7 Best Board Games for 5-Year Olds In 2023

Help your kids grow smart with the best board games for 5-year olds available in the market right now. These board games will provide your kids with the superb functionality ever. Board games have always been a point of focus in the consumer market.

That too because of the limitless benefits they have been providing for years. While broad screen games have been concerning parents due to many reasons linked to their kid’s health.

Now the point of worry has come to an end with the revelation of these excellent board games. The manufacturers have tailored these products, especially for the growing kids. Furthermore, these games offer attractive features that are both linked to recreation and intellect.

So now, you don’t have to worry about your kids taking trolls on the detrimental video games.  As these board games are providing the best alternative one can desire. But yes, you should check out our ranking for the best board games for 10-year olds, too.

Best Board Games for 5-Year Olds

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You can easily carry these board games wherever you want because of the portable design. We have chosen the best titles so that you can give the best to your kids. So, without wasting any time, let’s dive right in.


The Classic Board Game of Connect 4

The Classic Board Game of Connect 4


  • Dimensions are 2.13 ×51 × 10.51 in inches
  • Weight is 0.8 ounces

  • The classical fun now comes with an updated design
  • Players will have to match 4 corresponding discs to win the game
  • You get a high-quality board that is made to last
  • Players get catchy dual-color discs that can steal the show
  • All new pop-out features will surely add thunder to your gameplay

Master your strategy and experience the classic board with one of the best board games for 5-year olds. Now you will be able to enjoy this board game in an entirely new design that is filled with features.

You’re In Competition: This excellent board game lets your kids practice the top strategy to win over the opponent. This gameplay is very simple and easy to learn for everyone making it ideal for growing kids. Players will choose the discs from 2 vibrant colors. Then players work for their common victory goal. You’ll have to connect 4 discs in a row to steal the win.

The Same Classic Feel: Hasbro has developed this versatile gaming board with the same essence from the past. You feel nostalgic while stunned looking at the modern design elements of this game board. Moreover, the durable materials make sure that your game stays as long as you do. But wait! Don’t get your opponent to win the match. So, why haven’t you bought this exciting game yet?

  • Revive your nostalgia with the same classic feel
  • The product has the best materials used in the construction
  • It helps your kids to nurture their intelligence
  • You can carry this game anywhere due to the lightweight form factor
  • It comes with an extremely affordable price tag

  • Board materials are delicate

Our Take: Get your hands on the most modern yet classic design built for everyone, making it a stellar choice.


Think Fun Store Presents Zingo Board Game

Think Fun Store Presents Zingo Board Game


  • Dimensions are 8.25 ×5 × 10.25 in inches
  • Weight is 1.48 pounds

  • The game is easy to grasp with the keen stress on simplicity
  • An option to improve your kid’s basic language skills
  • Preschool kids can develop their matching skills with fun
  • This game can be shared with 7 players

Help your kids to master the basic school of language with the all-new Zingo board game. This game brings a healthy activity for your kids without getting them bored. So, let’s sink into the features.

Help Your Kids Grow: This phenomenal game focuses on the mental growth of preschool kids by giving them new language ideas. Now parents can rest assured and let their kids explore the basic school of thought through this board game. Moreover, your kids can also develop their basic matching skills that strengthen their ideas when they start their practical journies. Thus, this game remains a perfect fit for all growing kids.

A Perfect Gift: This outstanding board game can also be a wonderful gift choice for your kids. The toddlers can acquire a lot from this impressive option that is thrilled with fun at the same time. Furtherly, its quality is something that you can always rely on, with the best materials used in the construction.

  • Builds a basic foundation for your kids
  • The game is made out of durable materials
  • Your game becomes more fun with more players support
  • Easy operations make it the best video games for 5 year-olds

  • Some may not prefer the game controls

Our Take: Effortless design built to tune your kid’s brain functions in a fun package, making it a solid purchase.


