delights all. You’ll be amazed to hold this super lavish game board because of its perfect size. Moreover, the board opens with a welcoming green surface coated with red and white triangles.

Other Highlights and Functions:  The briefcase-style Backgammon board is easy to carry around. And with lightweight, it’s not a hassle anymore. The game is a great choice for beginners too because of the manual guide that comes In the package. Moreover, the wooden frame makes the game board a quite durable offering.

  • The large board experience comes in a fairly manageable size
  • The grip size is deducted with the foldable idea that opens the soft interior
  • A great Backgammon becomes a great gift
  • Extra durable wooden frame to power its luxurious components

  • You’re all set

Our Take: Deal with the wide board experience that is perfected with flawless features, makes it a good purchase.


Foldable Backgammon Set By Sondergut

Foldable Backgammon Set By Sondergut


  • The product dimensions are 12.6 × 9.84 × 1.18 inches
  • The product weighs 7.8 Ounces

  • The distinctive design is made in Germany with the foldable leather
  • The board game takes on a pocket umbrella design to ensure its handy nature
  • All your pieces are safe in a zippered pocket that adds to their safety
  • The Board color is Mocha that looks and feels fascinated by history and driven by class

The promising experience of this board game with the foldable design makes it one of the best Backgammon sets in 2020. It takes lead from the 2020 sequel and is perfected in the 2023 offering.

Fold your game Everywhere you Go: Have you ever thought of enjoying a Backgammon board game in a foldable experience? Perhaps no, But with this Backgammon set by Sondergut, you’re materializing this concept in a beautiful design. Your dices glide with the pleasure of flushed leather.

Other Highlights and functions: Your handy game board encompasses a zippered pocket to store your game accessories. Thus, your game components are secured. Besides, the ease of this game is complemented with other benefits that are related to your intellect as well. As you progress through your gameplay, you learn to make your strategy work. This way, you sharpen your intellect through this game in the best possible way.

  • Sharpens your intellect and decision making power
  • Foldable design that is extremely convenient to carry
  • The game board is extremely durable with fine leather

  • Fold-board may not provide the same pleasure

Our Take: Extremely easy to carry with durable materials to ensure long life, marks another worthy purchase.


Wooden Backgammon Game By Yellow Mountain Imports

Wooden Backgammon Game By Yellow Mountain Imports


  • The product dimensions are 15.16 × 9.45 × 1.77 inches
  • The product weighs 2.12 pounds

  • Smooth gameplay that is supported with a full-sized 15″ flushed surface
  • Excellent durability with sturdy wooden structure
  • Best looking Backgammon wooden style makes it a piece of décor
  • Comes with all accessories intact

The sophistication seamlessly follows throughout this wooden Backgammon by Yellow Mountain Imports. Your excellent board game experience is now inlaid In wooden suitcase pleasure.

Design & Material: You’re dealing with pure workmanship to admire. Your Backgammon set isn’t just a game but it’s a whole sensation with its smooth board and flushed surface. The gameplay is going to be excellent with high-quality game components that match the board’s quality.

Other Highlights: Though the game board is fairly wide in size, the portability isn’t endangered here.  The timeless and matchless suitcase design is portable and easily movable. The game board contains a complete set of accessories so you’ll have perfect gameplay for sure.

  • Wooden inlaid backgammon board that gives a sense of sophistication
  • Full-size Backgammon is now portable thanks to suitcase design
  • Extra detailed game components make it a stellar purchase
  • A pure wooden frame adds sturdiness to the game board

  • You’re all set

Our Take: Wooden pleasure packs pure game delights in a sturdy form give a good value for money.


Backgammon Set By Middleton Games

Backgammon Set By Middleton Games


  • The dimensions of this gaming board are 21 13 2.12 in inches
  • Middleton backgammon board weighs around 5.89 pounds

  • It has an appealing coffee color and designed surface
  • The boundaries are firmly structured with the playfield
  • Level designed craftsmanship of the body
  • Lightweight and easy to carry anywhere you want
  • Included with all the required accessories

The Middleton Backgammon set comes with a large gaming surface to let the players enjoy a better experience. Plus, the board material is firm along with leveled playfield.