The Trouble Board Game by Hasbro

The Trouble Board Game by Hasbro


  • Dimensions are 10.51 ×61 × 10.51 in inches
  • Weight is 11.2 ounces only

  • The game is like a race where everyone faces trouble
  • A player reaching with his 4 pegs to the finish line first wins the game
  • This game remains can help your kids strategizing their ideas through a fun medium
  • It comes with a POP-O-MATIC-BUBBLE which makes your game more enjoyable

Chase the trouble with this all-new game by Hasbro gaming. Invite your intimates and start the breathtaking ride to strategy and unlimited fun.

Who Is The Fastest? The game bakes fun, and an improved strategy needed for everyone, let alone kids. So, call your friends and start this exciting glide that is inundated with madness and trouble. The game is based on brainstorming, but who can proceed faster?

What’s The Game All About? The game is all about a thrilling peg race. Players get to choose from 4 different colors and then start this frenzy. The players might face the iconic die roller slowing their pace of progress. Thus, players find their way through troubles to finally reach the end destination. A player reaching who reaches with all 4 pegs first will take the lead.

  • The product is a great fit for kids
  • You get all the detailed accessories in the package
  • Game instructions make it easy to understand the game rules
  • It’s one of the best board games for 10 to 12 year-olds

  • Board structure can be improved

Our Take: It is an exceptional game that offers fun to people of all ages at an affordable price, making it a great choice.


The Floor Is Lava Board Game

The Floor Is Lava Board Game


  • Dimensions are 10.5 ×75 × 10.5 inches
  • Weight is 8 ounces

  • The game promotes practical fun that can be played with up to 6 players
  • You can try this game at parties and gatherings
  • Your game is based on luck and your activeness
  • Players surviving the lava and remains the last one standing wins

Will you stay in the safe spot? Experience the best practically imagined game that promotes massive party fun. See if you’re in luck, or will the lava swallow your win in this excellent board game.

A Family Game: A perfect family game that is saturated with thrill and fun. The game promotes a great practical experience that makes it ideal for playing it among your best people. Moreover, you get all the best quality game components to fire in your parties.

Can Your Survive From Lava: The players set up the tiles on the floor and roll the spinner. As the spinner rolls, the players find their safe spots. Furthermore, the lava tile can seize your winning chances. Therefore, the players avoid lava tiles while staying in the safe spot till every player extinguishes. Thus, making it one of the best board games for 8 10 year-olds available right now.

  • A fun interactive game that promotes healthy activity
  • The game Is built for everyone to enjoy
  • It comes with the best quality tiles and a spinner

  • The components are a bit delicate

Our Take: A game that promotes healthy activity at an affordable price, making it a perfect choice.


Hungry Hungry Hippos Board Game

Hungry Hungry Hippos Board Game


  • Dimensions are 10.51 ×61 × 10.51 in inches
  • Weight is 2.03 pounds only

  • 4 players at a time can play this strategic board game
  • The game playset is quick to assemble and easy to play
  • It will enhance the picking power of kid along with entertainment
  • The player will have to chase and nibble the golden marble to be the winner

Hasbro has presented the best multiplayer board game full of fun strategies. Kids will get a flexible and attractive collection of gaming equipment along with a fascinating storyline.

Be Quick And Win: The more your hippo eats the marbles, the possibility of beating the opponent will escalate. In the meantime, if you observe and collect the golden marble, it will swiftly lead you toward victory. So, You have to be sharp and attentive at your moves to win the game.

What’s In The Package? Hasbro has delivered the complete range of accessories, including marble launchers in 4 variants, a label sheet, and heads of 04 different hippos. In addition, you will also get 20 types of plastic marbles along with 04 bodies of hippos, guides & a complete instruction book.

  • Quick mindset strategy board game
  • Easy instructions & compatible for 5+ year kids
  • Portable and lightweight gaming surface
  • Affordable and accessible price tag to buy as a gift

  • Plastic quality could be improved

Our Take: A fun-loving marble is collecting the best board games for 5-year-olds UK together with multiplayer flexibility.


Outfoxed Multi-Colored Kids Board Game

Outfoxed Multi-Colored Kids Board Game


  • Dimensions are 9.5 ×5 × 2.25 in inches
  • Weight is 1.1 pounds only

  • The players will have to suspect and reveal the fox who has eaten the pie
  • Play along with up to 4 people together to chase the suspect quickly
  • Decoders are added to banish the guilty fox after you find it
  • Compatible and supportive for 5+ years of kids with simple game directions

Are you down for a spy strategy virtual gaming experience with a unique story theme? This game is surely made for fun and excitement as you’ll have to observe the situation and get hints accessories.

The Clever One Will See: You’re playing as a spy chicken with your mates, and a pot pie has vanished from the scene. And the player will have to observe the environment while locating the clues & hints. The wiser player will get the situation and find the guilt fox. Moreover, you’ll also have to act in a compact time for stoping the fox to run away.

Easy Assembling: The players will find an easy and quick start-up criterion of this game with all the required accessories. The chicken characters are added along with interesting map visuality to fascinate the viewers.

  • Detective theme strategy with an interesting story
  • Around 30 minutes gameplay session
  • The map is featured with traces and hints for the players
  • All gaming equipment at an affordable price

  • Some people reported slight board damage

Our Take: Outfoxed comes with a wide range of top-quality accessories coupled with mind developing gaming scenario.


Wildcraft | A Herbal Adventure Board Game

Wildcraft | A Herbal Adventure Board Game


  • Dimensions are 10.4 ×4 × 2.1 in inches
  • Weight is 2.05 pounds only

  • Attractive texture and painting featured on the board for the kids
  • Medicinal and edible knowledge of plant with no reading benefit
  • Adventure and learning platform for young kids with picture hints
  • 4 people can easily adjust and play this game with teaming mode criteria

Knowledge and educational skills are brought into this board game with learning strategies. Plus, you can play like a team that will help you assist the players and improve your mindset.

Learn And Grow: The players will get a chance to play as a team and learn while experiencing herbal & plant environments’ fun adventure. 25 variants of informational pictures are featured that will help you know “how & where these plants grow”. Besides, it comes with color books with just picture hints featured on them. That will enhance the picking and decision-making power of growing kids.

Gaming Accessories: Here you’ll get each and everything structured with top-notch quality. The package includes plant cards of 54 types, spinner, 4 types of pieces for players, and 52 variants of trouble cards. Moreover, the players will also get cooperative cards of 25 selections along with a complete instruction guide.

  • Supportive gaming platform with informational criteria
  • The durable and high-quality construction of board with all accessories
  • Printable PDFs are also available for getting easy instructions
  • 4+ years of a kid can play this board game with family & friends

  • Key components are missing in the board

Our Take: Best Board Games for 5-Year Olds along with skill learning strategies and basic conceptual knowledge gaining theme of plants.

FAQ Regarding Best Board Games for 5-Year Olds

Q. Which could be the best board games for 5-year-olds and plus?

These enlisted board games are all top-notch and precisely selected for young kids. However, these could be the best 2 and top games among the given list:

  • The Classic Board Game of Connect 4
  • Think Fun Store Presents Zingo Board Game 

Q. Can I play these games with my family?

These board games are preferably designed with flexible gaming rules and criteria that will let the adult play as well. The parent can join the game’s virtual adventure with their kids to assist them with instructions.

Q. What type of experience will we get from these board games?

The kids will surely find a beneficial and skillful gaming experience. Plus, the cooperative platform of these games is health-friendly for the players with simulation and strategical scenarios.

Our Recommendation:

Our 1st recommendation is A Herbal Board Game Adventure in Wildcraft as the best board game for young kids. The players will gain and learn basic conceptual knowledge about plants with the fun adventure strategy of this game. In addition, our 2nd recommendation is The Trouble Board Game by Hasbro, as it is perfect for toddlers. It’s a peg race adventure game with compatibility of 04 color selection for the players.


These are the best board games for 5-year olds featuring the most beneficial gaming platform for young kids. The parents can buy these games as a gift and let them grow with a healthy mindset along with improved picking power. In addition, the compatibility of the multiplayer platform also supports the kids having a team venture and challenging modes.

All of the required equipment is included in the package with complete instructions to assist you with the gaming rules. The knowledge and word simulation themes are featured in the few selected games for those who want to improve their academic skills.

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