Design & Material: The prominent design with faux leather has been materialized into the structure to sustain a smooth look. Besides, the manufacturer has made some innovative enhancements to improve the quality of gaming accessories. Plus, the handles are designed with a firm grip for easy handling.

Portability: It’s a whole new gaming era for backgammon players, the shape is designed for easy portability. You can carry it from the handle by simply closing it. The surface area is smooth and possesses unique flexibility.

  • Firm and durable body structure
  • The attractive color scheme on the gaming surface
  • Suitcase designed body and lightweight material
  • Fair and worthy price tag

  • Dice quality should be improved

Our Take: Smooth gaming surface with a portable design which makes it easy to carry!


Travel Size Leatherette Backgammon Set

Travel Size Leatherette Backgammon Set


  • This backgammon game set has dimensions of 15 10 2.25 in inches
  • The weight of this game board is around 3.75 pounds

  • Lightweight and a handy design gaming board
  • Mother of pearl design pattern with white and black collaboration
  • It has a firm and appealing latch made of nickel
  • Come with all required and basic gaming equipment

A sleek design with a sophisticated dark color scheme that will surely attract. Besides, the overall playing surface is precisely structured with an even level to sustain a balancing ground.

Design & Material: The surface is materialized with a smooth and top-notch faux leather structure along with protected boundaries. Plus, the shape is lightweight which makes it a portable design. So you can easily carry it anywhere and play Backgammon along with your friends.

Accessories: The package of these best Backgammon sets includes 2 cups made of leatherette, a cube which is marbelized in white color, and a nickel alloy as well. Besides, there are 02 sets of white and black dice having a shiny smooth surface.

  • The attractive and appealing color combination
  • Portable design
  • Smooth gaming surface
  • Affordable price tag

  • Good to go

Our Take: The Color combination is particularly unique and the gaming surface is much smoother!

FAQ Regarding Best Backgammon Sets

Q. Which could be the best backgammon sets?

Well, all of the selected Backgammon gaming sets are top-rated. Although we can declare these 03 as the best and top-notched Backgammon Sets:

  • Travel Size Classic Backgammon Set
  • Backgammon Board by Zaza & Sacci
  • 17″ large Leather & Wooden Backgammon set

Q. Do these Backgammon set portable in design?

Well, yes, these gaming sets are durable and lightweight with a handy designed shape. Plus, most of these backgammon sets can be closed with a fixed lock to protect the gaming surface and accessories. That will make it easy to carry anywhere you want.

Q. What are the structures and materials of these board games?

The manufacturers have designed the surface of these gaming sets with high-quality faux leather. The boundaries are accurately locked with the edges for protection. Moreover, the gaming accessories are designed with unique color combinations and appealing glossy shapes.

Q. What is the best size backgammon board?

Suppose you want to play at home with friends and family, then we recommend a medium-sized board. The medium-sized board is less than 28 inches. Moreover, get the surface of your choice.

Our Recommendation:

Our 1st recommendation is Backgammon Board by Zaza & Sacci, having a luxurious design and structure. Plus, it also includes a 24k gold key along with a multi-color selection of dice and a high-quality leather surface. Well, our 2nd recommendation is the Travel size Leatherette Backgammon set with a smooth quality gaming surface. Also, the body structure is lightweight and handy which will make it a portable design.


In the end, we can surely conclude that these are the top-rated and best backgammon sets with a handy design. The structure of these gaming sets is crafted along with sturdy wood material to sustain the firmness. Plus, you’ll love the smoothness of faux leather, which is placed precisely on the gaming surface. Well, the boundaries are evenly placed with the surface to maintain protection. And the portable design for sure is a plus point for consideration.

The playfield has been structured with luxurious design patterns that will be appealing to the viewers. All of the required and top-notched gaming accessories are placed precisely in the package. So don’t wait anymore and select the desired backgammon gaming set to have a fun time with your family and friends.

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